Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 43

After receiving the emperor’s order, Lin Qingyu didn’t delay any longer. When he returned to the Hou’s house, he began to pack up his things and prepare to make a formal distinction with the Nan’an Hou’s house.

When he married in, he only brought clothes and medical books, plus a happy pupil. When he left, he took them away. The rest was the family property he robbed with the man: the silver was stored in the bank and changed into silver notes; Antique calligraphy and paintings, fields, shops, house deeds, and Wen’s dowry will all be taken away.

Several managers have been counting for more than half a day. There are too many things. Lin Qingyu looked at the man loading boxes of things, and his heart felt a trace of revenge.

Of course he can’t use so much money. His parents are not extravagant people, and he doesn’t need much money himself. But he would rather give the money to the beggars on the roadside than leave it to Nan’an Hou’s house.

The man gave him these possessions. Why didn’t he take them.

Pan has been working for Lin Qingyu and has been in charge of his family for so long. Naturally, he is aware of his family property. She watched the blue wind Pavilion almost empty, and more than half of the things in the warehouse were missing, but she remained silent all the time. At this moment, the population of Lu’s branch has withered and the incense has been cut off. There is only one serious master of Nan’an Hou in such a large Hou house. Even if there is more money, what’s the use. She has dismissed the servants who served Liang and her children before. It won’t cost much money to raise the rest. Lin Qingyu didn’t empty the Hou’s house, but left them some fields and shops. Even relying on these, she could have enough food and clothing for the rest of her life.

On the day Lin Qingyu left, pan went to the blue wind pavilion to see him off.

“Young gentleman… No, I should call you Dr. Lin.” Pan smiled gently. “I wish Dr. Lin all the best in the future and become a famous doctor who can help the world like Lin Yuan’s judgment.”

I’m afraid it’s a little difficult. With his vengeance and narrow-minded, how can he become like his father.

“Thank you very much.” Lin Qingyu said, “I let Zhang Shiquan stay in the Hou house. He is a useful man. If you don’t dislike him, you can let him continue to help with the family.”

Even if others leave, they also want to leave a hand in Nan’an Hou’s house. Nan’an Marquis has worked for the emperor for many years. He may still be valuable.

Pan Shi may be able to see his deep meaning, but he didn’t ask much in a word, just nodded.

Pan Shi is an obedient and intelligent man. Lin Qingyu doesn’t dislike working with such people. He saw that Pan Shi had lost a lot of weight, and a few circles of wrinkles appeared in the corners of his eyes. It was rare for him to say two more words to her: “I remember, you were sold into Hou’s house?”

Pan said, “yes. After my mother left, I was left alone. Even if I didn’t enter the Marquis house as a concubine, I would go to a rich family to be a slave and a maid.”

“If you want to leave the Marquis house, I can help you find a way.”

Pan was stunned and tightened the silk handkerchief in his hand.

Seeing that she didn’t promise immediately, Lin Qingyu almost knew the answer: “or do you want to continue to guard Nan’an Hou?”

“I……” Pan sighed. “I’ve been in Hou’s house for more than ten years. This is my home. Where else can I go if I leave home.”

Lin Qingyu said, “since I helped you leave the house, I will never let you live worse in the future.”

Pan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “I’m deeply impressed by the kindness of doctor Lin. but the Lord is my husband after all. How can a woman leave her husband?”

Lin Qingyu disagreed: “no one can’t live without anyone, and no one can’t live without anyone.” he looked in the direction of the memorial tablet and said indifferently, “just get used to it.”

Just like him now, don’t he live well.

Pan didn’t want to go, but Hua Lu knelt and begged Lin Qingyu to take her away. Hualu was originally a handmaid given by Duke Wen to Lu Wancheng. She had no feelings for Nan’an Hou’s house. Lin Qingyu originally intended to let her return to the government, but she wanted to stay with Lin Qingyu.

“Before the little Marquis leaves, the one who is most worried about is the young gentleman. Hua Lu promised the little marquis to serve the young gentleman wholeheartedly and urge the young gentleman to eat and sleep well after he left.” Hua Lu’s red eyes and tears, “please take Hua Lu with you!”

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “is that what he said?”

Does Jiang think he won’t have a good meal and sleep as soon as he leaves. I think too much of myself.

Hua Lu nodded: “young gentleman, take the flower dew!”

Lin Qingyu said, “tomorrow, I will send someone to the government to get your deed of betrayal.”

Hua Lu was surprised and happy: “thank you, young gentleman!”

“You have become a member of the Lin family. You don’t have to call me ‘young gentleman’ in the future.”

Hua Lu nodded like mashing garlic: “thank you, young master!”

Before leaving, Lin Qingyu finally gave Nan’an Hou some face and went to see him in person. Nan’an Hou didn’t want to see him.

Last year, when Lin Qingyu married into Hou’s house, Nan’an Hou was still the right-hand man of the saint, in charge of the whole household. What a scenery it was. Now, after only one year, he has become a white haired, heartbroken waste man who doesn’t even know that his family property has been hollowed out. But even if he knows, what can he do.

Finally, Lin Qingyu went to Lu’s ancestral hall and gave Lu Wancheng six pillars of incense. He put three of the pillars instead of the man.

After finishing this, Lin Qingyu left the Nan’an Marquis house with dozens of cars of family property, an upper and lower bunk bed and the man’s memorial tablet.

Out of the gate, he turned and looked at the solemn vermilion gate of Houfu Zhuang and the word “Lu Fu” hanging above.

I don’t know if Nan’an Hou regretted marrying liang when he was ill before Liang’s madness; Before Lu qiaosong died, would Lu Niantao regret humiliating him when he kept an empty room all night.

Regret is right. He likes to see the people who have offended him cry and repent.

After leaving Hou’s house, Lin Qingyu didn’t return to Lin’s house. It seems to others that the young Marquis of Nan’an died less than three months ago. Before his bones were cold, his male wife asked to leave the house, was restless and widowed, and still appeared in public. So regardless of etiquette and law, he is not afraid to be found by his dead husband in the middle of the night.

The ominous rumors about his husband and wife are becoming more and more intense in Beijing. Lin Qingyu may not care about the rumors, but he still has to think about his parents and younger brothers after all. Even if Lin’s mother wanted him to return to Lin’s house, he refused.

Long before going south, he asked Zhang Shiquan to buy him a Sanjin house in Beijing. It’s not a big house, but he can live alone. The house is not too far from the Imperial Palace and Lin’s house. Everything in it is cleaned up and waiting for the owner to move in. The servants were selected by Zhang Shiquan himself. To be honest, they can work less and have clean life experience. As soon as Lin Qingyu entered the door, the housekeeper took them and shouted, “welcome the master back to the house!”

Lin Qingyu: “… Master?”

Huan Tong burst out laughing: “young master, it’s only 19 after the new year. Why do you call him master? You call him old.”

The housekeeper explained with a smile: “the master has divided the house. He is the head of the house. Naturally, he is the master.”

“Don’t call me like that,” said Lin Qingyu. “It’s the same as before.”

The servant then changed his words: “yes, young master.”

Lin Qingyu consecrated Jiang’s memorial tablet in the mourning hall and ordered people to take care of it. He kept burning incense every morning, noon and evening. The crowd went in and out, busy packing up. It doesn’t matter. He has to clean up the study and pharmacy by himself.

Lin Qingyu put the books he brought into the bookshelf one by one. Huan Tong ran to him and asked him, “young master, where is the upper and lower bunk bed?”

Lin Qingyu thought, “just put it in the study.”

Later, if he doesn’t want to go back to his bedroom, he can make do with it for one night. He has never slept in the lower bunk.

At this time, Hualu moved in a pot of green bamboo and muttered, “it’s already March, and it’s going to snow…”

“It’s snowing?” Lin Qingyu paused and looked out of the window. Sure enough, snowflakes were floating outside.

On the first day of moving, Lin Qingyu tidied up in his study late at night and simply stayed in his study. He lay on the lower bunk, listening to the indistinct sound of the watch in the distance, one slow and three fast – it had been four more days.

This day passed again.

At the end of last year, the man walked on such a snowy night. Up to now, 70 days have passed.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand and touched the plank on the floor – Jiang told him to sleep well, but how could he sleep on such a snowy night.

If Jiang is still alive, he may sleep better than anyone else.

Fortunately, when the snow is over, winter will really end.

The last snow of this winter fell for three days. Lin Qingyu, dressed in the official clothes of seven grade medical officials, walked through the snow inside the palace wall.

He was led by a handsome little eunuch. The little eunuch had just been on duty. When he saw such a beautiful doctor for the first time, he couldn’t help looking behind him.

Dayu’s official clothes are mostly dark. The Doctor Lin is thin and has a bold face. His indigo official clothes look better on him than the empresses in the harem.

They walked well. The little eunuch suddenly heard the beauty doctor call him: “father-in-law.”

The little eunuch thought he was found peeking. He was guilty and said, “what’s the order of Doctor Lin?”

Lin Qingyu said, “is the East Palace far from here?”

“Not far,” said the little eunuch, “turn left and walk another half a column of incense.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “thank you, father-in-law.”

The little eunuch blushed: “Doctor Lin, you’re welcome.”

Dayu attaches great importance to medicine. The imperial medical department and the imperial academy have the same status. They are located on the northwest side of the palace. The official office is only separated from the palace by a wall. After the students of the imperial medical department have completed their studies, they can pass through this wall and become imperial doctors in the palace. Lin Qingyu skipped this step by relying on a prescription for epidemic diseases and became a seven grade doctor in Taiping Hospital.

The little eunuch stopped: “Doctor Lin, the hospital is here.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Jin cancan’s words “too hospital”, and his heart was calm that he had never thought of.

He finally came here.

It’s time to walk east from the Tai hospital to the diligent hall where the emperor handles government affairs and has a temporary rest. At the moment, in the diligent administration hall, the emperor is discussing Gu Fuzhou’s resignation with his important officials and the crown prince.

“Gu Fuzhou sent out ten memorials in a row and asked me to allow him to return to Beijing immediately, as if staying in Yongliang for another day would kill him. According to Zhao Mingwei, he didn’t sleep most of the night and still wrote memorials in his account!” the emperor thundered angrily. “Gu Fuzhou used to cherish words like gold, but now he is writing so many words. What do you want to do!”

After that, the emperor waved his arm and threw all the memorials on the Dragon case to the ground.

The minister knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, stop your anger.”

Xiao Cheng knelt down with her. The ground was in a mess. He saw several open memorials. At the end of each page, there was a sentence: please return quickly.


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