Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 16

Lin Qingyu’s figure is hidden in the peach forest. There are few people here. The dialogue between the two people is clearly transmitted to his ears.

No wonder Lu Wancheng is willing to come here. He must have come for Xu Jun’s wish. Lu Wancheng has always been able to sit but not stand, and can lie down but not sit. Since his marriage, Lu Wancheng has only been out twice, once now and once to Lin mansion. What can make him move must be something that even salted fish think is important.

He remembered that Lu Wancheng once showed great interest in the theory of ghosts and gods, and said that he wanted to meet the national teacher who can “know heaven and earth and know ghosts and gods” in the legend. I didn’t expect that he really came, and I didn’t expect that he could see Xu Junyuan so easily and ask this absurd question.

“Resurrection from the dead is easy for the soul”. If there is such a thing in the world, how can there be so many infatuation and resentment? The doctor doesn’t have to cure the disease and save people. He can directly learn the art of resurrection. It’s easier and easier to let him live when he dies.

Xu Jun seemed surprised. He didn’t know whether he was surprised by Lu Wancheng’s problem or his directness. He thought a little and said, “since ancient times, there are many people who pursue immortality and come back from the dead, including many famous emperors in history. What the son of heaven can’t do with the power of the world, I think it doesn’t exist. When a person’s body goes, it will go, dissipate and die, and no one can recover it. As for the soul changing body…” Xu Junyuan smiled, “Forgive me for my lack of talent and learning – I don’t know.”

Lu Wancheng picked his eyebrows and said, “there are things that the national teacher doesn’t know.”

“I don’t know, because I haven’t seen it with my own eyes.” Xu Jun wished, “but I haven’t seen it, it doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t exist.”

Lu Wancheng said “Oh” and lost the interest of conversation. He was still a guest: “he is worthy of being the only national teacher of Dayu. Listening to you is like listening to you.”

This is saying that what Xu Junyuan is willing to say is irrelevant nonsense.

Xu Junyuan’s face always wore a smile that made people feel like a spring breeze: “if there is really a soul changing body, I’d like to see it. But I’m afraid the person concerned won’t speak easily. Because…”

Lu Wancheng said, “because he knows that no one believes what he said. Even if he believes it, he will cause a lot of trouble.”

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “the little marquis is wise.”

“Young master?” Huan Tong came out of nowhere and pushed Wancheng’s wheelchair. He thought Lu Wancheng was tired and sent him to the carriage to get the wheelchair.

When he said this, Lu Wancheng and Xu Junyuan both looked at him. Lin Qingyu calmly went out: “little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng supported his forehead with his hand and looked at him with a smile. His words were to Xu Junyuan: “national teacher, this is an insider.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned. It was the first time he heard Lu Wancheng call him like this. He felt… Very uncomfortable. I don’t know what Lu Wancheng said so naturally.

Although he is in the Marquis house and nominally married to Lu Wancheng, neither of them takes the marriage seriously. Now his “mother-in-law” is also banned, and he will forget this layer from time to time – he is Lu Wancheng’s “wife”.

Xu Jun is willing to see Lin Qingyu and smile even more in his eyes: “Mrs. Lu.”

Lin Qingyu’s hand in his sleeve was slightly tight and said, “I’ve seen the national teacher.”

“Mrs. Lu has beautiful words and charm. I’m so lucky.”

Lu Wancheng also stared at Lin Qingyu and said with a smile, “right.” he enjoyed Lin Qingyu openly, as if he were appreciating a peach blossom that was the most blooming.

Lin Qingyu was a little restrained by Lu Wancheng’s eyes, but he could feel that Lu Wancheng looked at him differently from other disciples. Lu Wancheng was really just enjoying the scenery.

But Lin Qingyu still glanced at it with a knife – it’s very nice?

Lu Wancheng looked away, but he smiled, as if to say: This is not nonsense.

“Beautiful scenery, beloved, still need a pile of good wine.” Xu Jun is willing to recruit a little monk and said, “go and get the wine I buried under the peach tree the year before last.”

Lin Qingyu said, “the little marquis is ill and should not drink.”

“It’s my negligence.” Xu Jun would like to raise a glass to them. “Then I’ll replace wine with tea and toast you two.”

Lu Wancheng was about to pick up the tea. When he saw that Lin Qingyu didn’t move, he took his hand back. There was no waves on his face and no waves on his face. In his heart, he only felt that the sun was a dog.

He knew that Lin Qingyu would be unhappy when he saw the national master. If Lin Qingyu was unhappy later, he would be unhappy. Sin.

Xu Junyuan smiled: “it seems that Mrs. Lu doesn’t want to give me this face.”

Lin Qingyu said, “March 11, the year of Guiwei, is Chenshi.”

Xu Jun nodded: “if I remember correctly, this should be Mrs. Lu’s birthday.”

“The national master has a good memory.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “like the little Marquis, I don’t understand one thing. I want to ask the national master for advice.”

Xu Jun is willing to smile and say, “it’s impossible to give advice, Mrs. Lu, but please speak frankly.”

Lin Qingyu gently opened his lips: “Why me.”

Xu Jun seemed to have guessed that Lin Qingyu had this question and pointed up: “it’s the will of heaven.”

“Heaven’s will? Oh.” Lin Qingyu’s words were hard to hide and scoffed, “When I was young, I traveled around with my mentor. There are often superstitious people who don’t go to the doctor to take medicine when they are ill. Instead, they find some ‘Divine women’ to play tricks at home. If the disease can be cured, everything will be fine; if the disease can’t be cured, it is’ the will of heaven ‘. The fate of the sick has been determined, and ordinary people can’t return to heaven. Is this what the national teacher calls’ the will of heaven’?”

“Whether it is God’s will or not, you should know better than me.” Xu Junyuan said calmly, “after the rush of joy, does the little Marquis’s body get better?”

Lin Qingyu disagreed: “it’s just a coincidence.”

Xu Jun was willing to smile helplessly: “Mrs. Lu, I have nothing to say.”

Lu Wancheng thought a little and said, “in that case, can you tell us the process of your calculation, or do you say that the secret of heaven cannot be revealed?”

Xu Jun wished to ponder: “the secret of heaven can’t be revealed, but it doesn’t hurt to reveal it occasionally. On that day, the little Marquis was critically ill, and the Marquis’s wife asked the queen to ask me for help. I divined that the little Marquis’s life should not be lost. If you get a noble person, you may have a glimmer of vitality, that’s all.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “but now I’ve got a noble man, and I still have a short life. It can be seen that it’s useless to rush for joy. The national teacher should not mess with the mandarin duck spectrum next time, so as not to miss someone’s future.”

When Lin Qingyu heard the speech, he glanced at the man on his side. Lu Wancheng said everything he wanted to say.

Xu Jun is willing to sigh: “the little Marquis can look down on life and death, and Xu is ashamed of himself. Unfortunately, your destiny…” Xu Jun is willing to say a word and look at Lu Wancheng with deep meaning, “or, does the little Marquis have any other name besides the word ‘Lu Wancheng’? I can use your alias to make a divination for you.”

Lu Wancheng looked straight at Xu Junyuan, his eyes hidden under his long eyelashes. After a moment, he said, “No.”

Lin Qingyu has heard a little about the name of Lu Wancheng, which was taken by his biological mother who died of dystocia and premature death. After his biological mother left, Lu Wancheng was raised by his nursing mother, and later by Liang himself. Both the nursing mother and stepmother are always separated by one floor, and have never given Lu Wancheng any nickname. If so, why should Lu Wancheng hesitate before answering this question?

Lin Qingyu thought of the notes in Lin’an’s travels, and some of Lu Wancheng’s “nonsense”… At the beginning of his marriage, Lu Wancheng didn’t even know his age. He never took Lu Wancheng’s words to heart, just pretending to be crazy. Now, there are more than a little things to doubt.

Come back from the dead, soul changes body… Is there really such a thing in the world?

How could it be? There must be something else.

Lu Wancheng, I’m hiding something from him.

While the three were talking, the sky gradually darkened. The monk reminded them to go down the mountain early, otherwise the night road would be difficult and bumpy. Xu Jun would like to get up and say, “take your time, and I won’t send you off.”

Lin Qingyu nodded coldly. Xu Jun was willing to talk appropriately and politely. He didn’t oppress others by virtue of his special status. It’s not very annoying. If you want to seek revenge from him in the future, you can consider taking some less toxic drugs.

Before leaving, Lu Wancheng folded a peach blossom. The carriage stopped at the gate of Changsheng temple, a distance from the peach forest. The petite little Marquis had no strength to walk again. He sat in a wheelchair and was pushed away by Huan Tong. He casually played with broken branches in his hands and was sleepy. Lin Qingyu walked in the front. They had their own thoughts and didn’t communicate for a while.

At this time, it was nearly dusk, and many pilgrims left the temple. Huan Tong found that many pilgrims walking in front of them would look back and say unhappily, “young Marquis, many people are looking back at our young master.”

Lu Wancheng said “Oh” absently.

Huan Tong stared straight: “you don’t care at all?”

He followed the young master when he was young and knew that the young master hated the naked eyes of strangers. He also didn’t like passers-by. He always had to look at the young master more, and he felt uncomfortable.

Lu Wancheng said strangely, “what do you care about? Everyone likes to watch beauty.”

Huan Tong said teasingly, “the husband and wife who worship the handlebar are different. Most people want to hide their daughter-in-law from others. It’s good for the little marquis to let people see it.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “just look at it. Isn’t my daughter-in-law good-looking a long face for me? Anyway, no matter how others look at it, people won’t be theirs. They can only see it once.” Lu Wancheng sympathized and shook his head, “what a tragedy.”

Huan Tong whispered, “it’s like people are yours.”

“Er…” the smile on Lu Wancheng’s face gradually disappeared and soon relieved, “at least I can see him every day. Although, I won’t see him for long.”

Huan Tong is a little sad. He wants to follow the young master back to Lin’s house early, but he likes the young Marquis very much these days. If the young Marquis dies, he may shed some tears.

Huan Tong comforted casually: “it’s not may yet. It’s still early from winter. The little Marquis can watch for more than half a year.”

“Winter…” Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu’s back and narrowed his eyes. “Then I want to see your young master standing in the falling snow with a big red snow cape and an umbrella. His cheeks are red and his long hair is like ink. It must be good for his eyes.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly stopped, turned slowly and looked at Lu Wancheng.

Huan Tong exclaimed in a low voice, “no, I’m heard by the young master!”

Their eyes crossed, and Lin Qingyu looked at him calmly. Lu Wancheng suddenly had an illusion that Lin Qingyu was not looking at his face, but… He.

Lin Qingyu’s voice was slightly cold: “are you serious? Don’t you have another name?”

Lu Wancheng’s heart tightened and joked irreverently as usual: “your question is funny. If I have it, I don’t know.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t ask much and said, “I hope you can endure the first snow.”


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