Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 40

Lin Qingyu sat in bed for a long time. For a moment, he couldn’t tell the dream from the present world. He looked at his hand blankly, as if he could recall the touch of the boy’s lower abdomen, but he couldn’t remember the face of the man in his dream.

He only remembered that the man was taller than his familiar Lu Wancheng, was “handsome”, had a better voice, and could easily pick him up. And… What else.

His memory of the youth seemed to be covered with a veil. No matter how hard he tried, he could only see a faint outline.

Flower dew brought hot water to wash him. He asked, “did you dream of him last night?”

Hualu’s eyes were red again and shook her head.

Lin Qingyu slowly closed his palm and said, “he’s back.”

“What did the young master say to the young gentleman?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “he is the same as before. He doesn’t mention business and talks useless nonsense.”

He wouldn’t even tell him his name. It’s too beast. He should be hung up and beaten up.

But even if it is nonsense, the atmosphere of the dream is still warm and nostalgic. Unfortunately, as soon as the dream wakes up, there is nothing left.

Lin Qingyu began to pick up Lu Wancheng’s relics one after another and choose some as funerary objects,

There were too many things. He first asked the flower dew to screen out the things that Lu Wancheng had used in the past year. Others that were too long can be disposed of at will.

Worn clothes, worn jade crowns, used bowls and chopsticks, played pots, read books, played… Birds.

In the first half of the year, Lu Wancheng was not too poor. He collected a lot of strange things and raised thrush and Starling. Later, his health gradually deteriorated, and the thrush starling died. Lu Wancheng personally supported the two birds and sent them on their way humming a happy song. He said what the song was called, and asked him if he wanted to learn. He could teach him. When he died, he would let the fierce people play the song with suona and carry the coffin to send him away.

At that time, I didn’t care about Lu Wancheng at all. I let him say something outrageous in his ear and didn’t want to give him a straight eye. Fortunately, he remembered people. Even if he didn’t care at that time, he can recall many details now.

Lu Wancheng likes to have fun without moving much. One day, he said on a whim that he wanted to know how Dayu people depilated the sheep, so he asked the steward to bring a sheep from Chuang Tzu and cut all the sheep’s hair in front of him.

“If I were that sheep, I would be very shy,” said Lu Wancheng, lying in the recliner.

This recliner is also Lu Wancheng’s favorite. He likes to lie in the sun, stagger, squint, like a lazy cat.

Lin Qingyu, like late Cheng, lay down in the recliner, picked up the script next to him and read it.

He was deeply impressed by this story book, a collection of folk detective cases. Lu Wancheng circled the murderer’s name on the third page, so he couldn’t read it. He wrote a word “roll” to Lu Wancheng and never looked through the book again. He did not expect that Lu Wancheng replied to him in his book.

“This man is the murderer.”

“Get out.”

“Finally, Dr. Lin was caught! Sorry, I’ll kowtow to you.”

Lin Qingyu looked at someone’s scribbled handwriting and bent his mouth.

Lu Wancheng is always like this. He first makes people speechless, and then quickly and sincerely apologizes, which makes people unable to get popular.

At that time, Lu Wancheng was a real dandy. He ate and drank all day and refused to get up in bed. Since when did he become deep and devoted?

A slight dull pain came from his chest. Lin Qingyu closed the script and still couldn’t shed tears.

Maybe what he lost is what he shouldn’t have.

In the study, Lin Qingyu found Lu Wancheng’s last pen a month ago. In his letter, he said that all the dowry left by Wen’s biological mother was left to Lin’s widow. Secondly, I hope my grandfather will speak to the queen. Now that he is dead, the man and wife should be so happy that they can let Lin go to Lin’s house. From then on, marriage and funeral are irrelevant.

When Wen got married, Duke Wen prepared ten li of red makeup for him. Twenty years later, he hardly touched it, which is comparable to the property of the whole Lin family.

In addition, after Lu Wancheng left, Zhang Shiquan also settled an account with Lin Qingyu. Since taking over the affairs of the Hou house, Zhang Shiquan quietly transferred most of the land titles of the Hou house, biezhuang and the shop to Lin Qingyu.

Lu Wancheng said on their wedding night that when he died, he would let him go back to Lin’s house with his inheritance.

Lu Wancheng didn’t lie to him.

The only thing left was that Lu Wancheng didn’t make up his mind before he died. “Young gentleman, I don’t know about Xuzhou’s private salt. In your opinion, what should I do now?”

Lin Qingyu wanted to use this to make Liang submit. By the way, after using Lu Niantao, he pulled him off his horse. If Lu Niantao really becomes a high-ranking imperial concubine and gives birth to a prince in the future, it won’t do him any good. Unfortunately, before he started, the mother and daughter died by themselves.

However, in a year, the death of Nan’an Hou’s house, crazy and sick, is already at stake. Now only waiting for Nan’an hou can’t make it. At least he will return to his hometown, or at least he will be ill. How can he do it.

It’s boring.

“Pick yourself up first and let them continue to make trouble,” Lin Qingyu said. “You may need it in the future.”

Zhang Shiquan respectfully said, “yes.”

“Young master,” Huan Tong hurried into the room, “the prince is coming. The Marquis asked you to get ready to pick him up.”

The emperor and empress all expressed their opinions on Lu Wancheng’s death. As a prince, Xiao Cheng naturally can’t neglect it. He can personally come to the house to express his condolences, which can be regarded as a face for Nan’an Hou.

Lin Qingyu knew there would be such a day: “I know. I’ll change my clothes and go.”

Nan’an Hou was supported by pan and greeted at the gate of Hou’s house. Lin Qingyu and other clan children stood behind. Nan’an Hou thought that the prince would come to the house to mourn with his concubine, but only the prince came.

Xiao Cheng exchanged greetings with Nan’an Hou and said nothing more than polite official words like “I wanted to come to your house to see my cousin off early in the morning. How can I think that the government is busy and I can get away today.”

The elder is getting older. After the cold in autumn, the dragon’s body is much worse than before. In order to stabilize the dynasty, the crown prince has to assist the country. Xiao Cheng took over the Ministry of household from Nan’an Hou again. It can be said that it is at the height of the sun and is in the limelight.

Nan’an Hou now has only one daughter. He can’t help but ask about the recent situation of the side imperial concubine. Xiao Cheng only wrote lightly: “Lu’s body is ill and it is inconvenient for her to leave the palace. The orphan Association will offer three incense sticks for her cousin.”

Lin Qingyu looked behind Xiao Cheng. When Chu Jun left the palace, except for the coachman’s entourage, he only took two bodyguards. With Xiao Cheng’s paranoia, she would never be so careless about her own safety. She must have hidden a lot of his shadow guards in places invisible to others.

Marquis Nan’an invited Xiao Cheng into the house. Xiao Cheng walked past Lin Qingyu’s face and provoked a smile.

Lin Qingyu took the lead in looking away. He is not afraid to look at Xiao Cheng, but if he is oiled by Xiao Cheng now, no one can save his eyes.

The party arrived at the mourning hall. As the widow of Lu Wancheng, Lin Qingyu lit six incense sticks and gave them to Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Cheng took the incense and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “xiaoqingyu, you are thin.”

Lin Qingyu looked numb, as if he hadn’t heard.

Xiao Cheng looked at Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet and slowly laughed: “Gu still remembers that his cousin once said that as long as he didn’t say it was over, nothing would end. But now? He is lying in the coffin and his soul is returning to the West. The person standing in front of Xiao Qingyu is Gu – it’s rare that it’s not over yet?”

Lin Qingyu’s heart moved.

Yes, as long as that person doesn’t say it’s over, nothing will end.

He braced himself and said, “Your Highness has heard rumors about me.”


“I married Lu Wancheng, and the Nan’an Hou’s house was plagued by disasters. It can be seen that the man’s wife is not right.”

“Did xiaoqingyu misunderstand something?” Xiao Cheng smiled with evil spirit. “How can Gu marry a male wife? What Gu wants is just your face.”

Lin Qingyu lifted his eyelashes: “Your Highness… What do you want?”

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Cheng bowed slightly three times to Lu Wancheng’s memorial seat. It seems to be offering incense devoutly, but it says insulting words to the widow of the dead, “only by hunting patiently can we eat the most delicious prey.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyelashes dropped back again, and his hand reached into his sleeve, as if to pull out something. A white light flashed before Xiao Cheng’s eyes. Before he realized what had happened, a figure rushed out from nowhere and stood in front of him.

Lin Qingyu felt a sharp pain on his wrist and was knocked back for several steps, which calmed him down. Then a long sword was put around his neck.

A vigil maid screamed and was soon covered in her mouth. The sudden change made the people present bleary. There was a strong young man in black in the mourning hall, holding a long sword, looking at Lin Qingyu without expression.

Compared with Lin Qingyu, young people are very ordinary in both appearance and body shape. They will be submerged in the crowd. But at the moment, as long as he waved gently, Lin Qingyu’s blood could be splashed on the spot.

Lin Qingyu whispered, “Shen Huai knows?”

Surprise flashed in the youth’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Cheng said displeased. “What are you doing suddenly?”

The young man was concise and comprehensive: “there is a sharp object hidden in Lin Shaojun’s sleeve.”

Everyone took a breath. Assassinating Chu Jun is a great crime for the whole family.

“Oh?” Xiao Cheng narrowed her eyes dangerously. “What stupid thing does Lin Shaojun want to do in front of your husband’s spirit?”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “Lord dark Wei misunderstood.” he took out what was hidden in his sleeve, but it was just a woman’s step. “This is a relic of the little marquis. I always carry it with me after the little Marquis left. I have developed the habit of playing with it in my hand from time to time. Unexpectedly, such misunderstandings will occur. I hope your highness will forgive me.”

Xiao Cheng looked at Lin Qingyu, and the rest were afraid to go out until he said, “get back.”

The young man immediately put away his sword, lowered his eyes and said, “my subordinates deserve to die.”

After this little storm, Xiao Cheng really didn’t stay long. Lin Qingyu put Bu Yao into the funerary objects and let it sleep with Lu Wancheng, lest Lu Wancheng have nothing to turn around in another world.

After the funeral, it is buried. The Lu family’s ancestral grave is in Lin’an. Lu baishuo specially rushed to the capital from his hometown in order to send Lu Wancheng back to his roots. As a survivor, Lin Qingyu should go with Lu baishuo and send Lu Wancheng on his last trip.

As the new year approaches, Lin Qingyu plans to start south after the new year. On New Year’s Eve, Nan’an Hou’s house did not stick Spring Festival couplets, set off firecrackers, or visit relatives and friends. Although Lin Qingyu misses his parents and younger brothers, he stays in the Marquis house for the new year in order not to let them suffer too much criticism.

He gave the servants of the blue wind pavilion a holiday and spent a simple year with Huan Tong. Huan Tong cooked a pot of dumplings. The master and servant were eating and welcomed a guest.

Hu Ji is alone in the capital. When the whole family is reunited, he will inevitably feel lonely. He first went to Lin’s house. Lin’s mother left him for dinner and said that if he had nothing to do, he could go to Nan’an Hou’s house. So Hu Ji came and brought some cakes made by Lin’s mother.

Lin Qingyu thanked him and asked, “how’s mother?”

Hu Ji said, “Shiniang is all right. She is worried about the young gentleman and the court judge who is far away in Yongliang.”

Lin Qingyu frowned. It has been a long time since the news of Yongliang returned to Beijing, and no new news has come yet. The war continued in the northwest. General Gu’s life and death were uncertain, and his father didn’t know when he would come back.

When Hu Ji heard that Lin Qingyu was going south, he was worried and said, “the epidemic in the south is booming. Young gentleman, be careful.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “yes.”

Hu Ji sat down for a while and got up to leave. When Lin Qingyu sent him out of the house, he looked up and saw thousands of lights and stars.

Therefore, the year is over tonight and the new year will come tomorrow.

After that night, the soul of the young man surnamed Jiang never dreamed again.


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