Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 39

That night, Lu Wancheng died in front of Lin Qingyu.

He wore long eyelashes, a serene expression, a festive crimson robe, and his body was clean and clear. One of his hands was held by Lin Qingyu, and the other hand was placed on the armrest of the wheelchair, as if he really just fell asleep.

His face lost support and tilted aside, just as he had dozed off in a wheelchair before. Subconsciously, Lin Qingyu dropped his umbrella and picked up Lu Wancheng’s cold cheek.

Without the shelter of the umbrella, the snow fell silently on their hair, faces and shoulders.

The ferocious man told Lin Qingyu the process of mourning. He should remember very clearly, but now he is at a loss – what should he do when Lu Wancheng is dead.

Huan Tong was really worried. He came to the yard to see the situation. He saw his young master kneeling in front of the wheelchair on one knee, his bright red wedding clothes spread on the snow, and his long hair blocked his side face. He held the little Marquis’s hand in one hand and the little Marquis’s cheek in the other. Beside him stood an open umbrella covered with snow.

They were motionless, like statues.

“Little Marquis!”

Lin Qingyu heard a cry behind him – it was Huan Tong’s voice.

Huan Tong was the man he brought from Lin’s house. At first, like him, he hated the whole Nan’an Hou’s house. Who would have thought that he would cry so sad for Lu Wancheng in the end.

In less than a year, Lu Wancheng was able to win the hearts of the people. He really has the ability.

Huan Tong knelt in front of the wheelchair and cried out of breath. His cry pulled Lin Qingyu back to reality from a void.

Lu Wancheng is dead. Maybe he has been reborn in a strange world, or maybe he really died.

No one can tell him the answer, and he doesn’t know if he can wait for the answer. But anyway, he promised Lu Wancheng that he would watch him go and live well.

He has done the first half.

Lin Qingyu stood up slowly. He kept the same posture for too long. When he got up, his eyes darkened for a moment and he almost fell over, but finally he stabilized his body. “Don’t cry,” he heard himself say. “Didn’t you listen to the fierce man. If you drop tears on him, you won’t see him in your dreams.”

Huan Tong trembled and said, “young master…”

Lin Qingyu gradually recalled what the ferocious waiter had said and said, “move him to the house and cover him with white silk. There’s no need to change his shroud. Just let him wear it for mortuary. After that, you can report the funeral.” he paused and said, “by the way, you should use it on your back, not the princess.”

Huan Tong sobbed and nodded, “what about you, young master?”

“I’ll change my clothes.”

He can’t let others see him in his wedding dress and painted with mother of flowers. Only Lu Wancheng can see it, but no one else can.

Reporting the funeral, entering the funeral, guarding the shop… Lu Wancheng’s funeral went on in an orderly manner. Lin Qingyu did everything himself. When the Nan’an Marquis house was in a precarious situation, he still gave Lu Wancheng a glorious afterlife.

When the news came into the palace, the queen was very sad. The child born to his younger sister who died early did not live through the weak crown in the end. She also thought that her children were far away in other palaces, and it was difficult to see each other. On weekdays, she had to watch other people’s sons have unlimited scenery, which made her more and more sad.

The queen wept secretly in Fengyi palace. She couldn’t get out of the palace, so she had to send her confidant father-in-law to mourn. The emperor sympathized with his subjects, gave him a lot of things to go on, and let Nan’an Marquis rest at ease in the house. As for many matters of the Ministry of household, the prince can take charge of them first.

When Wen Guogong and his wife learned that their grandson had died of illness, they were also filled with tears. When they were old and couldn’t see the sad scene, they chose several competent managers to help their grandson and daughter-in-law take care of their affairs. They know that the grandson cares about the daughter-in-law, otherwise he won’t ask them for people several times, just because he doesn’t want the daughter-in-law to be affected by the housekeeper.

In addition to the Lu clan, most of the people who came to mourn were hundreds of officials in the court and their families. The visitor saw the man’s wife who was personally married by the holy God in the mourning hall. But seeing him kneeling in front of the coffin, he looked indifferent and didn’t shed a tear from beginning to end. In the middle of the mourning hall, there was a big word “dian” with white flags flying, which set off his appearance with a sense of beauty and treachery.

Nanan Marquis house has two young masters in a row in one month. The Lord is ill in bed and the mother is crazy. It is really unimaginable, which has attracted many good people to talk privately: the so-called husband and wife can only be one man and one woman. Two men marry, but they go against the sky. Not to mention the man’s wife’s appearance, a sick child can’t stand it. No, retribution came. It can be seen that what the Nan’an Marquis rushed that day was not joy, but disaster.

There are an endless stream of mourners in the daytime. Only at night can Lin Qingyu find some peace. Hua Lu put the paper money into the brazier while crying. The whole blue wind Pavilion belongs to her most sad cry.

“What can I cry for?” Lin Qingyu said lightly. “I told you earlier that he can’t live in winter.”

Hua Lu cried and became a tearful person: “but… Young gentleman, are you really not sad at all?”

Lin Qingyu was stunned and said, “OK.”

Everything was in his expectation. As early as the first time he saw Lu Wancheng, he knew that he would not live long. There is nothing to be sad about having a year to do psychological preparation.

Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet and felt uncomfortable. He thought for a long time and finally realized what was wrong. He stood up eagerly and said, “you are mistaken.”

“What did you say, young gentleman?”

“His name is not Lu Wancheng.”

Pan Shi and Hua Lu looked at each other. Pan thought that Lin Qingyu had not rested for too long, resulting in unconsciousness. He advised: “young gentleman, why don’t you go back to your room and have a rest? I’ll keep it here.”

Lin Qingyu shook his head and repeated what he had just said: “his name is not Lu Wancheng.”

Pan’s helpless: “his name is not Lu Wancheng. What’s his name?”

Lin Qingyu opened his lips, “his name is Jiang…”

The voice stopped suddenly.

The crying did not stop, sad, intermittent and boring.

Lin Qingyu tried to isolate these sounds. He never forgets what he has seen or heard. As long as that person says it, he will remember it.

However, he thought for a long time, thought that everyone had gone, thought that he was the only one left in the mourning hall, and couldn’t think of the man’s name. He only remembered the man’s improper nonsense on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival:

“My surname is Zhu and my name is Dazhuang. You can call me brother Dazhuang in addition to calling me ‘Wancheng’.”

“Well, well, I won’t tease you. In fact, my last name is Jiang and my name is…”

Lin Qingyu chuckled.

The candlelight reflected his pale and beautiful face. He slowly put away his smile, and then there was no other expression.

So he sat in front of the man’s coffin at dawn.

The time after Lu Wancheng’s death seemed to pass very quickly, but in the blink of an eye, it was his first seven.

It is said that the soul of the deceased will return home on the first seven days to see his relatives for the last time before he can safely reincarnate. On the night of the first seven souls, the family should avoid the spirit and meet the dead in a dream.

Lin Qingyu never believed this, but he went to bed early. I don’t know if he worked too hard these days. He soon fell asleep.

In his sleep, he vaguely heard his name called. The voice is strange, but the tone is very familiar. It is casual with a smile, very like someone.

Lin Qingyu suddenly opened his eyes. He thought he would see Lu Wancheng, but he saw a strange boy.

The young man was tall, with wide shoulders and long legs, dressed in foreign clothes he had never seen before, had clean short hair, his facial features were refined wantonly, his eyebrows and eyes were publicized with laziness and fatigue, and he looked handsome without enough sleep.

The boy sat on the ground against the bed. Seeing that he woke up, he called him with a smile: “Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu stared at him in amazement.

“I didn’t lie to you,” the boy smiled, holding his cheek. “Am I much better looking than Lu Wancheng?”

Lin Qingyu nodded vaguely.

The boy asked again, “is the voice better than him?”

Lin Qingyu nodded again.

The boy grabbed his hand and put it on his lower abdomen: “touch your abdominal muscles.”

The boy only wore a thin dress with short sleeves. Lin Qingyu touched the so-called abdominal muscles, warm and solid, full of vitality, incomparably real.

——Is it a dream? Is this the Lu Wancheng he imagined?

The boy looked at him for a while and sighed, “it’s not easy to meet again. How can you be dull. If you don’t talk, I’ll go.”

In a hurry, Lin Qingyu grabbed the young man’s clothes and said, “where are you going?”

“There is only one road in front of me. I can only go forward. I don’t know where this road leads. Do you remember our code?”

Lin Qingyu immediately recited it.

The boy smiled contentedly and stood up: “I should go.”

Lin Qingyu followed him out of bed and found that the boy was more than half a head taller than him. “Name,” Lin Qingyu asked eagerly, “what’s your name?”

The boy was quiet and suddenly stopped at his waist and picked him up. Lin Qingyu was caught off guard and subconsciously hugged the teenager’s neck. The boy smiled happily: “you are lighter than I thought.”

This man is not allowed to be held by other princesses. It’s so easy for his own princesses to hold others.

Lin Qingyu wanted to ridicule him, and thought that the man was dead. They were in a dream. They swallowed their words back, picked up the important question and asked, “what’s your name? If you don’t tell me, how can I offer you a memorial tablet?”

The boy put him back in bed and knelt in front of the bed on one knee, just as he knelt in front of the wheelchair that day. “If I can come back, I’ll tell you. If I don’t come back, you think I’ve never appeared.”

“No, I want you to tell me now.”

The boy ignored him, turned and walked towards the night, waved his back to him.

Lin Qingyu wanted to catch up, but his feet were like roots. He couldn’t move.


Jiang what?

Lin Qingyu woke up from his dream and saw that the sky was bright and the room was full of hazy light.


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