Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 41

On the third day of the lunar new year, Lin Qingyu, with Huan Tong and several guards, sailed south with Lu baishuo. It takes as long as a month to walk from the capital to Lin’an by water. He probably can only spend the Shangyuan Festival on the road.

Even though this trip is a funeral, Lin Qingyu has not wronged himself. He rented two two-story ships, one of which was specially used to park Lu Wancheng’s coffin.

At the moment, when visiting relatives and friends during the Chinese new year, the ferry in the capital was noisy. Lin Qingyu helped Huan Tong on board. Huan Tong overlooks the place where the river meets the sky and sighs: “a few years ago, the young master left Beijing to study and walked the waterway for a long time. I’m most afraid of taking a boat.”

The ferry is still this ferry, and the person is still this person. What has changed is just the state of mind. Lin Qingyu remembered that Huan Tong would get seasick: “no, if you’d better go back to Lin’s house.”

“How can I do that?” Huan Tong said firmly, “I’ll follow you wherever the young master goes.”

The man carried his coffin onto the boat. Lu Wancheng could sit or lie down. He went out only a few times a year. He was tired of traveling far away. He said it was too much to kill him. Lu Wancheng once said that only when he was crazy would he come out to find guilt. Unexpectedly, he had to follow him all the way when he finally died.

When everything was ready, the boatman pulled out the anchor and set sail. The ship was off the shore. The voice died down and the vision became wider.

Just after the tide has receded, the river is calm and windless, with fog, fresh water and broad clouds. When the water is paved in the Chaoyang, it can also be half River rustling and half river red.

“Isn’t the river view good?” Lin Qingyu wiped out Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet. “If you can come back, don’t be too lazy and go out often.”

What else does Lin Qingyu want to say? When he sees the words “Lu Wancheng’s tomb” on the memorial tablet, he always feels a little against it. Since I saw the boy in strange clothes in my dream, he would have this sense of disobedience when he looked at Lu Wancheng’s coffin.

Lu Wancheng is already dead, but the man may not be.

Taking a boat all the way south, the surrounding scenery changed constantly, from the plain in the north to the mountains in the south. A few days later, he stopped at Xunyang ferry for a short time.

The epidemic is rampant in Hongzhou. Their ship will not stay in Hongzhou at that time, so they have to replenish supplies in Xunyang, a day’s water away from Hongzhou.

Lu baishuo asked Lin Qingyu if he wanted to go ashore: “I heard that Xunyang’s tea cakes are unique. Would Lin Shaojun like to try them?”

Lin Qingyu was not very interested and said, “no, I’ll wait for you on the ship.”

“Then I’ll buy some for you to bring back.” Lu baishuo said, “it should be the return gift of the ‘sudden death of the muddy sheep…” when he went to Beijing to visit his relatives that day, Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng invited him to eat this dish, “hiss, look at my mouth.”

Lu baishuo consciously slipped his tongue. He shouldn’t have said this in front of Lin Qingyu. Old friends are gone. Recalling the past will only increase sadness, especially in front of the dead’s first wife.

Fortunately, Lin Qingyu didn’t have any special reaction: “then please bother the sixth young master to buy one more and let Wancheng taste it.”

Huan Tong is very seasick and wants to go down and relax. Lin Qingyu said, “just in time, you go to the city to find a fierce shop and let the store make a memorial tablet temporarily. You don’t need to be too exquisite. You can use it.”

Huan Tong thought that the young master was going to set up an additional memorial tablet for the young Marquis and asked, “are those words engraved on the memorial tablet?”

“No, just engrave…” Lin Qingyu pondered, pondered, and then pondered, “engrave the five words’ tomb of Jiang Dazhuang ‘.”

Huan Tong was puzzled: “who is Jiang Dazhuang?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “an animal.”

Lu’s boat stopped in Xunyang for half a day, passed Hongzhou and continued to go south. Seeing that Lin’an will arrive in a few days, Lu baishuo and Huan Tong have been seriously ill one after another.

The two patients were as like as two peas. The first was fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and it was not long before they began to blister. A boatman escaped from Hongzhou. At first glance, he knew that they were infected with the epidemic.

“Xunyang is only a day or two away from Hongzhou, and there are many people fleeing from Hongzhou in the city. Although the government checked them one by one when they entered the city, it is inevitable that someone got sick and mixed in. The two masters are afraid that they got sick in Xunyang.” the boatman covered his nose with his hands and was far away from them, “Officials don’t think I’m ugly. If I get this disease, I can only listen to fate. If my life is hard, I can get better. If my life is bad, it’s useless for me to come.”

In the cabin, Lu baishuo and Huan Tong were burning vaguely. After only one day, they were unconscious, and blisters spread from their bodies to their necks.

Lin Qingyu wanted to feel the pulse for them, but was stopped by the boatman: “officials can’t use it. This disease will surpass others!”

Lin Qingyu opened the medical box sent by Lu Wancheng and said, “just stay away.”

Hu Ji reminded Lin Qingyu early in the morning that Lin Qingyu had been prepared for the epidemic, but he didn’t expect the epidemic to come so quickly and in such a hurry. He covered his mouth and nose with cotton yarn and asked the rest of the ship to do so. At the next ferry, he asked others to get off the ship to buy Herbs for him, while he stayed on the ship to take care of the patients.

Huan Tong had just vomited for a round. He was rarely sober. Seeing that Lin Qingyu wanted to give himself a needle, he hurriedly said, “young master, don’t come here!”

Lin Qingyu pressed his shoulder and didn’t let him move. He asked, “do you believe me?”

Huan Tong nodded with red eyes: “young master is the best doctor in the world.”

“In addition to my father and teacher,” Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll try to use some medicine for you. Don’t be afraid. They are mild and good medicine. Even if they don’t work, they won’t hurt your body.”

“Use it freely, young master. I believe you…”

Lin Qingyu applied medicine powder to the two people and personally prepared medicine for them. He was not sure. He could only take a step by step and add or delete medicine according to their situation at any time.

When the epidemic suddenly broke out last year, he wrote to his mentor. In the letter, his mentor said a lot about the epidemic, from which he got some inspiration, and the medicine was quite handy.

Under his careful care, within a few days, Huan Tong and Lu baishuo subsided their fever. After the blisters broke, they scabbed one after another, and there was no sign of continuing to get up. They stayed in bed for another two days, just like nothing. They left a lot of scars on their bodies. Fortunately, they didn’t hurt their face.

Lu baishuo was grateful and called Lin Qingyu his reborn parents. Lin Qingyu said, “parents are exempted. If you can, the sixth young master will find someone to send a letter back to Beijing for me and give it to Hu Ji and doctor Hu.”

He wrote all the prescriptions he gave them into the letter, hoping to help the imperial medical department.

With such a delay, they could only survive this year’s Lantern Festival on the boat. The boatman stopped the boat at the City Gate Ferry, and Lin Qingyu climbed to the second floor. The Spring River tide vaguely showed the flaming trees and silver flowers in the city, which reminded him of the man’s smiling eyes when he looked at him.

“Young master, look!”

Lin Qingyu looked in the direction of Huan Tong’s finger and saw a lotus lamp floating down the river from the city, like stars. Lin Qingyu looked at it for a while and said, “do we have any wine?”

At the other end, Lu baishuo woke up from a nap. He didn’t see the master and servant of the Lin family, so he went to the deck to look for someone. In the frosty moonlight, a man in white sat in the wind, his long hair tied with silk sashes fluttered like ink, his clothes were like snow, and his face when he raised his neck to drink was three times better than the moonlight.

For a moment, Lu baishuo thought he had seen a fairy. He didn’t come back until the boatman saw him in a daze and called out “senior officials”.

“Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu took the hand of the wine pot and suddenly got up to look back. At the moment when he saw Lu baishuo, the light in his eyes quickly faded.

Lu baishuo was at a loss: “Doctor Lin?”

After learning Lin Qingyu’s medical skills, Lu baishuo felt that the title “doctor” was more suitable for him than “young gentleman”. On that day, Lin Qingyu married into the Hou’s house for joy, which was really a waste of talents.

Lin Qingyu converged and said, “nothing.”

On the first night of this year, the moon and lights remain the same.

A third of his hundred day agreement with the man has passed.

When Lin’an arrived, Lu baishuo took care of many things about the burial, so Lin Qingyu didn’t have to worry about them. The Lu family’s collateral branch in his hometown wanted to see what was going on when he learned that the male wife of his family was coming. Unfortunately, Lin Qingyu didn’t give them a chance. He didn’t even enter the Lu family’s ancestral house and lived in an inn outside. He didn’t show up until the day Lu Wancheng was buried.

He looked at Lu Wancheng’s burial in the Lu family’s ancestral grave without expression. The side branches were crying. Some people didn’t even see Lu Wancheng’s face. He was so calm that many people talked about him later, as if he didn’t show a little sadness, so he sat down and confirmed his rumors.

However, it was Lu Wancheng who was buried. What happened to Guan surnamed Jiang? Jiang only borrowed this body for a year. He personally worked hard for so long. It can be regarded as paying off the debt for Jiang.

At the spring equinox in February, Lin Qingyu finally returned to the capital. Lu Wancheng’s funeral came to an end. It was time for him to go back to Nan’an Hou’s house to prepare for his separation.

As soon as Lin Qingyu’s front foot arrived at Nan’an Hou’s house, Hu Ji’s back foot found it and excitedly told him two good news.

First, his prescription for epidemic diseases did have miraculous effects. After a slight improvement by the imperial medical department, it was distributed to the 19 prefectures of Dayu. The epidemic was gradually controlled by the imperial court and had a tendency to stop.

Second, in the northwest frontier, general Gu Fuzhou was about to die. Somehow, he suddenly came back to life and carried it for two more days. In these two days, the forest court finally found a way to solve the Xixia strange poison. Now the remaining poison of Gu Fuzhou has been cleared, so he can recover by resting.

“It’s said that after general Gu woke up, he regarded the court judge as a reborn parent and insisted on recognizing him as a godfather. The court judge pushed him several times without results, so he had to take him as an adopted son.” Hu Ji said with a smile, “in this way, isn’t the young gentleman a righteous brother of general Gu?”


Somehow, Lin Qingyu felt a subtle sense of familiarity. In any case, these two things were really good. He sighed with relief after a long absence and said, “since general Gu is safe, should my father return to Beijing?”

“It should be so.” Hu Ji said happily, “Lin Shaojun, you know, the holy Master heard that he is the son of the Lin court. The wife of the young Marquis of Nan’an has prepared a prescription for the epidemic and told you to enter the palace to face the holy man.”


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