Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 3

Lin Qingyu got up and left. The patient himself has lost his desire for survival. What else does he worry about. Lu Wancheng died early, and he could return to Lin’s house early.

Lin Qingyu went to the study. He came to Nan’an Hou’s house with only two boxes of things. One box is clothes, the other is medical books. According to the rules of Hou’s house, he can bring two dowry servant girls into the door. But he was not used to being served by women. When he was in the Lin house, he was a young man who grew up with him and studied with him.

It’s not a glorious thing to marry a man and be a man’s wife. He doesn’t want his little boy to enter the Marquis house under the name of “dowry”. So he came to Lin’s house alone. Maybe only the box of medical books can accompany him in the future.

There are some ancient books in the medical books that he has not read, and I don’t know if there are any records similar to Lu Wancheng in the ancient books. Lin Qingyu buried his head in it and finally calmed down.

At school, his classmates thought that medical books were boring and complex. Reading three pages could make people sleepy. But in Lin Qingyu’s opinion, the students’ reading books are less interesting than one or two of ten medical books. Like his father, he has the ability to never forget. A classmate can recite things that he can’t memorize for a day. He can recite them back only once.

His father also had the idea of letting him take the imperial examination, but he just wanted to be a medical officer. He likes the feeling that the patient is getting better under his own hands. He wants to enter the Tai hospital, which gathers famous doctors all over the world. He wants to study medical skills with them, find remedies for all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, and help the people at the same time.

He could have. Just that close.

“Young gentleman.”

It doesn’t sound like a handmaid. Lin Qingyu looks up: sure enough, it’s the mammy who always makes him change her mouth. It’s said that her surname is Liu.

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “why?”

Mother Liu smiled happily: “young gentleman, it’s time to eat.”

Lin Qingyu has no appetite at all, but it’s not worth it because the dogs in Nan’an Hou’s house hurt his body. “Bring the food. I’ll use it in the study.”

Mother Liu waved her hand again and again: “this can’t be used, young gentleman.”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “why not? Is there another rule in the house of the Marquis’ no eating in the study ‘?”

“That’s not true. My wife told me that our young master saved his life by rejoicing. The young gentleman is the lucky star of the young master. You two should stay together often so that the young master can recover faster.”

To refute such remarks will only appear stupid. If Chongxi can really cure the disease, why does Dayu need a doctor? The imperial court has made great efforts to train medical officials. If he is ill, he will get married. Everything is fine.

Lin Qingyu looked at mammy Liu and asked, “Mammy, are you Geng this year?”

Mother Liu didn’t know Lin Qingyu’s intention to ask, but she still smiled and said, “the old woman has two out of fifty.”

“Fifty two people look like forty-two. I may not live to fifty-two. Mammy is so lucky. You must serve the young master. He can get better faster.”

Liu Ma’s smile froze: “young gentleman is laughing.”

Lin Qingyu’s face cooled down: “do I look like I’m joking? Go down.”

Mother Liu’s face was very ugly. She is the confidant of Mrs. Hou Liang. No one in the Hou family is respectful to her except the master. Even a few masters give her face on weekdays. What is Lin Qingyu? It sounds better to say it’s a young gentleman, but it’s just a male wife “bought” by the Hou house to renew the young master’s life. I’ve only been married for a day, and I’ve begun to show my face to her?

Seeing that mother Liu was staying, Lin Qingyu sneered coldly, “no matter whether you are superior or inferior, a servant dares to ignore the orders of the young gentleman – this is also the rule of the Marquis house?”

Mammy Liu lowered her eyes and said, “I dare not. But my wife personally ordered someone to stew chicken soup with ginseng and let me bring it. If you don’t taste it with the young master, you will live up to my wife’s kindness.”

Ginseng chicken soup?

Fool, I don’t know if it’s true that Liang doesn’t think her son is seriously ill enough.

“It’s just ordering people in person, not cooking in person.” Lin Qingyu stopped looking at her and turned the page of the medical book. “Just bring it to the young master.”

Mammy Liu bit her teeth, gave Lin Qingyu a sad look, and left with chicken soup.

When peace returned to the study, Lin Qingyu was a little absent-minded.

At present, Lu Wancheng’s intestines and stomach are damaged, and tonics will only worsen his already weak body. Lu Wancheng has been ill since he urinated and has been ill for a long time. As his mother, Liang doesn’t even know this?

Once or twice, it’s OK. If it goes on like this for a long time, Lu Wancheng’s body must be more and more empty.

Just do good and accumulate virtue. Lu Wancheng’s situation is really rare. He wants to study it for more time.

Lin Qingyu went out of his study and came to the dining hall. He didn’t see Lu Wancheng. He asked a passing handmaid, “where’s the young master?”

Maid: “the young master said he was too lazy to afford to eat in bed.”

Patients lying in bed should lie more.

Lin Qingyu went to the bedroom again. Before entering the house, the man said, “don’t forget the ginseng chicken soup sent by your mother…”

Sitting on the bed, Lu Wancheng, who was drinking white porridge with small dishes, said, “hmm?”

Lu Wancheng set up a square table in front of his bed. Most of the things on the table were light, except for the big pot of butter chicken soup with ginseng slices. Looking at the clean spoon on the side of the pot, Lu Wancheng didn’t drink a mouthful of chicken soup.

Lu Wancheng chewed carefully and swallowed everything in his mouth before he said, “Doctor Lin, rare guests. Have you eaten?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “this ginseng chicken soup was cooked by your mother herself. Why don’t you drink it?”

Lu Wancheng wiped his mouth with a handkerchief and said carelessly, “I won’t eat what she sent.”

Lin Qingyu said strangely, “why?”

“They told me to live half a year longer, not half a year less. If they want to send me away earlier, I’ll have to make a fuss.”

Lin Qingyu was more and more surprised: “why would they want to send you away earlier?”

Lu Wancheng blinked: “guess?”

Lin Qingyu was speechless: “do you think you are very funny?”

Lu Wancheng burst into laughter. He accidentally laughed too much and choked himself. He coughed stiffly, making a handsome face turn pale red.

Lin Qingyu has no idea what Lu Wancheng is laughing at. However, it is not difficult to see that the relationship between Lu Wancheng and Liang does not seem to be as kind and filial as it seems.

Seeing the maid waiting on one side busy patting Lu Wancheng’s back, Lin Qingyu stretched out half of her hand and took it back: “what’s ridiculous.”

Lu Wancheng stopped coughing and smiled: “I’m only a little funny, but I’m still very interesting.”

Lin Qingyu disdained: “you broken body, I’m afraid you can’t make it out if you have great interest.”

“You’re right,” sighed Lu Wancheng. “This body is really going to kill me. If it’s my own…”

“What do you mean?”

Lu Wancheng smiled and answered the question: “it’s all here. Dr. Lin, sit down and have a meal. I can’t drink this chicken soup. You can still do it.”

Lin Qingyu said, “where do you want me to sit?”

Lu Wancheng looked around and said, “why don’t you sit in bed?”

Lin Qingyu was ungrateful: “no, eat it yourself and leave.”

“Wait a minute.” Lu Wancheng stopped him. “I have something for you. I just looked at the gift list given by the guest and found that a gift is very suitable for you.”

Lin Qingyu did not look: “No.”

Lu Wancheng “tut” said, “you should take a look first. It’s not tired to take a look – flower dew.”

Hua Lu is another maid who serves in the room besides Feng Qin. She is very smart and lovely. She presented something and said with a smile, “if the young master hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t know what this is.”

Lin Qingyu glanced condescensively and was stunned.

The flower dew was given to him. It was something similar to a cloth bag. It was made of leather material. It could be easily rolled up and spread out. There was only a thin layer, which could not put anything.

Ordinary people may not see it, but the doctor knows at a glance that it is an acupuncture bag. The interlayer inside is used for inserting pins.

Lin Qingyu involuntarily explored his hand and stroked the leather bag with good hand feeling. His long eyelashes trembled slightly and his eyes were deep and dark.

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “do you like it?”

Nan’an Hou’s residence was very happy. Most of the gifts were sent by high-ranking dignitaries in Beijing. Lin Qingyu picked up the gift list on the table and looked at it roughly. Most of them are gold, silver, jade, antique calligraphy and painting. It’s not enough to put a small acupuncture bag in it.

But Lu Wancheng just wanted to give this to him.

Lin Qingyu looked at the eight characters of “Lu Lin’s great joy and eternal unity” on the gold thread show outside the bag, and pulled out a self mocking smile: “thank you for your kindness, but what’s the point of sending me this.”

Lu Wancheng hit his lips and coughed, “why not? You can use it in the future.”

“Oh? For you alone.”

Lu Wancheng’s smile faded and he was silent for a long time. He said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I just…”, “If you don’t want to be angry, don’t be angry. Although Dr. Lin’s anger is also very pleasing to the eye, it’s bad for his health. It’s just the so-called ‘why lose your temper over a small matter? In retrospect, if you’re angry, you’ll be happy, and it’ll hurt your mind and work hard’. ①”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “I’m not angry.”

Lu Wancheng waved to Hua Lu. Hua Lu leaned over and put her ears close to her: “what’s the matter, young master?”

Lu Wancheng said, “someone is angry, but I won’t tell you who it is.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“Shh.” Lu Wancheng raised his index finger in front of his lips and looked out of the window, “my mother is coming.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “what are you booing? You’re the one who talks the most. As for your mother, she probably came to raise her teacher’s guilt.”

Lu Wancheng touched his chin and said, “let me guess if she let you stick to me, but you don’t bother to pay attention to her?”

Surprised, Lin Qingyu forgot to be angry: “how do you know?”

Lu Wancheng smiled meaningfully: “I know a lot.”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and suddenly smiled. He lifted up his sleeves and picked up half of Lu Wancheng’s porridge: “little Marquis, I’ll feed you porridge.”

Lu Wancheng: “… Er.”

Outside, with the help of mother Liu, Liang entered the yard. Feng Qin met her and said, “I’ve seen your wife.”

Liang asked her, “where’s the young master?”

“If you return to your wife, the young master will have dinner in the bedroom.”

“Are you with him, young gentleman?”

Feng Qin shook her head: “Shaojun is alone in the study.”

Mother Liu whispered, “madam, you heard it, too. What the maidservant said to you was all from the young gentleman.”

Liang’s hand shook the steps beside his temples and said lightly, “I believe you. Let’s go and go in and have a look.”

Mammy Liu walked quickly and opened the way for the master in front: “the young master woke up last night. It’s the time to be served. Although there are servant girls in the room, the young gentleman is a young gentleman after all. The husband is ill in bed. How can a wife not serve the disease? It’s only the first day. The young gentleman was so negligent, which is worthy of our Lu family’s three media and six employees…”

Everyone said that Mrs. Nan’an Hou was a kind-hearted woman. At the moment, she could not help sinking her face and speeding up her pace.

They almost rushed into the inner room in a hurry. Before the wedding arrangement could be removed, Lu Wancheng was half lying on the happy bed. Lin Qingyu sat on his side, carrying the atherosclerotic bowl in one hand and the porridge spoon in the other hand to Lu Wancheng’s mouth and said, “little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng joked, “it’s a little hot. Blow it.”

Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes, as if to poke a hole in Lu Wancheng’s smiling face.

In any case, the husband and wife are both beautiful and dignified, and others only feel happy and quiet when they see this picture.

Liang and mammy Liu were stunned until Lu Wancheng looked at them: “why is mother coming?”

Liang frowned, loosened his brow quickly, and said softly, “mother, come and see how your appetite is.” as he said, he glanced at mammy Liu.

Mammy Liu was furious and asked in a low voice, “didn’t you say that the young gentleman was in the study!”

Feng Qin said blankly, “Fang and Shaojun are really in the study.”

Lin Qingyu put down the bowl and got up and said, “Madam sent mammy Liu not long ago. Why did she come in person now? Do you want to confirm whether the little Marquis had a good meal?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “it’s so cold outside. My mother came to see me for dinner. I was moved.”

Liang said reluctantly with a smile, “when you are a mother, you don’t hurt your child. Wan Cheng, did you drink the chicken soup your mother sent you?”

“I want to drink,” Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu. “He won’t let me drink.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t panic and hurriedly said, “the book once said: you can supplement only when you do everything to eliminate evil. The little marquis is is weak, and too fierce tonic will only burden his body. This is common sense. Madam doesn’t know it?”

Liang’s face became more and more ugly and opened his mouth: “I…”

“Mother knew it. It must have been the servant’s negligence and forgot to remind him.” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “don’t you think, Mammy Liu?”

Liu Ma looked at Liang Shi quietly. Seeing that she didn’t look at him, she understood most of it in her heart and knelt down with a hard head: “yes, it’s the fault of the slave and maid. The slave and maid should be punished.”

Before Liang spoke, Lu Wancheng said, “Qingyu, how do you want to punish?”

“It’s about the respect of the young Marquis, so we have to punish him and give him a warning.” Lin Qingyu said, “according to the rules of the Marquis, we should punish him for months, such as March, and work hard for a month.”

Lu Wancheng nodded: “I think so. But I don’t think it’s useful. I want my mother to feel it.”

Liang smiled reluctantly and said, “just do as Qingyu said.”

After that, Liang was obviously absent-minded. He sat down and took mammy Liu away. There were only two people left in the room. Lu Wancheng asked, “how did mammy Liu provoke you?”

Lin Qingyu said, “she asked me to change my mouth twice.”

“What’s the change? Let you call me husband?”

Lin Qingyu coldly looked like a jade: “… HMM.”

Lu Wancheng chuckled: “good revenge, Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the knife and said, “it’s funny?”

Lu Wancheng smiled, “then I won’t laugh. But how do you know the rules of the Hou house?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “mammy Liu has to tell me that I’ve tried my best not to listen. But I have a good memory and can’t help it.”

Lu Wancheng said with a low smile, “Damn it, you installed it.”

The author has something to say:

Salted fish attack: my wife bking was also beautiful.

① From the maxim “don’t get angry”


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