Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 31

Lin Qingyu didn’t react for a moment. Is Lu Wancheng eighteen today?

According to the eight characters of Lu Wancheng’s birthday, he has already passed 18 and is close to the age of weak crown. This 18-year-old is not Lu Wancheng, it can only be him.

It’s just a birthday. It’s not a whole ten years old, or it’s his own birthday. Lin Qingyu won’t care. He doesn’t have to wait until midnight to wake people up. If it had been before, nine times out of ten he would have driven people back to the lower bunk and turned to sleep. But Lu Wancheng’s eyes were so clear and bright, as if he had been looking forward to it for a long time, just to share a little secret with him at this moment.

Lin Qingyu sat up, gathered his long hair behind his shoulders, and stepped out of bed. You can’t see your clothes on the ground when you go down the steps in the dark. It’s easy to step empty if you’re careless. Lin Qingyu really can’t understand how he accepted the upper and lower bunks that are far from the world.

“Be careful.”

One hand stretched out, thin and fragile like a broken cold jade. Lin Qingyu also stretched out his hand, but he didn’t dare to use it. He just put his hand gently on Lu Wancheng’s palm.

Lu Wancheng’s cold limbs are an old problem. Lin Qingyu is not a Yang heavy physique, but his hands are still much warmer than him. Lu Wancheng felt the warmth and softness of his palm. Before he had time to react, Lin Qingyu had landed safely and released his hand.

Is this hand in hand? Yes, but not completely?

Lu Wancheng coughed twice and felt exhausted. He had to sit back in bed and said with a smile, “I don’t want to wake you either. But eighteen is very important to me. I… I want to share this moment with you.”

Lin Qingyu lit the candlestick with a fire fold and asked, “what’s important about being eighteen?”

“In my hometown, boys can do a lot of things as soon as they are over eighteen, and so can girls.”

“For example?”

“For example, you can play games late into the night, stay out alone, or…” Lu Wancheng stopped and looked at Lin Qingyu’s lips for a moment, as if a little shy. “I’ve been looking forward to this day since I was a child, and I’ve been counting the days in my heart since I came here.”

About Lu Wancheng’s true identity, they always knew it. Lu Wancheng didn’t mention it. He never asked. But he can piece together another person’s appearance from Lu Wancheng’s occasional words and phrases.

He didn’t know how the boy became Lu Wancheng. He didn’t want to believe in ghosts, but he believed in his feelings.

That’s probably a smart and lazy teenager who is in good health and doesn’t sleep enough all day. He certainly won’t work hard in school: his husband is reading on the stage and he is sleeping soundly off the stage. However, he can still get the first place in each examination. His appearance should be very good. He inadvertently captured the hearts of many students. What snacks he received from his admirers will be shared with his friends. Unfortunately, he is too lazy to respond to other people’s favor, so that he hasn’t even held the girl’s hand up to now.

Today is the boy’s 18th birthday.

“So, in your hometown, it’s more important to celebrate our 18th birthday than our 20th birthday.”

“Yes. I was just over seventeen when I came here. I thought I wouldn’t live to be eighteen, but I didn’t expect to put it off until now.”

Lin Qingyu clearly asked, “it’s not easy for you to live to be 18. I don’t know whose credit it is.”

“Of course, it’s Dr. Lin’s credit.” Lu Wancheng was too weak to speak loudly, only with a smile in his breath. “Qingyu, I’m really happy that I can live to be 18. So no matter how it was, Dr. Lin, who didn’t poison me but gave me half a year more, was the protagonist of beauty and kindness in my eyes from beginning to end.”

“Protagonist” is another strange word for Lin Qingyu. I don’t know if the candlelight tonight is too light and gentle. Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to guess anymore. He directly asks: “what does the ‘protagonist’ mean?”

Lu Wancheng looked at him and said, “the so-called ‘protagonist’ is that no matter how many swords and swords he has experienced, even the moment he climbed out of the mud, he will always be the most dazzling one.”

Lin Qingyu smiled gently. He sat down beside Lu Wancheng, relaxed, lowered his eyebrows and eyes, dissipated the cold around him, and his jade side face was so beautiful that people were shaken by the flickering candle light. At one glance, Lu Wancheng quickly looked away and dared not look again.

They sat side by side on the edge of the lower bed, shoulder to shoulder. Lu Wancheng wanted to say something more, but he was inexplicably speechless. His Adam’s apple rolled and rolled. He couldn’t hold a word. Only the half dead thing in his chest jumped badly.

Lin Qingyu didn’t notice his difference and asked, “what’s the custom of celebrating your birthday in your hometown?”

Lu Wancheng thought and said, “eat longevity noodles?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll ask someone to do it for you.”

On his birthday, Lu Wancheng took an inch: “why didn’t you help me do it yourself?”

Lin Qingyu paused and said, “I don’t know much.”

Lu Wancheng smiled and bent his eyes: “then do what you can do.”

Although Lin Qingyu was not born in a wealthy family, he is also a serious young master. He has been served since childhood. Naturally, he is not good at cooking. What he is good at is

Lin Qingyu stood up and said, “take off your clothes.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned and thought he had heard something wrong: “what?”

“I’ll give you two injections so that you can sleep better tonight.”

Lu Wancheng’s smile stiffened on his face, raised his hand and scratched his eyelids with his finger belly: “… Thank you.”

On Lu Wancheng’s 18th birthday, Lin Qingyu gave him a good sleep.

Winter is coming soon. Hualu folds the clothes of spring and autumn one by one, puts them in the cabinet, and changes out the thick clothes worn in winter. Last year’s old winter clothes were put in the box. Hua Lu spent a lot of time sorting them out. In the depths of the wooden box, he accidentally found a set of special gorgeous brocade clothes – red as fire, beautiful and cumbersome, and the clothes are mop the floor. It was the wedding dress Lin Qingyu wore when he married the marquis. Together with the wedding clothes were the wedding crowns and handkerchiefs he had worn that day.

The unmarried girl always yearns for the wedding dress. The flower dew will unfold the wedding dress and hang it up. She exclaimed, “young master, young gentleman, look what I found.”

Lu Wancheng looked over and didn’t understand: “what is this?”

“This is the wedding dress that Shaojun wore when he got married. Don’t you remember?”

Lu Wancheng sat up straight, looked at it for a long time and said, “it seems so.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “turn this out for what.”

Hua Lu said with a smile, “young gentleman usually wears monochrome plain clothes. The most he wears is white clothes. I haven’t seen you wear bright colors.”

Huan Tong interrupted, “didn’t you see the day when the young master and the little Marquis got married?”

“At that time, the young gentleman wore a xipa to block his face. It doesn’t count if he didn’t see his face.” Hua Lu looked at thoughtful Lu Wancheng and joked, “young master, were you surprised when you opened the xipa and saw the young gentleman in Xifu?”

Lu Wancheng lamented: “… I forgot.”

He only remembered that when he woke up, he saw a great classical beauty. Then he was busy shocked. He didn’t engrave the beauty in his heart. Later, he slept directly because he was too sleepy. Now in retrospect, I only remember that it was good-looking. He really didn’t remember how good-looking it was.

Hua Lu stared straight: “it’s only once in your life. How can you forget it.”

“Nothing to be surprised.” Lin Qingyu added a few pieces of charcoal to the charcoal basin in front of Lu Wancheng. “I don’t remember how little Marquis looked in his wedding clothes.”

On his wedding night, all he thought about was how to poison Lu Wancheng and let him die early. There was no leisure to see what joy to take.

Lu Wancheng pushed his wheelchair to the unfolded wedding dress, stretched out his hand and touched the gold silk on his head, saying, “say, Qingyu, how much money do you want to wear it again?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t lift his head: “you want to wear it so much, why don’t you wear it yourself.”

“I wear it. We can wear it together.” seeing that Lin Qingyu was unmoved, Lu Wancheng brazenly said, “please, doctor Lin.”

“Bow your head and beg for such a small thing? Can you have a little backbone?”

Lu Wancheng said in a low voice, “because I really want to see it.” if you look at it again, he must remember his death.

Before Lin Qingyu responded, the servant came in and spread the word that Aunt pan asked the young gentleman to go to the front hall for discussion.

Early this morning, Lu Niantao took a carriage to the palace. This time, Liang didn’t accompany her.

The number of candidates for the crown prince’s side imperial concubine has not been determined yet. The Queen invited all your daughters into the palace and said it was to enjoy flowers, but everyone knew it was a blind date for the crown prince. As soon as the flower appreciation meeting is over, the position of the crown prince’s side imperial concubine should be drawn up.

Although Nan’an Hou deliberately kept a distance from the prince, he also took a positive attitude towards his daughter’s selection. The imperial concubine selection was fair and aboveboard, and the Holy Lord nodded his head. After all, the prince is the prince, and sooner or later he will come to the world. Nan’an Hou’s house has a daughter by his side, which can be regarded as a backer in the future.

“According to the mammy in the second young lady’s yard, the second young lady is very clean today. She used to prefer delicate pink, but when she entered the palace, she wore plain white and didn’t wear too many hair accessories on her head.” Pan said, “compared with other noble women, I’m afraid she is more elegant than rich.”

Lin Qingyu sniffed, “don’t worry, the crown prince may be good.”

Pan said tentatively, “I also heard that her makeup was strange. She lit a beauty mole under her left eye, just… Just like yours.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t have any special reaction when he heard the speech. He looked coldly and said, “this is the way she chose. No one forced her or induced her. If anything happens in the future, she will take the blame, and it has nothing to do with others.”

Pan’s drooping eyes echoed: “this is nature.”

Seeing that Pan didn’t mean to leave, Lin Qingyu asked, “aunt, is there anything else?”

Pan hesitated for a moment and said, “I remember what the young gentleman said. I’m afraid… I won’t survive until the end of the year.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned and said, “indeed.”

“It’s October now,” Pan couldn’t bear it. “Should we start preparing for the future of the little Marquis?”

Lin Qingyu was silent for a long time and said, “I’ll do it myself.”


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