Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 37

Lu qiaosong took pills too much and died suddenly.

Things came too suddenly. At noon, Lu qiaosong was still in high spirits and consciously pulled out of the mountain; At night, he bled from his seven orifices, incontinence and died miserably in Qingdai Pavilion.

Leung could not stand such a blow and fainted after hearing the news; Nan’an Hou only took a look at the Qingdai Pavilion, and then stumbled to the Lu family ancestral hall. He turned white overnight and couldn’t even go to the morning Dynasty the next day. Finally, the funeral of Lu qiaosong was organized by pan.

Pan had already prepared for the funeral ceremony, but she prepared it for Lu Wancheng. No one could have imagined that Lu qiaosong would walk in front of Lu Wancheng. It was such a tragic way to die. The things prepared for Lu Wancheng naturally didn’t work. Pan had to ask people to buy them temporarily. Many things can only make do with it.

Mourning flags hung in Nan’an Marquis house, paper money floated away, and Lu qiaosong’s coffin stopped in the hall. Liang knelt down in front of the coffin in plain clothes, but her eyes were empty, her look numb, and her tears seemed to have dried up.

Although Lu qiaosong died disgracefully, he was the legitimate son of the marquis. During his lifetime, he made extensive contacts and met both sides. There were not many people who came to offer condolences to him. One of the strangers, who claimed to be the eunuch of the East Palace, came to kowtow to the third young master instead of the side imperial concubine.

Liang finally had a little reaction on his face and asked in a dumb voice, “the side imperial concubine… How is she and she?”

The man looked puzzled. Under Liang’s repeated questioning, he told her that Lu Niantao was imprisoned in the cold palace by the prince.

Liang Shi was stunned for a long time. Leng Buding suddenly screamed when he saw Lin Qingyu. His body trembled like chaff. He pointed to Lin Qingyu’s face and said hysterically, “demon… Nan’an Hou’s house married a demon to enter the door!”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “madam, I’m joking. At first, it was you who said I was the lucky star of Hou Fu.”

Liang’s eyes widened, as if he had been choked by someone, and he couldn’t help talking strange nonsense.

Liang is completely crazy. The doctor said that she was suffering from hypochondriasis and I’m afraid she won’t be better in her life. Nan’an Hou was hit one after another. He was exhausted and fell ill. He didn’t have the energy to ask about family affairs any more. He just let the servant look at his wife and don’t let her run out and make a fool of herself. Pan will take care of everything else.

During the funeral for Lu qiaosong, Lu Wancheng’s body improved slightly, but he only had more time to wake up and was able to speak for a while.

After learning that Lu qiaosong died suddenly, Liang was crazy and Nan’an Hou couldn’t afford to get sick, Lu Wancheng was not surprised at all. Instead, he looked at Lin Qingyu and said, “Qingyu, you seem to look good again.”

It’s like a poisonous flower that has been dormant for a long time and finally blooms. It’s so beautiful that it’s frightening. It’s thrilling to see it.

Lin Qingyu looked down at his clean and flawless hands, with some criticism in his tone: “you made me like this.”

Lu Wancheng chuckled, “it’s my pleasure.”

Suona sounded outside. Fierce people were sending Lu qiaosong to the blissful early.

They were silent for a while. Lu Wancheng suddenly asked, “Qingyu, where do you think Lu qiaosong will go?”

“When people die, they naturally have nothing. Where else can they go?”

“Do you know how I came here?”

Lin Qingyu was stunned and said, “if you don’t tell me, how can I know?”

“One day, when I came home from school, I saved a pregnant woman on the way, but I took my life in.” Lu Wancheng sighed, “I’m really a good man.”

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes: “you mean, you… Died once?”

Lu Wancheng nodded: “a car full of goods ran over me. Don’t say it, it hurt.” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “they all said one for another. I saved two people. Does that mean I can live twice? Xu Jun is willing to make a divination for me. He said, I… May not deserve my life.”

Lin Qingyu stood up and blurted out, “what is possibility!”

Lu Wancheng could not pretend to be relaxed any more. His tone was difficult and said, “it’s just… Maybe. As soon as I die, I may really die and have nothing. Even if I am lucky to wake up, I may not be in Dayu or in this world, do you understand?”

Lin Qingyu stared at Lu Wancheng. After a long time, he asked, “how sure are you?”

Lu Wancheng was silent for a long time and whispered, “I don’t know.”

Lin Qingyu tried to bear his emotions: “what are you?”

Lu Wancheng seemed to expect this reaction and said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry. I hesitated for a long time. I think I should tell you.

“Why tell me something uncertain?” Lin Qingyu couldn’t bear it. He was ready to lose Lu Wancheng forever, but Lu Wancheng told him that he “might” still have a glimmer of life.

What does Lu Wancheng want him to do? He doesn’t do anything all day. He wants to think whether he is dead or not, and wait for an answer that doesn’t know whether there is an answer?!

If… If it is only possible in the end, he would rather not have this possibility.

“You wait for me for a year,” said Lu Wancheng. He wondered if a year would be too long. He had known Lin Qingyu for only a year. Why should he ask others to wait for him for a year.

“It won’t take a year, cough – half a year… No, just a hundred days.” Lu Wancheng said urgently, for fear that his request would be rejected too much. “If I don’t come to you within a hundred days, you will completely treat me as dead. We can agree on a secret code. If I don’t die and wear it on others, we will recognize each other by this secret code, okay?”

Lin Qingyu’s mouth was astringent and his mood was chaotic. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Lu Wancheng, you beast.”

Lu Wancheng forced a smile: “other beauties scold their husband by saying ‘asshole’ at most. Dr. Lin is good. He is an ‘animal’ from the beginning. He is worthy of being my wife.”

“Get out.”

Lu Wancheng jokingly said, “I can’t go away, Qingyu. My legs are useless.”

Lu Wancheng not only lost his legs, but also had no intact internal organs. He poisoned his hair every day and was in pain. He only called his name.

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said, “go ahead.”

Lu Wancheng was stunned: “what did you say?”


Lu Wancheng smiled slowly. “Let me think about it.” the code must be catchy, easy to remember, and no one else will know. After some careful consideration, Lu Wancheng said, “then – odd changes and even changes, and the symbols look at the quadrant?”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “what is this? Can you say something I can understand?”

“What do you don’t understand? I’ll tell you.”

Lin Qingyu asked him, “what do you mean by ‘wife’ and ‘sexuality’?”

Lu Wancheng automatically ignored the latter two problems and said, “this is about to start with the basic theorem of trigonometric function…”

In the middle of Lu Wancheng’s conversation, he suddenly frowned and bit his lips. This was a sign of his poisonous hair. Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll get the needle.”

Giving Lu Wancheng an injection can reduce his pain, but it is also a drop in the bucket. It is better than nothing.

Lu Wancheng grabbed him, shook his head and said, “no, just stay with me.”

Lin Qingyu sat down beside the bed and let Lu Wancheng lie in his arms.

Lu Wancheng widened his eyes in vain, stared ahead, held Lin Qingyu’s arm tightly with his fingers, smiled and asked him, “Qingyu, code… Do you remember clearly?”

Lin Qingyu blocked his eyes with his hand: “remember clearly.”

“Really just wait a hundred days…” Lu Wancheng closed his eyes in Lin Qingyu’s palm. “Don’t wait too long, I’ll be distressed.”

After the beginning of winter, there was light snow. This year’s snow came a lot later than usual. It was always cloudy. It seemed that God was not sure whether it would snow or not.

Lu Wancheng has less and less time to wake up. It’s rare to wake up once. He also woke up because of toxic hair pain. In the past, he could go to the yard in a wheelchair to bask in the sun, but now he can’t sit up. He can’t go anywhere except in bed.

At the end of the month, when Lin’s mother celebrated her 40th birthday, Lin Qingyu went back to Lin’s house. When Lin’s mother saw him coming back alone, she knew that Lu Wancheng’s situation was not optimistic. She was afraid that her eldest son would suffer, so she didn’t ask more. Instead, Lin Qinghe asked why brother Wancheng didn’t come together. Lin Qingyu touched his head and said that brother Wancheng would come next time.

Lin’s mother likes quiet and doesn’t like lively. In addition, her husband is not at home. She only asked someone to cook a table of dishes that her sons like to celebrate her birthday quietly with the children. She looked out the window at the cloudy day and said, “when the snow comes down, your father should go home.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t dare to leave the Marquis house for too long. After having lunch with Lin’s mother, he went back to the Marquis house. Returning to the blue wind Pavilion, Lin Qingyu saw Hualu humming a small Song watering the withered osmanthus tree in the yard and asked, “what’s so happy.”

Since Lu Wancheng vomited blood, the blue wind pavilion has been gloomy. He hasn’t seen flower dew so comfortable for a long time.

Hua Lu said happily, “the young master has just woke up. He is so energetic today that he can sit up by himself. He drank less than half a bowl of porridge at one go and asked me to change him into a red festive dress. Young gentleman, do you think the young master is getting better?”

Lin Qingyu was suddenly stunned and his heart sank suddenly.


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