Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 30

“Oh, young Marquis and Lin Shaojun really showed a good play to Gu.” no one was seen, but the voice came first.

The visitor has long eyebrows and sideburns, narrow eyes, thin lips and frivolous. It is obviously a romantic and beautiful appearance, but when he is matched with the expression of “Gu knows that Gu looks excellent”, he immediately becomes unspeakable. Lin Qingyu just looked at him and felt the urge to throw him into ice water to remove oil.

Lin Qingyu bent over and saluted: “see your highness.”

“Since you are outside the palace, Lin Shaojun doesn’t have to be polite to Gu.” Xiao Cheng’s eyes didn’t move away from Lin Qingyu’s face when she spoke. “Raise your head and look at me.”

Lin Qingyu hides the coldness in his eyes, raises his eyelashes and faces Xiao Cheng’s line of sight. Xiao Cheng looked at him deeply, and a trace of memory and nostalgia appeared in her eyes. She murmured, “I haven’t seen these eyes for a long time.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Highness is talking about Princess Jingchun’s eyes?”

Xiao Cheng seemed to wake up from a dream, and the feelings in her eyes receded like a tide. In a cold voice, “Lu Wancheng told you? How did he…”

“It seems that the young marquis is right. Your highness really has an unforgettable love for Princess Jingchun. The reason why you look up to me is because I am a bit like Jingchun.”

Xiao Cheng narrowed her eyes and joked, “I didn’t expect Lu Wancheng to know a lot about a sick child who has been lying in bed for a long time. Unfortunately, he is a dying man after all. A mere kiss can make him faint.” Xiao Cheng licked the corner of her mouth, “Lin Shaojun and other special things follow him, which is really a violent thing in heaven.”

A beauty is a compliment. But these two words came out of Xiao Cheng’s mouth and only made people want to cut his tongue and drink.

“Beauty?” Lin Qingyu smiled. “If I didn’t have these eyes and this tear mole, would your highness still think I was a beauty?”

“Why should you belittle yourself? There are few faces in the world. Even if you don’t have Jingchun, it’s enough to make people fall in love at first sight.” Xiao Cheng approached Lin Qingyu. He was tall, but he completely shrouded Lin Qingyu under his figure. “Xiaoqingyu, why didn’t you drink the wine you gave you last time, huh?”

Lin Qingyu tried his best to hide the surging malice. He stepped back and said, “I’ve married a wife. Your highness must be molesting like this.”

“Flirting?” Xiao Cheng approached Lin Qingyu with a low voice. “Are you excited?”

No heart, but the heart to poison and kill is much stronger.

Can the dog get out of his sight.

Xiao Cheng smelled Lin Qingyu’s fragrance. She put the tip of her tongue on the inside of her cheek and said, “you smell so sweet…”

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to stay for a moment: “the marriage between me and the little marquis is decided by the queen and given by the Holy Lord. Is your highness beating the face of the emperor and the queen because of his lack of self-respect?”

Xiao Cheng looked at him and said with a smile, “it doesn’t matter. Lu Wancheng will live soon and will be patient.”

“Well, I’ll take care of my husband,” Lin Qingyu said indifferently. “I’ll excuse you.”

“Xiaoqingyu,” Xiao Cheng called him, picked up one corner of her mouth and said with a smile, “one day, Gu will make you willing to lie alone – Gu will wait for you.”

Lin Qingyu turned and walked through the corridor. He saw a plain white skirt disappearing in the corner of the wall. He looked back at Xiao Cheng with a ready mind and whispered to himself, “don’t wait for me, wait for death.”

The monk of Changsheng Temple who is good at the art of distinguishing yellow and yellow gave a needle to Lu Wancheng who fainted. When Lin Qingyu found Lu Wancheng in a wing room, he had woken up and was sipping the tranquilizing medicine in his hand. Huan Tong stood by and guarded the landing night Cheng. He saw Lin Qingyu coming in and said, “the young master is coming.”

When Lu Wancheng drank the medicine, he immediately said with a smile, “Qingyu.” he looked as if nothing had happened.

As long as he is not embarrassed, others are embarrassed.

Lin Qingyu whispered, “you just…”

Shit, it’s still embarrassing.

Lu Wancheng covered his face with his hands and couldn’t explain: “it’s not that I’m frustrated, it’s that this body is too weak.” he admitted that he saw the beauty from a close distance just now. His heart beat so fast, but he wouldn’t faint.

Lu Wancheng was angry and depressed: “if it were me, I would run 800 meters without breathing.”

Lin Qingyu watched him boast quietly.

Lu Wancheng seemed to be hurt by his expression. He hung his head and lost his way: “really. Qingyu, trust me again.”

In order to take care of the patient’s mood, Lin Qingyu said duplicity: “I believe it.”

Lu Wancheng was dubious: “really?”


Lu Wancheng smiled. The young man’s smile is fresh and clear, just like the sky after the summer rainstorm, saving Lin Qingyu’s eyes pasted with oil.

Lu Wancheng, who regained his self-esteem, remembered his business: “by the way, have you seen Xiao Cheng?”

“Yes,” Lin Qingyu sneered. “He called me — ‘xiaoqingyu’.”

Lu Wancheng: “… Help.”

When Lu Wancheng is about to slow down, Lin Qingyu asks Huan Tong to clean up and prepare to go back to Hou’s house. When the three came to the front hall, Huan Tong saw the monk who had just given Lu Wancheng a needle and said, “young master, it was the master who woke up the little marquis.”

The master looked at them and nodded. Lin Qingyu thought that as Lu Wancheng’s nominal wife, it was necessary to thank the master in person, so he asked Huan Tong and Lu Wancheng to wait a little.

Lin Qingyu heard earlier that Buddhist doctors have their own set of medical methods compared with ordinary doctors. After thanking him, the master took the initiative to ask about Lu Wancheng’s body, and Lin Qingyu said something to him.

Huan Tong was bored. He watched the Pilgrims burn incense and kneel down to pray for blessings. He said, “young Marquis, why don’t we also give the Buddha some incense?”

Lu Wancheng said carelessly, “OK.”

So Huan Tong asked the monk for six sticks of incense, ignited it and gave half to Lu Wancheng. He was like a pilgrim, kneeling on a futon, holding incense in both hands and chanting words in his mouth. After that, he kowtowed three heads to the Buddha and then inserted the incense into the incense burner. After finishing this, Huan Tong patted his clothes and stood up. Seeing that the little Marquis was carelessly holding incense, his eyes had been looking in the direction of the young master and the master, he knelt back again: “the little marquis is is inconvenient, so I’ll salute the Buddha on his behalf.”

After kowtowing, Huan Tong said, “young Marquis, you can tell the Buddha your wish.”

Lu Wancheng took back his eyes: “wish?”

“Yes. As long as the Buddha hears it, he will help us achieve our wishes.”

Lu Wancheng sat in a wheelchair and looked at the Golden Buddha on the hall. Zhuang Yan Baoxiang looks down on all living beings.

Lu Wancheng thought for a moment and said with a low smile, “then… I hope he will be happy forever.”

At the gate of Nan’an Hou’s house, just as Lin Qingyu’s carriage arrived at the front foot, Liang’s and Lu Niantao’s carriage arrived at the back foot. Liang got out of the carriage, saw Lin Qingyu, instinctively wanted to hide, and was held by Lu Niantao: “mother is the mistress, he is the young gentleman, and he can’t save face.”

Liang clenched his fingers and smiled on his face: “Wancheng, Qingyu, where have you been? Why don’t you tell your mother.”

Lu Wancheng’s face was as heavy as water, and he said, “I’d rather not have gone so far.”

Lin Qingyu pursed his lips and reached out to push the wheelchair. He heard Lu Wancheng say, “Huan Tong, push me back.”

Huan Tong said “Oh”, completely confused. He looked at Lu Wancheng and Lin Qingyu, and pushed him away. Lin Qingyu calmed down and just followed up.

Other servants also looked at each other. The whole family knows that the young master has the best temper in the family. He is the most considerate in dealing with people and affairs and never haggles over every detail. This is the first time they have seen the young master cold face in front of the young gentleman.

Liang didn’t understand: “their feelings have always been very good. What’s the matter?”

“It’s just because of good feelings.” Lu Niantao Jieyi said, “brother, no matter how ill he is, he is a man. How can he tolerate his wife being coveted by others? Even if that person is…”

Lu Niantao is both schadenfreude and subtle jealousy. What’s the use of such a face on a man. If she could have such a face, it wouldn’t take so much thought.

That night, Lu Wancheng and Lin Qingyu had a big quarrel, which made the blue wind Pavilion full of chickens and dogs. Other servants in the yard passed by in front of the gate of the blue wind Pavilion, and they could still hear the sound of things being thrown to the ground.

Lu Wancheng pointed to Lin Qingyu and said, “I ask you, did you make an appointment with him to have a private meeting in Changsheng Temple today?”

Lin Qingyu reasoned with him: “if I make an appointment with him in advance, why should I take you?”

“Do you think I’m sick and stupid?”


“You never use incense. Why did you wear a sachet when you went to Changsheng Temple today?”

“I wore it casually. I didn’t expect him to like it.”

Lu Wancheng’s yin-yang strange way: “Oh, you must want me to die early. You can go to another high school.”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “if you want to think so, I can’t help it.”

Lu Wancheng choked: “you…”

Lin Qingyu waited for Lu Wancheng to come back.

Lu Wancheng lowered his voice: “you can’t say that.”


“Because of you, I can’t go back.”

“Then don’t make any noise,” said Lin Qingyu. With a wave of his arm, everything on the table was swept to the ground.

Lu Wancheng smiled, picked up the vase on the shelf and was about to fall to the ground. He heard Lin Qingyu say, “that’s a relic of the previous dynasty.”

Lu Wancheng immediately put the vase back: “that’s your legacy.”

After one night, the house was in a mess. Hua Lu and several maidservants cleaned up for a long time, took out the rags and threw them away. Among them, the sachet that attracted Xiao Cheng’s attention.

Before early winter, the chrysanthemums were just in bloom. The blue wind Pavilion had used charcoal pots and hung a wind curtain.

Lin Qingyu is reading the letter sent by Zhang Shiquan from Xuzhou in his study, and his coldness is gradually rising. Finally, he answered the letter with a pen. The letter only wrote three words: continue to check.

“Young master, young master,” Huan Tong hurries in, “young Marquis, please go back to your bedroom and say you want to see a good thing.”

Lin Qingyu said suspiciously, “what’s good?”

Huan Tong smiled happily: “just go and have a look.”

When Lin Qingyu walked into the bedroom, he saw that the soft couch he slept on was gone, and the screen and Lu Wancheng’s bed were gone. Instead, there were two up and down beds, which were the upper and lower bunks mentioned by Lu Wancheng.

Lu Wancheng said to the carpenter, “add a fence here in the upper bunk to prevent the young gentleman from turning over and falling in the middle of the night.”

The carpenter said, “it’s still the young Marquis who is careful. I’ll add it now.”

Lin Qingyu: “…” after all, I can’t escape this disaster.

“Qingyu is coming.” Lu Wancheng deliberately stepped aside and showed Lin Qingyu his and the carpenter’s masterpieces in an all-round way. “How about? Look at this staircase. I specially asked the carpenter to make it wide for you to get in and out of bed.”

Lin Qingyu opened his mouth and saw Lu Wancheng’s heavy coat and sleeves that were obviously a circle larger than his wrist. He compromised: “just like it.”

Lu Wancheng asked the carpenter to make the bed. Although it was cumbersome up and down, it was comfortable to sleep. Lin Qingyu just went to sleep. Half asleep and half awake, he heard someone calling his name in his ear.

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes. It was still dark outside. Lu Wancheng stood by the bed, holding the added fence with both hands, and looked at him with a smile.

Sleepy, Lin Qingyu’s voice was warmer and softer than usual: “when is it?”

Lu Wancheng said, “just after midnight.”

Lin Qingyu thinks Lu Wancheng woke himself up in the middle of the night. What’s wrong with him. Now he can stand up by himself and speak steadily, which can rule out this possibility.

Lin Qingyu was rarely lazy. He didn’t sit up. He turned over and lay on his side. He looked into Shanglu Wancheng’s eyes: “what do you want to do when you wake me up?”

In the dark night, Lu Wancheng’s eyes were as bright as stars: “Qingyu, I’m 18 years old today.”


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