Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 29

Lin Qingyu met his father’s disciple, Hu Ji, in the front hall of Lin house. Hu Ji’s family was poor. When he was studying in the imperial medical department, he only ate one meal a day because he was short of money. Once, when Lin Fu went to give a lecture in the imperial medical department, he caught him drinking water desperately in the corner to stop hunger. Seeing his pity, father Lin found him a job to clean the library. With this monthly silver, Hu Ji was able to complete his studies. After that, he entered the Tai hospital and was received by Lin Fu. For him, Lin’s father is no different from his reborn parents. Lin’s father’s orders, no matter how difficult, he is duty bound.

After some greetings, Hu Ji took out two sachets from the medical box: “the red spice is the Phoenix for the Queen’s mate; the brown spice is the shengchazi used by concubine Chen. As for his royal highness, he has no habit of using incense.”

Lin Qingyu took the incense box and smelled it respectively: “doctor Hu, do you have any research on spices?”

Hu Ji said modestly, “I know a little.”

“In your opinion, how about these two spices?”

“The things used by noble people in the palace are one in a million. Feng QiuHuang can concentrate and calm Qi, maintain health and calm nerves; Sheng chazi has the effect of enlightening and calming blood. Both spices are secret medicines of the court, and no one can use them without a reward from the emperor.” Hu Ji said, with a trace of fear in his eyes, “Miss Yunxiu of Fengyi palace and Xiao kuanzi of Changle palace took great risks to steal this sample. I hope I can help childe Lin.”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and asked, “why doesn’t the prince use incense?”

Hu Ji said: “the crown prince experienced the dispute of seizing the throne and witnessed the death of the third prince. He was very careful when eating. According to the maid of Shangshi Bureau, all the meals in the east palace were supplied by the small kitchen of the East Palace and never by others.”

“I see.” Lin Qingyu said, “there is a doctor Lao Hu.”

Hu Ji hurriedly said, “young master Lin, you’re welcome. I’m honored to be able to share his worries.”

Father Lin has helped and saved more than one or two people. Some of Lin Qingyu will also wonder how his parents were so kind-hearted that they gave birth to him as a “villain”.

Lin Qingyu found Lu Wancheng in the guest room and showed him two boxes of spices brought by Hu Ji. Lu Wancheng asked, “is there a problem with these two spices?”

“No. but in pharmacology, good medicine and good medicine can be highly toxic. I think spices are the same.”

Xiao Cheng is not like Lu qiaosong. Just as Hu Ji said, everything sent to the East Palace must be strictly investigated, and the fragrance of cheer matched by him can’t enter the east palace. Unless he sends something seemingly harmless, let it react with the things Xiao Cheng often contacts to produce poison, quietly and nibble at Xiao Cheng’s body bit by bit.

Lu Wancheng couldn’t help sighing when he heard the speech: “it’s an eternal truth to learn mathematics and chemistry well and go all over the world.”

“Truth is useless.” Lin Qingyu gently pressed his eyebrows. “Xiao Cheng doesn’t need incense. Even if it’s used, our things can’t be sent to the east palace.”

Lu Wancheng played with Lin Qingyu’s steps and said, “if you can’t send things in, can you send people in?”

As the tacit understanding grew stronger, Lin Qingyu almost immediately understood what Lu Wancheng meant: “this matter still needs an opportunity.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I’ll look for an opportunity. You’re responsible for finding the catalyst for the reaction. Brother… Husband and wife are united, and their benefits break the gold.”

Lin Qingyu’s lips slightly raised: “OK – that’s right,” he thought of something and attracted Huan Tong. “Remove the soft couch in my room and replace it with a small bed.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned: “Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu moved out with a good reason in advance: “you may be unpredictable at any time now, and you can’t leave people around. Hualu is different from your men and women, and Huantong doesn’t work carefully enough. After thinking about it, it’s better to leave you with me.”

Huan Tong couldn’t set the channel: “young master?”

Lu Wancheng smiled slowly and looked at Lin Qingyu with a spring light in his eyes: “then when we return to Hou’s house, we’ll change the soft couch into a bed. Or, let the carpenter make a new bed.” Lu Wancheng gestured up and down, “make an upper and lower berth, I sleep in the lower berth, you sleep in the upper berth…”

Lin Qingyu imagined the picture. His expression was complex.

Huan Tong couldn’t help muttering in his heart: the little marquis is really promising.

Lin Qingyu plunges into the spices, and every day his body is stained with different aromas. Using incense is a university. Although he has a pharmacological foundation, it is not easy for him to understand the mysteries in a short time.

The two stayed in Lin’s house for a few days. News came from the palace that the emperor intended to select a side imperial concubine for the prince.

It is said that the Duke of Wen was the first to mention this matter. The state of Wen recognized that the crown prince was weak and was old enough to marry and establish a concubine. Three years ago, the Empress Dowager Hong died. The crown prince just entered the East Palace and delayed his marriage due to filial piety. Now the filial piety period is over, and it is time to discuss the big marriage. The crown prince and concubine are the future empress, so they should be careful and should not be too hasty. But you can choose one or two for the crown prince first The side imperial concubine is responsible for the internal affairs of the east palace to share the worries of the crown prince. The holy master deeply thinks so and gives the selection of the side imperial concubine full power to the queen.

Although she is only a side imperial concubine, she is also the first imperial concubine of the crown prince. In the future, she will be at least a high-ranking imperial concubine. Naturally, she should not be careless. Her appearance and birth need careful consideration. After some careful consideration, the queen drew up a list for the Holy Lord. Among them, there is the legitimate daughter of Nan’an Hou, named Lu Niantao.

The noble women on the list have their own merits. In the end, they are the side imperial concubines of the prince. The holy emperor means to let the prince choose by himself.

Lu Niantao was both happy and sad when the news came to the Marquis house of Nan’an. Fortunately, if she could enter the prince’s green eye, her hard life with her mother would come to an end. Unfortunately, she had met the prince in Fengyi palace. The prince didn’t look at her at all. All her attention was focused on Lin Qingyu. It’s not easy for her to stand out from all the noble women.

Fortunately, they had prepared in advance and secretly sent them to the ceremony of Changle palace. The eunuch next to imperial concubine Chen handed out the news that the emperor was cold in the autumn, and the dragon’s body was always good and bad. In order to show filial piety, the crown prince copied 300 Buddhist scriptures and prepared to personally send them to Changsheng temple for burning and praying.

Xiao kuanzi of Changle Palace also told Hu Ji about the news, and Hu Ji told Lin Qingyu. When Lu Wancheng learned it, he said two words on the spot: “contacts.”

In late autumn, when the incense of Changsheng temple is at its peak, it also has a sense of desolation. Wild geese fly south, the cold day is rustling, and the vegetation is shaking down.

Lin Qingyu helped him land. Night Cheng got off the carriage and Huan Tong pushed the wheelchair. A little monk came towards them with his hands folded and said, “Lord Lu, Lin Shaojun has worked hard all the way.”

The tone seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Lin Qingyu said, “little master, do you know I’ll come later?”

The little monk said with a smile: “Lin Shaojun looked up at the little monk. It was the national master who told the little monk that there were distinguished guests at the Changsheng Temple today and asked the little monk to meet him in front of the temple.”

Lu Wancheng and Lin Qingyu looked at each other and said, “little master, are you sure the ‘distinguished guests’ mentioned by the national master are us?”

The little monk made a gesture of invitation, but he couldn’t smile.

The three men followed the little monk through the main hall and came all the way to the back mountain. The little monk said, “speaking of it, madam Hou and Miss Lu Er have also arrived at the PI Temple today. Now they should chant scriptures and worship Buddha in the Buddhist hall. Do you want to say hello to them?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “it seems that the national teacher invited only the little marquis.”

The little monk bowed: “don’t blame Lin Shaojun.”

They came here for the golden wind and jade dew of Xiao Cheng and Lu Niantao. Lin Qingyu didn’t want to disturb the plan because of the national teacher who came out halfway. “Late Cheng?”

Lu Wancheng said, “go now. I’ll see what Xu Banxian wants to do.”

After separating from Lin Qingyu, the little monk took Wancheng and Huantong to the door of a meditation room: “please, Lord Lu Xiaohou. Please wait at the door with me, benefactor Huantong.”

Sandalwood incense was burning in the meditation room, and the smoke curled up. Xu Jun, the national master of Dayu, was willing to stand with his hands on his back. At a glance, it was quite immortal.

“Lord Lu.” Xu Junyuan turned around and looked with a clear and elegant smile. “I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m all right.”

“I’m all right…” Lu Wancheng smiled. “Does the national teacher think I look all right?”

“Compared with Qingming April, the little Marquis has lost a lot of weight.”

“So please speak frankly. The time of seriously ill people is very precious. I don’t want to waste it on meaningless things.”

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “the state of mind of the little Marquis seems to have changed a lot. Last time I saw the little Marquis, I saw a man who was detached from life and death. I won’t mind talking to me more.”

Because of the people and things he cares about, time becomes meaningful. At least, he can’t die before Xiao Cheng.

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “goodbye.”

Xu Junyuan immediately said, “Lu Wancheng’s fate – this name, this birthday eight characters, no matter how many times I count, the result will end in the December of this year.” he shook his head and sighed, “what a pity.”

Lu Wancheng read Xu Jun’s wish for a long time, as if he wanted to see through him: “the book says that master Xu is a bit of real talent.”

“Oh?” Xu Jun is willing to raise his eyebrows slightly. “Dare you ask the little Marquis, what book do you say?”

Lu Wancheng didn’t answer. He pushed his wheelchair to the desk, picked up his pen and wrote a cross on the paper: “please ask the national teacher to help me calculate a divination again.”

Half an hour later, Xu Jun was willing to personally push Lu Wancheng to the back wing and send him back to Lin Qingyu. He was about to retire with success. Lu Wancheng stopped him and asked, “how sure is what the National Master said just now?”

Xu Junyi was vague: “if the will of heaven does not change, it will be 100%. If the will of heaven wants to change, what can we do?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “you are worthy of being a national teacher. If you listen to your words, you’d better read more.”

Xu Jun would like to leave with a smile. Lin Qingyu asked, “what did he say to you?”

Lu Wancheng hesitated and said, “let’s talk about it later. How are Liang and Lu Niantao?”


Seeing a man coming from a distance, Lu Wancheng suddenly interrupted Lin Qingyu: “Qingyu, you should hate Xiao Cheng very much?”

Lin Qingyu gave him a strange look: “why do you ask?”

Lu Wancheng smiled shyly: “if you have to be kissed by a man, would you rather be kissed by Xiao Cheng or me?”

Just hearing the words “by Xiao Cheng”, Lin Qingyu felt sick in his stomach, and he didn’t like seeing Lu Wancheng. He tried to put away his bad temper and said calmly as much as possible, “I don’t choose any one.”

“Well, just choose one,” said Lu Wancheng. “It’s just if.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t know what the meaning of this problem is. Does Lu Wancheng have to ask him to say the word “choose you” himself.

“I choose to die.”

Lu Wancheng whispered, “Qingyu…”

“All right, all right, choose you.” Lin Qingyu reluctantly, “can you stop?”

Lu Wancheng didn’t know where his strength came from, but he stood up from his wheelchair and said with a smile, “that’s what you said.”

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Qingyu felt that his waist was tight, but he was surrounded by Lu Wancheng. The familiar medicine incense mixed with sandalwood went into his nose. He didn’t have time to respond, so he watched Lu Wancheng lower his head towards him.

Lin Qingyu suddenly regained consciousness and put his hand on his chest to push people away. But if he slaps him, Lu Wancheng may really die.

At this time, Lu Wancheng whispered in his ear, “someone is watching.”


Lin Qingyu understood that the strength of his hands gradually weakened, and finally changed to hug. While holding Lu Wancheng’s shoulder with both hands, he closed his eyes.

The long eyelashes swept the tip of Lu Wancheng’s nose, itching, and his lips wiped Lin Qingyu’s cheek.

It’s just a borrowed kiss.

I don’t know how long it took. I felt that Lu Wancheng straightened up. Lin Qingyu slowly opened his eyes. The slender eyelashes couldn’t cover the daze and cramped in his eyes. Lu Wancheng was suffocated.

Lin Qingyu calmed down and asked in a low voice, “is it him?”

“Qingyu,” said Lu Wancheng slowly, “I seem to be a little wrong.”


“My heart is beating fast and I can’t breathe…”

Lu Wancheng was already tottering. Lin Qingyu instinctively stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms: “Wancheng?”

The two almost fell down together. Fortunately, Lin Qingyu supported the ground on his knees and stabilized his body.

Lu Wancheng’s face turned white, but his ears were strangely red. He knew he was going to faint. Before he lost consciousness, he had something to tell him.

Lu Wancheng grabbed Lin Qingyu’s skirt and struggled to spit out a few words: “don’t hold the princess…” with that, his head tilted and fainted in Lin Qingyu’s arms.

Lin Qingyu: ”

Huan Tong came to look for two young masters. Seeing this scene, he thought that the young Marquis was ill again. He burned his eyebrows and said, “young master, what’s the matter with him?”

Lin Qingyu diagnosed Lu Wancheng’s pulse. For a moment, he didn’t know what expression to put on: “he was too weak to bear too excited emotions. He fainted temporarily. It’s no big problem. When he slows down, he’ll be fine.”

Huan Tong revealed the truth: “but with the temperament of the little Marquis, why can you be so excited.”

Lin Qingyu’s cheek was a little hot and forced himself to calm down and said, “who knows him. Carry him to the wing room to have a rest.”

When Huan Tong landed on his back and late Cheng left, Lin Qingyu said coldly, “since your highness is here, why hide in the dark.”


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