Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 4

There were so many things on this day that before going to bed, Lin Qingyu found that he had miscalculated – he forgot to ask someone to make a bed in his study. He had planned to stay at his desk in his study for one night, but Lu Wancheng asked Hua Lu to invite him back to his room to sleep.

Lin Qingyu came to the bedroom with a calm face. Lu Wancheng was about to go to bed after drinking his medicine. When he saw him, he smiled and said, “here we are.”

Lin Qingyu asked bluntly, “what do you mean?”

Lu Wancheng wondered, “what do you mean?”

“Didn’t you say we didn’t have to take the marriage seriously?”


“Then why do you want me to come back to sleep?”

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “you misunderstood. I didn’t invite you back to bed to sleep with you…”

The simple and direct words made Lin Qingyu’s face hot: “you are young master Hou men. Can you speak more solemnly?”

Lu Wancheng said seriously, “I didn’t invite you back to bed to sleep with you. After all, you are a man no matter how good-looking you are, and I’m not broken.”

Lin Qingyu took a deep breath and decided not to quarrel with Lu Wancheng: “if you have something to say.”

“I want to rub your luck.” Lu Wancheng thought, “I always feel that my body can relax when I am with you.”

Lin Qingyu said, “are you serious?”

Lu Wancheng nodded, “seriously.”

Lin Qingyu moved his mouth and sneered at a “stupid” word: “I didn’t expect you to believe this.”

He thought Lu Wancheng was different from the others in Nan’an Hou’s house. He thought highly of him.

“I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe it a little.” Lu Wancheng whispered, “Dr. Lin, do you believe that people have three souls and six souls and the cycle of life and death?”

Lin Qingyu said decisively, “don’t believe it.”


“Because I haven’t seen it.”

“But I’ve seen it.”

“That must be your mistake.”

Lu Wancheng said quietly, “Alas, I know no one believes it.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “so, you also believe the ghost of the national teacher?”

If it weren’t for the birthday eight characters taken out by the national teacher, there would be no rush of joy behind. The name of the national teacher is naturally on his revenge list.

“National master…” Lu Wancheng mused, “you remind me that I should meet Dayu, the national master who knows everything from heaven to earth and knows ghosts and gods.”

Lin Qingyu said, “let’s get up from bed first.”

Although the national master was never involved in political affairs, he was also a noble, comparable to the nobles in the sky. He was often called by the emperor to accompany him in the palace. Lu Wancheng only wants to see him.

Lu Wancheng looked back and said, “don’t talk about this first. Dr. Lin, look at the soft cake prepared by Hualu for you.”

“… what?”

Lin Qingyu noticed that the soft bed he slept last night was covered with thick mattresses and quilts, and a soft pillow, just like a small bed.

Lin Qingyu lost his expression for a moment, and he didn’t know whether to praise or scold.

Lu Wancheng said generously, “I don’t mind sleeping with men, but I’m afraid you do.”

When Lin Qingyu left home for school, he traveled with his mentor and sometimes fell asleep with his senior brothers. It’s really nothing to sleep with two bad men, but Lu Wancheng… In the name of his husband, he can’t get along with Lu Wancheng as a normal man.

In any case, sleeping soft is more comfortable than sleeping on a desk. By the way, it can save Liang’s trouble when he knows that he and Lu Wancheng sleep in separate rooms.

Lin Qingyu took his attention and said, “I’ll wash first.”

As the night deepened, the lights in the Marquis house went out one by one. The two newly married men, one sleeping in bed and the other lying on the soft collapse, are separated by a screen embroidered with the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water.

Lu Wancheng sleeps too much in the daytime. He is not sleepy at the moment. He crossed his hands behind his head and chatted with Lin Qingyu: “Dr. Lin, how old are you this year?”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said, “eighteen.”

“In a normal sense, you are probably several months older than me. How about I call you ‘brother Yu’?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “do you have a headache?”

Lu Wancheng felt it: “it doesn’t hurt.”

“I thought you were sick and forgot your age.”

“Hey, how old am I?”

Is this man really stupid or pretending to be stupid.

Before going to bed, he was irritable and should not keep in good health. Lin Qingyu tried to be calm: “nineteen.”

“There is such a good thing?” Lu Wancheng said with a smile. “Then you call me ‘brother Wancheng’.”

Lin Qingyu turned over and left Lu Wancheng only a back of his head: “sleep, little marquis. There’s everything in the dream.”

Lu Wancheng chuckled and said to himself, “such a bad tempered beauty is not the protagonist…”

The night was heavy, and Lin Qingyu was tired physically and mentally, allowing himself to sink into his dream.

Dayu attaches great importance to medicine. In addition to the imperial hospital and imperial medicine bureau in the palace, the imperial medicine department has also been established outside the palace to train and select excellent medical talents. Similar to the imperial examination, the imperial medical department will report an examination every three years. No matter who is born or who is a teacher, as long as they can pass the examination, they can enter the imperial medical department, read the world’s wonderful books, appreciate the world’s precious materials, and work with famous doctors inside and outside the DPRK; Or enter the palace, or write books, or travel to other countries for study.

The imperial medical department is the holy place for doctors. Many people have broken their heads and want to go in. Its assessment and selection are extremely strict. It’s not too much to choose one out of ten thousand. Lin Qingyu is gifted and outstanding. His mentor once asserted that he would win the exam. But he still dared not slack off and prepared for the exam without distractions for three years.

It’s finally the day of the exam. He waited outside the examination room with some classmates. Young people are full of spirit, have a ready mind and talk and laugh. In him, there was no nervousness of others.

The vermilion door of the examination room slowly opened, and Lin Qingyu’s eyes lit up. He walked up the steps step by step towards his ideal sanctuary. He was about to touch the light, and a strange voice stopped him.

It was a man in eunuch clothes. Lin Qingyu can’t see his face clearly. He can only see the bright yellow imperial edict in his hand.

“When the imperial edict arrives, Lin Qingyu takes it -”

Lin Qingyu knelt down to listen to the message. Other candidates seemed not to care about the sudden change. One by one, they entered the examination room and formed a virtual shadow behind Lin Qingyu.

“According to the emperor, Lu Wancheng, the son of Nan’an Marquis, has a noble character, an extraordinary appearance and a weak crown. Today, the imperial hospital judges Lin Zhaoxing’s son as a filial and dignified son. I hereby marry them and marry them on an auspicious day.”

Lin Qingyu looked up in horror. The bright yellow light stabbed him almost blind.

The door of the imperial medical department slammed shut.


Lin Qingyu suddenly woke up from his dream. In the silence, there was only the sound of his breathing.

The heartbeat gradually calmed down, but the depression and unwillingness were like thick inkstones, which could not disperse and melt in his heart.

Dreams are different from reality. In reality, the eunuch who sent the message went directly to Lin’s house, and then he was disqualified from the examination. Before the day of the exam, he became the male wife of Nan’an Hou’s house.

One hour before dawn, Lin Qingyu was sleepless. He fell soft and wanted to pour himself a cup of tea. Suddenly he heard a deliberate groan.

It’s Lu Wancheng’s voice.

Lin Qingyu lit a lamp and walked quickly to the bedside: “little Marquis?”

Lu Wancheng curled up on the bed, his body arched slightly, his eyes closed, his face slightly twisted, and his long hair stuck to his face because of cold sweat.

Lin Qingyu called again, “Lu Wancheng?”

Lu Wancheng opened his eyes and lost his sight: “Dr. Lin?”

“It’s me.”

“Dr. Lin, I feel a little uncomfortable.”

Lin Qingyu explored Lu Wancheng’s pulse and determined that he was guilty of palpitation.

“I know.” Lin Qingyu rarely said gently, “my chest is uncomfortable, isn’t it?”

Lu Wancheng nodded.

“You can bear it. I’ll come as soon as I go.”

Lu Wancheng said weakly, “are you going to get a knife?”

Lin Qingyu said inexplicably, “what am I doing with a knife?”

“Mending knife?”

Lin Qingyu’s tone returned to his usual Indifference: “… I’m not interested in killing.”

However, before his wedding, he did try to drugged Lu Wancheng, making him inhumane. If Lu Wancheng hadn’t performed well on his wedding night, he first proposed not to take the marriage seriously, otherwise Lu Wancheng might have become half a eunuch now.

Lin Qingyu took out a wooden medical box in the box where he put his clothes. There were many of his favorite works, most of which were poisons. Of course, there were also some good medicines to cure diseases and save people.

Lin Qingyu returned to bed with a porcelain vase and an acupuncture bag in his hand. “This is Zhenxin pill, which can relieve your palpitations. Would you like to take it?”

Lu Wancheng said, “get together and eat.”

Lin Qingyu endured the impulse to turn around and leave, picked up Lu Wancheng and fed Zhenxin pill to him: “just in case, I’ll give you two more needles.”

Lu Wancheng seemed to think of the shadow of his youth. Holding his arm, he wanted to get up: “needle?”

“It’s acupuncture!”

“Oh.” Lu Wancheng lay back, “then take it easy.”

Lin Qingyu: “I’m going to work hard.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

Lin Qingyu heaved a sigh. Needling is a delicate job and he must concentrate.

“Dr. Lin, am I going to die again? If you can save me, don’t force it.” Lu Wancheng sighed, “I’ve only slept for a few days and naturally wake up…”

“Shut up.” Lin Qingyu’s forehead was sweating, his eyes were shining, and he focused on putting down the first needle, “I won’t let you die, at least not tonight.”

After taking medicine and needles, Lu Wancheng’s symptoms were relieved and he soon went to sleep. Lin Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief, raised his eyes and looked out of the window. The sky was white with fish belly.

The next day, Lu Wancheng didn’t wake up. Hua Lu was so worried that she couldn’t help exploring his breath. Lin Qingyu said, “if you are really so free, go and sweep the ground in the yard.”

Hua Lu said, “young gentleman, the young master has slept for six hours. Is this really reasonable?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t think so: “the patient slept more.” before Hua Lu could breathe a sigh of relief, he said again: “but he really can sleep too much. He used to lack sleep?”

Hua Lu shook her head: “no, the young master is weak. He lies in bed all year round. He always sleeps when he is sleepy.”

Lin Qingyu felt thoughtful when he heard the speech.

Lu Wancheng didn’t wake up until later. Lin Qingyu was called to bed by him and accepted his thanks: “Doctor Lin, it was lucky to have you last night, otherwise I don’t know how I died.”

When Lin Qingyu saw that he looked good, he was too lazy to show mercy: “naturally, he died of illness.”

“Great kindness, no reward. I’ve decided that I’ll do a hard and troublesome thing for you.”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “you don’t have to. Just say a few words before you go to bed.”

“Hmm?” Lu Wancheng smiled, “is there too much to say…”

When they were talking, Feng Qin came in and said, “young master, young gentleman, three young ladies are coming.”

The “three Miss” in Fengqin’s mouth is Lu Wancheng’s sister. Lin Qingyu hasn’t seen it yet.

Lu Wancheng thought and said slowly, “miss three… What is she doing here?”

Lin Qingyu said, “naturally, I’m here to see a doctor – I won’t disturb your brothers and sisters.”

Lu Wancheng grabbed his sleeve and said, “look at your impatience. I didn’t say I wanted to see her.”

Feng Qin said in surprise, “don’t you see the third young lady? You always have the best relationship. I think the third young lady also brought her own knee pads, which must be given to the young master. She also came once yesterday. When she learned that the young master was asleep, she went back first.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t like the people in Nan’an Hou mansion, but Lu Wancheng is not him. My sister came to visit me several times. As a brother, I can’t turn a blind eye.

Lin Qingyu said, “if you don’t see her this time, she will come again next time. Your sister, what are you hiding from?”

“I didn’t hide. I just didn’t bother to pretend to be false to them.” Lu Wancheng thought a little and said, “otherwise, Fengqin, if you answer, let her think I’m dead.”

With that, Lu Wancheng turned inside and left the others a lonely and stubborn figure.


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