Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 17

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to get to the bottom of Lu Wancheng. The world will inevitably have secrets that can’t be humane. Lu Wancheng doesn’t want to say, and he has no reason to know. Like his own vicious thoughts from time to time, no one knows.

… except Lu Wancheng. Lu Wancheng really knows everything. It’s not just him. Lu Wancheng seems to see everyone very thoroughly, but he puts on a salted fish like eating and waiting for death all day. On the surface, he has no city government, has no struggle with the world, and can solve problems silently at some critical moments, which is unpredictable.

For what?

Why does Lu Wancheng know everything about him, but his understanding of Lu Wancheng is only the tip of the iceberg.

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a long time. On the grounds of sorting out her study, she invited Hua Lu to help and ordered her to find out all Lu Wancheng’s calligraphy and painting and rearrange it.

He didn’t know where he came from. But now that there is a question, the usual answer is normal. No one likes to be kept in the dark.

Hualu is a maid sent by the Duke of Wen. Mrs. Wen Guogong thought about her grandson’s recuperation all the year round and was afraid that he would be dull, so she chose an innocent girl to send him. Hua Lu was not only agile, but also could read. She soon sorted out the things Lin Qingyu wanted in chronological order.

Lu Wancheng’s handwriting can be traced back to his ignorant enlightenment. For decades, the changes of handwriting can be followed. Until Lu Wancheng was 15 or 16 years old, the word “form” and “God” had become a set, and the turning point was when Lu Wancheng was critically ill. At that time, Lu Wancheng was unconscious and could not write with his pen. He was in a coma for a month and woke up again on their wedding night.

Since then, the word “God” of Lu Wancheng has changed.

Lin Qingyu picked up a script read by Lu Wancheng recently and asked, “when did you arrive at Hou’s house?”

Hua Lu said, “back to Shaojun, I have been in Hou’s house for three years.”

“What kind of person was the little Marquis before?”

Hua Lu recalled and said, “the little Marquis used to talk less than now. He didn’t laugh much and didn’t like walking birds and throwing pots.” Hua Lu smiled. “After you entered the door, the little Marquis was better and more cheerful. You are really the lucky star of the little marquis.”

Lin Qingyu was noncommittal: “what did he usually do before?”

“The young Marquis likes to read all kinds of travel notes. He is in poor health and has been trapped in the house, so he especially wants to go out. He also said that if he can go to Lin’an in his life, he will die in peace… Bah bah.” Hua Lu said her mouth, “look at my mouth. What bad news.”

That lazy salted fish, especially wants to go out?

Lin Qingyu sneered in his heart and asked, “he should have had a good relationship with his wife and two young ladies in the past.”

“Yes, the young master is filial to his wife and loves the second young lady most. He always keeps close to them when the government sends them any good things.”

The great change of temperament may be explained by the experience of life and death and the change of mood. What are the reasons for Liang’s and Lu Niantao? Did someone give him a dream and tell him that the mother and daughter were not good people?

The story book Lin Qingyu is reading is a collection of folk detective cases. He is deeply impressed by the title of the book. This book was once widely circulated among the people. When he was studying, his senior brothers and junior brothers were addicted to it, neglected their studies and were scolded by master.

Lin Qingyu read two pages at random. Sure enough, it was interesting and fascinating. When he turned to the third page, he saw a man’s name circled, next to a line of eye-catching and scribbled notes: this man is the murderer.

Lin Qingyu: ”

It is not difficult to see that Lu Wancheng wrote these words casually, did not deliberately imitate anything, and was lazy with the subtlety that could not be hidden, just like himself.

“Young master.” Huan Tong’s voice interrupted Lin Qingyu’s thought, “it’s time to have dinner. The little Marquis asks you to have dinner at his place.”

“OK,” said Lin Qingyu, dipping his pen in ink and writing the word “roll” next to his notes.

May after spring rain is a good season to eat River fresh food. Today, a shredded ginger crucian carp soup was made very well. The fish was soft and tender, and the fish soup was fresh and sweet. Lin Qingyu has always felt little about eating and couldn’t help but use more. On the contrary, Lu Wancheng didn’t touch a mouthful.

Lin Qingyu asked, “don’t you like fish?”

“I like it.”

“I see you haven’t eaten a bite.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “crucian carp has many thorns. It’s too troublesome to eat. Forget it. Other dishes are also very fragrant.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Flower dew came forward and said, “then I’ll help the young master pick out the fish bones.”

“No need.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “don’t get used to him.”

Lu Wancheng put his hand to his lips and said to Hualu, “it’s so fierce.”

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “do you think you’re whispering?”

When they had almost the same food, a young man reported to the outside: “young master, young gentleman, steward Zhang is coming.”

Lin Qingyu put down his chopsticks and said, “let him in.”

Zhang Shiquan reported to them the revenue and expenditure of Nan’an Marquis house in April, and specially mentioned a master, Lu qiaosong, the third young master of the Marquis house.

Lu qiaosong was born by Liang Shi. He is not only the legitimate son of Zhenger Bajing, but also the youngest master of the family. The most important thing is his health. Everyone in the mansion knows that the title of Nan’an Hou will fall on him sooner or later.

Lin Qingyu and Lu qiaosong have met several times at home, but they don’t know much about him. They only heard that Lu qiaosong is good at poetry and poetry, and still follows the route of “graceful school”. They are casual and elegant, which has attracted the hearts of many beautiful brothels. This talent failed in the imperial examination, which provoked Nan’an hou to scold and forbid him to associate with brothel women again. Lu qiaosong obviously converged a lot. Others don’t know what to do in the dark.

Zhang Shiquan said that Lu qiaosong’s boy had a big fight in the accounting room yesterday, saying that the accounting room embezzled their monthly silver and daily expenses. In previous years, Lu qiaosong’s Qingdai pavilion was 500 Liang in January, but now there are only 300 Liang left; In the past, Lu qiaosong had five dishes and one soup per meal. Now there are only four dishes and one soup.

“We follow the rules of the Hou’s residence and never lose weight. The young man of Qingdai Pavilion vowed so much. I’m afraid it’s not that we gave less, but that they took more in the past.”

Lin Qingyu said, “is Lu qiaosong afraid that his mother will be lifted by Nan’an Hou too early?”

Lu Wancheng took a chopstick of crucian carp, slowly picked up the thorn, and sighed leisurely: “I just caught a few demons, hey, I dropped a few demons. Why are there so many demons and monsters. ①”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “food is silent.”

“… oh.”

Zhang Shiquan held back his smile and asked Lin Qingyu for instructions: “in my opinion, the end of Qingdai Pavilion will not give up. Young gentleman, what do you think should be done about this?”

“It’s according to the rules.” Lin Qingyu said, “if they want to make trouble, let them make it. The bigger the trouble, the better. It’s best to disturb Nan’an Hou.”

As expected, a few days later, Lu qiaosong’s nursing mother, mother Qiu, went to the accounting room again. This time it was quite noisy. Mother Qiu sat on the ground, crying and howling. Aunt pan and the young gentleman took advantage of the master’s mother’s illness, ignored the ancestral family law, sought personal gain with the public, treated their legitimate sons harshly, and asked the Marquis to come out and make decisions for them.

When Lin Qingyu arrived at the accounting room, aunt pan also came to hear the sound. She looked at the market madwoman like mother Qiu and said, “young gentleman, this…”

Lin Qingyu went to mother Qiu. Mother Qiu howled more and more: “I’m sorry, madam! The madam is ill, and the third young master is also ill. The Grand Marquis’s house doesn’t even invite a doctor to the third young master! You see that the third young master is better than the eldest young master, so you want to drag him down!”

Lin Qingyu asked, “the third young master is ill?”

Zhang Shiquan said, “yes, mother Qiu said they didn’t have any money to ask for a doctor in the yard. Let’s send 200 liang of silver. I said we’d ask for a doctor. The cost was deducted from the total expenses of the house, and then she did it.”

Lin Qingyu said, “the third young master is so much better than the young marquis. Why did he suddenly get sick? I think the servants didn’t serve well.”

Mother Qiu choked, stared at Lin Qingyu and said, “it’s not because the accounting room deducted a share! If the third young master can’t eat well and sleep well, he will naturally be ill!”

“You can see why the third young master is ill. If it’s really not enough, you can add some. But if it’s nearby…” Lin Qingyu glanced at mother Qiu, “that’s another matter. Let’s go and have a look at Qingdai Pavilion.”

Mother Qiu bit her teeth and said, “the third young master needs a rest in his illness. Qingdai pavilion has no time to receive the young gentleman.”

Zhang Shiquan said with a smile, “Mammy, don’t forget that our young gentleman is the best doctor.”

In the Qingdai Pavilion, Lu qiaosong was lying on the edge of the bed, retching constantly. He was sweating frequently, cold and weak. Lu Niantao was feeding him water and patting his back. He saw Lin Qingyu and a large group of people come in. His face became more and more ugly. Due to the rules, he had to call, “sister-in-law.”

Lu qiaosong is also a handsome childe, otherwise he can’t get the hearts of those brothel women.

Lu Niantao got up and said, “why is sister-in-law here?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ve heard that the third young master is unwell. I’m here to visit.”

Lu qiaosong, like his father, paid the most attention to face. When so many people saw his embarrassed appearance during his illness, he was angry and vomited more: “don’t bother sister-in-law…”

“You’re welcome,” said Lin Qingyu. He grabbed Lu qiaosong’s wrist and found out about it. “‘You shouldn’t take it lightly. You can only get it by pressing it again. ‘the third young master’s pulse is a sinking pulse, which is a sign of… Kidney deficiency.”

When the words fell, Lu qiaosong suddenly pulled back his hand and shouted in his red ears, “what are you talking nonsense!” he saw that the people looked at each other, and some of them seemed to be holding back their laughter and holding the quilt, “get out, get out!”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “the third young master indulged in excessive lust and hurt his kidney qi. I hope he can control it.”

Lu qiaosong locked his eyes on Lin Qingyu’s face and said in a low voice: “but my sick big brother can’t satisfy you. You came to me to talk nonsense!”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes darkened, and his vicious thoughts surged up madly. There is no need for such people to live.

Lu Niantao was an unmarried girl. Hearing this, he couldn’t help shouting, “third brother, stop talking.”

Lu qiaosong was angry. He didn’t listen to his sister and twisted his face and said, “it’s not enough for you to frame my mother. Now even I don’t want to let go!”

“Yes,” Lin Qingyu smiled, “I’m not going to let go now.”

At this time, a young man came with a doctor invited from outside the house. “Leave the rest to the doctor,” mocked Lin Qingyu. “I hope the doctor is good at andrology.”

Lin Qingyu walked out of the house and happened to meet the doctor.

The doctor is about the same age as Lin Qingyu. He is dignified and heroic. Compared with the doctor, he is more like a young general from the military camp. When he saw Lin Qingyu, his eyes brightened and he said excitedly, “senior brother!”

Lin Qingyu was stunned and surprised: “younger martial brother?”

This man is a younger martial brother who went out with him, Chang Yang. He graduated a year earlier than Chang Yang. After that, he returned to the capital to prepare for the exam. Chang Yang continued to travel and study with his mentor. I don’t know when he arrived in the capital.

Chang Yang said, “I heard you married into Nan’an Hou’s house. I’m still wondering if I’ll meet you today…”

Lin Qingyu Yu Guang glanced at Lu Niantao and interrupted: “it’s important to see the patient. Go quickly and talk later.”

Chang Yang was a little disappointed and said with a smile, “listen to elder martial brother.”

Lin Qingyu returns to the blue wind Pavilion. Lu Wancheng has had lunch and is ready to go to bed for a nap. He heard some news from Hualu. While drilling the quilt, he said, “I heard that Lu qiaosong is ill. What’s the disease?”

Lin Qingyu washed his hands: “don’t you know everything? Just guess.”

Lu Wancheng didn’t think about it: “based on his personal design, it’s probably kidney deficiency.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“I guessed right? Alas, these fools don’t know how to take the route of sustainable development. They fight until dawn seven times a night. Lu qiaosong is one, and so is the crown prince.” Lu Wancheng shook his head disapprovingly. “It’s because such people, regardless of their own body, force malicious competition, so that they are not qualified to be the protagonist for seven or eight times a night.”

“Why do you always mention the prince and know such secret things?” Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes. “Are you and the prince…”

“Stop,” Lu Wancheng seemed disgusted. “I’m going to vomit.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “yes, you’re not a man.”

Lu Wancheng hesitated for a moment: “yes.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to talk about such things. “By the way, I saw my younger martial brother in the mansion just now.”

“Younger martial brother?” Lu Wancheng’s ear tip moved. “The younger brother who is a doctor with you?”

“Well,” Lin Qingyu said with a trace of nostalgia, “I have followed my mentor for six years with him, and now I haven’t seen him for more than two years. He… Has grown a lot taller.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “Oh, our younger martial brother of Dr. Lin has grown tall again. It’s better to call him younger martial brother Gao in the future.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t bother to pay attention to him. After thinking about it, he said, “my younger martial brother’s ancestral home is Lin’an. He is a fellow townsman with you.”

Lu Wancheng raised his eyebrow: “so?”

“If you feel better, do you want to go to Lin’an?”

“No.” Lu Wancheng replied decisively, “I can’t eat well and sleep well on the road when I go out to play. Only when I’m crazy will I go out to find a crime.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were dim: “really.”

The author has something to say:

Salted fish attack: can we stop rolling in the attack circle and leave a way for salted fish!

① From the wide and wide avenue to heaven


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