Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 32

On the third day after the flower appreciation, the eunuch in the palace came to Nan’an Hou’s house to announce an edict. The emperor and queen had selected Lu Niantao, the daughter of Nan’an Hou, as the prince’s side imperial concubine. She was also selected by the daughter of a military general.

The eunuch who came to the house to report the good news said that the prince and Lu Niantao met in the garden before the flower party began. Lu Niantao lost a sachet. When looking for it, he ran into the prince. He was indifferent, quiet and generous. Now he entered the prince’s blue eyes.

“Your Highness can choose. Miss Lu Er is really lucky. She will spoil Guandong palace in the future.”

Lin Qingyu was amused. It turns out that some people really want this blessing.

However, although the side imperial concubine has a respected status, in the final analysis, she is only a noble concubine. It is impossible to get married according to the three books and six rites, otherwise where will she buy the future crown princess. The queen asked the emperor to choose an auspicious day. At that time, she would take people into the east palace with two wedding sedans.

Lu Niantao’s date of entering the East Palace was set after January. The time was in a hurry. Liang, who had been idle for a long time, was finally busy and arranged a dowry for his daughter from top to bottom. Because of her daughter, Nan’an Hou’s attitude towards Liang has also eased a lot, and others in the Hou house are eager to please the main house – the second young lady will soon become the side imperial concubine of the prince. As soon as the prince ascends the throne, she will at least be a imperial concubine. If the prince is born in the future, her future will be unlimited. Who dares to neglect now.

As soon as Liang had confidence, the good things in the warehouse were moved to the main house box by box, which made him happy. He also thought that when the young master left the Marquis house, he could share more of his family property. “Young master, I just heard from the steward of the warehouse that madam even took the Jiangnan Silk given by the queen to the young Marquis!”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t care: “let them take it.” he hopes Lu Niantao can cut more clothes to please Xiao Cheng. He’d better have fun with her every night and finally die on her.

He knew his idea was too insidious, but Xiao Cheng deserved it.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the day when Lu Niantao got married.

During the auspicious time, Nan’an Hou and Liang sat on the main hall, and the elders of Lu clan were on both sides. Among Lu Niantao’s peers, only Lu Wancheng was in a wheelchair, and the others were standing.

Not long after, Lu Niantao, with the help of Xi Niang, walked slowly. The wedding dress of the prince’s side imperial concubine comes from the Shangfu Bureau in the palace. It is elegant and more gorgeous than Lin Qingyu’s wedding dress. Lu Niantao wears a golden hairpin and a phoenix crown, with a bead curtain on his head and a mother of flowers painted on his eyebrows.

Lu Wancheng thought of a big event and said to Lin Qingyu, “Qingyu, on your wedding night, did you also draw mother of pearl on your forehead?”

“It’s more than a mother of flowers,” Lin Qingyu said expressionless. “I also put on makeup.”

Lu Wancheng beat the armrest of the wheelchair: “Damn, how could I sleep at that time.”

Lu Niantao went to his parents and knelt down to worship: “my daughter is unfilial and can’t serve her parents. Please accept my three obeisances from my father and mother in return for my upbringing.”

With tears in his eyes, Liang helped his daughter up and was about to speak. A steward hurried to report: “Sir and madam, the prince is here. He said he came to pick up the kiss!”

When the words fell, the hall immediately became chaotic.

Just accept a side imperial concubine. According to the etiquette, the prince only needs to wait in the east palace. He personally came to pick up the wedding, which really gave the Nan’an Hou’s house face.

The Lu clan said to Hou Daoxi of Nan’an, “Your Highness the crown prince likes the side imperial concubine so much. This is the blessing of my Lu clan!”

“This battle, it’s just like a concubine, even a big marriage.”

At this time, Nan’an Hou did not forget to be cautious in his words and deeds: “don’t talk nonsense. Wife is wife and concubine is concubine. How can they be compared? Wait and follow me to welcome your highness.”

Lu Niantao’s face changed under the bead curtain and was blocked by Xi Niang with a cover.

Lin Qingyu said, “shall we go?”

Lu Wancheng smiled coldly: “go. At least it’s my cousin who accepted my sister again. I’ll go and say hi anyway.”

Lin Qingyu pushed him to land, and Wancheng followed the crowd to the gate of Hou’s house. Xiao Cheng didn’t ride like an ordinary bridegroom to greet the wedding. He sat in the car of Chu Jun. when Nan’an Hou arrived, he didn’t get up. He came not so much to greet the wedding as to show his status. In Lu Wancheng’s words, it is: it starts to pretend again.

Nan’an Hou led a large family of sons to salute him. Xiao Cheng said “exemption” slowly. She accurately found Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng around him in the crowd. She smiled with interest at the corners of her mouth, and then walked out of the sedan.

Xi Niang helped Lu Niantao out of the threshold and sent Lu Niantao to Xiao Cheng like a normal marriage. Xiao Cheng only stopped and said, “just help the concubine on the wedding sedan.”

Xi Niang was stunned. She didn’t dare to ask more questions. She took Lu Niantao to the wedding sedan. Xiao Cheng went straight to Lu Wancheng and said, “my cousin has been ill for a long time. My mother and Gu are worried. I don’t know if my cousin has improved recently.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “there’s nothing better. I’m afraid your highness will continue to worry.”

Xiao Cheng leaned down and said something to Lu Wancheng, but looked at Lin Qingyu: “don’t worry, cousin. When you go, I will take good care of Xiao Qingyu for you.”

“‘xiaoqingyu ‘.” Lu Wancheng said with a low smile, “I’m a little curious. What would your highness call that gangna’s side imperial concubine – xiaotaotao?”

Xiao Cheng narrowed her eyes unhappily: “my cousin has the strength to talk and laugh. It’s better to save and raise more body. After all, once a person dies, everything is over.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “Your Highness, you can rest assured. As long as I don’t say it’s over, nothing will end.”

Xiao Cheng straightened up, took a deep look at Lin Qingyu, turned and said, “go back to the palace.”

The procession of seeing off the relatives gradually went away. Nan’an Hou and Liang were busy greeting the Lu clan. Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng didn’t join the excitement and returned to the blue wind Pavilion.

Lin Qingyu frowned and said, “Xiao Cheng already has Lu Niantao. Why…”

“Why do you still look at you with that disgusting look?” Lu Wancheng said, “do you know what people who like to find doubles have in common.”


Lu Wancheng’s tone was contemptuous: “they like to ignore what they have got and are always ready to get what they can’t get. If you had left him early in the morning, he wouldn’t be so interested in you. But now, you have become the first person who dares to refuse him, of course, he will look at you differently.”

Lin Qingyu frowned more tightly: “this is not cheap.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “that’s right. This is being cheap – cough.”

Lu Wancheng coughed again. Lin Qingyu patted him on the back and said, “go to sleep.”

After drinking the medicine, Lu Wancheng went to bed. Hua Lu came in from outside and looked around and said, “young gentleman, where’s the young master?”

“Just slept. Why?”

Flower dew lowered her voice: “the fierce man is coming.”

The murder shop is a shop selling funeral goods. Lin Qingyu chose the oldest fierce restaurant in the capital. Before Dayu founded the dynasty, this fierce restaurant has been inherited for a hundred years. In addition to selling goods, the fierce restaurant can also arrange funeral ceremonies for guests. As long as there is silver, you can have a beautiful funeral.

Lin Qingyu looked into the inner room and asked, “where is the man?”

“I’m waiting at the gate of the house.” Hua Lu said, “he said that it’s inconvenient for him to enter the house today to avoid bad luck.”

Lin Qingyu met the fierce man at the gate of the Hou house. Although he was doing funeral business, he was a lively and cheerful man: “young gentleman, if you have any requirements, please mention them. Our shop will do everything we can to do this white matter for the Hou house.”

Lin Qingyu has never been involved in a funeral, so he can’t help feeling a little confused. He looked at the word “Xi” pasted on the door of Hou’s house and the red silk ribbon hanging under the eaves. After thinking for a long time, he said, “just do what he likes.”

During this period of time, Lu Wancheng slept more and woke up more. Every time he slept less than an hour, he would cough and wake up. Wake up, sleep, and the day will pass.

This time he woke up in the evening. He saw Lin Qingyu sitting by his bed, quietly guarding him, and the sunset plated a warm afterglow on him.

Lu Wancheng saw a double shadow in front of him and subconsciously called, “Qingyu…”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’m here.”

Lu Wancheng asked vaguely, “is there any news from the east palace?”

Lin Qingyu was silent.

Spices enter through the nose. It takes a day to achieve the desired effect. Without three or five months, it is difficult to achieve results.

“Don’t talk about this first.” Lin Qingyu said in a warm voice, “what color do you like, Wancheng?”

Lu Wancheng was stunned. He seemed to realize something. He smiled and said, “if it was me, I would wear more black, white and gray. But if it was Dayu, I like to wear red and look good with long hair.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “OK.”

“By the way, is Dr. Lin preparing for my funeral?” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “it doesn’t matter anything else, but can I pick the coffin myself?”

“… why.”

Lu Wancheng joked, “I want to choose one that is comfortable to sleep.”


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