Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 38

Lin Qingyu came to the bedroom door, which was open.

When he returned to Lin’s house today, he didn’t bring Huan Tong. At the moment, Huan Tong is squatting next to Lu Wancheng’s wheelchair and covering his legs with a blanket. Huan Tong has followed him for many years. He is also well-informed. He saw that Lu Wancheng was in a surprisingly good spirit. He was not as happy as Hua Lu, but just forced to talk to Lu Wancheng with a smile.

“What do you want to eat at night? I’ll let the kitchen prepare it in advance.”

Lu Wancheng thought and said, “I want to eat plum blossom cake.”

Huan Tong said in a dumb voice, “OK.”

“What time is it?” asked Lu Wancheng, turning to the direction of the wardrobe.

Lin Qingyu looked at the wardrobe and didn’t see anything special.

Huan Tong said, “the time of application is at the end.”

“Why doesn’t your young master come back?”

“It should be soon. The young master said he would come back for dinner.”

Lu Wancheng kept looking in that direction and was worried: “hurry up.”

Lin Qingyu retreated.

In the yard, the flower dew is still humming a tune, which is light and pleasant to hear. She turned around and saw Lin Qingyu standing at the door. She said strangely, “young gentleman, why don’t you go in?”

Lin Qingyu recovered and said, “flower dew, I’ll lend you a dowry.”

Lin Qingyu only made up once in his life, on the day he married Lu Wancheng. Because the man was uncomfortable with heavy make-up, he was extremely disgusted. When he got married, Xi Niang only painted his eyebrows, painted his lips, and pasted mother of pearl on the center of her eyebrows.

Lu Wancheng doesn’t care if he has painted his eyebrows and lips. He just seems to want to see him in his wedding clothes and decals.

Lin Qingyu looked at himself in the bronze mirror and suddenly found that he seemed to have reduced a lot these days. He picked up his pen and stroke by stroke to the mirror to restore the mother of flowers pasted on his eyebrows that day. It is a simple symmetrical flower mother, only three strokes, enough to change a person’s temperament. It seems that he is no longer himself, but a wife who pleases her husband by his appearance.

Originally, scholars can also be friends.

Then, he took off his plain clothes, put on his complicated wedding clothes one by one, tied his waist with a jade belt, and finally put on a layer of xiayun. The jade crown of hair was taken off, and the green silk fell like a waterfall. He picked up the happy crown, thought about it, and put it back.

That’s enough. He’s giving it away, not getting married.

“Young master?” Huan Tong’s voice came from outside, “young master, are you back?”

Before Lin Qingyu answered, Huan Tong burst in and was stunned when he saw him.

Lin Qingyu stood up and dragged the ground with the back of his clothes; He had no crown, but let his long hair hang down naturally. As soon as he lowered his head, his hair blocked half of his face.

Huan Tong has never seen such a young master. Mingyan can’t do anything. Everything is amorous. He stayed for a long time until Lin Qingyu came to him and slowed down: “young master, how do you…”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where is the little Marquis?”

“The little Marquis thought that the young master had not come back, so he said he would wait in the yard.” Huan Tong thought of what he was doing here, and his voice took a nasal tone, “young master, the little Marquis, he, he…”

“I know.” Lin Qingyu was very calm. “You let someone prepare dinner. You don’t need to wait on me tonight.”

Happy clothes, or wedding clothes, are heavy and inconvenient to wear. If you are careless, you may step on the hem. In order to get to Lu Wancheng quickly, he had to carry his clothes like a woman, walk through the silent corridor and quickly walk to the hospital——

Lu Wancheng, dressed in bright red clothes and snow-white fur, sat in a wheelchair that had been vacant for a long time, like a red plum in the snow, and broke into his eyes with vigour and vitality.

Today’s Lu Wancheng is in high spirits. His cheeks and lips are bloodstained. His eyes are bright, with a faint sense of youth, as if he had returned to the warm spring of this year. At that time, Lu Wancheng didn’t have to sit in a wheelchair and even tried to pick him up without self-knowledge.

If… If the clothes on Lu Wancheng were not so big, and if his legs were still conscious, he might also think that Lu Wancheng might really be better.

Lu Wancheng sat there waiting for the king to come.

Lin Qingyu opened his lips: “late Cheng.”

Lu Wancheng’s reaction was a little slow. He was stunned at first, then slowly turned his head, looked at him, smiled and said, “you’re back.”

It makes no difference to see him in peace.

Lin Qingyu’s chest seemed to be hit hard by something.

Lu Wancheng said so many times that he wanted to see him wear wedding clothes and draw mother of flowers. Why didn’t he have any special reaction when he really wore it and painted it?

He raised his hand and tried to touch Lu Wancheng’s eyes. His fingertips almost touched Lu Wancheng’s eyelashes. Lu Wancheng still opened his eyes and looked at him without blinking. He bent his mouth and smiled very well: “did you go home today to eat the plum blossom cake made by his mother-in-law? By the way, has Qinghe’s front teeth grown back?”

Lin Qingyu’s hand stiffened in the air and fell slowly: “eat, grow back.”

Why did he forget. Lu Wancheng was poisoned all over his body. Everything was normal. How could he forget.

“I asked Huan Tong to prepare some plum blossom cakes,” said Lu Wancheng. “Will you have some more with me?”

Lin Qingyu nodded and heard Lu Wancheng call “Qingyu” again. He said, “OK. It’s cold outside. I’ll push you back.”

Lin Qingyu pushed Wancheng to the hall. According to the rules of high-ranking families, meals should be used in the hall. In the past, Lu Wancheng was lazy and wanted people to deliver the food to him. Later, Lu Wancheng gradually became seriously ill. Even if the food was sent to bed, he couldn’t eat much.

Huan Tong asked the small kitchen to prepare a table of dishes. After serving the dishes with red eyes, Lu Wancheng was about to go down. Lu Wancheng stopped him: “do you have any wine?”

Lin Qingyu does not allow his patients to drink. The two have been married for so long that they haven’t had a drink at all. Lin Qingyu said, “your body is not suitable for drinking.”

Lu Wancheng said, “but I’m eighteen.”

“This and…” Lin Qingyu took a deep breath and took out his usual tone. “It has nothing to do with how old you are.”

“It doesn’t matter. Being 18 means you can do whatever you want. How can you do nothing when you’re 18…” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “Dr. Lin let me have a drink.”

Lin Qingyu calmed his breath and told Huan Tong, “go and get the wine.”

Huan Tong gave them wine and whispered, “I’ll leave first if you have nothing else to do.” he was afraid that he would cry out again.

Lu Wancheng said, “you’re gone. Who will serve me?”

Huan Tong looks at Lin Qingyu at a loss. Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll serve you.”

Lu Wancheng was slightly stunned and pretended to be surprised: “so good?”

Lin Qingyu filled Lu Wancheng with a bowl of soup and came up to his mouth: “open your mouth.”

Lu Wancheng obediently opened his mouth, carefully drank a mouthful of soup with his hand, and showed a satisfied expression: “one more mouthful.”

Lu Wancheng had a few mouthfuls of food and said he wanted to drink. The wine was warmed in advance. Huan Tong specially took the mild pear blossom wine. The liquor had no spicy feeling at the entrance, and the aroma of the wine lasted for a long time. Lu Wancheng took a sip and said with great applause, “good wine.”

Obviously, when he drinks the medicine, he won’t feel the medicine bitter.

Lin Qingyu turned his head and couldn’t bear to look at him. He heard Lu Wancheng ask him, “Qingyu, is the Heying wine we drank when we got married this kind of wine?” before Lin Qingyu answered, he said to himself, “you can’t drink Heying wine with a rooster.”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes: “I… don’t remember.”

Lu Wancheng said, “then think you drank with me.”

Lin Qingyu gathered her good mood and opened her eyes again. The night outside the window is getting thicker and thicker. I don’t know when it snows. It rustles and falls, and the snow and moon are white.

This is the first snow this winter.

Lin Qingyu felt a trace of joy. He remembered Lu Wancheng said he wanted to see him stand in the snow with an umbrella, and his cheeks were dyed red by his clothes. “Night Cheng, it’s snowing outside. Do you want to go…” a word “look” stuck in your throat and couldn’t say it.

“It’s snowing?” Lu Wancheng seemed unable to feel Lin Qingyu’s strange tone. “Then I’m very lucky. Let’s go and enjoy the snow.”

Lin Qingyu said hello in advance, and the servants stayed in their room. No one saw him standing in the snow with his wedding clothes, an umbrella and long hair scattered.

No one… Saw it.

Lu Wancheng held out his hand and let the soft white snow fall on his palm. Leaving the light in the room, his face quickly darkened, his lips lost their blood color, and only his remaining eyes were bright. Like a flash in the pan, it withers quickly after blooming desperately.

… too short, too frightening.

Lin Qingyu didn’t know how to keep his bloom longer. He could only hold his cool hand in vain. “Is it cold?”

Lu Wancheng shook his head and suddenly asked him, “Qingyu, do you still like girls?”

Lin Qingyu’s Adam’s apple rolled and said, “this is nature.”

Lu Wancheng nodded and said with a smile, “that’s good.”

Lu Wancheng looked at the snow for a while, his eyes half opened and half closed and said, “Qingyu, I’m a little tired.”

Lin Qingyu’s heart was empty and said softly, “if you’re tired, go to sleep.”

When you fall asleep, you will be free from the pain of illness and poison.

But Lu Wancheng didn’t listen to him. He still stubbornly opened his eyes and smiled shyly: “I’m sorry, Qingyu, I don’t seem to be able to hold on. But I’ve tried very hard. Don’t be angry.”

“No,” said Lin Qingyu, kneeling in the snow, holding an umbrella in one hand and Lu Wancheng’s cheek in the other, with a gentle voice like water, “he won’t be angry.”

Lu Wancheng probably saw that the East Palace was not what they wanted. Yes, Lu Wancheng is so smart that he knows everything. How can he not see it.

Lu Wancheng smiled under his umbrella and told him the last joke: “on the day of Xiao Cheng’s tragic death, the family sacrifice did not forget to tell Naifu.”

When Lin Qingyu heard the speech, he couldn’t help smiling.

Lu Wancheng seemed to feel him laughing. He kept looking at him until he couldn’t support him anymore. Finally, he closed his eyes: “well, I’ll sleep for a while. Remember to wake me up.”

Lin Qingyu promised him, “OK.”

The snow is getting heavier and heavier.

No matter how hot Lin Qingyu’s hand was, the man was still in his palm. It was cold bit by bit, stiff to the bone.

The new wind and snow at night, the cold color shines on people, and everything is silent.

He was dressed in his wedding dress and painted with mother of pearl, just as when he first met Lu Wancheng.


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