Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 2

Lin Qingyu didn’t fully understand what Lu Wancheng said, but he probably understood the meaning. Lu Wancheng was able to make such an understatement of his time. Is he really not afraid of death?

Lu Wancheng is a sick man in the end. It is the limit to force him to hold on until now. He lay down in bed and said, “beauty, you…”

Lin Qingyu snapped, “what are you yelling at?”

Because of his appearance, Lin Qingyu was harassed by his disciples when he was studying abroad. For some people who always call him “beauty” and “baby”, he just wants to take out the poison he prepared himself and force people to shut up and put it in their mouths.

However, although Lu Wancheng called beauty, he didn’t stare at him like a frivolous person. It’s not hopeless.

“It’s fierce. Are you happy to praise you for looking good?” Lu Wancheng said with his eyes closed. “Well, I’ll have a rest. Help yourself.”

After some twists and turns, it’s past midnight. There was really nothing to do next but go to bed.

Just now, the maid has helped Lu Wancheng take off her wedding clothes and wipe her hands and face. Lin Qingyu is still wearing the wedding dress and crown, with mother of Pearl painted on his eyebrows, and the makeup on his face is not washed.

Yes, he put on makeup today. Although at his strong request, Xi Niang just painted his eyebrows and lips for him, his face was cold and gorgeous. After using these, his lips were red and his eyebrows and eyes were picturesque. This appearance was praised by others, but it made him tremble. The lips pursed as if it were not Rouge paper, but a yoke that imprisoned him. It was the whole Nan’an Marquis house and… Tianjia that put this yoke on him.

He will remember this revenge.

He also remembered the Xi Niang who had to let him use ointment and made him uncomfortable somewhere.

As for his unwitting “husband”… If Lu Wancheng’s words are true, they can really live in peace for half a year. There is only the name of husband and wife, not the reality of husband and wife. He can barely forget Lu Wancheng’s hatred.

It’s just a dying man. Why bother too much with him.

Naturally, there can’t be two beds in the Xi room. The only one is occupied by Lu Wancheng. Lin Qingyu decides to spend one night in soft collapse.

At this time, shortly after the Shangyuan Festival, the sun has not warmed up. If you sleep alone, you will surely suffer from cold. Lin Qingyu saw that there was an extra quilt on the Xi bed. He thought it was prepared by the servants of the Hou house because they were afraid that their little Marquis was not used to sleeping with others.

In that case, Lin Qingyu is not polite.

Lu Wancheng was still suffering from illness in his sleep, and his eyebrows closed gently. Lin Qingyu took the quilt lightly, but Lu Wancheng woke up.

When Lu Wancheng opened his eyes, Lin Qingyu was bending down, and the hair hanging from his chest fell on his cheek, which was a little itchy.

Two people face each other with four eyes. Before Lu Wancheng could speak, Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll take the quilt.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “you take it.”

Lin Qingyu took the quilt to the soft collapse and spread it out. He was about to lie in. Lu Wancheng said, “don’t you take off your clothes when you sleep?”

Although the wedding dress worn by the man’s wife is not as complicated as the woman’s wedding dress, it is also a waist wide dress. The inner three layers and the outer three layers are far less convenient and comfortable than ordinary clothes. Lu Wancheng is tired for him.

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “naturally take it off.”

He turned his back to Lu Wancheng and lifted his hand to unlock the outermost buckle. The coat fell off his shoulder and slid to his ankle. One by one, his clothes were taken off, and a moment later, just like Lu Wancheng, he was left with only close fitting bedclothes.

After taking off his clothes, he turned back and looked at the bed – very good. Lu Wancheng fell asleep again.

The next morning.

Lin Qingyu has always slept lightly. Lu Wancheng woke him up with a light cough. On the happy bed, Lu Wancheng lay on his side. His side face was blocked by scattered green silk. His sleeping position was casual and not solemn at all.

As soon as Lin Qingyu got up from the soft collapse, there was a knock on the door: “young master, young gentleman, it’s time to get up. According to the rules, you’re going to offer tea to the Lord and Mrs. Hou later.”

Lu Wancheng showed no sign of waking up. Lin Qingyu opened the door and let them in. The maidservant who walked in front was Feng Qin, who served Lu Wancheng personally. She carried hot water into the house and saw the quilt on the soft collapse. Her expression was different for a moment.

Half of the maidservants came to serve Lin Qingyu and half went to wake Lu Wancheng up. Lin Qingyu changed into a snow blue robe, and his long hair was simply tied up with a jade crown. The dress of an ordinary man was still very beautiful on him, but it was less bright and more dignified than yesterday’s wedding.

Feng Qin also wants to make up Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu said, “No.”

Feng Qin said, “but I saw that Shaojun put on makeup yesterday.”

“You also said it was yesterday.” Lin Qingyu glanced at the dowry on the table and said irritably, “take these down.”

Lin Qingyu has finished dressing, and Lu Wancheng is still asleep. Several maidservants gathered around the bed and whispered to him:

“Young master, it’s time for you and the young gentleman to offer tea to the master and wife.”

“Young master…”

Lu Wancheng was motionless and serene. His hands were folded in front of his chest, just like a statue of Buddha.

Feng Qin said uneasily, “young Marquis won’t faint again?”

Lin Qingyu stepped forward, carefully observed Lu Wancheng and said, “no, he just slept dead and forced him to wake up.”

Feng Qin didn’t understand, so she asked, “young gentleman, how can you force me to shout?”

“Speak louder, or lift his quilt.” Lin Qingyu said, “but don’t forget that he is a patient. Don’t disturb his rest unless you want him to get worse.”

Feng Qin said: “but, the Marquis and his wife…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted: “what kind of illness has he become? Do you want him to serve tea? Rules are more important than his life?” in Dayu, it is usually the bride and husband who serve tea to their parents on the day after their wedding. If Lu Wancheng doesn’t go, he probably doesn’t have to go either.

Before the empress gave her marriage, Liang, the wife of Nan’an Hou, sent someone to ask for a kiss. He resolutely refused to ask for the empress, so as to put the Lin family in a situation of either marriage or death. Don’t talk about Nanan’s husband and wife as “in laws”. He doesn’t even want to talk to them.

Fengqin didn’t dare to be the master. She sent a little servant girl to report to Liang. Not long after, the mammy next to Liang replied, “Madam said, it’s rare for the young master to have a safe sleep and let him continue to sleep. She and the Marquis only drink the young gentleman’s tea.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “Madam really loves her son like life.”

People can’t help themselves in Hou’s house. Lin Qingyu reluctantly put on his snow cloak and followed Mammy to the front hall.

Along the way, Mammy was nagging about the rules of the house in the marquis. Lin Qingyu only thought she was farting and automatically isolated her voice from her ears. Yesterday he wore a xipa and could only see a few steps under his feet. Today he could see the true appearance of Nan’an Hou’s house. Although he had never entered the palace, he had gone to the palace with his father. The magnificence of Nan’an Hou’s residence is not inferior to the royal residence. It is carved beams and painted buildings, gorgeous and noble. It can be seen that Nan’an Hou’s position in the court is extraordinary.

In the front hall, Nan’an Hou and Liang sat on the upper seat. The Marquis of Nan’an is not confused, silent and resolute; Liang’s charm still exists. She is kind-hearted and looks like a lady who likes to meet each other.

Lin Qingyu took the tea offered by Mammy and couldn’t help imagining that he was poisoning it.

What poison can also give them a taste of losing their freedom.

They drank Lin Qingyu’s tea. Liang smiled and said, “Qingyu, did you sleep well last night?”

Lin Qingyu returned and said, “OK.”

“In the future, Hou’s house will be your home. If you are not used to anything, tell your mother.”

“Thank you, madam.”

Mammy said angrily, “why do you still call ‘madam’, you have to call ‘mother’ like the little marquis.”

This mammy is really persistent about changing her mouth. Just call her [changing mammy]. If she wants to scream, why doesn’t she scream herself.

Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes and said, “it’s due to habit. It’s difficult to change your mouth for a moment. I hope the Marquis and his wife will forgive me.”

Nan’an Hou’s face showed displeasure. Liang said magnanimously, “it doesn’t matter. The future is long. I always forgot to change my mouth in the first few months when I married Hou’s house.”

Nan’an Hou said, “we should get used to it as soon as possible so as not to let people see jokes.”

Lin Qingyu thought of his parents and said, “yes.”

Liang sipped his tea again and said, “your birthday is a perfect match with that of late Cheng. The Marquis and I also like this, so we asked the emperor to marry us. Qingyu, you should put your husband first in everything in the future and let late Cheng touch your blessings more before you serve the sick bed.”

Lin Qingyu nodded numbly.

Nan’an Hou said, “speaking of it, you are the son of the hospital of Taiyuan hospital, and you have trusted a famous teacher. Your medical skills are definitely not bad.”

Lin Qingyu felt suffocated in his chest.

Yes, his medical skills are not bad. He could have hung a pot to save the world and heal the wounded, but now he has to be trapped in the back house and be a man’s wife. The culprit still said, “although Dr. Zhang takes care of Wan Cheng’s body, you can also take care of it. Don’t waste your medical skills.”

Nan’an Hou was also the Minister of household. There were many things in the court. He said a few words and left. Liang sent Lin Qingyu an emerald bracelet and said, “this is the dowry I brought from my mother’s house. I wanted to give it to Wan Cheng’s legitimate son in the future. Now…” Liang paused and smiled again, “just take it.”

Liang’s intention Lin Qingyu will not fail to understand. She took so much effort to marry Lu Wancheng with a male wife, but she didn’t forget that he couldn’t have children.

It is worthy of being the people of Nan’an Hou’s house. One by one, Lu Wancheng can barely catch the eye.

Lin Qingyu returned to the blue wind pavilion where Lu Wancheng lived and threw the brocade box containing jade bracelets to Feng Qin. Feng Qin said, “young gentleman is back, little marquis. He hasn’t woken up yet. How long have you been sleeping? Is it really all right…”

Lin Qingyu paused as he stepped towards the study: “I’ll have a look.”

What he wanted to see was not Lu Wancheng, but Lu Wancheng’s rare pulse in a hundred years. Dr. Zhang, who diagnosed Lu Wancheng’s pulse last night, knew that he was indeed a famous doctor with real talent and learning. It’s a pity not to see the pulse even Doctor Zhang has never seen.

When Lin Qingyu entered the inner room, Lu Wancheng was still asleep and even kept his posture before he left. He stood by the bed and looked down at Lu Wancheng. It has to be said that Lu Wancheng is not much like his parents. His appearance is much more exquisite than Nan’an Hou and his wife.

Lin Qingyu rolled up his sleeves and leaned out his fingertips. He had not yet touched Lu Wancheng’s pulse, but his hand was caught suddenly. A loose voice sounded: “sneaky, what do you want to do, Lin Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu’s hand stiffened: “let go.” just Lu Wancheng’s body. He was afraid that Lu Wancheng would faint if he broke away with a little force.

Lu Wancheng loosened his hand, his eyes closed, but the corners of his lips bent: “don’t get excited. I don’t like men. You don’t have to guard against me.”

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes: “don’t you like men?”

“Yes. I remember that although Dayu is popular with men, not everyone has broken their sleeves.” Lu Wancheng opened his eyes and said, “what about you? Are you?”

Lin Qingyu choked.

One month since he was married, no one has ever asked him this question. Anyway, he’s going to marry a man. What’s the difference between a good man and a good woman.

“I… of course not.”

Lu Wancheng covered his lips and coughed a few times. He sympathized and said, “don’t you want to die of injustice if you marry me.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows were gloomy: “nonsense. If you cheer me up, you won’t be wronged?”

“That’s why I said I wanted to compensate you.”

“It’s easy to say. What do you take to compensate me?”

“My legacy.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “I have to fight for your heritage.”

Lu Wancheng asked, “what compensation do you want? As long as it’s not something troublesome and laborious, I can give it to you.”

He wants to take the exam of the imperial medical department, leave the Nan’an Marquis house and do what he wants to do. But he knew it was almost impossible. The marriage between him and Lu Wancheng is a gift from the Holy Lord. Even if Lu Wancheng agrees to leave, he must nod his head.

Lin Qingyu was silent for a long time and said, “give me your hand.”

Lu Wancheng held his wrist in one hand and said warily, “hmm? What are you doing?”

Lin Qingyu said impatiently, “give you a pulse.”

“Say it early.” Lu Wancheng raised his hand and showed a wrist. “Dr. Lin, please.”

A charcoal basin was burning in the room, and Lu Wancheng shrank into the quilt, but his wrists were still cold. Feeling his pulse beating, Lin Qingyu frowned.

Lu Wancheng’s health has improved, but the root of the disease has not been eliminated. He could feel the “sudden vitality” that Dr. Zhang said. But Lu Wancheng’s body is like a bottomless pit, consuming this vitality bit by bit. Unless the root cause of the disease is removed, Lu Wancheng will still live for less than half a year.

There is no cure for Lu Wancheng’s root cause.

Seeing Lin Qingyu’s face sinking like water, Lu Wancheng asked, “am I saved?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “why do you think so.”

“Because you’re unhappy.” Lu Wancheng’s irrelevant appearance, “replace you. I think you should want me to die early.”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help asking, “do you really care about life and death?”

“There’s nothing to care about.” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “my life is determined by heaven and not by me. Don’t worry, my widow, you’ll keep it.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

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