Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 46

“Odd change even does not change… Odd change even does not change…” Xiao Cheng silently recited the so-called Xixia code language, and for a moment she had no clue. “You’ve seen the memorials for a while,” said Xiao Cheng. “If you have an idea, say it.”

The prime minister pondered: “‘odd ‘is also right to’ even ‘.’ odd ‘changes,’ even ‘remains the same… My minister thought that this implied the time of the Xixia army’s March: odd days go, even days stop.”

The Minister of the Ministry of military considered carefully: “the word ‘change’ is particularly debatable. The minister felt that this was a change in the array. Xixia was afraid to attack our army with a variety of array.”

The prince washed his horse and pondered: “the theory of parity is often used in mathematics. I think this sentence implies a mathematical method.”

The Minister of household disagreed and questioned, “what is the relationship between the method of mathematics and marching and fighting?”


Several people discussed for a long time. Everyone’s statement was a little far fetched and could not completely convince others. Xiao Cheng quietly looked at the ministers arguing. When they were quiet, Fang slowly said, “are you finished?”

The prime minister asked respectfully, “what’s your Highness’s opinion?”

Xiao Cheng slowly blew the mist on the tea cup and said, “Gu Fuzhou said it was Xixia code language, so you believe it?”

Everyone looked at each other. Lying about the military situation is a great crime of deceiving the king. How can you do such a thing in order to take care of the behavior of the great general.

The Minister of war said tentatively, “what does your highness mean?”

Xiao Cheng put down the tea cup: “in the past three months, Gu Fuzhou’s temperament has changed greatly, and his behavior is suspicious. He quarreled for returning to Beijing a while ago, and today he came up with an inexplicable Xixia secret language.” Xiao Cheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I was wondering if this secret language would have something to do with the reason why he was committed to returning to Beijing.”

The prince Xi Ma said: “Your Highness said this, I also feel that there is something wrong. If the five words’ strange changes and even invariability ‘are really the secret of Xixia military aircraft, how can they be’ advertised ‘. Even in the capital at the foot of the emperor, it is inevitable that there will be detailed works of the enemy country. If general Gu asked us to do so, we are not afraid to scare the snake.”

“General Gu is a martial arts man in the end. It’s normal to be eager to win. It’s normal to make mistakes.” the prime minister said, “Your Highness, the northwest war is stuck. You’d rather believe it or not. In my opinion, this code still needs to be solved.”

Xiao Cheng sneered: “it’s natural to solve it. After all, Gu also wants to know what medicine Gu Fuzhou sells in the gourd. But he can’t solve it according to his heart.” Xiao Cheng thought and said, “‘advertising ‘is not necessary. Go to find those scholars in the Imperial Academy and let them solve it slowly in the side hall of the diligent government hall. If they can’t solve it, they will stay in it all the time. In addition, Gu doesn’t want irrelevant people to know this code. Do you understand?”

The scholars of Hanlin academy are one in a million. If they can’t understand it, how can ordinary people know it? The Minister of war praised: “Your Highness is wise.”

The next day, there was no Bachelor in the Imperial Academy at the west gate of the imperial palace. No one knew what they had done except themselves. Everything was normal in the Tai hospital opposite the Imperial Academy.

Most of the eunuchs who come to Taiyuan hospital to invite eunuchs are palace maids and eunuchs of various palaces. Just looking at their clothes and posture, we can see their master’s position in the palace. Compared with a recent palace maid, she is not particularly gorgeous in clothes, but she has a generous posture and temperament. The eunuchs of Taiyuan hospital are particularly warm to her. It turns out that this person is the palace maid of Fengyi palace with a green waist.

As soon as the green waist entered the door of the imperial hospital, Chu Zhengde stood up: “the green waist girl came here, but the empress Phoenix is ill? I’ll go to Fengyi palace right away after I clean up for a while.”

“Doctor Chu doesn’t have to bother.” among the many doctors on duty, green waist saw the most eye-catching one. “The empress asked Doctor Lin to see the pulse of peace for her.”

Chu Zhengde shook his head and suddenly looked at Lin Qingyu. He was so angry that his beard trembled: “he? A seven grade medical officer who has just entered the Taiyuan hospital, how can he take care of the Queen’s Phoenix body?!”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Chu Zhengde and picked up the medical box.

No brain. The queen didn’t come to him for peace pulse. If he guessed right, it should be for Lu Wancheng.

Green waist said indifferently, “I don’t know. Doctor Lin, please follow me to Fengyi palace.”

Chu Zhengde stared at Lin Qingyu’s leaving figure, and his beard almost smoked: “disrespectful to your predecessors!”

Lin Qingyu went to Fengyi palace and said hello to the queen. He knelt on the ground and was about to open the medical box. He heard the queen say, “don’t bother. This is not what the palace is looking for you today – flat.”

Lin Qingyu stood up. The queen looked at him up and down and said happily, “you look good in this official dress.”

Lin Qingyu drooped his eyes and said, “your mother is too famous.”

“How are you doing at the Tai hospital?”

“OK, thank you for your concern.”

“I’ve read the late Cheng’s suicide note.” the queen looked disappointed. “He doesn’t leave you word by word. He earnestly begged the palace to return your freedom. How can this aunt refuse? Of course, you have your own ability, otherwise you can’t go to the hospital.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t have much interest in talking to the queen and stood still. The queen sighed and said, “the spirit of night Cheng in heaven should be very pleased to see you now – after all, night Cheng has been gone for more than three months.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyelashes trembled gently: “yes. There are three days left, it’s 100 days.”

“How time flies,” said the queen sadly. “Our palace ordered someone to light a long-term lamp for Wancheng in Changsheng temple. If you are free, go to the temple to add incense to him.”

Lin Qingyu saluted and said, “I’ll take your orders.”

Two days later, Lin Qingyu took advantage of Xiumu and came to Changsheng temple with Huan Tong.

April is the end of the world, and the peach blossoms in the mountain temple are in full bloom. March has passed, and the long winter has finally passed. Last year, today is also the man’s most vibrant time.

The memorial tablet of landing Wancheng is enshrined in the side hall of Changsheng temple. Lin Qingyu lights three incense sticks from the Changming lamp, bows down to worship three times, and inserts the incense in front of the memorial tablet.

“Doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu turned around and was not surprised to see the visitor: “Shen bodyguard.”

Shen Huaizhi is still dressed in black and wears a sword around his waist. He is dignified as long as he is not around Xiao Cheng or in the palace. “It seems that Doctor Lin expected me to come.”

“I only guessed that you would come to me. I didn’t know you would come to Changsheng temple to find me today.” Lin Qingyu said lightly. “It seems that bodyguard Shen has been following me.”

“I… I don’t want to.” Shen Huaizhi whispered, “but it’s always inconvenient to talk in the palace. I can only look for opportunities outside the Palace – sorry.” he went to the Changming lamp, looked at Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet and said, “Doctor Lin, is it difficult to solve the pain of losing his husband?”

“Fortunately, just find something for yourself.”

Shen Huaizhi smiled miserably and said, “if everyone is as open-minded as Doctor Lin, there won’t be so many infatuated men and women in the world.”

Lin Qingyu was impatient and Shen Huai knew that he was hurting spring and Autumn: “you came to me for the mark on my medical box?”

Shen Huaizhi nodded: “that’s the secret code of the mechanism known by the people in the Tianyu gate of the Shen family. But now, I’m the only one left in the Tianyu gate…” Shen Huaizhi’s Adam’s apple rolled, “how did Doctor Lin know it?”

Since these were all planned by Jiang, he had no need to hide: “I don’t know. This medical box was given to me by my late husband.”

“Lord Lu? How did he……” Shen Huaizhi frowned and thought for a moment, “Doctor Lin, where is the medical box now?”

“I almost carry it with me. It’s in the carriage.”

Lin Qingyu asked Huan Tong to get the medical box. Shen Huai felt the strange mark with his finger and asked, “Doctor Lin, can I take it apart?”

Lin Qingyu hesitated and said, “please help yourself.”

Shen Huaizhi took out all the things in the medical box. After several extremely fast sword lights, countless cracks appeared on the surface of the mahogany medical box. After listening to the “bang”, it burst open.

Among the countless sawdust, a touch of emerald appeared. Shen Huaizhi took a breath and picked up the emerald – it was a jade card with the word “Heaven prison” engraved on one side.

“How could…” Shen Huaizhi murmured in a low voice, “the people of the heavenly prison gate are dead, and the jade cards are all destroyed… Is anyone still alive?”

Lin Qingyu said, “there is a line of small characters behind the jade plate.” look at the scratches on the small characters, they should have been engraved recently.

Shen Huaizhi looked over and said, “Xuzhou, Suicheng…”

Lin Qingyu thought: “Xuzhou?”

Jiang wants to lead Shen Huai to Xuzhou to find the owner of this jade plaque?

Lin Qingyu asked, “are you going?”

Shen Huaizhi did not hesitate: “of course!”

Lin Qingyu Xiang said, “you are a shadow guard with excellent martial arts, but your mind is as simple as a child. Do you trust my late husband so much?” he has been led by the nose. No wonder he will give up his heart to Xiao Cheng. Jiang probably knows this before he does so.

Shen Huai knew that his chest fluctuated violently, his eyes were slightly red and said, “as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will, I will…”

“When are you going?” Lin Qingyu said. “Will the prince let you go?”

Shen Huaizhi’s eyes showed a trace of confusion and was soon replaced by firmness: “I’ll find a way.”

Heaven prison gate… He has never heard of it before. Seeing Shen Huai’s haunted appearance, now is not a good time to get to the bottom of it.

“You think of a way to tell me.” Lin Qingyu said, “I also want to go to Xuzhou to see what my late husband is thinking.”

Shen Huaizhi held the jade card tightly and said in a dumb voice, “OK.”

When Lin Qingyu walked out of Changsheng temple, it was almost dusk. The setting sun jumped like a flame. When it burned out, the day was almost over. He was about to get on the carriage. A little monk called him, “almsgiver Lin.”

Lin Qingyu remembered this little monk. The last time he came to Changsheng temple with Jiang, it was this man who invited Jiang to see Xu Junyuan.

Xu Junyuan

Lin Qingyu moved in his heart and asked, “but the national teacher is looking for me?”

“The national master is still in seclusion, and there is no one else.” the little monk said, “he ordered the little monk to hand over a thing to benefactor Lin before seclusion.” then the little monk took out a brocade bag from his arms, “benefactor Lin, please.”

Lin Qingyu took the brocade bag and opened it. There was a note with ten words – birth eight words and a name.

“This is…”

Looking at the man’s familiar handwriting, Lin Qingyu’s eyes are a little dry by the wind. He was still laughing at Shen Huai’s gaffe, but now his hands are shaking.

He finally knew his name on the ninety ninth day after the man left.

I didn’t expect that the salted fish, who couldn’t sleep enough, would call this name.


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