Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 28

Knowing that the eldest son must have something important to take his husband home this time, Lin Fu took them to the study. Lin Qingyu waved back the servant of the tea, took out a porcelain vase from his sleeve and handed it to Lin Fu: “father, do you recognize this fragrance?”

Lin Fu opened the cork, smelled it a little, and thought about it: “the fragrance is solemn, thick and strong. It looks like the unique ‘Phoenix courtship’ of Fengyi palace.”

Lin Fu is a judge of the imperial hospital. Although his official position is not big, he is a close Minister of the son of heaven. He personally looks after the respect of the emperor and the queen. Every three days, he would go to Fengyi palace to ask for peace pulse for the queen, so he was quite familiar with the taste of Phoenix seeking her mate.

Lin Qingyu smiled helplessly: “it’s just like eight or nine.”

Lu Wancheng said, “it turns out that you have been busy restoring the incense used by the queen… But how long have you been in Fengyi palace? It looks good to restore it to 89 points.”

Lin Qingyu shook his head: “not enough.” spices and herbs have a lot in common. He should be able to do better.

“Your requirements for yourself are too high. You can lower them appropriately.” Lu Wancheng advised him, “if your requirements for yourself are to muddle along, what’s the difference between you and carefree.”

Lin Qingyu’s cold eyes swept away: “do you have to talk to me at this time?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “well, I’m wrong. Don’t stare at me in front of my father-in-law. It will make me look like I have no family status.”

Father Lin watched the two of them come and go. He understood why Lu Wancheng is still alive today. The prescription he gave Lin Qingyu that day still worked.

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to pay attention to someone and said, “father, the incense commonly used in Fengyi palace, Changle palace and East Palace, can you help me get the samples?”

Lin Fu has been serving as the judge of Taiyuan hospital for a long time. He has certain contacts in the Taiyuan medical department and Taiyuan hospital. He attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Every new doctor in the hospital has been instructed by him. Among them, a new man with poor family and pure character was particularly hard-working and eager to learn, so he put him under the door and gave him all his money.

Incompetent eunuchs can only see eunuchs and maids in the palace. His apprentice is very popular among eunuchs and maids because of his good medical skills and temperament. Maybe he can get what Lin Qingyu wants from the maids of the three palaces.

“Maybe you can try,” father Lin said, “but what do you want these things to do?”

Father Lin worked hard all his life. If he knew that his eldest son and son-in-law were plotting to kill Chu Jun, I’m afraid he couldn’t accept it. Lin Qingyu didn’t want his family involved. He only said, “I have my own use. Don’t ask my father.”

Father Lin looked worried: “Qingyu, no matter what you want to do, the things in the palace can’t be contaminated by us.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “father, don’t worry, I know propriety.”

His discretion is very simple. He wants Xiao Cheng’s life.

Lin Fu nodded and turned to Lu Wancheng: “little Marquis, it’s rare to come here. Can you let me see my pulse?”

Lu Wancheng stretched out his wrist and said, “thank you, father-in-law.”

Father Lin always likes to feel sad when he feels his pulse. While Lin Qingyu waited patiently, she felt a little nervous for no reason.

In fact, he knew very well that Lu Wancheng’s body had reached this point. No matter how exquisite his father’s medical skills were, it was only the difference between more time and less time.

He doesn’t have to be nervous. Whatever the result is, it’s in his expectation.

Lin Qingyu forced himself to settle down. When his father stopped, he calmly asked, “father, how about it?”

Father Lin looked at Lin Qingyu meaningfully: “I gave you a prescription, but you changed some?”

“Yes. I replaced the highly toxic tiger wolf medicine with relatively mild Pueraria, Panax notoginseng. The impact should not be great.”

“Pueraria, Panax notoginseng is a good medicine, but it’s mixed with the rest of the herbs. I’m afraid…” father Lin said in a face saving manner.

Lu Wancheng cast a resentful look at Lin Qingyu.

Even my father-in-law knows what he can’t do. It’s a little embarrassing.

Fortunately, Lin Fu didn’t worry about it too much: “today is different from the past, the young Marquis’s current body and mild prescription can’t fill the gap of his illness. If you want to delay longer, you have to take strong medicine.”

Lu Wancheng asked, “what will happen if you take strong medicine?”

Lin Fu and Lin Qingyu looked at each other, but no one spoke.

Lu Wancheng understood and said with a smile, “then don’t go down. I’m afraid of pain.”

There was a knock at the door, and Lin Qinghe’s crisp voice came from the door: “Dad, brother, brother Wancheng, my mother said it’s time to have dinner.”

Lin Qingyu opened the door and said, “Qinghe, first push brother Wancheng to the front hall.”

Lu Wancheng deliberately asked Lin Qinghe, “can Qinghe push me?”

Lin Qinghe nodded again and again: “yes, yes, I have great strength.”

After the two left, Lin Qingyu asked, “father, is there really no other way?”

Lin Fu sighed and said, “let Nan’an Hou’s house prepare for the future as soon as possible, no more than two months.”

Two months is enough for them to take Xiao Cheng’s dog life.

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said, “I see.”

Lu Wancheng and the Lin family had dinner together. Lin’s mother was worried about the patient and specially ordered the kitchen to cook a lot of light and easy to swallow dishes. Father Lin will leave for Yongliang tomorrow. This meal is also practicing for him.

Lu Wancheng seemed in a good mood. He smiled at the corners of his mouth and moved his chopsticks frequently. He just put a little in the dish at a time. Before long, the dish was half full.

Lin Qingyu knows that Lu Wancheng can hardly eat anything except porridge. He did so just because he didn’t want to spoil their fun.

But clearly this is the most disappointing. Otherwise, why did he have no appetite in the face of a pile of his favorite dishes.

During the dinner, father Lin talked about his disciples in the Tai hospital: “I’ve asked the young man to send a message to his house and ask him to come to the house tomorrow. Tell him what you want.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “OK.”

“Qingyu,” mother Lin whispered, motioning him to see Lu Wancheng.

Lu Wancheng was sitting in a wheelchair with his head slightly to one side, his eyes closed, a quiet look, and silver chopsticks in his hands.

The Lin family looked at each other and put down their chopsticks. Lin Qinghe carefully called, “brother Wancheng?”

Lin Qingyu made a movement to stop the sound and whispered, “he just fell asleep.”

After taking a carriage from Nan’an Hou’s house to Lin’s house for so long, Lu Wancheng would fall asleep when the whole family was reunited.

Lin Qingyu invited Huan Tong Hualu: “take the little Marquis back to the room to have a rest.”

Huan Tong asked, “young master, which room do you say?”

Lin Qingyu was stunned.

Mother Lin said, “Qingyu, your house has been cleaned up. Do you want to live in a room with you, or…”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and said, “let him stay in the guest room.”

In Hou’s house, he wronged himself to sleep on a soft couch and sleep in a room with Lu Wancheng for a reason. Since they returned home, they naturally didn’t need to sleep together again.

As for the reason why he was willing to sleep in the same room with Lu Wancheng, at first it was to block Liang’s mouth. Later… Later, he probably got used to it and didn’t bother to move away.

This is not a good habit. It has been maintained for nearly a year.

Lin Qingyu asks Huan Tong and Hua Lu to watch the landing night Cheng in the guest room, while he takes a rest in the bedroom. Since he was sensible, he slept in this bedroom until he put on his wedding clothes and married into the Marquis house.

The room was as like as two peas in the memory. But he always felt that something was wrong. Between the bed and the soft couch, if there was a screen for mandarin ducks playing in the water

Lin Qingyu stopped himself from thinking again, blew out the candle and slept alone.

The next morning, father Lin said goodbye to his wife and children and was escorted to Yongliang by several family soldiers. No one went to ask Lu Wancheng to get up. Lu Wancheng woke up himself. He even got up earlier than Lin Qingyu. He said hello to Lin Fu alone, and then sent Lin Fu to the carriage with the Lin family.

Lin Qingyu asked, “how did you wake up so early today?”

“I think I went to bed early yesterday.” Lu Wancheng said leisurely. “Isn’t it good to go to bed early? You don’t always think I slept too much.”

Lin Qingyu paused and said, “I don’t like it now. Sleep as long as you like.”

Lu Wancheng narrowed his eyes and looked at the dawn he had not seen for a long time. He said, “there will be plenty of time to sleep in the future. Now it’s nothing to sleep less.”

Lin Qingyu stood by the wheelchair, watched the rising sun with him for a while, and said, “go in.”

Lin Qinghe is old enough to study and has to go to school on weekdays. Lin’s mother thought that Lin Qingyu rarely came back, so she gave her young son a few days off so that the two brothers could get together. As everyone knows, Lin Qinghe is no easier in his brother than in school, and there is no lack of endorsement and writing.

Lu Wancheng looked at the hard work of his freshman and junior. He also took a pen and wrote on the paper bored. After listening to Lin Qinghe’s endorsement, Lin Qingyu looked up at Lu Wancheng. He saw Lu Wancheng yawning, holding a pen in his hand, and looking at him, he wanted to turn and stop. Then Shi Shiran took a step out of his clothes and turned skillfully.

Lin Qinghe looked novel, took Lin Qinghe’s sleeve and said, “brother, I want to learn this.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “don’t learn.”

Lin Qinghe looked very disappointed. Lu Wancheng winked at him: “it’s all right. I’ll teach you secretly later.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Not long after, mother Lin ordered Mammy to send a message, saying that she had made some snacks and asked the three young masters to use some to continue their study. Lin Qinghe asked eagerly, “brother, can I rest?”

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly: “go.”

Lin Qinghe happily took Mammy’s hand and left. Lu Wancheng asked, “aren’t you going to eat?”

Lin Qingyu looked down at the words Lin Qinghe had just written and said, “I’m not hungry.”

Lu Wancheng looked at him for a while and said, “Qingyu, do I have to sleep in the guest room tonight?”

Lin Qingyu moved in his heart and asked, “didn’t you sleep well in the guest room?”

Lu Wancheng said in a slow voice, “neither.” when he wanted to say something, he heard Huan Tong outside telling him, “young master, doctor Hu is coming.”

Doctor Hu Ji is the disciple mentioned by father Lin.

“Please go to the front hall and wait for a moment.” it’s important. Lin Qingyu still thinks about it. When Lu Wancheng drinks medicine, “Huan Tong, push the little Marquis back to his room to drink medicine.”

Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu’s back with a complicated expression. Huan Tong came to him and said, “young Marquis, I’ll push you back to your room.”

Lu Wancheng was silent for a long time. Suddenly he smiled and whispered, “Huan Tong, I’m a little depressed. What should I do?”

Huan Tong didn’t understand: “why is the little Marquis depressed?”

Lu Wancheng thought about it and said uncertainly, “it seems that… I’m the only one who’s not used to it.”


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