Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 26

An autumn rain and a cold, rain and steam took away the last trace of summer heat. Before the rain fell on the hall, a large water tank was placed in the hall. The rain hit the water, and the sound of rustling could be heard all the time.

Hua Lu passed by the study and saw that the window was open and there was a light in it. She thought it was the young gentleman reading in the study. When she walked in, she found that the young master of her family was sitting at the desk.

Hua Lu confirmed again and again, wiped her eyes several times, made sure she was right, and asked, “young master, what are you doing in the study?”

The young master will come to the study only when he wants to annoy the young gentleman, but the young gentleman is not here now.

Lu Wancheng said, “I’m solving problems.”

“Make a question?” Hua Lu came forward and looked. There was a mess on the paper. Anyway, she couldn’t understand it. She reached out to close the window and was stopped by Lu Wancheng: “I’m dizzy and want to blow the wind.”

“No, sir.” Hua Lu closed the window firmly. “Young gentleman said, you can’t blow the cold wind now.”

Lu Wancheng lost his pen and collapsed in his wheelchair: “I have a headache. I’m so tired and annoying. I don’t want to think anymore.”

He has been thinking seriously for half an hour. The high-intensity mental work is really exhausting. It reminds him of the miserable days when he was clearly tired of school and had to spend time perfunctory homework at school.

Hua Lu kindly put away her pen, ink, paper and inkstone: “if you are tired, go to bed first.”

Lu Wancheng looked out of the window. The sky was cloudy and the autumn rain was drizzling. It was really the most suitable weather for sleeping. He has been diligent for half an hour. It’s time to lie flat.

After taking a bath, Lin Qingyu just changed into his inner clothes. He heard the squeak of opening the door, and the wet cold wind poured in. Lin Qingyu turned around and bumped into people’s eyes. He said, “come back.” his long hair was only half dry, dropped on his chest and soaked his inner clothes. For personal comfort, the lining is made of silk, which is easy to penetrate in case of water.

Although Lin Qingyu was forced to marry someone, he was only 18 years old. He was much thinner and more green than an adult man in his twenties and thirties. His spotless body was hidden and visible under the semi transparent silk.

Lu Wancheng was slightly stunned, then looked away and said, “what kind of bath do you take in the daytime?”

Lin Qingyu also knows that he is not very solemn now. He was still a little uncomfortable, but Lu Wancheng was more uncomfortable than him. Instead, he was more comfortable: “there are rules in Hou’s house that you can’t bathe in the daytime?”

“No, but bathing during the day is easy to be seen.” Lu Wancheng joked quite irreverently. “No, I saw you. Are you angry?”

Lin Qingyu became more calm: “I’m not angry. You and I are both men and sworn brothers. I don’t mind.”

Lu Wancheng covered his chest: “if you mention the word ‘Jieyi’ again, believe it or not, I’ll spit blood for you.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes flickered. Once Lu Wancheng’s current body reaches the point of vomiting blood, it’s really time to prepare for his future.

“OK, don’t mention it.”

Lu Wancheng immediately looked flattered. Seeing that he looked bad, Lin Qingyu helped him to bed and felt his pulse. “You don’t seem to sleep very well lately?”

“Isn’t that a cough? It’s strange to sleep well.”

Lin Qingyu saw through it and said, “people who have been ill for a long time are most afraid of worry. Night Cheng, no matter what it is, you should be relieved.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I’ll try my best.”

After the autumn rain, Lu Wancheng’s health improved slightly. Lu’s collateral branch lived in Nan’an Hou’s house for a little half a month and finally had to leave. Lu baishuo specially came to Lanfeng pavilion to say goodbye to them, saying that they would leave for Lin’an tomorrow.

Lu baishuo was quite touched. When he came to Nan’an Hou’s residence last year, Lu Wancheng was not so seriously ill. From time to time, he could invite him out of the residence. On the occasion of parting, he practiced it for him in jinxiuxuan, the most famous place in Beijing.

Jinxiuxuan is an outer building on the side of the river. Lu baishuo, who first came to the capital at that time, was shocked by a signboard of “muddy sheep died suddenly”. After returning to Lin’an, Lu baishuo looked around for the northern chef and wanted to restore the sudden death of the muddy sheep, but the taste was always so bad.

Lu Wancheng was amused: “the sixth brother wrote the words’ invite me to Jinxiu Pavilion ‘on his face.”

Lu baishuo was ashamed and said, “where, where, I just said it easily. However, to tell you the truth, I did go to Jinxiu Pavilion yesterday, but the waiter told me that the elegant room had been booked three days later. Alas, it’s at the foot of the emperor. I should go earlier.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “did you say you were a guest of Nan’an Hou’s house?”

“That’s not true,” said Lu baishuo in surprise. “It’s just a meal. Do you still need to report yourself?”

Lin Qingyu said, “at the foot of the emperor, there are dignitaries everywhere, holding high and trampling low. Especially in Jinxiu Pavilion, where dignitaries and dignitaries gather. If you really want to go, you can ask the little marquis to accompany you.”

Lu baishuo looked expectantly at Lu Wancheng: “can you? Wancheng’s body…”

Lin Qingyu said, “just take care of it carefully.” Lu Wancheng’s mind has obviously become heavier recently, which is not conducive to recuperation. It’s good to go out to relax.

What’s more, if you don’t go out at this time, Lu Wancheng is afraid… There will be no chance to go out to relax.

Lu Wancheng thought for a moment, smiled and asked, “Qingyu, have we never gone out together?”

Lin Qingyu nodded. After marriage, he only went out with Lu Wancheng twice. Once back to Linfu, once to Changsheng temple, riding a carriage all the way. He had not seen the prosperity of the capital for a long time.

“Then let’s go to jinxiuxuan for dinner? By the way, pack a Hun sheep for brother six and come back suddenly.”


Lu baishuo thanked the two people. He always felt that something was wrong.

Lin Qingyu pushed him out of the door and took Huan Tong and several guards from the Hou house. At the entrance of Yongxing street, Lin Qingyu stopped the carriage: “it’s not far from jinxiuxuan. Let’s go there.”

Lu Wancheng said, “but walking is very tired.”

Lin Qingyu said nothing: “let you go?”

“I’m not afraid you push me tired.”

Lin Qingyu paused and said, “it’s OK.” no matter how tired, it’s only the last two or three months.

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “Qingyu, you’ve been so gentle recently. I’m not used to it.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I’m not used to your lack of words recently.”

Lu Wancheng calmed down and said with a smile, “do I have one?”

Lin Qingyu is noncommittal and pushes Wancheng into the crowd.

At this time, it was still early to have dinner. The front of each shop was hung high, and the hawkers of the stalls were shouting one after another. Among the passers-by, there are not only ordinary people with flat heads, but also many wealthy families with bright clothes. Anyone who sees an immortal beauty pushing a high-rise gentleman in a wheelchair walking down the street can’t help looking back and looking more.

Fortunately, both of them are used to being the focus of the crowd and don’t think so. Huan Tong took a deep breath and said, “young master, do you smell the smell of fried chestnuts?”

Lin Qingyu said, “if you want to eat, buy it.”

Huan Tong said happily, “I’ll go now!”

Lu Wancheng also moved his nose: “why didn’t I smell it?”

For seriously ill people, it is common for the five senses to subside. Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and said, “let’s go over there.”

They came to a vendor. The stall sells all kinds of jewelry. Although the materials are cheap, there are a variety of styles. There are many novel and special works, including jade crowns and hairpins used by men to bind their hair. Lu Wancheng thought Lin Qingyu wanted to buy a jade crown and carefully helped him choose two. Lin Qingyu ignored him, picked up a woman’s step and shook it. After a little consideration, he paid the money.

Lu Wancheng asked, “are you going to give it to your mother-in-law?”

“No, it’s for you.”

“Send me?”

“The step is about as long as the pen. If you want to turn the pen later, turn this. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and have to change my clothes.”

Lu Wancheng smiled and took the step. He really took it in his hand and joked: “no matter how gentle Dr. Lin is, Qiu still remembers so clearly.”

Several people strolled to jinxiuxuan. The shopkeeper learned that they were the young master and young gentleman of Nan’an Hou’s house. Without saying a word, he ordered someone to take them to the elegant room.

Jinxiuxuan has two floors, and the best position is the window on the second floor. You can see the scenery of rivers outside and the stage inside. On the stage, three or two actors are playing the piano. The sound of the piano is cool, loose and broad. The woman playing the piano is also elegant, beautiful and graceful.

Huan Tong listens vigorously and sees the girl more vigorously. He asked Lin Qingyu, “young master, do you think the girl in blue or the girl in pink looks better?”

Lu Wancheng thought Lin Qingyu would not answer such boring questions. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingyu said, “everything is good.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

Seeing that Lu Wancheng’s expression was a little complicated, Lin Qingyu asked, “why?”

“It’s all right.” Lu Wancheng said quietly, “I almost forgot that you like girls.”

Lin Qingyu said, “what does this have to do with good men and women? Everyone has the heart of appreciation.”

Lu Wancheng raised his eyebrows and said, “let’s get closer and enjoy it?”

“Good.” Lin Qingyu is not interested, but Lu Wancheng wants to see it. He pushed Wancheng out of Yajian and stood on the side of the fence.

At such a stop, the guests on the second floor didn’t listen to the song, and the girls didn’t give him a reward. They looked at him one after another. Fortunately, they also know that the guests on the second floor are either rich or expensive. They don’t dare to look blatantly. Sitting across the room from them was a man in black clothes. Lin Qingyu looked at him and his eyes were sharp in an instant.

Lu Wancheng looked down his eyes and asked, “who is that?”


Lu Wancheng’s lazy eyes suddenly opened.

The prince, named Xiao Cheng, is the eldest son of the emperor. Like the Nan’an Marquis, the emperor has few descendants. Even if there are 3000 harem, there are only a few princes who grow up safely. It was not easy to expect the queen to be pregnant and give birth to a baby, but she gave birth to a crazy child. However, no matter how little the prince is, there is no escape from the dispute over the throne. Xiao Cheng and his mother’s concubine plotted for many years and finally became the biggest winner. They entered the East Palace three years ago.

Xiao Cheng looked at Lin Qingyu unabashedly, with her mouth hooked, showing great interest. He just looked at Lin Qingyu, picked up his glass and took a sip of wine. Then he summoned the bodyguard and ordered something.

Lin Qingyu took back his eyes and said, “let’s go in.”

Lu Wancheng said, “don’t worry, we’ll quietly watch him pretend.”

The bodyguard took Xiao Cheng’s used wine cup, walked around half a circle to the two people and said, “I’ve seen the little Marquis, young gentleman Lin. this cup of wine was given to the young gentleman by his Royal Highness the prince. I hope the young gentleman will accept it.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at the wine glass and felt that his eyes were dirty: “there’s no need to smile. I don’t drink.”

The guard changed his look and said, “Lin Shaojun, with all due respect, whose wine do you think you rejected?”

“Nature is the wine of the prince.” Lu Wancheng said, “is it still the wine of the gods?”

The guard’s face became more and more ugly: “do you really want to refuse your Highness’s kindness?”

Lu Wancheng smiled, which made him cold: “go back and tell the prince that Princess Jingchun has been married to the north for three years.”

Princess Jingchun?

Lin Qingyu remembers the name. Princess Jingchun was originally a female envoy of Shangyi Bureau. Because of her beautiful face and bright eyes, she was favored by the king of Beijing who came from afar three years ago. The northern King fell in love with Jingchun at first sight and immediately asked the emperor to marry him.

The northern border is a frontier tribe. Over the years, there have been constant disputes with our Dynasty. In order to stabilize the border, the holy master personally married Jingchun, made him a princess, betrothed him to the king of the northern border, and even asked the prince to preside over their wedding ceremony to show his sincerity.

——Why did Lu Wancheng mention this person in front of the prince?

The bodyguard had to go back and take a message. Hearing the speech, Xiao Cheng suddenly looked up and stared at the landing night Cheng’s face. He wanted to see something from it. But no matter what he thinks, he can only see a sick seedling with a smile on his mouth.

When they returned to the elegant room, Huan Tong was very upset and said, “young Marquis, young master, that’s the prince… The future emperor, will we be beheaded by him in the future?”

Lu Wancheng deliberately frightened him: “it’s very possible. But I had already been buried at that time, and I couldn’t be cut off by beheading.”

Huan Tong was scared to cry: “little Marquis…”

Lin Qingyu suddenly said, “it’s true. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

Lu Wancheng said lazily, “OK, listen to Dr. Lin.”

After this, they no longer had the mind to play. They had a hasty dinner and suddenly returned to the house with a Hun sheep. After staying out for a long time, Lu Wancheng was already out of strength. After washing, he lay in bed to rest.

It was still early. Lin Qingyu was not sleepy, so he went to the study. He has been interested in spices recently and has been trying to restore the incense he smelled in Fengyi palace that day.

I don’t know when it began to rain outside. In the boundless rain at night, Lin Qingyu suddenly saw a figure outside the window.

Lin Qingyu opened the window and saw Lu Wancheng holding the window coffin in his cloak. His long hair was scattered and his breath was short. It seemed that he had spent a lot of effort to come all the way from his bedroom.

Lin Qingyu was stunned: “how do you… Servant?”

Lu Wancheng replied, “I can’t do it.”


“I don’t care about other things, and I don’t care. But I can’t do this without worrying.” Lu Wancheng looked at him and said in a deep voice, “you were born to be a mountain. Even if you do all your evil things, I will never let you become a grass mustard.”

Lin Qingyu opened her eyes wide.

The cold air invaded the body. Lu Wancheng coughed up and couldn’t stand anymore. He slipped slowly against the wall. Lin Qingyu quickly walked out of the study and blocked the wind and rain for him with his body: “stop talking and go back to the room first.”

Lu Wancheng grabbed his arms and murmured, “so I must find the best solution to this problem once and for all.”

Lin Qingyu was silent. He had never seen such Lu Wancheng. He seemed to be entangled in the shackles that he couldn’t get rid of. He was different from the young man who was leisurely and whistled in the corridor that day.

He always thought that Lu Wancheng was too lazy and had a big heart. He didn’t care about anything. But now, on the contrary, he hopes that Lu Wancheng can spend the last time of his life as heartless as in the past.

I don’t know how long later, Lu Wancheng’s hand suddenly tightened and broke the silence: “Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’m here.”

“I think,” Lu Wancheng’s eyes are dark, sharp and deep, but he is a patient after all. His face is pale, his mouth is full of blood, and his lips are as red as blood. “… it will kill Xiao Cheng.”

Lin Qingyu’s chest was slightly hot. He held Lu Wancheng’s trembling wrist in his backhand and said in a warm voice, “well, can I help you?”


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