Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 24

On the Mid Autumn Festival, one of Lu’s side branches, the half brother of Nan’an Hou, with his family, rushed to the capital from Lin’an. The two brothers haven’t seen each other for decades since they separated. No matter what the relationship between brothers is, the Kung Fu on the scene still needs to be done.

For this mid autumn festival, the whole Hou family is busy. Only the two masters of the blue wind Pavilion can be idle. Young gentleman won’t take care of such chores, and the young Marquis hasn’t been well since autumn. In the past, he could walk two steps down the ground. Now he can’t do without a wheelchair. He has to be pushed everywhere.

The other side of the * * side of the Lushi side sent messages in advance to inform them of their time. At about the same time, Lin Qingyu and pan met the guests at the gate of the Hou’s house with Nan’an Hou. From a distance, they saw five or six luxurious carriages coming slowly.

Lin’an is a rich place, and Lu family is one of the largest families in Lin’an, with great pomp. The first person is the eldest brother of Nan’an Hou and the uncle of Lu Wancheng. After the two brothers met, they had a polite greeting. The ceremony was far more than the kiss. They entered the house hand in hand. Lin Qingyu followed him with interest. A man with a correct appearance came forward and talked to him: “this must be Shaojun Lin?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t answer. Pan said, “young gentleman, this is the nephew of the Marquis and the cousin of the little marquis.”

“I’m the sixth in Xialu baishuo’s family. If Mr. Lin doesn’t dislike it, he can call me Lu Laoliu.” the man smiled gracefully, “aunt is well, thanks to Aunt remembering me.”

Lu baishuo is too natural and familiar. Lin Qingyu has no desire to get acquainted with such people.

“Why don’t you remember?” Pan smiled. “Young gentleman, the sixth young master came to the capital to do business last year and lived in the house for three months. He has a very good relationship with the eldest young master.”

This man had such a relationship with Lu Wancheng.

Lin Qingyu had a faint idea and nodded to greet Lu baishuo. Lu baishuo asked, “is late Cheng better? I came to Beijing this time with a lot of money to get tonics. I hope I can help.”

Lin Qingyu said, “if you have nothing else to do later, you can follow me to visit him in Lanfeng Pavilion.”

Lu baishuo said, “it’s so good.”

The servants of Hou’s house were busy moving things and took the guests to the guest room to settle down. After settling down, Lu baishuo directly followed Lin Qingyu to Lanfeng Pavilion. Before entering the house, Lin Qingyu said, “I want to ask the sixth young master to do me a favor.”

Lu baishuo said, “Lin Shaojun, but it doesn’t hurt.”

Lu Wancheng is in good spirits these days, but in order to avoid guests, he insists that he is ill again. He still commits a disease that he can’t get out of bed and will die when he gets out of bed. I thought I could stay away from those messy relatives. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingyu led people to the door.

“Little Marquis, your fifth brother came to see you.”

Lu Wancheng put away his usual casual tone and put on the appearance of a noble young master. He just wanted to call out his voice. He glanced at the expression on Lin Qingyu’s side. He thought of something and smiled: “madam, don’t deceive me. This is the fifth brother. It’s the sixth brother.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were slightly restrained and his face said faintly, “yes, I was wrong.”

Lu baishuo breathed a sigh of relief and said with a loud smile, “I said. At least I stayed in Lanfeng Pavilion for three months last year. It would be heartless for Wancheng to forget me so soon.”

Lu Wancheng took a deep look at Lin Qingyu and said, “don’t worry, brother six. Even if you turn into ash, I know you.”

These cousins are talkative. You talk to me and I don’t see any difference.

But this can not completely convince Lin Qingyu. Lu Wancheng never leaves a flaw in front of others. Only when he is with his own people will he mention his past without defense. Lu Wancheng didn’t want to say. He just waited. I’m really impatient. It’s not too late to threaten and lure again.

They talked happily for a while, and then heard the excitement outside. Hua Lu came in and reported that all the relatives who came today came to Lanfeng Pavilion and said they came to see a doctor.

Lin Qingyu saw their careful thinking clearly. These people undoubtedly came to Hou’s house. Visiting doctors is false and sending children is true. Lu Wancheng married a male wife and was unable to take a concubine because of his weak body. He was destined to have no children. If you can inherit your young son to Lu Wancheng, you will certainly benefit in the future.

When Lu Wancheng heard the noise of children in the yard, he immediately raised his hand and raised his forehead: “Qingyu, my head suddenly fainted, so I’ll hand over the hospitality…”

Lin Qingyu pretended not to hear. Sometimes it’s fun to see the salted fish being forced to branch: “invite them in.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

Many people came this time, including Lu Wancheng’s cousins and nephews. Lu Wancheng has a long history in the Lu family. Some people even want to call him Grandpa. These people filled the front hall, and Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng sat in the main seat. Lin Qingyu drank his own tea. He didn’t have to speak. He made up his mind to make someone “diligent” once.

Lin Qingyu looked on coldly, and Lu Wancheng had to bite the bullet. Although a hundred of them were unwilling, they really wanted him to do it, and he could do everything without leakage. He couldn’t pick out any places that were out of order, just like a scene where guests and hosts enjoyed each other.

“I heard that the Qingdai Pavilion is still unwilling to come out to meet people?”

“In the end, it is the sequel that makes such a scandal. Naturally, I have no face to see people again.”

“It is said that there is a knife on the prefix of color. The ancients sincerely didn’t deceive me…”

Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng with a smile on his mouth. He could hardly hide his impatience in his eyes. Suddenly he realized the fun of playing tricks on salted fish.

Perhaps he noticed his sight, and Lu Wancheng looked back. In an instant, the impatience in my eyes turned into a wisp of breeze, and I couldn’t find any trace.

A cousin of Lu Wancheng flattered, “I think the young Marquis looks very good. I think he will recover in a few days.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I accept your good words.”

“As soon as you are well, you should pay attention to the issue of children. What are your plans?”

It was the boss of the Lu family, the eldest brother of Lu baishuo. The words were so obvious that Lu baishuo couldn’t help frowning and reminded: “brother, this is the little Marquis’s own business. Let’s stop asking.”

The boss of the Lu family didn’t seem to have a good mind. He said, “this is about the Lu family. It’s closely related to us. I’ll ask what’s the matter. I heard that the little marquis is ready to take a concubine?”

Lin Qingyu finally said the first sentence: “where did you hear that?”

The old Lu family laughed and said, “don’t be surprised, young gentleman. It’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Although the little marquis is ill, he is also a man and has seven emotions and six desires…”

Lu Wancheng spread out his hands: “what seven emotions and six desires can I have in my body? Even if I have, it’s all given to Qingyu.” he turned to look for Lin Qingyu’s vision. His eyes seemed to contain a Wang Chunshui, “Qingyu is all my desires.”

Lin Qingyu almost choked himself with a mouthful of tea – what’s wrong with Lu Wancheng?!

They looked at each other and sighed:

“What am I talking about? Shaojun Lin is amazing and elegant, and the posture of heaven and man can’t be seen by others.”

“Three uncles and three aunts have deep love and harmony. They really envy me!”

“May grandpa and grandma of the hall be united forever and have a good marriage for a hundred years…”

Lin Qingyu heard his forehead twitch. The originator seemed guilty and didn’t dare to look at him. He held a cup of tea to block his face and looked like “I can’t hear anything”.

Lin Qingyu made a noise and interrupted his grandson’s eloquence: “little Marquis, it’s time to drink medicine.”

They wanted to be close to each other. As soon as they said this, they had the cheek to continue to disturb, and they got up and left one after another.

When the guests left, without waiting for Lin Qingyu to say anything, Lu Wancheng first “hissed”, hugged his arms with both hands and rubbed wildly: “help, I’m so oily.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t know what “oil” meant, but after contacting the actual situation, he vaguely understood it and sincerely agreed: “indeed.”

In the evening, Nan’an Marquis hosted a banquet in his house. Lu Wancheng did not attend because he was unwell. Lin Qingyu also stayed in the blue wind Pavilion by taking care of him.

The evening clouds are collected, the moon is bright and the stars are sparse, and the light is silent. On the stone table in the courtyard are moon cakes, water chestnut, dates and pomegranates, and a pot of osmanthus honey wine. However, whether it’s moon cakes or honey wine, Lu Wancheng can’t touch it. He can only look at it to satisfy his greed.

He looked at the moon cakes for a while and turned his eyes to Lin Qingyu. At night, beauty has a unique flavor. Her long hair is like a waterfall, her clothes are like frost, and the tear moles in the corners of her eyes are particularly moving in the moonlight. Unfortunately, the beauty’s eyebrows are stained with depression. It seems that she has something on her mind.

The Mid Autumn Festival is nothing more than homesickness. Lu Wancheng said, “there are many people in the house now. It’s annoying. Why don’t we go to Lin’s house for a few days and come back when they leave?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the guest is at home. Do you want to slip away as the host?”

“I have given them enough face today. That’s enough.”

Lin Qingyu was noncommittal, holding a wine glass in his hand, drooping his eyes and asked, “how did you recognize Lu baishuo?”

Lu Wancheng said casually, “guess. I remember that ‘I’ was close to the sixth brother. Lu baishuo was brought by you alone. The relationship with ‘I’ must be not simple. I guess he is the sixth brother – sure enough.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, poured himself a cup of honey wine and stopped questioning.

“Qingyu, this is the first and last Mid Autumn Festival we spent together.” Lu Wancheng looked at the bright moon in the sky and smiled. “Will you… Remember me next year’s Mid Autumn Festival?”

Lin Qingyu raised his head and looked at the same round of jade plate with Lu Wancheng. He said, “although you and I started from evil fate, they came all the way. I have regarded you as a close friend. Thousands of gold are easy to get, but confidants are hard to find. I… Will always remember Lu Wancheng.”

Always remember… Lu Wancheng.

Lu Wancheng was silent for a long time and suddenly said, “last time in Changsheng temple, you asked me if I had any other names. I said no.”

Lin Qingyu tightened his hand: “HMM.”

“I lied to you. I still have a name.” Lu Wancheng said in a deep voice. “I hope you can remember this name.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes flickered and seemed a little nervous. Lu Wancheng wanted to relax the atmosphere, so he began to talk nonsense solemnly: “my family name is Zhu and my name is Dazhuang. You can call me ‘brother Dazhuang’ in addition to calling me ‘Wancheng’.”

Lin Qingyu lost his expression and got up to go.

He’s stubborn. He’s out of his mind to be serious with such people.

Lu Wancheng stopped him with a smile: “OK, OK, I won’t tease you. In fact, my surname is Jiang and my name is…”

Before she finished, Hua Lu shouted and interrupted their conversation: “young master, young gentleman, there are people in the palace!”



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