Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 36

Although Lu Wancheng was seriously ill, under his careful care, he was rarely embarrassed, and there was no vomiting of blood. He could not save Lu Wancheng’s life, but at least let him walk decently and cleanly.

Blood and other filthy things should not appear on him.

Lu Wancheng’s vomiting of blood seemed to turn on the switch of poisonous hair. The blood gushed more and more. After a while, he dyed his skirt and quilt red, and people fainted.

“Young master,” Hua Lu cried, “young master, don’t scare your maidservants…”

“Young gentleman, what can I do?”

The servants of the blue wind pavilion have never seen this battle. Everyone is in a hurry, waiting for Lin Qingyu to preside over the situation.

After the back of Lu qiaosong’s head hit the house pillar, he was pressed by several guys and knelt on the ground, completely missing the young master’s dignity. Seeing so much blood, he remembered that he was the same with the singer that day. His eyes were red and shouted: “Lin Qingyu, have you seen that your husband vomited so much blood, he’s dying! Even if you have a medical skill and give him more Millennium Polygonum multiflorum, you can’t save him!”

Lin Qingyu looked at him and suddenly smiled. The voice was cold to the bone. With his face, he had a sense of demonic style, which made people feel cold on his back.

When Lu Qiao calmed down, he had been “invited” out by the boys in the blue wind Pavilion. The curtain in front of the bed was put down, and only the shadow of a man was behind.

Lin Qingyu was busy until midnight, so he saved Lu Wancheng’s life. The servant helped Lu Wancheng clean the blood and put on clean clothes and bedding. Lu Wancheng fell asleep quietly and spotlessly, as if he could not feel a trace of pain.

Lin Qingyu watched him for a while. The main room sent a message saying that his wife asked the young gentleman to come over.

Lu qiaosong ran to the blue wind Pavilion and made a big fuss. He also made his seriously ill brother vomit blood. This is a big event in the house, and Nan’an Hou was also disturbed. After hearing the whole story, he said angrily, “where is that unfilial son now!”

At this point, Liang stopped playing with hypocrisy and retreating. He sobbed and said, “Lord Hou only knows that late Cheng is ill, but do you remember that Qiao song is also ill?”

“How can his illness compare with that of late Cheng?! knowing that his brother was seriously ill, he went to the blue wind pavilion to yell and make rude remarks. Shouldn’t he be punished?”

“It’s natural that Qiao song should be punished. But after being driven out of Lanfeng Pavilion by servants, Qiao song also fainted. The doctor said he was weak and must not be angry. In a bad word, Wancheng told him… He’s already like this. Does the Marquis really want to punish Qiao song in his illness, so that his condition worsens!” Liang wiped tears and observed the expression of Nan’an Hou, “The Marquis doesn’t know. Qiao song has just found a way to cure his hidden disease. He is also eager to cure the disease. After he wanted to leave a for the Marquis, he contradicted his brother and sister-in-law on impulse. The Marquis wants to punish him. As a mother, I have nothing to say. Just ask the Marquis to punish him when he is better…”

The matter of no future has always been a heart disease of Nan’an Hou. When Liang said that Lu qiaosong’s hidden disease had hope of cure, he couldn’t help shaking his heart: “are you serious?”

Liang nodded again and again: “I dare not deceive Hou Ye.”

Lin Qingyu looked on coldly and felt that the two were wasting his time.

Nan’an Hou looked at Lin Qingyu and said, “just let them take care of themselves first. We’ll talk about other things later.”

When Lin Qingyu walked out of the main courtyard, Huan Tong immediately greeted him: “young master, what does Hou ye say?”

Lin Qingyu sneered, “do you still count on him?”

Huan Tong couldn’t believe it: “but the third young master vomited blood to the young marquis. Is that all?”

“That’s enough.” Lin Qingyu said, “go and find Zhang Shiquan.”

Lu Wancheng slept for three days before he woke up.

Although Lu qiaosong was exempted from punishment, he was also warned by Nan’an Hou not to get close to the blue wind pavilion to disturb his brother’s recovery. In addition, Nan’an Hou also asked the steward to buy Millennium Polygonum multiflorum in the market for Lu qiaosong to use as medicine.

Lu qiaosong drank the precious medicinal materials like rice. He didn’t know how much money to spend, but it didn’t work. At this time, he later realized that he might have been cheated by the Jianghu doctor. In his anger, Lu qiaosong shut the doctor into the firewood room in the house. He threatened that he couldn’t think of a way again, so he cut off his hands and couldn’t afford a bowl when he asked for food.

The Jianghu doctor was so frightened that he didn’t know whether he was quick witted or how. He seriously prepared another prescription and vowed that it would be effective this time. Lu qiaosong was skeptical. He prepared pills according to his prescription and took a few pills. He really felt that his body had changed: his spirit was excited, his body was hot, and his waist and legs could work hard. Lu qiaosong was overjoyed and thought he couldn’t do much In a few days, his shady illness should be cured.

Liang Shi is also overjoyed. The legitimate son left by the original match will not live for a few days. Her daughter is the crown prince’s side imperial concubine. If her son can cure his illness and stay in the Hou house, her life will be complete.

Now the only thing that worries her a little is that she clearly asked someone to bring news into the East Palace and tell Lu Niantao’s house about the current situation, but she didn’t get a reply.

So she prepared a generous gift and sent someone to the father-in-law who helped their mother and daughter pass on the message. Unexpectedly, the father-in-law directly kicked the people out and said coldly, “Nan’an Marquis really has a good daughter.”

Liang’s heart was burning when he heard the speech, but he couldn’t find out what had happened. After a comfortable life, he began to panic all day again.

She doesn’t know where Lu Niantao’s “good” is, but Lin Qingyu knows it very well.

Hu Ji brought him news – his medicine worked.

A few days ago, Xiao Cheng suddenly had a headache. She was suffering from deafness and eye pain. She wished she could hit the wall with her head. The Imperial College Hospital and the Imperial College doctors gathered in the East Palace and couldn’t see any reason for it for a long time. Imperial concubine Chen ordered a thorough investigation into the application of the east palace. She didn’t let go of every detail, from food and tea to clothing water, but she still got nothing.

At this time, the head aunt of imperial concubine Chen said, since the problem is not in Taimu, will it be in another palace?

Therefore, the palace where the two side imperial concubines lived was also searched carefully. The incense Lu Niantao ordered in his palace was found, and there was nothing wrong with it after being checked by the imperial doctor. However, Xiao Cheng was suspicious. Even if the imperial doctor said that there was no problem with incense, he still ordered that no one in the East Palace should use incense in the future.

Xiao Cheng is not a fool. The same trick can only be used on him once. Lin Qingyu knows that Lu Niantao is useless.

In that case, it must drain her last value.

Hu Taiyi was loyal to his father and helped them so much. He should get some reward.

The prince’s head wind could not find the cause, and the imperial doctor of the imperial hospital was helpless. No one thought that it was Hu Ji who had just entered the imperial hospital who finally found the cause.

There is nothing wrong with the incense used by the crown prince’s side imperial concubine, but if it is mixed with Feng QiuHuang and Sheng chazi, it has the effect of wind heat external attack, which is very easy to cause head wind.

Feng QiuHuang and Sheng chazi are special incense for the empress and concubine Chen. The crown prince goes to Fengyi palace and Changle palace to say hello every day, and occasionally goes to the side concubine in the evening. As time goes by, the curse is buried.

After the truth was revealed, concubine Chen was furious. She thought that the Marquis house of Nan’an had a marriage relationship with the queen. She thought that Lu Niantao deliberately did it and was instigated by the queen. On the spot, she scolded the “bitch” and slapped Lu’s two ears. She almost made trouble in front of the saint, and was finally stopped by Xiao Cheng.

Lu Niantao cried in the east palace. She insisted that she didn’t know. She would use this incense just because her highness liked it.

Xiao Cheng knows she’s not lying. Lu Niantao hopes that the east palace can support their mother and daughter. She has no motivation to start. Moreover, Xiao Cheng’s crown prince is hard won. He doesn’t want to make a quarrel with Nan’an Hou before he successfully ascends the throne.

It was an unintentional loss to read about Lu. In the face of Nan’an Hou, Xiao Cheng didn’t publicize it and only asked Lu Niantao to move out of the side hall. After that, Liang didn’t hear from her daughter again.

Lu Niantao is completely out of favor and has no chance of turning over. If Xiao Cheng dies, she will stay widowed in the palace all her life; if Xiao Cheng can ascend the throne alive, she will only be a deserted imperial concubine in the cold palace.

She can’t blame others. From beginning to end, it’s her own choice.

Hu Ji, young and promising, is better than the blue. He has been appreciated by the crown prince and Princess Chen. He has become a hot newcomer in Taiyuan hospital with unlimited future.

Lin Qingyu knew the whole picture of the East Palace, but when he talked to Lu Wancheng, he only said the first part: Xiao Cheng had a head wind, and the imperial doctor was helpless. If he dragged on, the medicine stone would be ineffective, and Hua Tuo would be difficult to cure.

Lu Wancheng smelled the speech and said, “then I don’t need to drink medicine. The poisonous hair really hurts.”

Lin Qingyu tightened his chest and said, “if you don’t want to drink, don’t drink.”

Lu Wancheng looked at him for a while and smiled: “this wave has done well and is worth praising – flower dew.”

Hua Lu brought a mahogany carved wooden box with five layers, seven large and eight small drawers; there were handles on it, holes were punched on both sides and passed through a strong cloth rope – this is a medical box carried by a doctor when he went out for treatment.

Lin Qingyu noticed that a strange symbol was engraved in the humble corner of the medical box, which was the one Lu Wancheng painted on the paper last time.

“I asked the carpenter to do it according to the drawings I designed,” Lu Wancheng said. “When you go to Taiji hospital, carry this medical box when you go out.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “thank you.”

Looking at the smiling faces of the people around him, Lu Wancheng couldn’t help but say, “they all say that courtesy is reciprocal. Do you want to give me a gift back?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what do you want in return?”

Lu Wancheng thought carefully and put on a distressed look: “ah, I still want to see what Dr. Lin should do in his wedding dress.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

For him, marrying another man as a man’s wife is the unwilling thing of his life. Even if the person he marries is his confidant, it can’t change this. Letting him wear the wedding dress again is tantamount to letting him recall the humiliation at that time.

However, if Lu Wancheng really wants to see it, he can’t

Before he could respond, Lu Wancheng reached out and wanted to touch his long hair hanging on his chest. I don’t know whether it was dazzled or something. Lu Wancheng tried several times and didn’t catch it.

“Look what’s bothering you,” Lu Wancheng said with a successful smile, “I’m kidding. Can’t you hear it?”

“I can’t hear it.” Lin Qingyu whispered, “you always do.”

People can’t tell the truth.

Lu Wancheng said he didn’t drink medicine. Later, he drank medicine obediently and on time.

That night, Lin Qingyu watched Lu Wancheng sleep. There was a rush of footsteps outside the door. Hua Lu ran in panting: “little, little gentleman!”

Lin Qingyu raised her hand and motioned to her in a soft voice: “what’s the matter?”

Hua Lu gasped: “three young masters… No more.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what does it mean to be gone?”

“Just dead!”

Lin Qingyu said “Oh”, covered Lu Wancheng’s quilt and whispered, “I’ve done bad things again, Wancheng.”


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