Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 33

Lin Qingyu thought Lu Wancheng was just talking casually, but he was really worried about his funeral. The suspect’s clothes are ugly. When it comes to time, he should wear his own clothes into the coffin; I also felt that the duty in white was too monotonous, and asked if I could change it into a colorful one; Knowing that the epitaph he wanted could not be engraved on the tombstone, he argued with Lin Qingyu for a long time.

“Why not?” Lu Wancheng said angrily, “I have no right to decide my own epitaph?”

Lin Qingyu mocked: “this is a salted fish. After thousands of years, what do you think future generations will think of you?”

Lu Wancheng said with a leisurely smile: “I’ll probably think I’m an advanced talent, and then put me at the top of the eight big Yu families…”

Lin Qingyu mercilessly interrupted: “you have to be measured in your dreams.”

The carefully created limericks could not be engraved on the tombstone. Lu Wancheng looked very disappointed. He sat in a wheelchair and sighed. He saw the overflow of flower dew motherhood. Lin Qingyu ignored him and went to the study to do his own work.

Before long, Hualu found him with a plate of washed fresh jujubes and stopped: “young gentleman, do you eat jujubes?”

“Speak up.”

Hua Lu hesitated for a long time and said, “young master, it’s the last month. I think you should be nice to him and accommodate him more.”

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly, “but he doesn’t want to be accommodated.”

Hua Lu was surprised: “eh?”

“He tried every means to make us relax, how can we disappoint him.” Lin Qingyu’s voice took a trace of tenderness, “tell everyone in the blue wind pavilion that we can do whatever we want in the last period of time, just as usual.”

Hua Lu doesn’t understand, but she believes in Shaojun. She has served the young master for so long that she can’t say she knows the young master. The young gentleman has seen through the young master only less than a year after he married.

This is probably the confidant in the mouth of literati.

The coffin is the place for the dead to sleep, and it is the top priority in all matters of mourning. Lin Qingyu really took him with him when he chose the coffin. The murderer couldn’t move the coffin into the Marquis house to choose for them, so he had to bother them to come.

The special shop of fierce shop is usually opened in the dark corner of the street corner. The whole street is almost full of shops dealing with the dead. The largest one is called wuwutang, which is the fierce shop entrusted by Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu pushed the landing, and Wancheng walked in front. Huan Tong timidly followed behind. He rubbed his arms in his hands. He felt that the street was much colder than outside. The wind was blowing. From time to time, he passed a shop with paper people at the door, and he could see goose bumps falling off the ground.

When the waiter of Wuwu hall learned that the young gentleman of the Marquis was coming, he waited at the door early in the morning. “I respect you, young gentleman.” the man saw Lu Wancheng in the wheelchair and said in surprise, “is this…”

Huan Tong said, “it’s my little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng greeted the man with a smile and made the man stunned. He has been in this business for so long that he has never seen anyone choose a coffin for himself in person.

Lin Qingyu asked, “where are the things?”

The man was smart and quick to respond. He quickly smiled and said, “all ready. Please come here, Lord and young gentleman.”

Although the facade of Wuxu hall is small, there is a hole in the back. The newly made coffins are neatly arranged in the backyard with different types. The man introduced them one by one: “this is catalpa, that is nanmu. Catalpa is not easy to decay, moisture and moisture; nanmu has fine texture and is not easy to deform…”

Lu Wancheng found a blind spot: “Why are there double coffins here?”

The waiter said, “since the young Marquis has been married, he naturally uses a double coffin. The so-called married husband and wife live in the same bed and die in the same cave. A hundred years later, the young Marquis and the young gentleman will be buried together in the same cave, and they can continue in the afterlife.”

For a moment, Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng were silent.

Lin Qingyu never thought about being buried with Lu Wancheng. Only after being reminded by the waiter did he realize the meaning of “getting married”.

Even though he and Lu Wancheng were reluctant and unaware of the marriage, their marriage was still hired according to three media and six. They worshipped heaven and earth and the high hall, which was very different from Xiao Cheng and Lu Niantao.

Hair is a husband and wife, and there is no doubt about love.

Everlasting longing for each other is the only way to die. ①

The word “get married” is too heavy.

Lu Wancheng smiled and said to Lin Qingyu, “I’d better use a single coffin. I’m used to sleeping alone. I don’t mind being buried together, but it’s too wrong for you to be buried in the Lu family’s ancestral grave.” if it’s the Jiang family’s ancestral grave, he can think about it.

The man looked at Lin Qingyu in embarrassment: “young gentleman, this…”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “listen to the little marquis.”

The man didn’t dare to talk: “the single coffin is in the back. Please follow me, young marquis.”

Suddenly, a woman whispered. Huan Tong was so frightened that he leaned against Lin Qingyu: “young master, did you hear the cry?”

The man explained, “don’t be afraid, brother. That’s another guest looking at the coffin.”

Several people followed the man through a row of coffins. Sure enough, they saw a woman. The woman is plain, her eyes are out of focus, she looks haggard and weak as a willow. Even so, it is not difficult to see her once beautiful appearance.

The man whispered, “this is Mrs. Huo. Her husband contracted tuberculosis three years ago and died at home yesterday.”

Mrs. Huo was originally a talented actor of the Jiaofang department. By chance, she met a scholar’s son and fell in love with each other. She decided to live for life. Scholar childe spent all his money to redeem her. He thought he could accompany her. Unexpectedly, the days of raising a case and raising eyebrows have only passed for a few years, so heaven and man are separated forever and can’t see her again.

The man didn’t sigh: “Mrs. Huo is a weak woman born in the dust. She has no father and mother. She lost her husband in her early years. She looks so outstanding. I’m afraid it will be difficult in the future.”

Several people were standing not far from Mrs. Huo, but Mrs. Huo didn’t seem to see them or hear them. Her hand gently touched the golden nanmu coffin and murmured, “may the southwest wind die into your arms… ②”

After that, a line of clear tears slipped slowly from the corners of her eyes and fell to pieces.

Lin Qingyu took back his eyes and said, “let’s go.”

Lu Wancheng was silent for a moment and said with a smile, “I think the golden nanmu coffin is good. Do you have a single version?”

Wuwutang is worthy of being a time-honored brand in Beijing. Things are done quickly and well. In a few days, everything was ready except the golden nanmu coffin. In Lu Wancheng’s own words, he can say goodbye to everyone at any time.

When everything is ready, the man checks out at the Marquis house. Lin Qingyu thought he had done a good job and rewarded him personally. The waiter received the reward and said with a smile, “there are still things in the hall. I won’t disturb the little Marquis, young gentleman.”

Lu Wancheng asked casually, “will you be busy in winter?”

“Who says not.” the man said, “there are many old people who can’t survive every winter. But today, it’s a young lady… The little Marquis and the young gentleman should remember that it’s Mrs. Huo we met in Wuwu hall that day.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned: “she was fine the day before yesterday. Why is it so sudden.”

The man sighed, “that Mrs. Huo can’t bear the pain of losing her husband. After finishing the funeral for her husband, she sank into the lake at night and died.”

Hearing the speech, Hua Lu covered her mouth with red eyes, and Huan Tong was also quite moved. Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng and said to the waiter, “it’s hard for you. Go.”

After the man left, Lu Wancheng was obviously quiet. Lin Qingyu can probably guess why he is so. He must have something to do with Mrs. Huo.

Sure enough, after drinking the medicine, Lu Wancheng suddenly asked him, “Qingyu, you shouldn’t have regarded me as your husband?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I said, I treat you as a friend and confidant.”

Fortunately, just a confidant.

But if a bosom friend is gone, he will be sad and sad.

“Don’t be a confidant either.” Lu Wancheng was a little worried. “Just use me as… As a tool.”

Tools… Throw them away when you run out of them. Don’t invest in any emotional tools?

Lu Wancheng wants him to do so?

Lin Qingyu sneered: “Lu Wancheng, who do you think I am?”

Lu Wancheng was stunned: “… Qingyu?”

“Do you think that after you die, like other undead people, I will wash my face with tears all day, looking for death and tired of living?” Lin Qingyu’s voice is slightly cold, like the proud snow in winter, “Do you think I will abandon myself, stagnate and live in the memory of you? You are wrong, Lu Wancheng. If I were so vulnerable and indecisive, I would have been killed on the happy bed when I married you.” Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng, rolling up and down his Adam’s apple and said calmly, “don’t worry, I will watch you go and… Live well.”

Lu Wancheng looked at him for a long time. His eyes seemed to contain Ling Qiushui. He almost sighed and said, “what should I do? Qingyu, you really… Grow up in my sexuality.”

The author has something to say: there is a second watch! The second watch is very late. Let’s come back tomorrow morning~

① Su Shi’s farewell wife

② Seven mourning poems by Cao Zhi


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