Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 19

Chang Yang became a regular guest of Nan’an Hou’s house. Every three days, he would go to Qingdai pavilion to feel Lu qiaosong’s pulse, and then go to Lanfeng pavilion to sit down. Occasionally, he would bring some small gifts to Lin Qingyu.

Chang Yang is glad to see his senior brother often. But every time we meet, elder martial brother has a lord Lu Xiaohou around him. Lord Lu Xiaohou looks like he’s very much in tune with him. He’s happier to see him than his senior brother, as if he was the one who became a senior brother. Don’t tell Lin Qingyu about his plan. He doesn’t even have a chance to talk to Lin Qingyu alone.

On this day, before Chang Yang came to Nan’an Hou’s house, he lined up for half an hour at the most popular pastry shop in the capital and bought two boxes of plum blossom cakes loved by his senior brother. As soon as he stepped into the door of the blue wind pavilion with his food box, he heard a giggle of chicken crowing mixed with the hearty laughter of the landing night Cheng: “junior brother is here again. Just say you’re here. What else do you bring? Please come in quickly.”

Before Chang Yang could see the scene in the courtyard, a colorful virtual shadow flew in front of him. When he recovered, a chicken feather floated down from the air and landed on his head. The chicken feather in the hair is like a big filial son who sells himself to bury his father by the side of the road.

Chang Yang froze again: “little Marquis, this is…”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “cockfighting.”

Chang Yang saw that what had just flown past his eyes was a cock whose hair had fallen by a small half. That flight should be its last stubbornness. After flying, it fell to the ground and was dying. The initiator, another rooster, stood at Lu Wancheng’s feet bravely, shaking his head smartly.

Looking at this chicken feather, Chang Yang can’t help but feel sad: Heaven has no eyes. How did his senior brother marry such a dandy with his own appearance.

Lu Wancheng’s unreliability strengthened his determination to save his senior brother from fire and water: “how are you, young Marquis? Where’s my senior brother?”

“He thought I was too noisy and went out to relax. It’s almost time to go back at this time.” Lu Wancheng looked at the door and smiled, “hmm? Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will arrive.”

Lin Qingyu took Huan Tong to the garden and buried several jars of medicinal materials under the trees. When he came back to see the lively scene of Lanfeng Pavilion, he took a smoke from his forehead.

Blame him for the good effect of the medicine he prepared for Lu Wancheng. The weather is getting warmer and warmer day by day, which gives Lu Wancheng the energy to “have fun” at home, resulting in a miasma in the blue wind Pavilion.

Lu Wancheng greeted Lin Qingyu with cold eyes and said with a smile, “Qingyu came back just in time. Our little martial brother is coming.”

Chang Yang: “… Senior brother.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Chang Yang’s head and said, “why do you insert a chicken feather in your hair?”

Lu Wancheng leaned over his face and didn’t give much face: “poof.”

Chang Yang was very embarrassed. He quickly took off the chicken feather on his head and said, “senior brother, I bought you two boxes of plum blossom cakes. You’ll try them later.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “thank you.”

“Qingyu, you’re late.” Lu Wancheng leaned over and picked up the rooster who had won many victories for himself. “You didn’t appreciate the heroic fighting of my big baby.”

“I don’t want to appreciate it.” Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “if you’ve had enough, ask someone to clean up the yard. It’s so messy, and you’re not afraid to be seen and laughed at by outsiders.” Lin Qingyu Yu glanced at the cock in Lu Wancheng’s arms, and the conversation changed again, “but… This chicken looks familiar.”

Lu Wancheng: “hmm? Do you know it?”

“It seems that I know each other.” Lin Qingyu thought, “it seems that on the day of the wedding, it is the hall where it worships you and me instead.”

Lu Wancheng was shocked and said, “do you remember all this?”

“I never forget.”

“…” Lu Wancheng looked down at the cock in his arms with a very complicated expression. Chang Yang also looked at it, and there was some… Envy in his eyes?

Lu Wancheng handed the cock to Huan Tong and said, “go and find out if this is the chicken that goes to the hall with Qingyu.”

As Chang Yang expected, today was another scene where the three gathered together. He couldn’t find a chance to talk to Lin Qingyu alone. For Lin Qingyu, he is also a foreign man. It’s inconvenient to stay for a long time. He has to leave without two words.

Time was pressing. He couldn’t tell his senior brother about his plan. He retreated and talked about their interesting trip with master. For example, boating on the river in Jiangnan Water Town; Walk in the countryside of Shu and taste authentic farm snacks. One winter, they were forced to spend the night in the broken Temple because they temporarily saved an injured hunter and delayed their journey. In the cold winter, the north wind was biting. They, master, a senior brother and his entourage gathered around the fire to keep warm. Master loved them and took off his coat to cover them.

Chang Yang said while observing the expression of the landing night Cheng. No matter what he said, Lu Wancheng always looked very interested and asked cheerfully, “then?”

“True or false?!”

“Alas, people.”

“Alas, this is life.”


Lin Qingyu couldn’t see it anymore and interrupted Chang Yang: “how’s Lu qiaosong’s condition?”

Chang Yang said, “Young Master Lu San has almost recovered from his illness. But Miss Lu Er said she wanted to recuperate him and let me come to the house every three days to ask him for a safe pulse as usual.”

Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng looked at each other tacitly and said, “it’s not early. Younger martial brother, go back early.”

Chang Yang was quite unwilling: “then I’ll see my senior brother another day.”

After Chang Yang left, Lin Qingyu said, “Lu Niantao knows my relationship with Chang Yang and still asks him to diagnose and treat Lu qiaosong. There must be fraud.”

Lu Wancheng opened the food box sent by Chang Yang: “she should want to use your younger martial brother to do something.”

Lin Qingyu thought about what Lu Niantao might do. When he saw someone brewing tea, he narrowed his eyes and said, “you enjoyed the cake my junior brother gave me.”

“Don’t be so stingy, Qingyu,” Lu Wancheng took a small bite of plum blossom cake with green tea and smiled at the corners of his lips. “I’ll share what men and women gave me to eat before. Good brothers, I just want to share happiness.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “which men and women?”

Lu Wancheng raised his eyebrow: “why, you are allowed to have classmates, not me?”

Lin Qingyu said bluntly, “you were raised in a deep hospital when you were young. Your husband taught you to read and write. Where did you come from? Even if you did, where did you come from?”

Lu Wancheng smiled and remained silent for a long time. “Dr. Lin seems to have a lot of questions to ask me.”

“I didn’t ask anything.” Lin Qingyu said calmly, “I didn’t ask the little marquis to tell me anything.”

Lu Wancheng held his cheek and said, “you can ask. Maybe I’ll answer you truthfully.”

Lin Qingyu paused and said, “just, I’m not interested.”

He would prefer Lu Wancheng to take the initiative to inform him than to ask for an answer. Otherwise, even if he asked, Lu Wancheng might not tell the truth.

Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu for a while and smiled and changed the topic: “Qingyu, let’s have dinner tonight? I asked the small kitchen to stew the cock.”

Lin Qingyu walked down the steps and asked casually, “which one?”

“The one you worship.”

Lin Qingyu wondered, “how did people offend you?”

Lu Wancheng blinked: “look at it.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “you are so capable that you didn’t get up and worship me.”

Lu Wancheng: “… Blame me?”

Three days later, Chang Yang came to Hou’s house as usual to ask for pulse for Lu qiaosong. Lu qiaosong was extremely impatient and kept urging him to leave without asking the results.

Lu Niantao said apologetically, “I think the third brother has something urgent to do. Doctor Chang, it’s impolite.”

Chang Yang said, “you’re welcome, second lady. The third young master’s health is all right and he can resume his normal work and rest.”

Lu Niantao smiled and nodded, “it’s hard for doctor Chang. In that case, you don’t have to bother doctor Chang to go there every three days.”

Chang Yang was stunned and said, “so, I’ll leave.”

After Chang Yang left, Lu Niantao summoned his confidant maid and told him, “follow doctor Chang and don’t be found by him. If there is anything unusual, report it back immediately.”

It’s not easy to enter the high gate courtyard of Nan’an Marquis house. Chang Yang knows that today may be his last chance. Once missed, I don’t know how long to wait. Chang Yang weighed it over and over again, made up his mind and wrote a note with his paper and pen. He was worried about how to give the note to Lin Qingyu. When he saw Huan Tong coming from the direction of the garden with two medicine jars in his arms, he stopped him without hesitation.

Lin Qingyu travels with Huan Tong, so Huan Tong and Chang Yang are quite familiar. Huan Tong accepted Chang Yang’s note and said, “don’t worry, childe Chang. I’ll take things to the.”

Chang Yang told: “don’t let others know about it, especially the little marquis.”

Huan Tong hesitated to answer: “this… OK.”

When Huan Tong returns to the blue wind Pavilion, Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng are playing chess by the window. Lu Wancheng has lost seven in a row. Lin Qingyu dislikes him and says that chickens are better than him. Lu Wancheng pressed a chess piece and said, “I learned a little when I was a child. It’s good to be like this, okay.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you are so modest.”

They couldn’t finish for a while, and Chang Yang was in a hurry. Huan Tong came to Lin Qingyu’s ear and said quietly, “young master, I’ll tell you something.”

Lin Qingyu frowned and said, “just say it.”

Huan Tong looked at Lu Wancheng and wondered, “but…”

“Say.” he and Lu Wancheng have already been tied to the same boat. There is nothing that can’t be said in front of Lu Wancheng in Nan’an Hou’s house.

When the young master said so, Huan Tong said loudly, “childe Chang asked me to send something to the young master, and said that I couldn’t be found by the young Marquis!”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Lu Wancheng threw the pieces on the chessboard and said slowly, “OK, I’m a little angry.”

In front of him, he can still watch the play. It’s too much to make small moves in private without talking about martial ethics.

Lin Qingyu asked, “what is it?”

Huan Tong takes out the note. Lin Qingyu opens it in front of the landing night Cheng. There are only three words on it: see you in the back garden.

“At the end of the willow shoot on the moon, people are about to meet after dusk.” Lu Wancheng recited a poem in a strange way. “Will Dr. Lin answer the younger martial brother’s appointment? I’m so curious and looking forward to it.”

Lin Qingyu can probably guess the purpose of Chang Yang’s private appointment with him. It’s nothing more than taking him away from Hou’s house. He pondered: “what younger martial brother said and did in the house should be under the control of Lu Niantao and others. I think I know Lu Niantao’s intention.”

“You just know?” Lu Wancheng laughed. “Younger martial brother, blind people can see your friendship. Don’t blame others for trying to use this to make trouble.”

Lin Qingyu was unhappy: “can you talk well?”

Lu Wancheng raised his voice: “no, I’m about to be dug at the foot of the wall. I still talk well?”

“Aren’t we good brothers who tie the knot and share food? Why dig at the foot of the wall?”

Lu Wancheng was speechless after being blocked. When he calmed down, he was surprised that Lin Qingyu was right – yes, my good brother, how can he talk about it?

As long as his wife is regarded as a brother, the green hat will never be on his head in his life.

Lu Wancheng lay back in his chair and said lazily, “you’re right, when I didn’t say.”

Lin Qingyu sneered and said to Huan Tong, “go and talk back to Chang Yang and let him leave the Hou house. Don’t come again.”

“Wait.” Lu Wancheng’s eyes were deep and dark, as if brewing some bad water. He suddenly smiled, raised his bad smile and said, “good brother, I think you should go to see your younger martial brother.”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyebrows and said, “what do you say?”

Soon, Huan Tong and Hua Lu went out of the blue wind Pavilion one after another. One went to Chang Yang, who had been waiting for a long time, and the other went to the sleeping moon pavilion where Aunt pan was located.

Huan Tong found Chang Yang and said that the young master had read his letter. In the daytime, there were many people in Hou’s house, so it was inconvenient to meet him. He wronged him to wait for an hour in the house. When it was dark, they would see each other again.

Chang Yang has no objection. Huan Tong took him to an uninhabited house in the side yard of the house and said, “please wait here, childe Chang. When the time comes, the young master will come naturally.”

This wait, then from the evening until dark. During this period, Huan Tong also sent him a meal.

The summer solstice has just passed, and the days are hot day by day. At night, the residual heat gradually dissipates, sometimes slightly cool. At this moment, if you can have a beautiful woman on your side, go to the garden to enjoy the lotus under the moon and listen to the sound of frogs, you can live up to such beautiful scenery on this auspicious day.

Unfortunately, the two “beauties” of the blue wind pavilion are destined to have no such leisure tonight.

Lin Qingyu pushed him to land. Night Cheng came out of the blue wind Pavilion and handed over his wheelchair to Hua Lu: “I’m leaving.”

Lu Wancheng nodded, “go.”

Lu Wancheng watched Lin Qingyu leave. Looking at the cold figure under the moon, he felt a little uncomfortable. He attributed this discomfort to men’s often exclusive desire. It should be all right if he controlled it a little. It’s like his favorite beautiful toy was borrowed by others when he was a child. He always couldn’t help thinking about it for fear that the toy would be dirty by others.

… wait a minute, the brainless younger martial brother won’t be impulsive. Let’s make an affectionate confession and perform the act of pinching the waist and kissing in the corner.


Lu Wancheng thought wildly and heard Hualu ask him, “young master, where are we going now?”

Business matters. Lu Wancheng restrained his mind and said, “the backyard.”

Taking advantage of the moonlight, Lin Qingyu walked through the backyard to the house where Chang Yang was waiting. Tap the door three times and the door opens from the inside.

Chang Yang couldn’t hide his excitement: “senior brother!”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “if you have anything to say, go in.”

An oil lamp for servants was lit in the house, which can only illuminate a small area around. Chang Yang looked straight at the man in front of him. Under the weak light, the elder martial brother’s eyes were flickering with fire. After watching for a long time, people’s breathing became hot.

Before he saw enough, Lin Qingyu went straight to the theme: “say it.”

Chang Yang looked at the slightly opened red lips. He was in a trance for a moment and said, “elder martial brother, come with me!”

Sure enough.

Lin Qingyu sighed and asked calmly, “where are you taking me?”

“Go anywhere. In short, leave the Marquis house and the capital!” Chang Yang’s eyes twinkled with longing. “We can go to find our master and retire to the mountains and forests with him, okay?”

Lin Qingyu pressed the center of his eyebrows and said, “the marriage between Lu Wancheng and me is a gift from the Holy Father. What will Lin’s house do if I leave.”

“I’ve also considered this matter.” Chang Yang said, “elder martial brother, do you remember that Shifu has been trying to make fake death medicine?”

Lin Qingyu was finally interested. When he was traveling with his master, he occasionally met a young woman hanging a southeast branch. After saving people, the young woman cried about her experience. She was sold to local dignitaries by her gambler father as a concubine. She was beaten and insulted every day. She also threatened to take her family’s life as debt if she ran away. Young women have no choice but to die.

Since then, master had the idea of preparing fake death medicine.

Lin Qingyu asked, “master succeeded?”

Chang Yang nodded again and again, “yes, master gave it a name, called ‘life giving pill’. He also handed me the prescription. Unfortunately, I’m not proficient. Even if I have a prescription, I can’t make medicine, but I know my senior brother can.”

“So you want me to escape by pretending to die?”

“Yes, as long as the world thinks that the elder martial brother is dead, he will certainly not go to Lin’s house for trouble.”

“Good idea.” Lin Qingyu said lightly, “but what’s the meaning of being a dead man.”

Chang Yang thought: “as long as the elder martial brother regains his freedom, he can do whatever he wants. Isn’t that enough?”

“What I want to do… Ah.” Lin Qingyu smiled, as if laughing at Chang Yang’s innocence, “Don’t you say you know me? You don’t even know what I really want? I don’t want to be an ordinary doctor. I want to be the best. I must read all the books in the world and have an inexhaustible supply of rare medicinal materials. And only the imperial medical department can give me these. I don’t exclude glory, wealth and power. I also like to see others kneeling in front of me trembling. Do you understand? ”

Chang Yang looked at Lin Qingyu as if he were looking at a stranger.

“You don’t know anything. It’s ridiculous to keep trying to take me away.” Lin Qingyu stood up. “I asked Huan Tong to take you away from the house.”

Things were far beyond Chang Yang’s expectation. In his eyes, senior brother was a gentleman with a bright future and a bright future. Wealth and power were placed on him too inappropriate and too contrary to him. He really couldn’t accept it for a while. However, seeing that senior brother was about to push the door and leave, he couldn’t help saying what he thought: “can Lord Lu give you what senior brother wants?”

Lin Qingyu paused.

“Lord Lu has a short life. Now he muddles along and waits for death. What’s the difference between him and the cynical dandies? How can he be so virtuous…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted in a cold voice, “what do you want him to do?”

Chang Yang was stunned: “… Elder martial brother?”

“You also know that Lu Wancheng is suffering from a terminal illness. He has to rely on one breath to support himself. You see, he talks and laughs with you. He doesn’t have a serious attitude. You know how many drugs he needs to drink and how many injections he needs every day. He will be out of breath when he walks two steps. If he catches a cold, he will be unconscious and may never wake up again. When he has a cough, he can’t sleep well all night, and he has to bear it because he’s worried about waking me up—— What else do you want him to do? Take the imperial examination or join the army to serve the country? He has only half a year left. Why can’t he be a dandy who doesn’t have to worry about anything in the last half a year? ”

Lin Qingyu seldom talks so much with people. He doesn’t know that Lu Wancheng is tired, lazy, dandy and out of tune. He also doesn’t like Lu Wancheng’s attitude of not taking everything seriously. He even mocks him in front of him. But this doesn’t mean that others can look down on Lu Wancheng.

After a long silence, Chang Yang asked in a low voice, “elder martial brother, do you… Like him?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t hesitate: “I’m not a good man, so is he. If I have to say something about my relationship with him…” Lin Qingyu smiled softly, “maybe it’s a confidant forcibly tied together by marriage.”

“Bad masculinity.” Chang Yang smiled bitterly. “I know. It’s me… That bothers senior brother.”

Lin Qingyu wanted to say that you haven’t bothered me yet, but seeing Chang Yang’s dejected look, he took it back.

Chang Yang took a deep breath, took out a prescription from the medical box, reluctantly smiled and said, “this is the formula of Xiangsheng pill. Elder martial brother, take it. I… I’ll go.”

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly: “Huan Tong, see off.”

Chang Yang walked out of the house, looked up at the bright moon in the sky, and suddenly sighed. He came to the capital all the way for his senior brother. Now the person in front of him is not the person in his heart. Maybe he should leave.

No, elder martial brother has never been what he imagined. He imposed his ideas on elder martial brother wishfully. Elder martial brother is right. It’s ridiculous for him to do so.

Chang Yang was dejected and heard Huan Tong say, “don’t be sad, childe Chang. Who is my young master? He won’t let himself be trapped in the ghost place of Nan’an Marquis house all the time.”

Chang Yang laughed at himself: “I’m too self righteous.”

Huan Tong patted Chang Yang on the shoulder and said, “let’s go, young master Chang. It’s too late.”

Chang Yang asked, “why is it too late?”

Huan Tong said with a smile, “young Marquis knows that childe Chang may be sad tonight. He specially invited you to see a good play.”

As the night deepened, a dark cloud quietly blocked the moonlight, and the lights in the house went out. In the wooded backyard, it was difficult to see the road under your feet unless lanterns were lit.

Lu qiaosong hid behind a tree with mother Qiu, stared at the two figures by the pool and asked, “are you sure it’s them?”

Mother Qiu said, “no mistake. Doctor Chang is wearing this color today, and the young gentleman is also wearing white.”

Lu qiaosong bit his teeth and said, “go! Don’t let them run away!”

Mother Qiu jumped out from behind the tree. She couldn’t do anything else. She had a loud voice. Half the Marquis house could hear her howl: “Oh, this is not the young gentleman. In the evening, the young gentleman doesn’t serve in front of the little Marquis’s bed. Who are you secretly watching the moon here!”

The howl came out of hand. The man in white was startled. He was unsteady under his feet and almost fell into the water. Fortunately, he was quickly held by the man in green around him, which stabilized his body.

The man in blue shouted, “who’s talking nonsense there!”

Mother Qiu’s feet softened at the sound.

How could it be the voice of the Marquis? Mother Qiu stumbled and wanted to run back, but she was stopped by the flower dew that came out of nowhere. The flower dew said loudly, “how did mother Qiu get so worried?” she looked behind the tree again, “ah, the third young master is also there. The young master is watching the moon with the master in front. Don’t you go and have a look.”

Lu qiaosong was forced to stop trying to escape and scolded in his heart.

The sound of flower dew was not as penetrating as that of mother Qiu, but it was enough for Nan’an hou to hear. Today, he rested in mianyue Pavilion as usual and was served by pan. Seeing that the moonlight was clear outside, Pan said that the lotus in the pool was in full bloom, and asked him if he wanted to take a walk by the pool to enjoy the moon.

Nan’an Hou was also a scholar. He couldn’t bear to live up to the moonlight, so he took pan to the backyard and happened to meet his eldest son who came to enjoy the moon. Father and son rarely had a chance to say a few words. Pan kindly left time for the father and son on the grounds of preparing to eat.

Lu Wancheng took the initiative to mention the queen. The queen always cares about her sister’s only child. From time to time, she sends eunuchs to the house to greet her and often gives supplements. Hou Nan’an asks him to wait until he gets well and go to the palace to thank her in person.

The two had a good conversation. Leng Bu Ding shouted for a while, which scared Lu Wancheng almost into the water. Nan’an Hou knew that his eldest son was delicate and weak, and could not be frightened. If he was careless, he might fall ill. At the moment, seeing Lu Wancheng’s face pale and his lips bloodless, he was furious: “who’s talking, come here!”

Lu qiaosong and mother Qiu were “invited” to Nan’an Hou by flower dew. Nan’an Hou Leng said, “what’s the heart of your master and servant yelling in the backyard at night?”

Lu qiaosong hardened his head and said, “my son also came to enjoy the moon.”

Lu Wancheng smiled weakly: “the third brother enjoys the moon without the singer and actress raised in the hospital, but with mother Qiu. It’s really elegant.”

Lu qiaosong knew he was wrong and could only bear it.

Nan’an Hou looked at mother Qiu and said, “what were you shouting about just now?”

Mother Qiu hurriedly said, “if you return to the Marquis, I will accompany the third young master to enjoy the moon. Seeing two people by the pool from a distance, I think they are the young gentleman and doctor Chang. I can’t blame you. Everyone in the house knows that the young gentleman and doctor Chang are brothers of the same sect. They often meet and have a close relationship. I misunderstood you.”

Nan’an Hou said in a deep voice, “is there such a thing?”

“Father, doctor Chang came to the blue wind Pavilion, not to see Qingyu, but to see me.” Lu Wancheng said lightly, “doctor Chang and I were like old friends at first sight and had a good conversation. I asked him to come to the blue wind Pavilion often to talk with me.”

Hua Lu echoed: “that is, when doctor Chang comes to the blue wind Pavilion, he is talking to the young master. Sometimes the young gentleman is not there.”

Nan’an Hou’s face slowed slightly and asked, “who is this doctor Chang?”

Lu Wancheng said calmly, “it’s the doctor who shows the third brother kidney deficiency.”

“Kidney…” Nan’an Hou pointed to Lu qiaosong’s nose and said angrily, “make it clear to me!”

He only knew that Lu qiaosong was ill and didn’t know what the disease was. Lu qiaosong was a man with a criminal record. As soon as the word “kidney deficiency” came out, anyone would think about it.

Lu Qiao songton’s face turned red when he was in front of Nan’an Hou: “my father misunderstood. I just occasionally caught the wind and cold…”

Nan’an Hou didn’t believe it. But he couldn’t judge such immoral things in front of the servants. “You follow me to the study.” after saying that, he brushed his sleeves and left.

“Father…!” before Lu qiaosong came, Lu Niantao told him that no matter what the other party said, all he had to do was to pinch Lin Qingyu’s relationship with Chang Yang, even if it was fake, and create doubt. But he never thought that Lu Wancheng pointed the spear at him.

He can’t escape a heavy responsibility, but Lu Wancheng can’t think of a better life.

Lu qiaosong stumbled up to Lu Wancheng and said with a grim smile, “my sister-in-law looks like that. There are more than one or two people who love him. Can you stand this time and next time? I’m afraid I can’t stand my people being secretly coveted by so many people if I have more grace?”

“The third brother also knows that he is mine. Since he is mine, please…” Lu Wancheng smiled and glanced at the people one by one. If he looked at Chang Yang’s direction, his tone suddenly changed and hid some dangerous blades, “don’t move, don’t touch, don’t think.”

The author has something to say: School grass salted fish attack: good brother, I will worship you in person next time.


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