Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 42

A few days later, the holy will came from the palace and xuanlin Qingyu came to the palace for an audience.

With the relationship of the queen, Lin Qingyu is also related to the emperor. However, he had no official position and had to enter the palace as a common people this time.

Hua Lu specially chose a dark coat of Ji color and wore it on Lin Qingyu, as elegant and clear as the clear sky after the rain. Lin Qingyu thought of his first visit to the palace and thanked the queen. Before leaving, Jiang did not want to ask him why and what did Jiang say?

——”I’m afraid you’ll be liked by the greasy man of the prince. Oh, besides the prince, the emperor should guard against it. Old men like young and beautiful ones.”

Xiao Cheng has been named Jiang. Will the emperor also

Lin Qingyu said, “if you don’t wear this one, take the big purple deep coat.”

Hua Lu was surprised and said, “what you said was the one you made last year?” she remembered that you didn’t like big purple. At that time, the young master also said that this color was so earthy that it hurt her eyes, so she hurried to take it and press the bottom of the box.


“But the young gentleman is still in filial piety. It’s better to dress plain.”

“No harm.”

Lin Qingyu changed into a purple suit, but looking at his figure and face, he was still eye-catching. This was the limit he could do. There is also a risk of being punished for misbehaving when facing saints.

Lin Qingyu followed the xuanren’s father-in-law into the palace and walked all the way to the hall of diligence.

“The emperor is discussing business with the prince,” said the head of the qinzheng hall fairly. “Lin Shaojun, please wait here for a moment.”

The headmaster’s father-in-law is Xue Ying. He has served the emperor for many years. Even the queen wants to give him some face. Lin Qingyu nodded, “thank you, father-in-law.”

Xue Ying is an old man in the palace. The beauty of the harem is 3000. He has never seen any beauty. But the first sight of the newly widowed Lin Shaojun was still amazing. Dayu’s masculinity prevails. There are also several men with different styles in the emperor’s harem, but compared with Lin Shaojun, it’s obviously not enough to see. But the emperor has good taste and prefers light beauty like lotus in clear water. Lin Shaojun wears such vulgar clothes, that is, his face. If someone else changes, how can he ascend the hall of elegance.

“Wait a moment”, Lin Qingyu waited for more than half an hour, and finally waited until Xiao Cheng came out of it. When Xiao Cheng saw Lin Qingyu, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes: “Why are you here?”

Xue Ying explained, “Your Highness, Lin Shaojun has made meritorious contributions to the prescription for epidemic diseases. The emperor will reward him personally.”

“Oh?” Xiao Cheng raised one eyebrow and turned around Lin Qingyu for half a circle. “Gu thought you had nothing but this face. I didn’t expect you to have such talent. It’s worthy of Gu’s fancy…” Xiao Cheng came to Lin Qingyu’s ear and the ending sound turned, “Xiao Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu took a half step back and successfully avoided Xiao Cheng’s breath: “in front of the hall of diligence, I hope your highness will respect herself.”

Xiao Cheng smiled as if she had nothing to say: “I’m lonely, but how can I not respect myself if I say hello to my cousin?”

Xue Ying saw that the atmosphere between the two was wrong and smiled: “Your Highness, have you ever heard that the Lin court sentenced general Gu to be an adopted son? It’s a good blessing for Shaojun Lin to have such an adopted brother as general Gu.”

It is worthy of being a human spirit in the palace. Two or three words will resolve the deadlock. Gu Fuzhou holds 300000 military power. He is the first military general and has great prestige in the army. Jiang once said that before Xiao Cheng completely fell in love with Shen Huaizhi, the most important thing was his crown prince. As long as Xiao Cheng has a brain, she won’t be unable to get along with Gu Fuzhou for a double.

Sure enough, Xiao Cheng’s eyes at him converged a lot. “Gu Fuzhou…” Xiao Cheng licked the tip of her teeth and said with deep meaning, “the Lin family will find their own backers. Unfortunately, today is different from the past, even Gu Fuzhou may not be reliable.”

Xiao Cheng said that and left. A little eunuch came out of the hall of diligence and said, “Lin Shaojun, please.”

The emperor was not confused when he was old. His body was good and bad. After reading the memorials for half a day and discussing with the crown prince for an hour, he was already unable to do what he wanted, but Lin, who was equipped with the prescription for epidemic diseases, still wanted to see him. Generally speaking, Lin’s credit can even be compared with Gu Fuzhou’s, one for settling in for him and the other for hustling out for him.

The emperor rubbed his forehead wearily and saw a young man in purple come in and kneel down in front of him: “grass people Lin Qingyu, see your majesty.”


Lin Qingyu stood up, lowered her eyebrows and eyes, stood in the dark, as if she didn’t dare to look directly at the holy face. As soon as the emperor saw his clothes, he didn’t bother to look at him again: “I heard from the imperial medical department that you deserve the prescription for the epidemic?”

Lin Qingyu drooped his eyes and said, “yes, but the grass people were also instructed by their mentor, so they could make a prescription in a short time.”

The emperor also thought Lin Qingyu was too young. Practitioners focus on experience and qualifications. “Where is your mentor now?”

“My mentor travels all over the world. He has no fixed place and his whereabouts are uncertain. The grass people don’t know where he is.”

“Your mentor seems to be an expert in the world. Of course, you can’t let him down.” the emperor said, “your father just pulled general Gu back from the gate of hell for me. You saved thousands of people. Indeed, you are a tiger father without a dog son.”

“The holy fallacy praises, and the grass people are terrified.”

The Emperor didn’t want to waste too much time on Lin Qingyu: “you have made great contributions to the epidemic. After that, what reward do you want?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes flashed and said, “the grass people… Want to be able to walk freely in the imperial medical department, work with famous doctors all over the world, read all the medical books in the world, and make a modest contribution to your Majesty’s future.”

“Oh?” the emperor’s tone was somewhat similar to that of Xiao Cheng. “I didn’t expect you to have this ambition.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t want official positions and money. As long as he has the qualification to go in and out of the imperial medical department, the emperor looks at him with admiration: “you are a talented man, but you have married a man as a man’s wife, which is inconvenient to appear in public.”

Lin Qingyu knelt down again: “the young Marquis of Nan’an died of illness. The grass people have done their duty as a wife. I hope your majesty will think twice.”

“The queen asked me for your marriage with Lu Wancheng at the beginning. A few days ago, the queen also mentioned it. After all, the male wife violates the ancestral system, and the Nan’an Marquis house has suffered a lot of disasters. The queen wants to let you go back to the Lin house…” the emperor thought a little and said, “just, the hero doesn’t ask the source. I promise you that you are a seven grade doctor and can walk freely in the imperial medical department.”

Lin Qingyu kowtowed to the Emperor: “minister, kowtow to the emperor.”

Lin Qingyu walked out of the hall of diligence and suddenly wanted to laugh. He didn’t take the exam of the imperial medical department last year, and he didn’t have to wait for three years, so he realized his ambition.

It’s ridiculously easy.

Since Lu Wancheng’s death, he seems to have changed his fortune: he has Wanguan family property, restored his freedom, inexplicably added a powerful and powerful adoptive brother, and finally joined the imperial medical department where he had been thinking for a long time.

Yes… Is it the soul of the man who doesn’t know where to protect him.

“Congratulations to Doctor Lin,” Xue Ying said with a smile. “I hope Doctor Lin will take care of us slaves in the future.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “Duke Xue is polite. It’s me who needs care.”

After entering the palace, his hand can finally reach the east palace.

Lin Qingyu follows the eunuch who leads the way out of the palace. He happens to meet Hu Ji when he is on duty and is ready to go back to the house. The two walked together. When Hu Ji heard that Lin Qingyu had promoted zhengqipin doctor, he said happily, “in this way, Doctor Lin and I will be colleagues in the future.”

“Sort of.”

“By the way, did Dr. Lin hear about general Gu?”

Seeing that Hu Ji’s face was somewhat strange, Lin Qingyu seemed to want to laugh and felt that he shouldn’t laugh. Lin Qingyu asked, “why?”

“I just met the little pine nut serving tea in the hall of diligence. He told me this interesting story.” Hu Ji said, “it’s not completely interesting. The Holy Lord is worried about it.”

Hu Ji was promoted by imperial concubine Chen and the crown prince. He has a certain position in Taiyuan hospital. According to his qualifications, he can diagnose the pulse and see a doctor for the empress concubine. But as before, he had no adult airs at all. No matter the eunuch, the maid in waiting or the guard Mammy, he will try his best to treat him as long as he sees a doctor.

In the palace, the slave’s life is the least valuable. Hu Ji intended to cure the sick and save people, and inadvertently bought a large number of people’s hearts. Therefore, he was very popular in the palace. Even the people around the holy emperor were willing to disclose some non confidential information to him.

If you can use the word “interesting”, it will not be a big event. It is probably that the brainless concubine in the harem competed for favor and made a joke. Lin Qingyu didn’t care much. He asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Today, the memorial of General Zhao Mingwei, the Deputy General of the Western army, was sent to the holy desk.”

The Western army was the army that Dayu fought with Xixia in Yongliang. According to Dayu’s military law, those who fight abroad are not allowed to contact the outside world without permission. When the situation is severe, they can’t even write family letters to avoid divulging military aircraft. Violators, regardless of their status, will be dealt with by military law. It can be said that the only connection between Yongliang and Beijing is the Zhang long case on the top of the hall of diligence. If Lin Qingyu wants to know about his father, he can only rely on Hu Ji to ask the eunuch of the qinzheng hall.

“But what happened to Yongliang?”

Hu Ji knew what Lin Qingyu was worried about and said, “don’t worry, doctor Lin. the Western army won a great victory over the Western Xia army under the leadership of general Gu not long ago. The court ruled that everything would be well. General Zhao played to impeach general Gu.”

General Zhao followed Gu Fuzhou for several years and was loyal to him. How could a good man suddenly impeach him after winning the war. “Why did he impeach general Gu?”

Hu Ji couldn’t help laughing: “He said that general Gu loved to stay in bed and it was a disaster to get up early every day to discuss the important affairs of military aircraft. Finally, the generals had to discuss the important affairs of military aircraft in front of his bed. General Gu also thought that the discussion time was too long and asked them to wash up and go to bed early. He said that this was the way to conserve their energy. Recently, the enemy raided at night and came to the city. General Gu was half asleep and half awake when he was in a daze Go to the city gate and command the whole army to defend the city. Although our army won a great victory under his leadership, it was really… Inconvenient to see. ”

Lin Qingyu: “… What are these? What did the holy master say?”

“The holy master has not yet made a decision. General Gu himself handed in a note. He said that he had gone through hell because of poisoning. He has seen through the world of mortals. His body and state of mind are much worse than before, and he is unable to kill the enemy for Dayu. Let him continue to command the three armies, ranging from delaying the military plane to harming the country. He is now 30 years old. He doesn’t want to lose his life at night. I hope the holy master will think of him Thanks to his hard work in the past, Hu Jiyue was allowed to return to Beijing to be an idle rich man. “Hu Jiyue felt more and more incredible. Naturally, these are not the original words written by Gu Fuzhou in the memorial. Xiao Songzi of the hall of diligence added his personal style to the narration, but the general meaning is not wrong. “General Gu also recommended General Zhao in the memorial to take over the post of general Zheng Xi, and repeatedly begged the holy emperor to allow him to return to Beijing immediately.”

Gu Fuzhou joined the army at the age of 14. When he became famous in World War I at the age of 16, Lin Qingyu was only four years old. It can be said that Lin Qingyu grew up listening to Gu Fuzhou’s deeds. Although he was a doctor, he also yearned for cutting generals and cutting flags on the battlefield and making achievements. There are few people who can get his admiration and respect. Gu Fuzhou is one.

What Hu Ji said was like what a serious general would say.

Lin Qingyu was silent for a long time and couldn’t help saying, “you really mean general Gu Fuzhou?”

Hu Ji said, “the court judge once said that it is common for a person to have a great change of mind after surviving by chance if he has personally experienced the front line of life and death. Maybe general Gu really sees it and wants to return to Beijing to enjoy peace and happiness.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “maybe.”

The author has something to say: salted fish attack: it’s really difficult for me to fight.


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