Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 23

Lin Qingyu refused so decisively and took out Nan’an hou to say something. Pan’s respect and fear for the son of the life-saving benefactor did not dare to say more. He quickly exposed the matter and talked about the Mid Autumn Festival.

Lin Qingyu was absent-minded. It was his negligence that didn’t expect this floor. Lu qiaosong lost his ability to inherit his family. Naturally, Nan’an hou would put his mind on Lu Wancheng. Although Lu Wancheng has been ill all the time, he is not completely unable to manage.

At night, Lu Wancheng returned to his room after taking a bath and found that Lin Qingyu’s eyes were unfathomable. He suddenly had a bad hunch: “what’s the matter?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “how are you recently?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “you feel my pulse every day. You should know more about me than I do.”

“I’m not asking about your illness.” Lin Qingyu looked down, landed somewhere, raised his chin, “will it… Get up again?”

Speaking of this, Lu Wancheng was a little melancholy. He said with resentment in his eyes, “I’ve been drinking your medicine. You’re still interested in asking me.”

The side effects of the medicine are temporary. He can recover after stopping the medicine for a few days or Lin Qingyu gives him two injections. In other words, whether he can do it depends on whether Lin Qingyu lets him do it or not.

At first, he felt that he had been insulted. Later, he even lay flat and accepted it. As Lin Qingyu said, he can’t use it. If he can’t, he can’t. It’s tiring to struggle.

Lin Qingyu nodded, “come back to me when you need it. I’ll give you a needle to get up.”

Lu Wancheng wondered, “why would I use it?”

Lin Qingyu spits out a few words coldly: “carry on the family line and continue the incense.”

Lu Wancheng is a smart man. He should be able to understand this. Sure enough, Lu Wancheng smiled: “I see. We Qingyu were talking.”

Lin Qingyu was impatient to beat around the bush with him and asked, “do you want to take a concubine?”

Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu’s serious appearance. “Of course not.” the four words came to his mouth and were badly swallowed back by him, pretending to be tangled: “yes, not completely.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “speak human words.”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve lived for nearly 20 years and haven’t even held a girl’s hand. Before I die, it seems very good to experience the feeling of soft jade and warm fragrance?”

Oh, I was praising him a few days ago. There was no one in his room. The future can be expected. Today I think of soft jade and warm fragrance.


Lin Qingyu was about to make a sarcastic remark. He caught a glimpse of the rising radian of the other party’s mouth and sneered in his heart. Lu Wancheng was obviously intentional. If he was serious, he lost.

Lin Qingyu calmly asked, “what kind of woman do you like? Tell me so that I can take your place.”

Lu Wancheng really thought about it carefully and gave a rather superficial answer: “beautiful and good tempered, they won’t be cruel to me.”

“I see,” Lin Qingyu said, “tomorrow I’ll help you choose one and sleep.”

Lu Wancheng was a little confused: “I’m going to sleep now?”

“Otherwise? What else do you have to say?”

Lu Wancheng forbeared and forbeared, but he still couldn’t. He asked across the screen, “Qingyu, don’t you really want to help me take a concubine? In terms of general rationality, I’m your husband.”

Lin Qingyu joked: “husband? Where did I come from husband? I only have one brother with a different surname. I’m helping me find my sister-in-law. Your children will call me ‘Uncle Lin’ in the future.”

Lu Wancheng could not help but beat his chest and feet: “can you stop talking about worshiping the handle?”

“Why don’t you mention it?” Lin Qingyu hissed. “Who was yelling to marry me and call me brother.”

Lu Wancheng choked: “then I regret it. Anyway, we didn’t bleed at that time. It’s not OK.”

“No, I’ll be a brother one day and a brother all my life.”

“As you say, one night husband and wife are still a hundred nights.”

“Indeed,” Lin Qingyu said ruthlessly, “but you didn’t worship me at that time.”

Lu Wancheng was so blocked that he couldn’t speak, holding the pillow and gnashing his teeth: “why didn’t I come a fucking day earlier…”

Later, Lu Wancheng went to Nan’an Hou himself. They were locked in the study and didn’t know what to say. In short, Nan’an Hou stayed in the ancestral temple all night and had a large pinch of white hair. The matter of Lu Wancheng’s concubinage was so settled.

The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and there is little summer heat left. The osmanthus flowers in the courtyard are in bloom for the first time. The summer clothes are already thin, but they are too lazy to add clothes. It seems that this can keep the midsummer for a while.

Lin Qingyu’s mood has also been affected by the season. He has been in a low mood for several days. No matter who he is, he keeps himself in his study all day. The food sent to him by Hualu remains intact for half a day.

Lin Qingyu also hates such depressed himself. He doesn’t know that depression is useless. Unfortunately, he still can’t move and put his emotions back and forth freely.

He was staring at the book in a daze. The door creaked. Lu Wancheng came into the study with a plate of snacks and said with a smile, “Qingyu, look what I brought you.”

Lin Qingyu said, “thanks, just put it.”

Lu Wancheng was dissatisfied: “it’s so perfunctory. You didn’t see it.”

Lin Qingyu saw that it was a newly made sweet scented osmanthus cake. He thought it was made from the sweet scented osmanthus tree in the yard. “See, get out.”

Lu Wancheng stood still. Lin Qingyu knew he was looking at himself. He was too lazy to respond. He tried to continue reading, but someone’s sense of existence was too strong for him to concentrate. He closed his eyes, raised his eyes and said, “what else do you have?”

Lu Wancheng whispered, “Qingyu, you’re angry.”

Fully affirm the tone of the statement.

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I didn’t.” it’s not duplicity. He’s really not angry now. He just doesn’t want to talk.

“I sleep too much. Are you angry?” Lu Wancheng pokes his head around Lin Qingyu. “How about I don’t sleep.”

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “you? Impossible.”

Lu Wancheng also knows himself very well: “it seems impossible. How can you be happier?” Lu Wancheng sat down next to him, put his chin on the table and looked at him, “why don’t I touch your abs? Oh, no, I don’t have ABS now… I’ll touch your head?” he said, and put his head close to him.

Lin Qingyu blocked his eyes with one hand and pushed Lu Wancheng away with the other: “let me stay alone, okay?”

Lu Wancheng reluctantly said, “well, remember to eat.”

As soon as Lu Wancheng came out of his study, Huan Tong immediately greeted him: “how about you, little Marquis?”

Lu Wancheng shook his head.

Huan Tong was worried: “what’s the matter with the young master? He hasn’t eaten all day.”

Lu Wancheng thought for a moment and said, “it shouldn’t be my problem, otherwise he must have let me go directly just now. In other words, when did the imperial medical department release the exam?”

Huan Tong suddenly realized: “it’s today!”

“Sure enough,” Lu Wancheng looked back at the thin silhouette falling on the window, “it’s difficult to do. It must be hard to coax.”

Huan Tong Ye was worried: “what should I do?”

“What can I do if I can’t coax him well,” said Lu Wancheng lazily. “Go back to bed.”

Huan Tong was disappointed: “how can you do this, young Marquis? You are too good to retreat.”

Lu Wancheng nodded Huan Tong’s head: “believe me, your young master just wants to be alone now, so let’s not bother him. Moreover, I believe he can adjust himself.”

Hearing the footsteps of the two people away, Lin Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Qingyu can always calm down as long as he is accompanied by medical books. But now, he tried to stare at every word in the book, but he couldn’t read it. He was restless and restless. He didn’t know where his heart fell.

Lin Qingyu left the blue wind Pavilion alone and walked aimlessly in the house. Palm Court has many fallen leaves and knows autumn with regret. When he first arrived at the Marquis house, it was still snowing and charcoal pots were burning in the house. But in the blink of an eye, more than half a year passed.

Nan’an Hou is often absent from the mansion. Lu qiaosong, the Liang family, is closed to recuperate. Lu Niantao is tired of running around in front of the two people’s beds and rarely shows up. Unconsciously, he became the real master of the Marquis house. The servants saw him with respect and fear. No one seems to remember his humble humiliation of marrying into the Marquis as a man.

Lin Qingyu looked up at the four vermilion walls, as if he could hear the hawkers outside. At the gate of the imperial medical department four blocks away from Hou Fu, I don’t know what a lively scene it is. Did his former classmates, those who were inferior to him and envious of him, stand in front of the list and look for their names with expectation and fear.

If he had no compassion for Lu Wancheng and had not asked for more than half a year for Lu Wancheng, where would he be at this moment.

When the autumn wind blew, Lin Qingyu spread her hands and let the fragrant osmanthus fall to the palm of her hand to make a wish——

He is willing to fast for seven days in order to make the people he hates fall down.

Yes, he is such a villain that he can’t see people he hates better than him.

Lin Qingyu imagined Tan Qizhi’s expression after he lost the list, and his mood was a little better. Behind him came the sound of hurried footsteps. He turned around and saw Huan Tong running out of breath: “young master, great joy!”

“What joy can I have?”

“Tan and Tan Qizhi lost the list!”

Lin Qingyu was stunned.

Huan Tong said excitedly, “in addition to tan Qizhi, there is also the prince who said you look like a woman and the prince Liang who slandered you for cheating in the quiz… Young master, those people you don’t like didn’t pass the exam! Isn’t this a great joy?”

Lin Qingyu responded: “you went to the imperial medical department?”

“Yes, I went to see the list released by the imperial medical department.”

“Who let you go?” Lin Qingyu asked, and he had the answer in his heart.

“It’s the little Marquis,” Huan Tong said. “He said the young master should like to listen to this.”

Lin Qingyu’s mood is unspeakably complicated. Why does Lu Wancheng even know his secret and vicious thoughts? Who the hell is he!

Lin Qingyu threw down the osmanthus in his hand and said, “go back.”

Returning to the blue wind Pavilion, Lin Qingyu subconsciously looks for Lu Wancheng. No one saw it, but heard a clear whistle like a warbler.

Following the prestige, I saw Lu Wancheng sitting on the porch with his back against the fence, as always lazy and casual. After looking at him, Lu Wancheng put down his hand whistling on his lips. In the end, he smiled: “come back, come to dinner.”

The young man leaning on the fence under the corridor smiled and saw that the world did not know how to worry.

Lin Qingyu thought that he gave up the triennial exam in exchange for half a year’s life in front of him. What he thought was a loss to him.

Fortunately, Lu Wancheng whistled well. It seems… It’s not a total loss.

Lin Qingyu smiled and smiled like a faint cloud Moon: “good.”

The author has something to say: two more at night~

① From Tao Yuanming’s reward Liu Chaisang


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