Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 35

Lin Fu’s prescription is to attack poison with poison, stimulate the potential vitality of the patient with poison, and prolong his life. The toxicity of the drug is too strong. After entering the body, it will bring unbearable pain and some uncontrollable side effects to the patient. After only three days of medication, Lu Wancheng gradually lost consciousness in his legs.

Even so, the time it can buy is limited. Every day after winter may be the last day of Lu Wancheng’s life. But as long as he is still alive, Xiao Cheng will not be stupid enough to attack the young gentleman of the marquis. As Xiao Cheng himself said, he was waiting. When Lu Wancheng died, everything was over.

In mid October, Zhang Shiquan, who had been away from Beijing for several months, was able to return to Beijing. The first thing he did when he returned to Beijing was to meet the two masters.

During this time, Lu Wancheng slept most of the time. Zhang Shiquan only saw Lin Qingyu.

“Young gentleman, I’ve found out.” Zhang Shiquan’s voice was very low. “The extra income in Xuzhou Zhuangzi is really the income from operating private salt.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were dark and smiled: “it’s strange to say that Liang has the ability, but she can’t even protect her children; she has no ability and the courage to do this. Once exposed, it’s a capital crime.”

During the reign of the former Emperor, Dayu’s private salt was rampant and repeated prohibitions, which seriously affected the income of the imperial court. After the emperor ascended the throne, he vigorously cracked down on private salt and even introduced a new salt law. Selling more than a certain number of private salt is a capital crime. However, the profits of private salt are very high, and many people still take risks under the heavy pressure. Lin Qingyu did not expect that Liang was one of them.

Lin Qingyu thought a little and said, “if it’s private salt, the income on the book shouldn’t be so little.”

“Young gentleman, you are wise. Chuang Tzu is just a cover. All the heads are in the hands of his wife’s family.”

No wonder. Compared with Liang’s mother’s family, Hou’s house can only be regarded as a small family. They think that Tiangao emperor is far away. With the name of another village in Nan’an Hou’s house, they are easy to act and make a lot of money in Xuzhou. Local officials in Xuzhou, even if they perceive something, will hinder the face of Nan’an Hou’s house and turn a blind eye.

Nan’an Marquis was so cautious that he certainly didn’t dare to do such activities. I think he has been kept in the dark. Once the matter is exposed, the Holy See may not be so serious in his years of loyalty, but it is always inevitable to seal up the scribes.

Zhang Shiquan asked, “young gentleman, do you want to tell the little Marquis about this?”

“No need.” Lu Wancheng is still alive. He is nominally a member of Nan’an Hou’s house, and he will be implicated if things are exposed. Lin Qingyu looked out of the window and said calmly, “when he goes, I will take care of… Everyone.”

The two said a lot of evidence details. Lin Qingyu thought that Xuzhou was not far from Hongzhou and asked, “did you encounter an epidemic when you returned to Beijing all the way from the south?”

Zhang Shiquan’s face is dignified: “The epidemic is threatening. Once a person is recruited, he will have high fever, abdominal pain and blisters the next day. The weak will die in less than three days. The dead from one village to another in Hongzhou, many refugees and their families will go north, and patients will appear in the north one after another. I don’t know which day it will affect Shangjing. I heard that famous doctors from all sides are gathering in the imperial medical department in order to find a good medicine to eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible.”

In an eventful autumn, it was probably the coldest winter day of Dayu in recent ten years.

There were bursts of low coughs in the inner room. It was Lu Wancheng who woke up. Zhang Shiquan said, “young gentleman, I want to say hello to the little marquis. I don’t know…”

In the final analysis, Zhang Shiquan is the person invited by Lu Wancheng. Lin Qingyu understands his loyalty and says, “go, don’t stay long.”

Lu Wancheng wakes up and wants to drink medicine. Today’s medicine hasn’t been delivered yet. Lin Qingyu plans to go to the pharmacy to have a look in person. Zhang Shiquan follows Hualu into the inner room and sees Lu Wancheng lying on the bed. His face is gray. He even sits up and needs help from others. Even if he is not a doctor, he can see that he is sick and dying.

Lu Wancheng didn’t have much strength to speak: “I’m back.”

Zhang Shiquan’s heart was sour: “greetings to the little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng asked Hua Lu to step down first and asked, “have you done what Shaojun asked you to do?”

Zhang Shiquan remembered that the young gentleman wouldn’t let him say more and said, “don’t worry, young marquis. Everything is under the control of the young gentleman.”

Lu Wancheng nodded lightly, “what about what I asked you to do. Can you find someone?”

“Found it.” Zhang Shiquan took out a thing wrapped in a handkerchief from his arms. “This is a keepsake for the little marquis.”

Lu Wancheng moved his finger and motioned Zhang Shiquan to open the handkerchief. Zhang Shiquan asked, “can you tell me about it?”

Lu Wancheng shook his head. “It’s not time yet.” he thought and said, “go and find the carpenter in the house for me.”

At the other end, before Lin Qingyu was in the pharmacy, he heard bursts of disputes and noise, including the voice of Huan Tong.

“Blue wind Pavilion uses this Polygonum multiflorum every day. Everyone knows it!”

“The eldest young master is ill, but the third young master is not ill? There are not many in the Millennium Polygonum multiflorum pharmacy. You took it all from Lanfeng Pavilion before. What’s the matter with us today?”

Huan Tong said angrily, “how can the third young master’s disease be compared with the young Marquis’s disease!”

Lin Qingyu interrupted: “what’s going on.”

When they saw Lin Qingyu, they immediately shut their mouth, but they were obviously convinced and dissatisfied. These days, the main house has made a comeback, the young master is dying again, and the time is running out. The servants are not as respectful to the young gentleman who is about to be widowed as before.

“Young master!” Huan Tong ran to him and told him the story with indignation.

Encouraged by his mother and sister, Lu qiaosong perked up again and found countless doctors to see him. He didn’t know how much medicine he had taken, but he didn’t get better. He didn’t dare to expect to return to the state he had seven times a night before. He just wanted to leave a rest for himself.

Recently, a Jianghu doctor offered himself to the house, saying that he had a good prescription to revive Lu qiaosong. Lu qiaosong went to the doctor in a hurry, and regardless of the details of the Jianghu doctor, he asked people to fill the prescription. Among the prescriptions of the Jianghu doctor, there is a thousand year old Polygonum multiflorum, which is a good medicine hard to find. Even in Marquis houses such as Nan’an Marquis house, the inventory is very small.

Lu Wancheng’s medicine also needs Millennium Polygonum multiflorum. Lin Qingyu spent a lot of money to find some and put them in the pharmacy for Lu Wancheng’s medicine. Today, Huan Tong came to get the medicine as usual. He happened to meet the people in Qingdai Pavilion and asked the guys in the pharmacy to give them Millennium Polygonum multiflorum from Lanfeng Pavilion. Huan Tong resolutely rushed to stop it. The two sides quarreled and almost started.

Lin Qingyu said, “in the future, the medicine of Lanfeng Pavilion will not be kept in the pharmacy. Huan Tong, take back the medicine of little Hou ye and fry it ourselves.”

A courageous mammy of Qingdai Pavilion came forward and said, “young gentleman, the eldest young master and the third young master are brothers. The third young master needs medicine. The eldest young master, can’t he let his brother.”

“No,” Lin Qingyu said in a cold voice, “tell your third young master that he can’t be cured in his life. He will always be a ‘useless’ person.”

Mammy bit her teeth and said, “young gentleman, I can only tell your words to the third young master and his wife intact. When his wife enters the palace, she will also inform the side imperial concubine.”

Lin Qingyu sneered and said, “you’d better not miss a word.”

Back in the blue wind Pavilion, Huan Tong takes the medicine to the small kitchen to decoct the medicine. Lin Qingyu comes to the bedroom, and Lu Wancheng has sat up.

Lu Wancheng now has a hard time getting out of bed. He asked the carpenter to make a small square table that can stand on the bed. Now he fell on the square table and wrote something. His hands trembled so much that he had to hold the wrist of his right hand with his left hand to draw.

Seeing Lin Qingyu coming, Lu Wancheng put down his pen and said with a smile, “ah, my wife is back.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

The word “wife” in Dayu means an old woman. Lin Qingyu really doesn’t know why Lu Wancheng calls him that. But he knows that Lu Wancheng has no malice and is very happy every time he calls him that. Maybe in Lu Wancheng’s hometown, “wife” has other meanings, such as referring to friends and confidants.

Thinking of Lu Wancheng’s half dead look when he was poisoned, Lin Qingyu acquiesced to him calling once or twice. “Have you seen Zhang Shiquan?”

“Well, yes.”

“What did he tell you?”

Lu Wancheng coughed two times and said, “it’s just a simple hello.”

Lin Qingyu sat down on the side of the bed and saw Lu Wancheng drawing a strange symbol on the paper: an arc is embedded in a circle, and there is a small circle in the arc, like an eye. “What’s this?”

Lu Wancheng did not answer and asked, “Qingyu, do you know what people who play doubles have in common?”

Lu Wancheng said to him before, “I like to be cheap.”

“This is one of them.” Lu Wancheng said, “second, those who play doubles will definitely fall in love with one of them in the end, love them but not, and strive to repent. These doubles are often surnamed Shen, Chu, Bai, Xie…”

Lin Qingyu is glad that Lu Wancheng met him. Besides himself, who can understand Lu Wancheng’s inexplicable words. “Do you mean that Xiao Cheng will be true to a double?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “how clever.”

Lin Qingyu recalled, “Shen, Chu, Bai… Shen Huaizhi?”

Lu Wancheng said in surprise, “how do you know?”

“You wrote the name.”

Lu Wancheng gave a stuffy hum and exclaimed, “it’s too clever.”

“Well, who is this Shen Huai?” Lin Qingyu asked. “Is it the concubine of the east palace?”

“No, he’s a man. He’s Xiao Cheng’s shadow guard.” Lu Wancheng stared at the pattern on the paper and said with white lips, “he often hides around Xiao Cheng and may have seen us.

Seeing the precursor of Lu Wancheng’s toxic hair, Lin Qingyu calmly said, “don’t say this first. Lie down and have a rest.”

At this time, there was a sudden noise outside——

“The eldest young master needs rest. The third young master, please come back.”

“Go away!”

“If the third young master wants to break through, the slaves can only – ah!”

Lin Qingyu stood up and said, “it’s Lu qiaosong. It must be for Polygonum multiflorum.”

Lu Wancheng coughed again. His face was very ugly.

Lin Qingyu is about to send someone to drive Lu qiaosong away. Lu qiaosong has already strode in. Lin Qingyu stands in front of Lu Wancheng’s bed with a cold eyebrow: “get out.”

Lu qiaosong’s face was morbid and ferocious. He could no longer see the past romance, and even his temper became distorted. He pointed to the landing night Cheng. He smiled and said, “just like him, it’s useless to drink any more medicine! Why should he argue with me? Can he still stay behind the Lu family!”

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to talk to him: “come here.”

Huan Tong came with some boys: “young master!”

“Drag it out.”

Lu qiaosong’s hands were tied, but he still hung on and stared at Lin Qingyu: “Lu Wancheng is a half dead man. How many days can Lin Qingyu be arrogant? Once he dies, what storms can you make as a widowed man’s wife! At that time, you should be sold to the Teaching Department and let the man do it well. It’s not worth your face!”

Lin Qingyu tries his best to suppress the surging malice. Lu Wancheng needs a rest. He just needs to drive people away. For others, it’s not too late for him to settle with Lu qiaosong when Lu Wancheng goes to bed.

“Qingyu, I, I feel a little uncomfortable, Qingyu…” Lu Wancheng called his name weakly, and suddenly “Oh”, the corner of his mouth overflowed with bright red blood.

Huan Tong was surprised and said, “little Marquis!”

In an instant, Lin Qingyu’s cold eyebrows soared. He roughly pulled Lu qiaosong’s skirt and bumped it against the room column: “look for death.”


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