Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 18

As like as two peas in the Qing Dynasty Pavilion, the diagnosis of Lu Qiao song was the same as that of Lin Qingyu. But he would not be as direct as Lin Qingyu said. He just said, “Master Lu San is overworked. In addition, he has drunk a lot of wine during this period, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort. Fortunately, Master Lu San is young and healthy. He takes medicine on time these days, has a light diet, has a light heart and few desires, and can recover in a few days.”

Lu Niantao smiled and said, “thank you, doctor Chang.”

“Then I’ll write the prescription now.”

Lu Niantao nodded and asked casually, “just now I heard doctor Chang call my sister-in-law senior brother?”

Chang Yang hesitated for a moment and said, “to tell you the truth, the young gentleman of your house and my teacher are the same. But we haven’t contacted for a long time.”

Lu Niantao said with a smile, “there are such wonderful things. No wonder doctor Chang is so happy to see my sister-in-law.”

Chang Yang: ”

Chang Yang prescribed the medicine to leave. Lu Niantao said, “since doctor Chang is sister-in-law’s junior brother, why don’t you go to Lanfeng pavilion to meet sister-in-law?”

Chang Yang remembered that Lin Qingyu said “talk later” with him just now, but he didn’t refuse: “thank you for your kindness.”

Lu Niantao ordered people to take Chang Yang to the blue wind Pavilion, and asked people to find another doctor to fill the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. After that, she stewed a bowl of bird’s nest and sent it to Nan’an Hou, who was still working in Xiumu. While Nan’an Hou was pleased, she talked about Lu qiaosong’s illness in bed, and said that her mother didn’t think about it. She was worried. She lost a lot of weight. The poor third brother was delirious in his illness and called “mother”.

Nan’an Hou felt pity when he heard the speech. Two months have passed since Chen Guifei’s birthday gift. Liang has been thinking about it behind closed doors and keeping himself in line. In the end, she is the main wife of Hou men and the legitimate mother of three children. She always wants to save her some face.

“Your mother has been raised for so long. It’s time to get better.” Nan’an Hou Dan said, “but she’s weak now. She doesn’t have to worry about the housekeeper.”

After Liang’s foot ban was lifted, he immediately rushed to Qingdai Pavilion. After learning the real cause of Lu qiaosong’s illness, he was angry and said, “what was your training from the Lord Hou after you lost the list? You forgot? You still have the courage to go to the Jiaofang department for fun. Do you want to be sucked by those immoral goblins!”

Lu qiaosong, a scholar, was scolded like this by his biological mother pointing to his nose. He became angry and said, “I’m not a big deal. It’s Lin Qingyu who adds fuel and vinegar. He said to the servants that I… A scholar can be killed but not humiliated. If I don’t repay this revenge, I swear not to be a man!”

“Stop talking.” Lu Niantao said calmly. “Now my mother has lifted her foot ban, which is a good thing.”

“What can I do if I get rid of the foot ban?” Liang sighed. “Now your father doesn’t believe me, and your grandfather’s family is not very useful. After last time, your father hasn’t come to my room again. I’m afraid they all go to the sleeping moon Pavilion.”

Lu Niantao was helpless: “mother, how many times have I told you that a childless concubine doesn’t pose any threat to you. It’s sister-in-law… Now the little things in the house are closed by pan, but the big things are in sister-in-law’s hands. If mother wants to take back the power of housekeeper, the focus should be on sister-in-law.”

Lu qiaosong hated: “I don’t understand. Lin Qingyu is a happy man’s wife. His father is just a judge of wupintai hospital. How did he make you like this?”

Lu Niantao glanced at Liang and said, “I also want to ask. Mother, why didn’t you tell me in advance what you and mammy Liu did?”

Liang knew that her daughter was extremely intelligent. She couldn’t help being submissive in front of her: “I, I’m not afraid of you.”

“If you tell me in advance, I’ll certainly stop it. I asked Dr. Zhang, and he said that if your eldest brother can’t survive until next year, we’ll wait. What’s your hurry? Now, you can’t even manage your home and lose your father’s trust. Even if your eldest brother goes and pan and sister-in-law are there, how can you cover up the sky?”

In retrospect, Liang also felt that he was misled by lard pushed by mammy Liu. Lu qiaosong said, “this is the end of the matter. What’s the use of your mother? If you have this Kung Fu, you might as well think about how to get back the right of housekeeper. There are only 300 Liang in this month. Where can you spend enough.”

Lu Niantao thought and said, “I have a way. Maybe I can try.”

Liang hurriedly said, “what can I do?”

Lu Niantao said in a slow voice, “let doctor Chang take care of the third brother’s illness.”

In the bedroom of Lanfeng Pavilion, Lin Qingyu holds a pen and writes a prescription. Almost asleep, Lu Wancheng opened his eyes and wanted to see more beauties before going to bed.

“What are you writing?”


Lu Wancheng was stunned: “hmm? You’re going to give me new medicine again? What medicine is it this time?”

Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes and said, “it’s a medicine for fun.”

Lu Wancheng:?

Lin Qingyu sneered: “your third brother said that I slandered his kidney deficiency because you couldn’t satisfy me.”

Lu Wancheng:???

At this time, Hualu came to deliver a message and interrupted Lu Wancheng’s question mark. She said that a doctor surnamed Chang asked to see Shaojun. Now he is waiting in the hospital.

“It’s my younger martial brother,” Lin Qingyu said. “I’ll see him. Take a nap.”

Lu Wancheng said softly, “Oh, all right.”

He closed his eyes again and somehow lost sleep. Hua Lu walked lightly to the bed and wanted to tuck in the quilt for him. Coldly, she heard a voice: “Hua Lu.”

Hua Lu was startled: “young master? You haven’t fallen asleep yet.” usually at this time, in the young gentleman’s words, the young master should have fainted.

Lu Wancheng sat up, hugged the pillow and asked, “when did you change the pillow to green? I have the illusion that my head is green.”

“What color of pillow does the young master like? I’ll change it for you now.”

Lu Wancheng looked out of the window and thought, “let me think.”

Lin Qingyu receives Chang Yang in the lobby. Among the several martial brothers, Lin Qingyu and Chang Yang joined the school in the same year, and their relationship will be closer than other martial brothers. At the moment, I’ll see you two years later. Looking at the young man who is obviously growing taller and darker in front of me, and thinking about his different situation in the past, Lin Qingyu inevitably has some feelings.

“Younger martial brother grows tall…” Lin Qingyu said, thinking of someone’s statement of “younger martial brother Gao”, he suddenly couldn’t speak, and even wanted to laugh.

Lu Wancheng didn’t do a few things. He has a great ability to brainwash people.

Chang Yang didn’t know what attracted Lin Qingyu’s attention. He looked at Lin Qingyu deeply and his emotions surged in his chest.

Elder martial brother is still what he remembered, bullying frost over snow, and the voice is slightly cold; Obviously, he is a man, but his face can be described by the word “Lengyan”. It’s a pity that people are right and wrong. In only two years, his thinking senior brother has become the man’s wife of the sick young prince. How can we not be reconciled.

If he knew that his senior brother would marry and become a wife in the future, he would have done it long ago. He would endure what he has done these years.

Compared with him, Lin Qingyu seemed more calm: “when did younger martial brother arrive in the capital?”

Chang Yang was filled with mixed feelings and said, “at the end of last year, I said goodbye to my master and went back to Lin’an to spend the new year with my parents. Then I rushed to the capital without stopping. First I went to the Lin mansion to find you, but your father told me that you have…”

Lin Qingyu asked, “master, he’s fine.”

“Shifu is still young and strong. He is a wild crane in the idle court. But senior brother, you……” Chang Yang lowered his voice and couldn’t hide his feelings in his eyes. “Senior brother, I know you were forced. A decree forced you to commit yourself to marry.”

After a long separation and reunion, Lin Qingyu didn’t want to talk to younger martial brother about this: “stop talking.”

Chang Yang turned a deaf ear and said, “no one knows Senior brother better than me. I know his ambition well. Seeing that senior brother has been reduced to this place, I haven’t closed my eyes for days and nights.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “younger martial brother.”

“I’ve figured out a way. I’m going to take you away from the Marquis house. We go together and travel everywhere as before…”

Lin Qingyu was about to interrupt when a male voice inserted: “what are you talking about? Can you take me one? I want to hear it, too.”

The two men followed the sound and saw that Lu Wancheng was well dressed and elegant: “Qingyu, don’t you introduce it?”

Lin Qingyu wondered: How did Lu Wancheng get out of bed at this time. “Younger martial brother, this is Xiao Hou ye; Xiao Hou ye, this is my younger martial brother.”

A simple and clear introduction without saying more than one word.

Chang Yang bowed and said, “how are you, little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng was not surprised at all and said with a smile, “Hello, younger martial brother.”

Chang Yang flashed a different color in his eyes and said with a smile, “don’t misunderstand me, little marquis.” he looked at Lin Qingyu’s side face. “In the past, I grew up with my senior brother. I had brotherhood and different friendships. I haven’t seen it for a long time. I don’t leave a myth. But I’m disturbing little Marquis?”

Brotherhood? Oh, you don’t know that elder martial brother is a high-risk profession?

They are all male foxes for thousands of years. What are you doing here.

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “misunderstanding? What can I misunderstand? Younger martial brother, don’t misunderstand me. I will misunderstand.”

When Lu Wancheng came, Chang Yang naturally couldn’t continue the topic just now. He said, “by the way, elder martial brother, when you were traveling in the South China Sea, you found a good medicine that has a miraculous effect on tuberculosis.”

Lin Qingyu’s face slowed slightly: “tell me.”

Speaking of medical skills, Lu Wancheng had no chance to interrupt. He doesn’t care. Anyway, he sits in the master’s seat with Lin Qingyu. He is the one who holds slow tea. The more such a time, the more we should show tolerance.

After the two talked, Lu Wancheng warmly invited Chang Yang to stay for dinner. Chang Yang saw that his existence did not affect Lu Wancheng at all. On the contrary, he made himself cautious and unhappy. He refused to give up his senior brother, or declined Lu Wancheng’s repeated retention. It’s a pity that he hasn’t explained his plan to his senior brother, but it’s not urgent. He’s looking for another opportunity.

Before leaving, Chang Yang mentioned that Lu qiaosong’s condition was indeed kidney deficiency, and he had applied the right medicine to the case.

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “Lu Niantao already knows the relationship between you and my martial brother. I’m afraid the younger martial brother’s medicine is in vain.”

After Chang Yang left, Lu Wancheng immediately cleaned up his childe’s aura, yawned and said, “I’m sleepy. I’m going to make up my sleep.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what do you want to do when you don’t sleep at noon?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “then I don’t want to entertain your younger martial brother warmly.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t know why

Lu Wancheng laughed rogue: “this is the bearing of the main palace, Qingyu. Is it completely different from the wild flowers outside?”

Lin Qingyu said: “… No.”


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