Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 25

Here comes father-in-law Feng of Fengyi palace. Duke Feng was ordered by the queen to send a reward for the Mid Autumn Festival to the Marquis of Nan’an.

The queen is no better than other invisible relatives. As soon as the will arrives, either Lu Wancheng or Liang Lu qiaosong will take the order.

Having not seen Liang for many days, Lin Qingyu seems to be ten years old. Her makeup can’t hide the vicissitudes of her illness. Lu qiaosong’s eyes were deep and his steps were vain. At a glance, he knew that he had been hollowed out. Compared with the two of them, Lu Wancheng had been ill for a longer time, but he still maintained his demeanor. Thanks to the medicine Lin Qingyu prepared for him, it is also inseparable from his good state of mind.

As the only person in Nan’an Hou’s house who is related by blood to the queen, Lu Wancheng’s reward is undoubtedly the most valuable. In addition to jewelry, jade, tonics and medicinal materials, there are also two fox fur gifts from the north, dozens of silk gifts from the south of the Yangtze River, and several boxes of Royal snacks, which are said to be given to the couple. In contrast, other people’s rewards are obviously just for a show.

After all the people received their thanks one by one, Duke Feng said: “my mother has been thinking about the little Marquis, and specially asked me to ask him about his body – how is he doing recently?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “thank you for your concern. Everything is fine.”

Duke Feng turned his eyes to Lin Qingyu: “this is Lin Shaojun. Speaking of it, the marriage between the young Marquis and the young Jun is the master of the empress, but the empress has not seen Lin Shaojun yet.”

Lu Wancheng heard the implication of father-in-law Feng and smiled slightly. Nan’an Hou also heard the meaning of Duke Feng and winked at Liang. Liang has been in a trance since his illness. At the moment, he was stunned and looked at a loss. Nan’an Hou had to speak to himself: “after the festival, I ordered to go into the palace to greet the queen. At that time, I will ask my wife to go into the palace with her family to thank you.”

Father Feng nodded with satisfaction: “it’s so good. The servant won’t disturb the reunion of the Marquis family.”

Nan’an Hou Ke airway: “father-in-law, go slowly.”

Each of them returned to the yard with a reward. Lin Qingyu asks Hua Lu to pack up. Hualu was the first time I saw the silk for tribute. As soon as I took it in my hand, I couldn’t put it down: “I’ve never seen such a light material. It must be very cool in summer. Tomorrow I’ll go to the tailor in the house and ask them to cut new clothes for the young master and young gentleman with this material.”

Lu Wancheng said, “just give it to the young gentleman, and I won’t use it.”

“Well, why -”

Huan Tong hit Hualu with the back of her hand. Hualu realized something and Shanshan closed her mouth.

Lin Qingyu said, “you all step back.”

Being interrupted by Duke Feng, neither of them was interested in enjoying the moon. Lu Wancheng always talks a lot and always smiles. Once he calms down, even if he doesn’t say a word, people can notice that he is a little upset at the moment.

Lin Qingyu doesn’t know what he’s bothering. He’s annoyed himself. Although he regards Lu Wancheng as his confidant, this does not mean that he can forgive the marriage. He did not forget that it was the queen who facilitated his marriage with Lu Wancheng. Because of this, he is afraid that he will never have a good impression on the queen, even if she sincerely cares about the landing night Cheng.

After a long silence, Lu Wancheng said, “Qingyu, i… I don’t want you to enter the palace.”

Lin Qingyu wondered, “why?”

Lu Wancheng murmured in a low voice, “just… I don’t want to.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “I don’t want to go into the palace to see any queen. However, as long as I enter the imperial medical department, I will go into the palace sooner or later.”

Lu Wancheng seemed to be awakened. He hesitated and said, “can you not enter the imperial medical department?”

Lin Qingyu was quiet for a while, his tone was slightly cold: “are you serious?”

If this were Lu Wancheng’s truth, they would have known each other in vain.

Lu Wancheng smiled bitterly and said, “you’d better think I didn’t say it.”

At the other end of the house, Nan’an Hou reprimanded Liang in front of his servants. Lu Niantao guarded the door and waited for Nan’an hou to come out of the room, thinking of saying a few good words for Liang. Nan’an Hou Leng said, “you’d better persuade your mother to look like Mrs. Hou. Otherwise… Hum.”

Lu Niantao’s heart sank immediately.

It is reasonable for Nan’an hou to be so dissatisfied. His son has been in trouble one after another, and his natural heart as a father is very painful. But the days have to go on, and Lu’s glory depends on him. Liang’s wife is his wife, and he has an order. He can leave the family affairs to his concubine and daughter-in-law, but he still wants Liang to support him outside.

Lu Niantao knew this truth. She tried hard to persuade Liang to cheer up, but Liang was disheartened: “I’m just a son like Qiao song. Now when he’s gone, what can I expect?”

“But elder brother, isn’t that also a peerless? Whether those aunts have children in the future or the father has adopted the children from the imperial family, you are still the legitimate mother. How can you have no hope.”

Liang said sadly, “what’s the use of my legitimate mother? I haven’t been good enough to Lu Wancheng over the years. He still turns his face and doesn’t recognize people!”

Lu Niantao said anxiously, “then you still have my daughter!”

“Daughter…” Liang said with a bitter smile, “my daughter will get married sooner or later. Where can I rely on it.”

“It depends on who you marry.” Lu Niantao’s eyes flashed a bit of conspiracy. “Have you ever heard two poems:” sisters and brothers are listed in the earth, and pity guangguangsheng gives birth to the door. Therefore, parents all over the world will not give birth to men and women. “If your daughter marries well, it’s not a matter of Guangzong’s glory – you see, today’s Queen is an example.”

Liang was stunned with tears. Queen… She is always angry with the queen. The Queen’s sister is the original match of Nan’an Hou. Naturally, she doesn’t care much about her sequel, and her two children are not valued. The reward given today is not even one tenth of that given by Lu Wancheng. For so many years, she has been holding a breath in her heart. But she is the queen of Zhonggong, and her mother’s family is Duke Wen. She can only hurry to please.

“You’re right.” Liang straightened his back. “I can’t go on like this. Mother wants to find a good marriage for you. See who dares to look down on our mother and son!”

Lu Niantao has already reached the marriageable age. Liang has been paying attention to her for the past two years. There are many marriage relationships between gaomen in Beijing. Mrs. Gao Ming knows each other. If she wants to find a good marriage for Lu Niantao, she can’t lock herself in the house anymore. She must move around. Entering the palace and thanking the queen may be an opportunity.

The next day, Liang’s disease was “cured”. She handed a post to enter the palace. With the permission of the queen, she sent someone to send a message to Lanfeng pavilion to make Lin Qingyu ready to enter the palace with her.

Lin Qingyu only thought it was ridiculous: “it’s unprecedented for me to go in and out of the harem as a man.”

“You can’t say that,” said Lu Wancheng, who was lying in bed. “The imperial doctors who treated the imperial concubine can also go in and out of the imperial palace.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “you really can talk.”

Lu Wancheng said quietly, “Qingyu, I want to go with you.”

Lin Qingyu thought he wanted to see his aunt and said, “there will be a chance in the future.”

The master of the palace is so noble that people with diseases are not allowed to enter the palace, so as not to bring disease into the palace.

Lin Qingyu wears plain clothes on weekdays. Xie en must wear Chinese clothes when entering the palace. Lu Wancheng watched Huan Tong tie a jade belt around his waist. He felt that he could hold his two hands – his original hands, of course.

After Lin Qingyu was dressed, the Grand Chinese clothes on him did not show bloated at all, but had a sense of secularity. The more Lu Wancheng looked at him, the more uneasy he was. When Lin Qingyu was ready to go out, he couldn’t help blurting out: “Qingyu, you’d better not go. Say you have an emergency…”

“I don’t mind, but can you give me a reason.” Lu Wancheng is hiding something from himself. Lin Qingyu always knows.

Lu Wancheng paused and said, “I don’t want the prince to see you.”


After a while, Lu Wancheng pretended to be relaxed and said, “it’s not because you look too good. I’m afraid you’re liked by the greasy man of the crown prince. Oh, besides the crown prince, the emperor should guard against it. Old men like young and beautiful…”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Seeing Lin Qingyu’s expression of “I believe you a ghost”, Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “Qingyu, I’m really afraid.”

Lin Qingyu calmed down and said patiently, “after the Mid Autumn Festival, it’s the Royal autumn service. Now the crown prince and all princes should be driving in the paddock. I won’t meet them.”

Lu Wancheng felt at ease when he heard the speech: “are you sure?”

“HMM.” his father would accompany him every autumn, and he remembered it clearly.

Lu Wancheng breathed a sigh of relief: “then go, brush your favor in front of the queen, and then come back early.”

Lin Qingyu and Liang’s mother and daughter entered the palace by carriage. It is not difficult to see that Liang and Lu Niantao have been dressed up carefully. Liang swept away his old decadent state, dressed in the imperial suit, graceful and elegant; Lu Niantao wears a water blue smoke skirt, like a lotus out of water, fresh and moving.

The carriage had to stop at the gate of the palace, and the next road had to be taken. Lin Qingyu looked up at the high plaque in front of the Palace door. I was afraid he couldn’t think of it a year ago. He entered the palace for the first time as the male wife of the marquis.

The three followed the eunuch who led the way to Fengyi palace. Duke Feng greeted him with a duster in his hand: “madam, young gentleman, miss is coming. Please go in with the slave.”

In the main hall of Fengyi palace, Lin Qingyu met queen Wen, the mother of Dayu.

Empress Wen and Liang are about the same age and will not grow old as soon as possible, but as the mother of the country, her bullying momentum is unmatched by others. She gave them seats, exchanged greetings with Liang, and then focused on Lin Qingyu.

Such looks and bearing, although born in general, can be worthy of her sister’s only son.

Empress Wen said, “I heard that since you married into the Marquis, the body of late Cheng has been refreshing a lot. It’s not in vain to be a Japanese palace and specifically ask the emperor to marry you.”

As if it were a gift.

Lin Qingyu is disgusted and knows that there are different Hou houses in the palace. Now he can only endure in front of the queen.

Empress Wen said again, “now you take care of Wancheng’s body?”

Lin Qingyu smelled the special incense of Fengyi palace and said, “yes.”

Empress Wen nodded approvingly: “it is worthy of being the son of the Lin court.”

Empress Wen’s three words were inseparable from Lu Wancheng. In addition to her initial politeness, she never said a word to Liang’s mother and daughter again. The mother and daughter were neglected, but they had to wear a respectful smile on their faces.

Several people said something. Father-in-law Feng came in and said, “madam, your Highness the prince is coming to Fengyi palace. He should have come to greet you.”

Lin Qingyu frowned slightly – why did the prince appear in Fengyi Palace at this time?

Empress Wen also had the same question: “didn’t the prince go to autumn service with the emperor?”

Feng Gong said justly: “the emperor inadvertently contracted the wind cold and returned to Luan in advance.”

Although the crown prince was born by concubine Chen, the queen is after all her first mother. When he came back from going out, he naturally wanted to come to Fengyi palace to say hello.

Lin Qingyu is not afraid to see the prince, but Lu Wancheng doesn’t want him to see him. If he doesn’t see him, he is.

Lin Qingyu got up and said, “since the prince has arrived, I’ll leave first.”

Lu Niantao opened his mouth as if to say something. Empress Wen nodded and asked Duke Feng to send them out of Fengyi palace.

When Lin Qingyu left Fengyi palace, he saw a young man wearing a jade crown and a Dragon Robe coming from a distance, and immediately accelerated his pace. Lu Niantao, who was walking with him, said, “sister-in-law, why are you in such a hurry? The prince is right ahead. If we don’t salute and say hello, wouldn’t we lose the courtesy.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “you, a girl who hasn’t come out of the cabinet, take the initiative to greet the prince. Is it polite?”

Lu Niantao was dumbfounded, his face flushed, but his feet were rooted, and he didn’t want to take another step. Being delayed by her, the prince has arrived in front of them. Lin Qingyu can only salute with Duke Feng: “see your highness.”

The crown prince has a good appearance and is handsome. He is also the prince of a country and has a noble status. No wonder Lu Niantao has this idea.

The prince looked down at several people, glanced over Liang and Lu Niantao, and fell on Lin Qingyu: “who are you, how can you go in and out of the harem?”

Feng Gong said justly, “Your Highness, this is Lin, the young gentleman of Nan’an house and the son of Lin Yuan.”

“Young gentleman,” the prince narrowed his eyes, “the man’s wife?”


The prince said with great interest, “look up.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“Didn’t you hear me talking to you?”

I can’t hear you. Get out.

Lin Qingyu took a deep breath, lowered his eyelashes and slowly looked up.

When the prince saw the tear nevus in the corner of his eye, his pupil suddenly contracted and his breathing became urgent.

Father-in-law Feng has been immersed in the palace for many years. He is used to observing his words and colors and whispered, “prince, your mother is still waiting for you.”

The prince just woke up. He realized his gaffe, but his eyes were still firmly locked on Lin Qingyu: “what’s your name?”

“… Lin Qingyu.”

“Lin Qingyu.” the prince picked up the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, “I remember you.” then he turned and entered Fengyi palace.

Lin Qingyu suddenly felt that Lu Wancheng’s sentence “Qingyu is all my lust” was not greasy.

Back in the mansion, Lin Qingyu changes off his fancy clothes and finds Lu Wancheng in his bedroom. Lu Wancheng seemed to endure a long sleep, yawned and said, “come back? Hey, why did you change your clothes? I haven’t seen enough…”

“I saw the prince in the palace today.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned and fell asleep. “How could it?”

Lin Qingyu told all about Fengyi palace. Lu Wancheng listened, gradually catching a haze in his eyes, leaned back and whispered: “… Fuck.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows gathered: “what’s the problem? The prince he…”

Lu Wancheng pondered for a long time and asked, “is it greasy?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “a little.”

Lu Wancheng smiled as usual: “see you all, there’s no way. Just do what Dr. Lin wants to do. Let others worry about the rest.”

At night, Lin Qingyu heard a low cough in his shallow sleep. He opened his eyes and saw a candle light behind the screen. He got down from the soft couch and walked around the screen. He saw Lu Wancheng sitting at the table in his bedroom clothes, wearing a coat, coughing and writing something. Seeing him coming, he said, “wake you up? Sorry, I can’t help it… Cough.”

Lin Qingyu poured him a cup of warm water: “what are you doing if you don’t sleep so late?”

Lu Wancheng stopped writing, punched his lips and coughed twice, saying, “I’m thinking about something.”

Lin Qingyu looked down and saw several names and two strange symbols written on the rice paper: [Northern Territory], Xiao Cheng & Shen Huaizhi (?), Xiao Yu & little eunuch, Xiao Li (x) & Queen.

“Xiao Cheng, Xiao Yu and Xiao Li are the taboos of the three princes.” Lin Qingyu lowered his voice, “Wancheng, what are you thinking?”

Seeing Lin Qingyu’s dignified face, Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “write casually, don’t care.” as he said, he folded the rice paper in two and burned it on the candle.

Intuition tells Lin Qingyu that Lu Wancheng is not writing casually. He… Is thinking about some princes.


Lu Wancheng did not step out of the gate. Even if the queen was his own aunt, he had never had any trouble with the forces in the palace. Is it for Nan’an Marquis?

Nan’an Hou was an important official of the previous dynasty. He was highly valued by the emperor because he never participated in the party struggle. As long as he keeps himself in line, is loyal to the emperor, and will be loyal to the prince in the future, the Nan’an Marquis house can continue his glory. Lu Wancheng doesn’t have to do anything at all.

That’s for

Lin Qingyu asked softly: “is it for me?”

Lu Wancheng was silent for a moment, half true and half false: “yes, you see how good I am to you. I’m almost cold. I still don’t forget to hold my heart for you for the last time.” he dragged his cheek in one hand and unconsciously turned his pen in the other hand. He looked at Lin Qingyu and smiled in the glow of the candle. “So this autumn, you should be gentle to me and don’t be fierce any more, okay?”

Ink stains fly out from the tip of the pen. Lin Qingyu couldn’t tell what it was like to look at the little dark on his bedroom clothes.


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