Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 27

The crown prince, the prince of a country and the future emperor, wants his life, which is tantamount to killing the king and plotting a rebellion. Once the matter is exposed, it is a great crime to kill the nine families. There are only two of them, one is seriously ill and dying, and the other is a man’s wife trapped in a deep hospital. It is not easy to go into the palace, let alone live in the east palace. There are the lives of the Chu Jun accompanying the shadow guard in and out.

Maybe they’re hitting the stone with an egg and looking for their own death. But Lu Wancheng wants Xiao Cheng to die, and he also wants Xiao Cheng to die, so go and do it well. The palace maids of the former dynasty could assassinate the sleeping emperor. Why couldn’t they just want the life of a prince?

Before that, Lin Qingyu didn’t think about attacking the crown prince. At most, he moved his mind to the queen. The prince has nothing to do with the marriage, nor is he on his revenge list. But the wine he drank in jinxiuxuan today really disgusted him.

As a man, he naturally knew that the prince looked at him and squatted down and cut the foundation < it’s just that Lu Wancheng became a male wife. If someone else dares to forcibly rob him, he will never tolerate it even if the other person is a crown prince of a country.

Lu Wancheng is alive. Xiao Cheng won’t go too far because she hinders the face of Nan’an Hou. Once Lu Wancheng dies of illness, Xiao Cheng is likely to attack him. It’s better to strike first than wait to die.

On the surface, he helped Lu Wancheng, but in fact, Lu Wancheng was helping him.

Feeling the temperature on Lin Qingyu’s hands and the faint smell of books on him, Lu Wancheng’s breath gradually calmed down. For a moment, in addition to the wind and rain, they could only hear each other’s breathing.

Until Huan Tong found that the door of the bedroom was open, the little Marquis who should have died in bed disappeared, the wheelchair was still in the room, and hurried to the door of the study to find them.

Huan Tong breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “why did you come to the study? You didn’t sit in a wheelchair…”

Lin Qingyu calmed down and said to Lu Wancheng, “you can’t blow the hair. I’ll take you back to your room.”

In Lu Wancheng’s past, it was never possible for him to murder for money. He was still immersed in the surging emotion of making up his mind. When he heard this sentence, his emotion suddenly became more surging, but he changed the surging method. He can’t believe it: “you hold me…?”

“HMM.” Lu Wancheng is so sick. Although Lin Qingyu hasn’t practiced, he is still a normal man. It’s nothing to hold Lu Wancheng for a few steps.

Lin Qingyu grabbed late Cheng’s hand and put it on his shoulder: “hold tight.”

… or the princess?

Lu Wancheng jerked his hand back: “no, no, No. cough, I can walk back by myself.”

Lin Qingyu saw that Lu Wancheng’s useless man’s self-esteem came out again: “when you move back, it will be dawn.”

In the evening, Lu Wancheng walked all the way from his bedroom to his study. He didn’t feel much when he came. Now he found that he really didn’t have a drop. It’s difficult to stand up. He was forced to compromise: “let Huan Tong carry me back.”

In the bedroom, the doors and windows are closed to isolate the wind and rain. Huan Tong waited on Lu Wancheng to change his clothes wet by the rain. Lu Wancheng was lying on the warm and dry bed. His face was still as pale as paper, and his mouth smelled fishy.

Hua Lu cooked a bowl of ginger soup. After Lu Wancheng finished drinking with disgust on his face, he asked Huan Tong and Hua Lu to step down. Only he and Lin Qingyu were left in the room.

Lin Qingyu just heard Hualu say that she went back to her room when she saw that the little Marquis had slept. In this way, Lu Wancheng should have awakened from his sleep before he went to the study regardless.

Lin Qingyu sat on the side of the bed and asked, “are you having a nightmare?”

“You know that.” Lu Wancheng’s tone returned to his usual relaxed and comfortable. “I had a nightmare and was scared to death.”

“What nightmare?”

Lu Wancheng did not speak, but looked at him silently, as if to confirm that the person in front of him was real and intact. After a while, he smiled and asked, “Alas, was I really ugly and embarrassed?”

Lin Qingyu told the truth: “if you are embarrassed, you won’t be ugly.” Lu Wancheng’s mind, even if his face is destroyed, it won’t be ugly.

Lu Wancheng said, “it’s annoying. I want to be handsome in front of you.”

After staying with Lu Wancheng for a long time, Lin Qingyu can gradually adapt to Lu Wancheng’s sudden strange words, and infer what Lu Wancheng wants to express according to the speaking context А Cheating should mean something like being free and easy.

Lin Qingyu said, “I think you were handsome just now.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned, then slowly slipped into the quilt and grabbed the quilt to cover his face.

After that night, plotting evil in the study changed from one person to two.

Only when you know yourself and the enemy can you win every battle. Lin Qingyu’s understanding of Xiao Cheng is limited to two meetings, and his impression is only greasy. Although Lu Wancheng is Xiao Cheng’s nominal cousin, he has little contact with him because he is ill in bed all year round. But Lu Wancheng seems to be very familiar with Xiao Cheng, especially in private affairs and details.

Lin Qingyu asked Lu Wancheng to list all the clues he knew about Xiao Cheng. Lu Wancheng recalled for a long time and said:

“Xiao Cheng’s commonly used expressions are ‘grinning at his lips’,’ smiling but not smiling ‘,’ tongue against his cheek ‘- it’s like leek stuffed between his teeth; when he speaks, he mostly’ slows down ‘,’ takes time off ‘, and likes to provoke people’s chin when his words don’t agree…” Lu Wancheng carves a eggplant ditch to shed a smile and imitates Xiao Cheng’s tone, “‘Look lonely’.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“Outside, he is the prince who is determined to kill and ruthless; but in front of his beloved, he has scarlet eyes and a low voice and says, ‘kiss me, life and mountains will be given to you’ — it’s really greasy. His mother opens the door to greasy and greasy home.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“By the way, he also has a hobby, which is to give nicknames to people he likes. When others clearly have names, he just doesn’t call them. Hey, he just plays, just wants to call others’ children ‘,’ little sister ‘,’ brother ‘…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted, “that’s enough. Can you say something useful?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I’ve already said what’s most useful.”

Lin Qingyu thought: “Princess Jingchun?”

Lu Wancheng snapped his fingers: “You are as smart as you. In fact, this is a very old story: Xiao Cheng met Jingchun in the palace when she was a child. She was a childhood sweetheart and had no guess. But Jingchun was no more than a female envoy. How could she match the position of Prince and concubine? The two could only communicate secretly. Later, Wang Zhongqiang pojing in the North was married by the emperor. Xiao Cheng was not a prince at that time. He dared not fart for the sake of holiness I mean, he doesn’t dare to make a mistake. He can only watch Jingchun marry away and find Jingchun’s kind Secretary to talk about consolation. ”

Lin Qingyu asked, “how do you know that the two people’s communication is a secret?”

Lu Wancheng said, “I naturally have my channels. Believe me.”

“Then where am I like Jingchun.”

“Eyes. Jingchun’s left eye now also has a tear mole. Xiao Cheng’s many servants and concubines are more or less like Jingchun.”

Lin Qingyu said, “so long as I destroy my eyes, Xiao Cheng will lose interest in me?”

“Maybe,” said Lu Wancheng, “but you shouldn’t do that. I like your eyes now.”

“Of course not.” Lin Qingyu sneered. “Even if I have no feelings for my face, I don’t want to hurt myself for a dog.”

Kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred. If there is any prying muscle R, he will watch the other party suffer without damage. Life is better than death and beg for mercy.

Xiao Cheng has deep feelings for Princess Jingchun who is married far away… What can they do with this.

They were lost in thought. Not long after, a maid of mianyue Pavilion came to see Lin Qingyu and said she had something to report. After Lin Qingyu passed her in, she said: “Early this morning, my wife took the second young lady out of the house and didn’t come back until evening. My aunt asked me to find out about the groom. I learned that my wife and the second young lady had gone to the palace and brought a lot of gifts. Then I went to the storehouse manager, who said that my wife didn’t take anything from the storehouse. I think those gifts must be my wife’s own dowry.”

“I see.” Lin Qingyu said, “go back and thank my aunt for me. She is very careful.”

Liang Shi and Lu Niantao obviously didn’t want to make public when they entered the Palace this time. Last time, the three of them went into the palace together to say hello and thank the queen. That’s not long ago. The queen still treated their mother and daughter as if they had nothing. Did they enter the Palace this time to please the queen?

After Lin Qingyu said what he thought, Lu Wancheng said, “it’s not a year or two since Liang’s marriage to Hou’s house. If she could get the Queen’s favor, she would have got it long ago. How can she wait until now.”

Lin Qingyu nodded and agreed: “not for the queen, that’s for others.”

“The queen is not the only master in the palace.”

In addition to going to Fengyi palace, the ordered woman occasionally goes to the imperial concubine of the favored palace to say hello. They look at each other and say, “imperial concubine Chen.”

Lin Qingyu recalled the way Liang and Lu Niantao looked at the prince in Fengyi palace that day. Therefore, Liang lost her husband’s trust, lost the right to be a housekeeper, and lost her son. Seeing that she couldn’t live in the Hou’s house, she had to look for a backer outside.

The empress would never help her because she was her second string. In the harem, apart from the empress, the most powerful person was the crown prince’s biological mother, concubine Chen. However, in the previous dynasty, Nan’an Hou was always cautious, independent and never participated in party disputes. If he knew that Liang Shi would secretly curry favor with concubine Chen, they would be furious, so they only dared to go quietly.

The prince’s East Palace, the Queen’s Fengyi palace, the concubine Chen’s Changle palace… And Liang and Lu Niantao.

“Evening Cheng.” Lin Qingyu said softly, “I want to go back to Lin’s house.”

Lu Wancheng said without thinking, “OK, when?”


“I’m with you.”

Lin Qingyu just wanted to refuse on the ground that “you are physically inconvenient to go out again”, and heard Lu Wancheng say, “just let your father-in-law help me see how much time I have left.”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Lu Wancheng’s body is almost out of his control. No matter how talented he is, he really doesn’t know… What to do.

In the world, medical skills are better than others. He only knows two people – his mentor and his father. Lu Wancheng’s prescription for life renewal was given by his father. His father may have another way to buy more time for Lu Wancheng.

In the high gate, his wife needs the consent of his mother to take her husband back to his mother’s house. Now, Lin Qingyu is the master of the Hou’s house except Nan’an Hou. He doesn’t need to tell anyone where he wants to go. However, he wants to take Lin Wancheng to stay in the Lin’s house for a few days, but he symbolically asks Nan’an Hou’s agreement. K says he wants to take Lu Wancheng back to the Lin’s house for treatment. Nan’an Hou knows that the medical skills judged by the Lin court are not good People can be enemies, naturally nod and agree.

Therefore, Lin Qingyu takes Wancheng, Huantong and Hualu back to Lin’s house.

Lin Qinghe remembered that Lu Wancheng, a big brother who had only met once, said, “brother Wancheng, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Lin’s mother’s face changed slightly. Lu Wancheng sat in a wheelchair and smiled, “Xiao Qinghe is also much taller.”

Lin Qinghe is so shy that he hides behind his mother. He is his own brother. Lin Qinghe has five or six similarities with Lin Qingyu. Looking at him, Lu Wancheng feels happy to see a small version of Lin Qingyu.

Lin’s mother sighed with relief and said with a smile, “you came back just in time. If you’re a little late, your father will leave.”

“Go?” Lin Qingyu looked at Lin’s father. “Where is father going?”

Father Lin said, “Yongliang.”

Yongliang is located in the northwest of Dayu and borders on Xixia. Xixia was originally a subsidiary of Dayu. In recent years, it has grown stronger and stronger year by year. After that, it became rebellious. It was replaced by Qiji and Xuxun Ruo.

Lin Qingyu asked, “the northwest frontier is in wartime. Why does my father go to Yongliang now?”

Lin Fu looked serious: “half a month ago, general Gu was poisoned by an arrow on the battlefield. After pulling out the arrow, the residual poison has not been cleared. The military doctors and Yongliang famous doctors in the army are helpless. According to the memorial, general Gu is getting weaker and weaker because of the residual poison. I’m afraid it will be more or less dangerous to delay. The Holy Lord ordered me to leave immediately and go to Yongliang day and night to treat general Gu.”

Lu Wancheng himself is dying. Naturally, he doesn’t care about other people’s life and death: “Yongliang is so far from the capital. Even if he doesn’t stop, it will take at least half a month. Is there time?”

Lin Fu sighed: “I hope general Gu’s army and auspicious people have their own appearance.”

As a son of man, Lin Qingyu is selfish and doesn’t want his father to go to war at this time. However, is it Wang Chen who leads the land? They are in Dayu and have to bow to the imperial power all their life. And general Gu… Is also worth saving.

Lin Qingyu said, “I hope my father is careful and take care.”


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