Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 21

Since then, Lu Wancheng has been concerned about the dynamics of Qingdai Pavilion and asked Qingdai pavilion every day. Huan Tong came in from the outside. Before he opened his mouth, Lu Wancheng pinched his voice and said, “young master, young gentleman, something has finally happened to Qingdai Pavilion!”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Huan Tong looked blankly: “what?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I guess you’ll say that later. I’m learning from you.”

Lin Qingyu broke down on the spot: “first of all, Huan Tong won’t call me ‘Shaojun’, you have to learn something like it; second, the medicine to help people hurt their roots is not a day’s work.” Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are you more anxious than me.”

“Well, it’s too boring to get sick. I can’t sleep because I always cough.”

Lu Wancheng has really not slept well recently. At present, there is more blue.

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and asked Huan Tong, “what can I do for you?”

“Oh, oh,” Huan Tong looked at the two people’s words. He almost forgot his business. “Steward Zhang is coming.”

Lin Qingyu said, “let him in.”

Zhang Shiquan came this time and told them a strange thing. The restaurants and shops in the city and other villages in the countryside account for half of the various industries of the Marquis house. Biezhuang depends on the weather. A drought or waterlogging can make it have no harvest for more than half a year. At the beginning of this year, Xuzhou has been suffering from drought. Strangely, the income of several Zhuangzi in Xuzhou has increased instead of decreasing. There was no problem on the book, and the grain was indeed sent to the warehouse of Hou’s house, which was really puzzling.

Huan Tong saw that Zhang Shi was worried. He didn’t understand, so he asked, “the harvest is more, not less. Isn’t this a happy event?”

Zhang Shiquan said, “I’m afraid the origin of these money and silver is unknown. If any black money is found, the whole Marquis house will be implicated.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Lu Wancheng on the soft collapse. Your son, who is leaning on the couch, is still leisurely and complacent in his illness, half narrowing his eyes, looking like he has nothing to do with himself and hangs up high.

Zhang Shiquan asked, “young gentleman, can you send someone to check this?”

Lin Qingyu’s heart moved, and his words changed to his mouth: “no, anyway, there’s no less money, so he’s too lazy to take care of it.”

Lu Wancheng’s eyes were wide open, and Lin Qingyu seemed to see his ears stand up, which made him feel funny.

Zhang Shiquan hesitated and said, “young gentleman, I don’t think it’s careless. It’s better to check it.”

“Say it again.” Lin Qingyu got up and said, “I’m a little tired. Go back to my room and have a rest for a while. Help yourself.”

As soon as Lin Qingyu left, he left a worried steward and a salted fish looking at each other.

As we all know, the little Marquis has always been indifferent to the world and refined. He never asked about his family affairs, big or small. They only need to obey the orders of the young gentleman. Now the young gentleman said not to check. Although he did not agree with such practices, he could only obey orders.

Zhang Shiquan sighed: “little Marquis, I’ll step down first.”

“Wait a minute.” Lu Wancheng said in a deep voice, “Xuzhou needs to be checked, and you must check it yourself. I doubt…” Lu Wancheng said, “it’s not too late. You start as soon as possible.”

After Zhang Shiquan entered the Marquis house, the little Marquis gave him only one order, that is, to share his worries for the young gentleman, and there was nothing else after that. The young Marquis suddenly took charge of the matter. He was surprised and said, “but the young gentleman said…”

“Young gentleman is tired, and mistakes in judgment are inevitable.” Lu Wancheng said in a reluctant tone, “I will reluctantly worry about his legacy again.”

Zhang Shiquan did not dare to delay, so he left for biezhuang, Xuzhou the next day. After Lin Qingyu learned that, Lu Wancheng’s mood became subtle.

Lu Wancheng saw more clearly than anyone else what to do, what not to do and what not to do. But he was too lazy to move. He just wanted to lie flat. When no one helped him with what he should do, he would struggle to force himself to do it.

Lu Wancheng once said that he was tired of studying but could get the first place in the exam. At that time, he only thought that Lu Wancheng was farting. Now… He believes it.

The heat of summer is unbearable. Lin Qingyu stayed in the bath room for a long time. His thin clothes had been soaked with sweat and it was very uncomfortable to stick them on his body. He reached out and tried the water temperature. He felt it was ok, so he asked Huan Tong to push Lu Wancheng over.

Lu Wancheng is lazy, but he pays great attention to personal cleanliness. When his body is good, he bathes every day in summer. Lin Qingyu was worried that he would catch cold and asked him to wash every two days. He was not happy and had to make trouble. Fortunately, Hou’s house is a big family, and the servants are considerate. Lin Qingyu is annoyed by him, so he goes.

Lin Qingyu sprinkled medicine powder into the bath bucket. When he heard something coming from the door, he didn’t return his head: “come.”

Lu Wancheng was surprised: “how do you…”

“Your cough has been bad for a long time. It disturbs people’s sleep at night. Taking a medicine bath before going to bed may improve.” Lin Qingyu turned around and pulled the hair stuck on his cheek due to sweat behind his ears.

In the bath room, a candle lamp was lit, and the water mist was long. Lin Qingyu’s cheeks were red, and even his lips seemed to be rippling with a layer of water light.

Lu Wancheng said “Oh” and silently looked away. Lin Qingyu said, “Huan Tong, undress the little marquis.”

Huan Tong said angrily, “yes, young master.”

Lu Wancheng let Huan Tong pick up his clothes and asked, “Qingyu, do you want to stay and see me take a bath?”

“No. the water temperature of the medicine bath is very important. A higher score and a lower score will affect the effect, so I want to stay and take care of it.”

Lu Wancheng blinked: “it’s still up to me to take a bath.”

Lin Qingyu’s tone increased: “said no.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “Hey, what if I’m a little shy.”

Lin Qingyu only used seven words to let Lu Wancheng have no shame to harm: “the righteous knot Jinlan, good brother?”

Lu Wancheng woke up like a dream: “… Good brother!”

Lu Wancheng was taken off to only have his dirty pants. They helped him into the bath bucket and complained: “he is as weak as a chicken and has no abdominal muscles. He is ugly.”

All year round, Lu Wancheng’s skin color is whiter than that of some women, and her limbs are slender, which is absolutely irrelevant to the word “ugly”. Lu Wancheng is ugly, probably because he prefers a strong body.

The bath bucket was not big. Lu Wancheng only dipped in the soup below his chest. Lin Qingyu and Huan Tong took a water ladle and scooped water on his shoulder to let the liquid medicine fully infiltrate his whole body.

The bath room was filled with medicine fragrance, mixed with hot water vapor, which made people breathe faster than usual.

Lin Qingyu suddenly said, “little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng splashed liquid medicine on himself: “huh?”

Lin Qingyu stretched out his hand, raised Lu Wancheng’s chin and looked carefully under the lamp.

Lu Wancheng’s heartbeat gradually became unstable, and his voice whispered, “Why are you looking at me?”

Lin Qingyu loosened his hand, bent his lips and smiled, “I can see you.”

Lu Wancheng saw Lin Qingyu smile, and he couldn’t help laughing: “what do you say?”

“You look tired and lazy, but you are actually a strong man. Like me, you don’t like the feeling of being subordinate to others. So even if you hate learning, you will force yourself to work hard in order to win the first place; even if your ‘mother’ pays a heavy burden and can’t sleep enough, you will still learn everything well; even if you don’t want to wade in the muddy water of Nan’an Marquis house, you will finally do it 。”

He is lazy and doesn’t like to lose, but he can win even if he is lazy. Lu Wancheng is really a strange man.

Lu Wancheng smiled even more in his eyes. “You’re right, but you’re not completely right. In the past, when I was studying, someone competed with me. I didn’t want to lose, so I had to learn. But now I’m a dying man in Nan’an Hou’s house. What can I compete for.” after that, Lu Wancheng was confused, “yes, why should I compete.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “you have to ask yourself.”

Lu Wancheng thought a little and looked up at Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows and eyes were shrouded in smoke, as if they were infected with a trace of tenderness.

“Of course, that’s because the young Marquis only uses his mouth in the house, and others help him do other things. It’s not tiring.”

Leng Buding heard Huan Tong’s voice. Lu Wancheng was shocked to drill into the water, leaving only his head on the water: “Why are you here?”

Huan Tong scratched his head: “I’ve been here.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

After taking the medicine bath, Lu Wancheng went to bed late. When I woke up the next day, my spirit improved greatly and my cough was not as severe as the previous few. Lu Wancheng couldn’t help guessing: “is this the return light in the legend?”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “yes, we can start preparing for you.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “then I have to think about which dress to wear when I die.”

In the past, Lu Wancheng often joked about life and death. Lin Qingyu listened more and naturally wouldn’t take it to heart. But now

Lin Qingyu looked out the window at the lush trees and slowly clenched his palm.

After lunch, Lu Wancheng went to bed and took a nap as usual, but he was so noisy that he couldn’t sleep. Lin Qingyu asks Hua Lu to go out to check the situation. It was originally a singer and actress raised by Lu qiaosong in the hospital playing a song.

Lu qiaosong’s Qingdai Pavilion is far from the blue wind Pavilion. Usually, Lu qiaosong can’t disturb them when they are having fun in the courtyard, but today, somehow, Lu qiaosong set up a Pipa in the pavilion nearest to the blue wind Pavilion. In addition to the sound of pipa, from time to time, there are warblers and laughter introduced into the blue wind Pavilion.

Lin Qingyu said without concealment, “why isn’t he dead.”

Lu Wancheng said, “your medicine is not very good.”

“How could it be?” Lin Qingyu said coldly. “I think he knows that he is weak and doesn’t dare to drink and have fun as usual. I’ll go and have a look.”

Lu Wancheng sighed and got up with difficulty: “I’ll do it too.”

Lin Qingyu pushed Wancheng to the pavilion and saw many people in it from a distance. These young CHILDES are Lu qiaosong’s poetry friends. Lu qiaosong claims to be romantic and elegant. He often gets together with poetry friends and says that they drink and write poetry. Only they know whether they will do it.

Lu qiaosong was still grounded. He couldn’t get out of the house, so his poetry friends found the door. But I saw them sitting around the pavilion, each holding a beautiful woman in his arms, and several actors playing music with a Pipa under the pavilion.

Holding a wolf’s hair, Lu qiaosong waved his pen and ink, provoking a burst of applause from his poetry friends. A singer leaned against him and shook the Luo fan with a smile.

The first to see Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng were several Pipa girls. Although they had not seen Lin Qingyu in the Marquis house, they had heard from others that the young gentleman was a very difficult person. The two people who were sent down by the young gentleman last time, one was demoted as the last servant, doing dirty and tired work all day, and another was directly crazy and beaten out of the Hou house. That was still the wife’s confidant Mammy.

As soon as the pipa girl saw Lin Qingyu, she stopped her hand and the play stopped abruptly, which attracted the rest of the people. As soon as Lu qiaosong’s face changed, he threw the wolf’s hair on the painting, and the ink stains faded on the paper.

Compared with him, Shiyou’s eyes are much more thought-provoking. Everyone who knows Lu qiaosong well knows that Lu qiaosong has a big brother who has not lived long. He must be the one in a wheelchair.

It can only be said that he is worthy of being the head of gaomen. Lord Lu is still noble even in a wheelchair. And the one behind him… They are all old hands in the wind and moon field. They haven’t seen any kind of beauty, but when they first saw this person, they were slightly surprised and exchanged playful eyes with each other.

Unexpectedly, Lord Lu was very sick. Yanfu was not shallow. It’s a pity that no matter how beautiful the beauty is, he has no blessing to suffer.

“This must be Lord Lu,” said a young man in royal blue. “I’ve met Lord Zeng Tianlei.”

Lu Wancheng put his hands on his cheeks and said with great interest, “why did you stop? Continue to play music and dance.”

Everyone looked at each other. Zeng Tianlei was a man who could see people’s faces and said with a smile, “but I’m waiting here to enjoy music and annoy the little Marquis?”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “what do you think?”

When he opened his mouth, others could finally look squarely at him. A man beside Lu qiaosong seemed to have drunk a lot of wine and couldn’t stand steadily. He stared at Lin Qingyu and said, “brother qiaosong, this beauty is your brother’s concubine?”

Lin Qingyu’s pupil shrinks slightly and his hand pushing the wheelchair suddenly tightens.

Lu qiaosong said with a laugh, “in terms of his fierce eyes, who can compare with brother Huang. Come on, tell me why you think he is a concubine rather than a wife?”

The drunken man said nonsense: “marry… Marry a wife when you marry a virtuous man. The positive wives are busy with their husband, teaching their children and taking care of the house. How can they grow into such a bewitching look.”

Zeng Tianlei whispered, “brother Huang, stop talking.”

“Why don’t you say it? He said well!” Lu qiaosong picked up his glass. “Just say this to brother Huang. I’ll give you a toast!”

Lin Qingyu was about to attack. He was suddenly patted on the back of his hand. He only heard Lu Wancheng smile: “my wife is dignified and generous, elegant, and clearly looks like the main room. But this brother has eye disease?”

Zeng Tianlei arched his hands and said, “it’s brother Huang who is abrupt, young gentleman. Brother Huang drank a lot of wine and said drunken words. I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“If you’re drunk or not, you’ve said it. But you’re all guests at your house, and I have to give you some face.” Lu Wancheng tapped the handrail with his fingertips. “In this way, let brother Huang punish himself by ten cups, and I’ll expose the matter. How about it?”

“Ten cups?” Zeng Tianlei asked, “brother Huang is so drunk that he can’t drink ten cups.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “you love him so much. Come and drink for him?”


What Lu qiaosong took out to treat his friends today are all aged wines. Three cups are on top, five cups are intoxicating, and ten cups are going to die of drunkenness. He can’t slow down in two or three days.

“It’s just drinking. I’ll drink it for him.” Lu qiaosong volunteered, “come on, serve the wine.”

Zeng Tianlei stopped him: “Qiao song can’t, the doctor said, your body…”

“Just drinking. Who am I afraid of?”

Zeng Tianlei couldn’t stop him. He watched Lu qiaosong drink one cup after another until the last generation was sober. After drinking the last cup, Lu qiaosong turned the glass upside down on the table, wiped the liquor from the corners of his mouth, and looked provocatively at Lu Wancheng: “how are you satisfied?”

Lu Wancheng smiled with his hands: “the third brother is good at drinking.”

Lu qiaosong hummed coldly: “the wine is also punished. If there is nothing else, I will not send it far away.”

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “madam, let’s go back.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Lu qiaosong. His eyes seemed to be looking at a dead man.

It was night that a woman’s scream broke the usual tranquility of Hou’s house. Then the noise gradually rose, and the chaotic footsteps mixed with whispers gradually spread from Qingdai pavilion to Lanfeng Pavilion. Not long after, Huan Tong, who hurriedly broke in, finally said the sentence: “young master, little Hou, something has finally happened to Qingdai Pavilion!”

Lin Qingyu stood at the window, turned and smiled at Lu Wancheng: “Wancheng, do you want to have a look?”

“Let’s go.” Lu Wancheng was stunned. He always felt something wrong. It took a long time to realize what was wrong. He couldn’t help laughing.

It turns out that if you want the beauty villain to change his mouth, you just need to let him “do evil” succeed. He might shout anything when he is happy.

Very good, just a little waste of kidney. After all, it’s not waste his kidney. Waste it.

Lu Wancheng looked down at the position of his heart and suddenly had an idea.

If… If Lin Qingyu called his own name, how would he feel.

The author has something to say: others wear books: it is incumbent on the villain to reform!

Salted fish wears books: do evil and dance!


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