Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 44

As early as the memorial of Gu Fuzhou’s first resignation was sent to Beijing, the emperor and his confidants and important ministers discussed the matter for a long time. Some people believe that Gu Fuzhou has been in charge of the army for many years and enjoys popular support and prestige in the army. In the long run, I’m afraid all the officers and men will only listen to the military orders and the emperor’s orders. Since Gu Fuzhou asked to return to Beijing to release his military power, the holy master could take the opportunity to take back his military power as he wished, which could be regarded as removing a hidden danger of Dayu.

Another school headed by Xiao Cheng scoffed at this statement. Now that the war in the northwest is locked up, letting Gu Fuzhou return will only shake the morale of the army and give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of it. Gu Fuzhou has been stationed in the northwest border all year round and has won countless battles. His name alone is enough to deter some of the enemy. If Gu Fuzhou is not in the northwest, the Xixia army will take the opportunity to attack the city and pull out the stronghold. Let Zhao Mingwei guard it. Can he hold it.

The emperor has not yet made a decision. The memorial of Gu Fuzhou’s resignation has changed from five days to three days. In recent days, it has been almost one day. At the same time, Zhao Mingwei impeached him from five days to ten days. He impeached and impeached, but suddenly he didn’t impeach. He even said in the memorials: Although the general is very lazy, he can lead our army to win many wars and victories. It’s over, and I don’t want to investigate it.

When the messenger soldiers were running desperately in the capital and Yongliang, the Xixia army was not idle and attacked the city three times in a month. The news of the emperor’s permission to play was less than a day, and Gu Fuzhou was still a day’s general of the western expedition. Every time the enemy attacked, he would swear and complain for a while, and then reluctantly got up from bed and planned strategies in front of the sand table to win thousands of miles.

What? The emperor asked general Gu why he didn’t kill the enemy in person? That’s absolutely impossible. Let’s put it this way. The imperial blue cloud Kyushu gun has long been ashes in the corner. He has also fattened the hard-working BMW that is rare in a hundred years, and has taken an ugly nickname.

What is puzzling is that Gu Fuzhou can lead them to win every time. Not only win, but also win beautiful. On one occasion, while Gu Fuzhou was commanding the city defense, he transferred a team of elite soldiers to sneak into the city where they stored their grain while the enemy was attacking with all his strength. No one knows how he calculated that the enemy’s grain was placed in a small city that was only a day’s journey away from Yongliang. In short, when the enemy attacked half the city, the news of the stolen food and salaries suddenly came from the rear. They are neither advancing nor retreating. In the end, they can only lose their wife and fold their soldiers.

This is Gu Fuzhou’s first initiative after removing the remaining poison. Everyone thought he had changed his sex again. They were respected and respected. General Gu, who was happy in the morning and sleepy at night, was coming back. Who would have thought that Gu Fuzhou had been diligent for only one day. After winning, he left the sentence “let’s rest for two days first” and lay in the account for two days.

The generals were confused, grieved and had to be convinced. In any case, for the soldiers on the battlefield, it is most important to win the war and reduce casualties. Zhao Mingwei wrote in his memorial: forget it, we don’t want to impeach, your majesty, don’t pursue it.

Who wants Gu Fuzhou to find him after he learned about it, and said earnestly: “you can’t give up halfway, General Zhao. If you travel a hundred miles, you’ll be half 90. Maybe you can pass another memorial to impeach successfully.”

Zhao Mingwei said, “the general has led us to win so many times. Although the method of winning is very different from that in the past, it’s OK to win. We don’t have high requirements.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at him reproachfully and said, “you’re too worthless. Don’t you want to squeeze me out and put yourself on the top?”

With a long sigh, Zhao Mingwei arched his hand and said, “general Gu has great intelligence. The last general is ashamed of himself. You’d better take the seat of this general.”

Gu Fuzhou almost vomited blood: “you… Can’t… Treat me like this.”

When the good news was introduced into Beijing, the emperor resolutely rejected Gu Fuzhou’s resignation. Although Gu Fuzhou doesn’t want to fight one by one, he wants to return to Beijing to provide for the elderly. It really forces him to the battlefield, and he can win the war and show everyone. In that case, let him continue to stay in Yongliang. The emperor also specially ordered the Lin court to judge the attendants to ensure that the general was safe, and to find out the reason for his great change of temperament.

In this way, Gu Fuzhou continued to ask the emperor to resign while fighting reluctantly. Half of the emperor’s Dragon case was his invitation memorials. Finally, he couldn’t bear it. Then he called all his ministers to discuss the matter in the hall of diligence.

The emperor was so angry that everyone was silent that no one dared to touch the mildew.

The emperor raised his eyebrows coldly and said in a cold voice, “I have refuted Gu Fuzhou’s fold, and he told me the same thing one after another. Is it true that I can’t bear to move him?”

The ministers complained endlessly. The war in the northwest is fierce. It’s really difficult to move at this juncture, Gu Fuzhou, but now who dares to tell the truth to the emperor.

Finally, the prince stood up. Xiao Cheng picked up the memorials scattered all over the place, sorted them out and put them back on the case. She said, “father, calm down. My son and Minister thought that since Gu Fuzhou can win, it’s better to let him continue to stay in Yongliang. Now it’s the time to employ people. People who can use them naturally need to use them.”

The emperor slammed the table: “he is so eager to return. How can he guard the Northwest for me!”

“Then it’s not too late to change people when he really loses.”

The ministers exchanged unfathomable eyes. Shang Shu of the Ministry of military said, “if general Gu really had to come back, would he deliberately lose to the enemy?”

Xiao Cheng smiled: “if he deliberately loses the war and loses the city, so that his officers and soldiers continue to suffer casualties, how can he gain a foothold in the army? At that time, the father and the emperor will take back his military power, and who else will speak for him.”

The emperor sat down slowly on the Dragon chair: “this is a way.”

“Moreover, Gu Fuzhou is so eager to return to the capital that he must not just want to provide for the elderly.” Xiao Cheng said, “my son’s minister begged my father to send Tianji camp to investigate the reason.”

The emperor was very pleased and rubbed his forehead and said, “I’ll leave it to the prince.”

Seeing this, Xiao Cheng asked with concern, “father, but the dragon body is not safe?”

The emperor closed his eyes and said, “it doesn’t hurt to have an old problem.”

All the people said in unison, “Your Majesty, take care of the dragon body.”

The emperor waved them back. Xiao Cheng went out of the hall of diligence, called Xue Ying and asked, “my father often has a headache recently?”

Xue Ying said, “no, your majesty is worried about the war in the northwest.”

“Let Chu Zhengde show his father.”

Xue Ying said, “I’ll send someone right away.”

Chu Zhengde is 65 years old. The whole Taiyuan hospital is his most qualified. However, he has been judged by the Lin Yuan for ten years.

Medical skill, like poetry and sword, has different schools. Chu Zhengde and Lin Yuan have different factions, and their political views have been at odds for a long time. It is inevitable that they have some complaints in their hearts. Because of this reason, he didn’t have a good face for the son of Lin Yuan.

After Lin Qingyu arrived at Taiji hospital, Hu Ji took him to meet his colleagues and predecessors one by one. No matter what others thought of him, they were polite to him on the surface, but Chu Zhengde came up and said, “are you the Yellow mouth child who wrote the prescription for the epidemic?”

Lin Qingyu said, “yes.”

Chu Zhengde stroked his beard, shook his head and sighed, “if others want to enter the Taiji hospital, they have to study hard in the cold window for decades, take the one in ten thousand examination of the Taiji medical department, and then study in the Taiji medical department for at least three years. It’s good for you, a male wife who just died of her husband didn’t take the examination with an unknown prescription. She entered the Taiji hospital before she was weak… The world is getting worse.”

Hu Ji said, “Dr. Chu’s words are not good. Since ancient times, heroes have been young. When Lin Yuan was sentenced to the imperial hospital, it was only 20. Moreover, Dr. Lin’s prescription did not know whether it was true or false, but it was really effective for the epidemic.”

Chu Zhengde sneered and said, “everything must follow step by step. The more miraculous it is, the more we should worry about its harm. I’m only afraid that even if Dr. Lin’s prescription cures the epidemic, it will bring a lot of trouble to the patients.”

Lin Qingyu said, “the premise of the curse is that the patient is still alive.”

Chu Zhengde’s face sank and he was about to argue again when he was called by Xiao Songzi of the hall of diligence. Hu Ji said, “doctor Chu is like this. Don’t take it to heart.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “after all, I can understand the Deputy court judgment for ten years.”

He had heard his father mention Chu Zhengde before. Lin Fu recognized Chu Zhengde’s medical skills, and also believed that Chu Zhengde should sit in the court for judgment based on his qualifications. But ten years ago, Chu Zhengde was ordered to protect the fetus of a beloved imperial concubine. The emperor’s offspring were thin and the beloved woman was pregnant, so he attached great importance to this fetus. Unexpectedly, under the careful care of Chu Zhengde, the beloved imperial concubine slipped her fetus inexplicably. Chu Zhengde’s crime of default, no matter how clever his medical skills are, will always be judged by the vice court.

Chu Zhengde’s emotions are written on his face. There’s nothing to care about. On the contrary, those colleagues who ostensibly talked and laughed at him deserve his attention.

Lin Qingyu is a newcomer and has a leisurely day. After his duty at the Imperial College Hospital, he left the palace from the north gate, came to the Imperial College medical department and went straight to the library.

Now the night was deep, the library was empty, and there were two guards at the door. The emperor granted Lin Qingyu the qualification to enter and leave the imperial medical department freely. Even at the time of curfew, the bodyguard opened the door for Lin Qingyu and handed over the Lantern: “if the imperial medical doctor has any orders, just call me.”

Lin Qingyu pushed the door in, and a row of two-story bookshelves appeared in front of him. It is rumored that it will take decades to finish reading the medical books in the library of the imperial medical department. Lin Qingyu held the lantern, but after two rounds, he found several works of the former dynasty that had been lost for a long time.

At the end of the library, there is a locked iron door. Behind it, there should be the Royal pulse case of Dayu’s construction for hundreds of years. Opposite the library is the thousand grass hall, where you can find any rare grass you want.

This is the imperial medical department, which integrates the great achievements of medicine in the world.

Lin Qingyu stayed in the library for an hour, and it was already four watch days when he came out. He remembered that he could not find any medicine in Beijing, so he went to Qiancao hall again.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw a man coming up in the hall. This person should not be a student of the imperial medical department, but judging from his calm pace, he doesn’t look like a thief.

The man also found him and said in a deep voice, “who?”

Lin Qingyu only felt that the man’s voice was familiar. He smelled a strong smell of blood and knew that the man was seriously injured. “Too hospital too doctor, Lin Qingyu.”

The man gave a sudden step.

Lin Qingyu raised the lantern and looked at him. The first thing he saw was a bloody black dress and a bloody blade.

After seeing the man’s face, Lin Qingyu moved in his heart and said, “it’s you.”


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