Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 15

The atmosphere of blue wind Pavilion is different from usual recently. The thrush stopped singing, the Starling stopped calling Dr. Lin, and the little Marquis… Withered.

His malaise is not only physical, but also emotional. The birds don’t walk, the flowers don’t appreciate, the pot doesn’t throw, the eyes close and the body paralyzes. The secular desire has nothing to do with him.

The servants left by the blue wind Pavilion like their master very much. The young marquis is funny and generous. He often finds fun to enjoy with his servants. As he withered, the yard became more and more dull, and there was no laughter.

Hualu and Huantong are closest to the master and feel the most deeply. They agreed that the young master and the young gentleman seemed to have quarreled, and now they ignore each other.

Huan Tong was sure: “it must be the little Duke who provoked our young master.” according to his observation, the little Duke occasionally owed his mouth in front of his young master, which made his young master scoff, and then smiled and pulled others’ sleeves to apologize. I don’t know what to do.

Hua Lu sighed: “it is said that husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed. I hope they can make up soon.”

Huan Tong revealed the truth: “the key is that they have never slept in a bed.”

Lin Qingyu knows that Lu Wancheng is depressed, but he really doesn’t understand why Lu Wancheng is so depressed. He didn’t inform Lu Wancheng in advance that the side effect of the medicine was his negligence, but if he didn’t use the medicine, according to his father’s original prescription, Lu Wancheng would suffer unbearable pain after taking the medicine. In contrast, not mentioning is nothing. The most important thing is that even if Lu Wancheng can lift it, it is totally useless – he himself says he is too lazy to move.

I hope Lu Wancheng can figure it out and cheer up as soon as possible.

It rained for nearly half a month. There was a musty smell in the study, which affected people’s mood of reading. Lin Qingyu prepared some spices with the effect of removing moisture, asked people to light them in each room, and called several servants to spread the moldy books in the bookcase and dry them.

The study was busy. Lin Qingyu couldn’t stop reading. He simply cleaned up with the next people. He opened a Book of Lin’an’s travels, saw a list of notes written by the pen, and asked, “is this the book of the little Marquis?”

Hua Lu came over and looked at it and said, “yes, Xiao Hou has been reading this book last year. He also told me that he wanted to go to Lin’an to see the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “he wrote the word, too?”

“It must be.”

Lin Qingyu looked closely at the column, and the more he looked, the more he felt something was wrong.

The characters in Lu Wancheng’s early letter to Wen Guogong are similar in shape rather than spirit to his handwriting last year, as if he was deliberately imitating. However, the shape of the word can be imitated, but the charm of the word reflects a person’s mood and character. No matter how similar the “shape” is, the “God” will always deviate.

Lin Qingyu pondered for a long time and asked, “did you get up?”

Hua Lu said, “I got up half an hour ago. The Duke ordered someone to send some Mammy and steward. The young master is talking to them in the main room.”

Lin Qingyu went to the door and was about to enter when he heard Lu Wancheng’s voice: “you are the one sent by your grandfather. I can trust you. I think you know what to do without me.”

A strange voice said, “please rest assured, young marquis. We will do our best to share our worries for him.”

“No, it’s not for me, it’s for the young gentleman.” Lu Wancheng said faintly, “I can’t survive next winter. When I go, the young gentleman will go back to the Lin house. I hope he can take most of the property of the Hou house when he leaves, and won’t be made difficult by the Hou’s wife – do you understand what I mean?”

After a short silence, several people said in unison: “we are the little Marquis, and the young gentleman will follow.”

Lu Wancheng was quite satisfied: “when things are done well, your benefits are indispensable.”

Lin Qingyu’s heart was slightly blocked and he couldn’t help sighing with his eyes closed.

Lu Wancheng sent the people away. He picked up the tea on the table and just took a sip of tea. He heard a sound “I’ve seen young gentleman” outside. He had a meal in his hand, pretended not to hear it, and tasted tea himself.

Lin Qingyu came in and said, “little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng said “um” modestly. Lin Qingyu gave a call and stopped talking, as if he were brewing words.

It’s about men’s dignity. Lu Wancheng doesn’t want to compromise so soon. It’s a shame that he can’t hold the great beauty. The great beauty also directly took away his dignity as a man. Can you fucking stand it?

He doesn’t blame Lin Qingyu. He doesn’t know that Lin Qingyu did this to save him. Maybe you can’t say hello to him in advance. It’s scary, okay. He admitted that he was a little lazy, but he was somehow a man. How could he be indifferent to such things.

Hehe, he’s withered anyway. What’s the big beauty to coax. The great beauty should be coaxed by the hero who can seven times a night. He’d better lie down and die.

Lu Wancheng put down the tea lamp and said, “if you’re here to apologize, you don’t have to.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you think too much. I’m not here to apologize.”

Lu Wancheng: “…” yes, very strong.

Lin Qingyu said in a deep voice, “why don’t we get married?”

Lu Wancheng was stunned and smiled angrily: “I’ve been castrated by you, and I’m still married to you? Am I cheap?”

Lin Qingyu said patiently, “I didn’t castrate you. You can’t. It’s just because of drugs. I’ll fix it for you.”

Lu Wancheng was comforted, but sneered: “don’t change it. I think this prescription is very good. I can’t use it. I don’t care.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Lin Qingyu came closer with a soft voice. “Don’t you always want to be my brother.”

The word “brother” made Lu Wancheng raise his eyes and look at the beauty like Aoxue Lingmei.

If you can let Lin Qingyu call him “brother” one by one, it seems OK to commit cheap?

Lu Wancheng raised his cheek and raised his eyebrow: “are you serious?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “a gentleman’s word.”

Lu Wancheng coughed and said, “then… Marry again.”

Neither of them had the experience of making obeisance. Lu Wancheng asked Huan Tong to prepare a censer, dagger, apricot wine and Futon according to what he saw in the script, and set up a square table under the eaves to put things symmetrically.

Hua Lu had never seen this battle before. She said curiously, “what are you doing, young master and young gentleman?”

Huan Tong said happily, “can’t you see? They’re worshipping the handle.”

Hua Lu stares at her big eyes and says in horror, “what do you worship?”

“Worship the handle – ‘after drinking this glass of wine, brothers go together’.”

Hualu’s big eyes are full of greater confusion: “but they are married!”

Lu Wancheng picked up the dagger and hesitated: “it is said in the book that blood should be an alliance to conclude righteousness…”

Lin Qingyu held the attitude of playing house with his brother and said, “your body and skin are affected by your parents. As long as you are sincere, it doesn’t matter whether you have blood or not.”

“You are right.” Lu Wancheng lit three incense sticks and inserted them into the censer. “Let’s worship directly.”

Holding wine in their hands, they both knelt on the futon. Lu Wancheng said in a similar way: “the emperor is in heaven, and the earth is the evidence. Now I, Lu Wancheng and Lin Qingyu, are brothers of different surnames. I don’t want to be born in the same year, month and day, but…” Lu Wancheng paused slightly and changed his mouth with a smile. “In the future, the elders will help each other, and the stones will also be used as steamed bread. Work together to break the gold and have a cup of boiled water. ①”

Lin Qingyu: ”

The two drank the Jieyi wine together. Lin Qingyu called Huan Tong and helped Lu Wancheng up. Seeing Lu Wancheng smiling, Lin Qingyu said coolly, “are you happy now?”

Lu Wancheng raised his lips with a bad smile: “of course I’m happy to have another good brother. How about you, brother Qingyu?” after that, he looked at Lin Qingyu expectantly.

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I’m fine, brother Wancheng.”

Lu Wancheng’s smile solidified on his face: “no, no, no, I call you ‘brother Qingyu’, you should call me ‘brother Wancheng’, that’s fair.”

“What’s the name of ‘brother’ instead of ‘brother’?”

Lu Wancheng was like a bolt from the blue: “… Lin Qingyu, you have no heart.”

Lin Qingyu said with a smile, “it’s been so long. Stop it. Go back and drink the medicine. After drinking, I’ll acupuncture for you and get your man’s respect back.”

In mid April, the rain finally stopped. The sky is clear, cloudless, and the breeze is in your sleeve. It’s a good day to travel. Lin Qingyu is ready to leave for Changsheng temple without further delay.

Before leaving, he went to see Lu Wancheng. Lu Wancheng actually woke up and lay on the bed. He didn’t know what he was thinking. He seemed to be in a good mood and said good morning to him lazily.

Lin Qingyu knew it clearly and said with a smile: “the little marquis is a person. He has a good spirit at happy events. It seems that acupuncture has worked.”

Lu Wancheng: “… Er.”

“Just right. Show me.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned and wrapped his quilt tightly: “what do you want to see?”

“What do you say I want to see?” Lin Qingyu said lightly. “People who study medicine have never seen anything. You don’t have to be shy.”

Lu Wancheng said quietly, “Qingyu, I find you are getting worse and worse.”

The corner of Lin Qingyu’s lips bent: “didn’t the little Marquis say that I like the way I do bad things most.”

Lu Wancheng’s eyes darkened and said with a light smile, “indeed. Of course I’ll give Dr. Lin if he wants to see it. But I’m too lazy to move, so I’ll bother to see it myself.”

Lin Qingyu joked: “forget it, there’s nothing to see.”

Lu Wancheng still wanted to fight back, but Huan Tong interrupted him in time: “young master, the carriage is ready.”

Lin Qingyu looked out of the window. The spring was melting and the sun was just right. He asked, “young Marquis, do you want to go out for a break?”

“Where are you going?”

“Changsheng temple.”

Lu Wancheng thought for a moment and said with a smile, “OK.” he just wanted to see someone.

Therefore, Lin Qingyu took night Cheng and Huan Tong to Changsheng temple in the suburbs of Beijing by carriage.

Changsheng temple is the first temple in this dynasty. It is clean and solemn, with Zen houses and an endless stream of pilgrims. Ordinary people can only burn incense and worship Buddha in the front hall, and the backyard is a special place to receive dignitaries. One of Lin Qingyu’s enemies, Da Yu, who wrote down the eight characters of his birthday for the Nan’an Marquis house, led his practice here.

Lin Qingyu always wanted to ask how the national master calculated that the eight characters of his birthday were beneficial to Lu Wancheng. Is it God’s will or deliberately. Does the national master know that his words almost destroyed the life of an innocent person.

Unfortunately, the national master is closed all year round. It’s not easy for the queen prince to see him except the holy master. Besides, he is only a male wife of the marquis.

After knowing the identity of Lin Qingyu and others, the monk respectfully said, “it’s the little Marquis and the young gentleman. Please follow me. The long light lit by the Marquis is is burning in the side hall.”

Lin Qingyu said, “just go and see the little Marquis of the Changming lamp. I’ll burn incense and pray in the front hall.”

Lu Wancheng said, “OK.”

Lu Wancheng’s illness was temporarily suppressed. He was a weak man and couldn’t live without people. Lin Qingyu asked Huan Tong to go with him.

Lin Qingyu went to the Buddha statue and asked the monk for three incense sticks. After lighting the incense, he knelt on the futon, closed his eyes and meditated. All he thought in his heart were his family.

Then, when he inserted the incense into the stove, he suddenly remembered the farce of the marriage of righteousness a few days ago, and inexplicably wanted to laugh.

It seems that it will take a long time for Lu Wancheng. The front hall was crowded, and the monk asked him to wait in the backyard. Lin Qingyu followed a little monk to the back wing. Compared with the front, there is less popularity here. The winding path is secluded and elegant.

Lin Qingyu always likes to be quiet. At this time, he can’t help thinking of walking alone and meditating. He asked the monk to leave first. He wandered aimlessly along the path. Unexpectedly, there was a blooming peach forest at the end of the path.

In the shadow, there was a stone table, and the two men sat opposite. Among them, Lu Wancheng is a beautiful young man in crimson, while Lin Qingyu has a feeling that he should be the national teacher of Dayu, Xu Junyuan, another green shirt man with dusty temperament.

Although Xu Junyuan was a rare beautiful man, Lu Wancheng was not only not compared, but even vaguely gained the upper hand.

But he was lazy and casual, sitting under the peach blossom tree, with falling flowers like rain behind him. It was the elegant childe of the turbid world, as bright as a jade tree in front of the wind.

He was like a stranded salted fish in bed an hour ago.

This man is too good at pretending. As long as there are outsiders, Lu Wancheng always seems to be the most dazzling one, just like a bright gem, reflecting all the light.

But I’m not serious in front of him alone.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help thinking how much he could save if Lu Wancheng usually had one tenth of this time.

Xu Jun is willing to lift up his sleeve and personally help Lu Wancheng make a cup of tea: “I don’t know why Lord Lu came here sick.”

Lu Wancheng nodded gently and smiled politely and alienated: “I have something to ask my national teacher.”

Xu Jun is willing to say with a smile: “little Marquis, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

Lu Wancheng said in a slow voice, “is there a resurrection from the dead or… A change of soul in this world?”

The author has something to say:

Some noble CHILDES look bright, but they have been poisoned by their wife (dog head)

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