Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 22

When they arrived at the Qingdai Pavilion, a large group of people had surrounded it, but it was strangely quiet. Only the woman sobbed. Lin Qingyu pushed him into the courtyard. After the servants called “young master and young gentleman”, they all kept silent. No matter what they thought, the expression on their faces was the same as that of the funeral.

A woman with untidy clothes and messy temples was pressed out of the inner room by two mammies. Lin Qingyu recognized that she was one of the women who played the pipa in the daytime. She casually gathered her thin shirt and a large dark color on the red mandarin duck’s belly pocket, which was obviously wet blood.

In the inner room, Liang Shi, Lu Niantao and Doctor Zhang surrounded the bed. Liang lost his voice and wept bitterly. Lin Qingyu was in a happy mood. Lu Niantao, who had a little brain, was restrained. He only wiped the blood around his brother’s mouth with red eyes.

“Qiao song, my son – Qiao song…”

Flower dew saw this and couldn’t help muttering in her heart. In the past, when the young master was critically ill, his wife would also watch by the bed and cry so much that she would cry like a pear with rain without losing her manners. Who would have thought that when her own son was dying, she would cry like this and even try to compete with mother Qiu.

Pan accompanied Nan’an hou to wait outside the room. Whether something happened to his own son or something disgraceful like this, Nan’an Hou looked dignified and tired. He didn’t see his old spirit again.

Pan Shi saw them come in and said, “the eldest young master and the young gentleman are coming.”

Nan’an Hou slowly looked up and saw his eldest son in a wheelchair, wearing a bedclothes and a cloak. His heart became more and more bitter. He has only two sons. The older one doesn’t know how long he can live, but the younger one will disappear.

Seeing that Nan’an Hou was silent, pan shook his head and motioned for them to speak. When there were only three of them, Lu Wancheng clearly asked, “what’s the matter? The third brother and the woman who was pressed out just now…”

Pan looked at Lin Qingyu with a look of awe.

Qingdai Pavilion is going to cut half of the singers and performers. In order to stay in the house, these domestic prostitutes try their best to confuse and compete for favor. There was a singer who was occasionally left between the beds by Lu qiaosong. Recently, Lu qiaosong stopped calling her. She thought the LORD was tired of her and wanted to drive her out of the house. In order to regain the favor of her master, she had to take action.

Men like fresh. With the money she had saved over the years, she asked the boys in the house to bring her something to cheer up from outside. It’s a kind of spice. When lit, it tastes sweet but not greasy. It smells very comfortable. She didn’t dare to go too far. She just smoked her clothes with incense and went to serve Lu qiaosong. Sure enough, Lu qiaosong was attracted by the fragrance on her body and took her to the table on the spot.

After that, Lu qiaosong regained her favor. She also looked forward to giving birth to a son and a half for Lu qiaosong and staying in the house as an aunt in the future. But Lu qiaosong was reprimanded by Nan’an Hou. He was terrified and worried about his body. He didn’t dare to act like he did in the past. Today, he got together with his poetry friends. He thought he was in such a good mood that he drank a few more cups when he was not careful. When he returned to Qingdai Pavilion, he was already drunk.

The beloved singer stayed in the room to take care of him. Lu qiaosong woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. After drinking tea, he wanted to continue to sleep. Seeing the beauty on his side, he smelled the fragrance like nothing, and was inexplicably excited. It is said that a drunken man is not good at the wind and moon, but he can’t restrain himself. He thought he was strong and vowed to revive his former glory. Until the scene in front of him gradually blurred, the nasal cavity was warm and spewed out a large amount of blood, and then the corners of his mouth also spilled blood

“Now Doctor Zhang is treating the third young master,” Pan said. “Looking at his look, the situation seems not optimistic.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “it’s a pity.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Lu qiaosong’s seven orifices bleeding with his own eyes. It might be better than Liang’s now.

At this time, Dr. Zhang came out of the inner room. Nan’an Hou hurriedly said, “how’s the situation?”

Doctor Zhang closed his eyes and shook his head.

“No, no – Qiao song, Qiao…”

Liang screamed and fell to the ground. Unexpectedly, he fainted alive. Lu Niantao held her and sobbed, “mother!”

Lu Wancheng turned his head, grabbed Lin Qingyu’s sleeve and wiped nonexistent tears: “third brother, my third brother! Are you afraid that I will be too lonely, so go to explore the way for me first…”

Lin Qingyu pulled back his sleeves with a little disgust: “cry with your own tears.”

Lu Wancheng whispered, “OK.” so he raised his sleeve to cover his face, “the water of the West Lake, my tears… My third brother…”

Nan’an Hou also flushed his eyes: “doctor, is there really no other way?”

Doctor Zhang sighed, “I have little talent and learning. I hope the marquis will be sad.”

Nan’an Hou seemed to lose his strength. He stepped back and slumped down in his chair. Lin Qingyu saw almost the same play and came forward and said, “Lord Hou, can I have a try?”

Lu Wancheng looked up and said, “Qingyu?”

Nan’an Hou remembered that his daughter-in-law came from a famous medical family. Although he had no hope, he still regarded the dead horse as a living horse doctor and waved Lin Qingyu in.

Seeing Lin Qingyu approaching Lu qiaosong, Lu Niantao instinctively blocked in front. Lin Qingyu looked at her quietly. Lu Niantao bit his lip and finally made way for him.

Lu qiaosong on the bed is dying. He and Lu Wancheng are half brothers in the end. There is a similarity between their eyebrows and eyes. But the prime minister was born from his heart. When Lu Wancheng was dying, he looked much better than Lu qiaosong.

Lin Qingyu opened Lu qiaosong’s eyelids, looked at his eyes, diagnosed his pulse, and said, “life can be guaranteed.”

Nan’an Hou’s eyes lit up: “really?”

Lin Qingyu added, “but in the future, he’s afraid he won’t be able to have children.”

When Nan’an Hou was struck by lightning, he said, “what does it mean that you can’t have children?”

“In short, it’s useless to be sent to the palace as a eunuch. Lin Qingyu said,” Marquis, can you save it? ”

Lu Niantao said anxiously, “of course! Save your life first!”

Nan’an Hou closed his eyes and sighed, “save it.”

After a lot of trouble, it was almost dawn. Lin Qingyu finished the needle for Lu qiaosong and came out. He saw Lu Wancheng waiting for him. He was sitting in a wheelchair with a thin blanket on his body. He was sleepy and his head was bit by bit.

Lin Qingyu held up his cheek and said, “let’s go.”

Lu Wancheng rubbed his eyes: “it’s done?”


Lu Wancheng saw a layer of sweat on Lin Qingyu’s forehead and asked, “why do you want to save him again?”

“I changed my mind.” Lin Qingyu looked cool and thin. “It’s more interesting to see him live like a pig or a dog than to see him die.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “indeed.”

The misfortunes of Nan’an Marquis house happened one after another. In just a few days, the temples of Nan’an Hou have grown white hair. He refused to take another look at Lu qiaosong, just as he didn’t have this son. When Liang woke up, he heard that his son could not be humane. He was so angry that he couldn’t even get out of bed. Lu qiaosong himself searched for life and death all day. He didn’t drink medicine. His spirit and body collapsed together. There was only one Lu Niantao, who insisted on taking care of his mother and brother.

Lu Wancheng finished eating the melon and said, “Qingyu, your cheer medicine is a little powerful. What kind of drunk Lu qiaosong was that day, you can make him get up and admire him.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s nothing if he doesn’t drink. Drinking wine will arouse the drug in his body.”

Lu Wancheng asked, “did you make this medicine yourself?”


“Then you understand.” Lu Wancheng said casually, “did you…”

Lin Qingyu looked at him: “what do you want to ask?”

“Well, I’ve heard that the young master of an ordinary big family is at the age of 15 or 16, and there will be servant girls waiting in the room. You like girls, don’t you? Er… Alas.” Lu Wancheng said half stuck and waved his hand, “forget it, forget it, when I didn’t say it.”

Lu Wancheng’s face was tangled, and Lin Qingyu wanted to laugh: “No.”

Lu Wancheng’s mouth bent: “no?”

“My father is only my mother. I feel very good, so I don’t want any mess in my room.”

Lu Wancheng stood in awe, patted Lin Qingyu on the shoulder and said, “your thought is very advanced. Brother, hold on, the future can be expected.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what about you?”

“Me? Look at my body. How can I have it?”

Lin Qingyu nodded and looked a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t be shy, Qingyu. It’s normal for boys to discuss this together.” Lu Wancheng smiled. “Pity me. I’m going to die as a virgin.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“What do you think it feels like,” Lu Wancheng wondered. “Why do they like it so much? Aren’t they tired?”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “you ask me, I ask who.”

“Do you want to try…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted coldly, “no, go away.”

Nan’an Marquis has ordered that it is strictly forbidden to expose family scandals. However, there are no airtight walls in the world. Lu qiaosong’s “great achievements” have been spread out and become the talk of gaomen in Beijing. Some people sigh, others see jokes. Nan’an Hou wanted wind and rain in the previous dynasty. Who could have thought that his back house was so dusty. Now he can’t even stay behind. I don’t know who can give this huge family property a hundred years later.

When the collateral branch of the Lu family learned about this, they all had some thoughts more or less. According to laws handed down from forefathers, if the * * of Nanan is broken, he will take over his son from the side branch.

Nan’an Hou was furious when he received many letters from Lin’an. His two sons are not dead yet, and he is not dead yet. These relatives are so impatient that they really think he is the queen!

After his anger, Nan’an Hou called Pan Shi: “there is one thing that should have been done by Liang Shi, but you also know the situation of Liang Shi. It is useless.”

Pan hesitated for a long time after receiving the order from the marquis. He delayed for a few days to find Lin Qingyu. First, he mentioned that the Lu family’s side branch went to Beijing to visit relatives. He said that the Mid Autumn Festival was coming and wanted to have a reunion festival. In fact, he was thinking that anyone with a clear eye could see it.

“It’s the brother Hou’s family who went to Beijing to visit relatives this time. It’s said that they will bring many people. I’m afraid the family will be lively this mid autumn festival.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you can handle the reception of guests and festivals. Don’t ask me.”

“So did the marquis.” Pan carefully observed his words and expressions. “He said that he didn’t want to take care of anything now. He just wanted to leave a back for the Lu family.”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows. Pan felt that he looked a little like a little marquis. He couldn’t help but sigh that husband and wife are often together. As expected, there will be more and more husband and wife.

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were full of deep meaning: “so you came to ask me for fetal medicine?”

Pan was stunned, and then blushed: “Shao, Shaojun misunderstood.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t think so: “what’s the matter? You’re only in your early 30s and the Marquis is only 40. It’s not difficult to take good care of yourself and have children.”

Pan finally couldn’t help saying, “young gentleman, what my master meant is that the young master is much better now, but I can take a concubine.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned and then sneered: “with all due respect, it’s better to let the Marquis work hard and add some brothers and sisters to him than counting on him.”


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