Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 20

After Lin Qingyu and Chang Yang separated, they went directly back to Lanfeng Pavilion. Hualu told him what happened in the backyard. Later, there was news from mianyue pavilion that Nan’an Hou interrogated Lu qiaosong all night. At first, Lu qiaosong didn’t admit it. Later, Nan’an Hou recruited the boys who followed Lu qiaosong in and out for a trial. Only then did he know that Lu qiaosong spent most of his days in the gentle countryside outside last month.

When Lu qiaosong saw that the matter was exposed, he said that he was looking for some Qing shepherds who did not sell themselves. With them, he could not recite poetry against them, taste wine and enjoy the piano. He never crossed the line.

When Nan’an Hou heard the word “they”, he was even more furious. At that time, he slapped Lu qiaosong and punished him to go to the ancestral hall for reflection for one day and ban him for another month. Nan’an Hou also angered Liang and scolded her for her poor parenting. She couldn’t even manage her own son. How can she take care of such a big Hou house.

Lin Qingyu heard the speech and asked, “is there anything else?”

Huan Tong shook his head: “it’s gone.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “in addition to introspection, it is forbidden and boring.”

“Young gentleman, young gentleman,” Hua Lu hurriedly ran out of the bedroom, “the young master seems to be ill again!”

Now it was midsummer. Lu Wancheng was greedy for the cold yesterday. He ate two Hongti soaked in the well water and started a fever half a day later. Fortunately, it was only a low fever. Lu Wancheng was still sober, but his face was ugly and frightening.

Lin Qingyu diagnosed his pulse and asked, “is Hongti delicious?”

Lu Wancheng nestled in the quilt, his eyes filled with resentment: “delicious, so I couldn’t help it.”

Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t be angry,” Lu Wancheng pulled Lin Qingyu’s sleeve with his only strength, “I know I’m wrong – cough.”

Lin Qingyu looked down at Lu Wancheng’s skinny hand. His original anger dissipated: “next time you eat indiscriminately, I won’t care about you.”

Lu Wancheng smiled weakly, “your threat is too frightening. I’m so afraid.”

Lin Qingyu was too lazy to see the patient. He sat down at the table and wrote a prescription for Lu Wancheng.

Lying on the bed, Lu Wancheng sighed: “why do I get sick every time I pretend a little? God is telling me, is it only suitable for me to lie flat?”

“No.” Lin Qingyu said ruthlessly, “God is telling you to eat less ice.”

With Lu Wancheng’s illness, the blue wind pavilion has ushered in a period of peace. Today, pan went to Lanfeng pavilion to investigate Lu Wancheng’s illness. Lu Wancheng had just finished his medicine and had a rest. It was inconvenient to see guests. Lin Qingyu left Pan’s family to have tea in the front hall and talked about some common affairs in the house.

Lu qiaosong raised many singers and actors in his house for his leisure. During this time, Lu qiaosong was banned from going out for fun, so he had to have some fun with them. The embarrassment is that Qingdai pavilion has long been unable to make ends meet. Those singers and actors sing and play the piano. They can’t get a penny. Several singers heard that Hou’s house was in charge of aunt and young gentleman, so they went to mianyue pavilion to find pan and asked her for monthly silver.

Pan said reluctantly, “the Hou house didn’t give Geji Yue rules. In the past, they used to live on the reward of the third young master. Now the third young master is stretched out. Where can I give them the spare money?”

Lin Qingyu said carelessly, “why don’t they come to me?”

Pan’s maid glanced: “how dare they? They just look at their aunt’s good words and dare to make it to the sleeping moon Pavilion.”

Lin Qingyu meditated silently, and pan stopped talking for fear of disturbing him. A moment later, Lin Qingyu asked, “what would they do if they didn’t give them silver?”

“Qingdai building can’t afford so many people, so we can only send them all.”

“If you send them, who can please the third brother.” Lin Qingyu smiled faintly, even compassionately. “Since the third brother likes it, I can’t help him as a sister-in-law.”

Pan was not sure about Lin Qingyu’s attitude and said tentatively, “what you mean is…”

“Tell them that the Marquis house of Nan’an doesn’t support useless people. The monthly expenses of Qingdai Pavilion far exceed the norm. The Marquis has just been angry about the third young master’s kidney deficiency. The Marquis house can’t continue to support all of them. At most… Only half can be left. Whether they can stay depends on themselves.”

Pan dared not think about it and whispered.

Most of the Ge Jiling people in Qingdai pavilion are orphans without parents. It’s not easy to find a generous master who can live in the Hou’s house and eat well. If you don’t have to, who wants to leave.

Lu qiaosong is a romantic. His taste is very selective. He doesn’t refuse anyone. He keeps them in the yard. Most of the time, he just listens to songs, or guests come and let them wait on their long faces. Occasionally, he will choose personal favor. Because of this, Nan’an Hou and Liang family could tolerate them to stay in the mansion.

As domestic prostitutes, the only thing they can rely on is the favor of their masters. Now they have to fight to send half of them away.

The next day, Lin Qingyu asked Huan Tong to take out all the medicine jars buried under the tree, dry them for three days, grind them into powder, put them into incense utensils and give them to Zhang Shiquan.

This fragrance has a strong aroma. Once contaminated, it will last for a long time. After preparing the medicine, Lin Qingyu went to bathe and change clothes, and then returned to the room.

Lu Wancheng is reading in bed. His illness was not serious, it was grinding, did not improve, and did not deteriorate. He hung so light and not heavy. In just a few days, he consumed little blood and gas raised back the previous month. His face and lips were pale and pale. Only a pair of smiling eyes were not affected.

Lin Qingyu feels Lu Wancheng’s pulse before going to bed every day, and tonight is no exception.

Lu Wancheng smelled the fragrance on him and asked, “did you use spices?”

Lin Qingyu withdrew: “No.”

“It’s obvious.” Lu Wancheng approached Lin Qingyu and his nose moved. “What kind of spices do they smell?”

Lin Qingyu frowned and pushed him away: “it’s not what you should smell.”

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “I see. It’s poisonous.”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and didn’t deny it.

“Then the question is, who do you want to poison? It must be the person who has offended you recently.” Lu Wancheng coughed twice. “Is it Lu qiaosong?”

Lin Qingyu was silent.

Lu Wancheng added, “some time ago, you wrote a prescription. I asked you what medicine it was. You said it was a cheer up medicine. So you didn’t lie to me. I remember that the singer kept at home can’t go out of the house without authorization. What they want to buy is bought back to them by familiar boys from outside the house.”


“To sum up, you want Lu qiaosong to get the upper hand because he humiliated you.”

Lin Qingyu’s Adam’s apple rolled, looked ahead and said calmly, “yes. Why do you think he doesn’t deserve it? I’m too hard?”

Lu Wancheng smiled and deliberately said, “it seems… A little?”

“Oh, whatever you think.” Lin Qingyu looked calm. “Lu qiaosong humiliated me and you with his bed. He also wanted to use Chang Yang to destroy my reputation. Even if he didn’t die, I would be happy if he died, so I started — I want to make myself happy, that’s it.”

He never showed himself different from his appearance in front of others. His parents are gentle and have never done anything to harm others and benefit themselves. Before he married into the Marquis house, he was either with his parents or with his teachers. He read the books of sages and could easily suppress his dark side. But as soon as he entered the Marquis door, those malicious people who could not serve the external humanity surged up like a broken well. Fortunately, he still had reason. He knew his situation and rashly started to kill himself.

Until Lu Wancheng said he liked him to do bad things, even encouraged and helped him to do evil.

It was Lu Wancheng who made him like this. What right does Lu Wancheng have to accuse him of being too cruel?

Lu Wancheng said nothing but looked at him quietly.

Lin Qingyu was upset. He closed his eyes and said, “what’s more, as long as he obeys the doctor’s advice and doesn’t touch those singers, he may not die.”

Lu Wancheng finally chuckled and sighed, “Qingyu, you are… Qingyu.”

The tone was like appreciation, excitement and fascination. Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but relax his chest with a slightly heavy voice.

Lu Wancheng said again, “but…”

Lin Qingyu’s slightly relaxed face sank again – did Lu Wancheng dare to have “but”?

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “but next time you do something bad, can you take me with you?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes widened.

“As I said, I like watching.”


Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes, and the trembling long eyelashes seemed to be telling the master’s mind.

“OK? Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu slowly looked up, fixed his eyebrows and eyes at Lu Wancheng, and said softly, “OK.”


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