Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 47

Back home, Lin Qingyu went to the mourning hall alone. Only one person’s memorial tablet is enshrined in the mourning hall. He looked at the rough engraved words “Jiang Dazhuang” and stood alone for a long time.

“You told Xu Junyi, but you didn’t tell me.” Lin Qingyu whispered, “do you say you’re an animal?”

When the warm wind blew, no one answered him.

The knock on the door rang out. Huan Tong said outside, “young master, steward Zhang is coming.”

Before Lin Qingyu went out, he said to the memorial tablet, “but as long as you can come back on time, I won’t scold you.”

Zhang Shiquan was called by Lin Qingyu. He didn’t know what Lin Qingyu wanted to do with him in the evening. First, he truthfully reported the current situation of Nan’an Hou’s house. In a short month, the Marquis house had undergone earth shaking changes. It was no longer dead, just because pan was happy.

This is what Lin Qingyu didn’t expect. He underestimated Nan’an Hou. His state of mind was devastated like that. He still had to struggle to get up and leave a room for himself.

“After the doctor diagnosed the happy pulse for Aunt pan, the Marquis’s disease can be said to have healed without medicine. Now he doesn’t have to stay in bed. I think he can return to the court soon.”

“He wants to return to the court, but now the court may not have his place.” after that, Lin Qingyu said, “you did a lot of things for the little Marquis besides checking my private salt in those months in Xuzhou.”

Zhang Shiquan was stunned and said with a bitter smile, “nothing can be concealed from the young master.”

“Tell me.”

Zhang Shiquan said, “the little Marquis asked me to find someone in Suicheng, Xuzhou, and then find a way to get a keepsake from him.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “who is that man?”

“I only know that his pseudonym is Zhu Yongxin. He is a butcher. As for his real identity and real name, I’m afraid only the little Marquis knows.”

Lin Qingyu nodded and said, “it’s hard. Later, you go to the warehouse to get some tonic and go back to Aunt pan.”

Zhang Shiquan said, “yes, young master.”

The next day, when Lin Qingyu woke up in bed in the morning, he felt his chest empty and didn’t know where his heart fell. Hua Lu came in and saw Lin Qingyu sitting by the bed in a daze. She called out, “young master?”

Lin Qingyu suddenly said, “go back to Lin’s house today.”

Not everyone knows about his move.

At Lin’s house, Lin Qingyu had a meal with Lin’s mother and stayed in the study all the time. Seeing that he was in a good mood, Lin’s mother stopped Lin Qinghe who wanted to stick to her brother: “your brother wants to stay by himself.”

Lin Qingyu sat alone from day to night until the lights were on. Huan Tong came in and reminded him, “young master, it’s time for you to enter the palace.”

Tonight, Lin Qingyu will be on duty for six hours in Taiyuan hospital.

Lin Qingyu asked him, “when is it?”

Huan Tong replied, “it’s already time.”

“That ion still exists…” Lin Qingyu stopped talking and said, “change my clothes for me.”

The night held high and the key fell at the palace gate. Most of the imperial doctors on duty at the imperial hospital at night are junior imperial doctors, and only one or two old imperial doctors are in charge.

Hu Ji is dispensing medicine to the prescription. When he was unsure of the dosage of a single drug, he raised his head and asked Lin Qingyu: “Doctor Lin, will it be better if there is less Su Hexiang – Doctor Lin?”

Lin Qingyu recovered and said, “what?”

Hu Ji put down the prescription and asked, “do you have anything on your mind these days? I think you are always absent-minded.”

Lin Qingyu pressed the center of his eyebrows: “nothing.”

“You must tell me something,” Hu Ji said sincerely, “I can…”

Before Hu Ji finished speaking, a flustered voice came from outside the hospital: “doctor Hu! Is doctor Hu there?”

The visitor is a small eunuch named xiaofuzi from the hall of diligence. He came to the hospital in the middle of the night because a eunuch who lived in the same room with him suddenly fell ill, had unbearable abdominal pain, vomited into the darkness and was unconscious. As eunuchs, no one cares if they are ill. Only doctor Hu will give them full treatment.

Doctor Hu packed up his things without saying a word: “I’ll go right away.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you have to prepare beauty pills for concubine Chen. I’ll go.”

Doctor Hu was surprised and said, “would you like to go?”

Lin Qingyu nodded. He wants to find something to do for himself. Only in the face of patients can he get a short peace.

Xiaofuzi only trusted Hu Ji and was uneasy when he heard the speech: “isn’t doctor Hu going?”

Hu Ji said with a smile, “don’t worry. Doctor Lin’s medical skills are above me. It’s absolutely no problem to have him. Don’t you know that the medicine for epidemic diseases is prepared by doctor Lin.”

Xiaofuzi’s eyes brightened: “really? Thank you, Doctor Lin!”

Lin Qingyu said, “lead the way.”

Lin Qingyu follows xiaofuzi to the Si Li prison where the eunuch lives. The imperial palace is magnificent and solemn. On the other side are the eunuchs who are crowded into one room by seven or eight people. The room he went to was fairly good. All the eunuchs living in it were eunuchs served by the hall of diligence. The people around the Holy Lord were at least clean and odorless. Eunuchs who did the lowest hard labor often had a heavy sour smell.

After Lin Qingyu’s diagnosis and treatment, the sick eunuch ate something bad. Lin Qingyu gave him a dose of emetic, and asked him to spit out all the things in his stomach. After drinking the stomach nourishing medicine for a few days, he could recover.

Xiaofuzi thanked: “I’ll send Lin Taiyi back to Taiyi hospital.”

Lin Qingyu said, “no need.”

“But it’s already midnight. It’s hard to walk in the dark.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned: “it’s already midnight.”

Xiaofuzi said, “yes.”

The last piece in Lin Qingyu’s heart is empty. This day has passed after all.

He still didn’t show up.

It’s so rare to be reborn from the dead. He had never heard of it before. It’s incredible to experience once. There’s no second time for him.

Dead is dead. After death, there was nothing.

It’s stupid of him to believe that man’s nonsense.

Lin Qingyu stared at a place for a long time and suddenly closed his eyes, as if he could escape something. After that, he picked up the brand-new medical box and said, “I… I can do it myself.”

When he came to the door of the room, the eunuch sleeping on one side turned over in his deep sleep and murmured vaguely: “odd change even unchanged… Odd change even…”

Lin Qingyu suddenly stopped, incredibly lowered his head and stared at the beautiful little eunuch.

The little Eunuch in his sleep didn’t realize it. He still talked about the sentence: “odd change, even change…”

Lin Qingyu’s pupils suddenly contracted and his body was numb from head to foot. Regardless of others, he picked up the eunuch’s collar and arrested the man.

The eunuch opened his eyes bleary eyed and looked at Lin Qingyu blankly: “I dreamed of an immortal…?”

Lin Qingyu’s brain went blank for a while and instinctively said five words he had silently recited in his heart for countless times: “look at the quadrant with symbols?”

The eunuch was even more confused: “… What?”

Lin Qingyu had mixed feelings and didn’t know what to say for a moment. He looked under the eunuch and said in a trembling voice, “you… Realized your lifelong dream…”

On a eunuch? Become a real husband?

“Doctor Lin?” xiaofuzi wanted to hold him, and felt that his hand was not worthy to meet such a beautiful doctor. “Doctor Lin, this is xiaosongzi from the hall of diligence. What can I do for him?”

Lin Qingyu was in a trance for a while, and his reason gradually returned. If that man had been in the palace, he would have come to him. Komatsu knows this sentence, and it is likely that others told him.

Lin Qingyu suddenly felt cruel in his hands, looked cold and said in a harsh voice, “where did you hear this sentence?”

Little pine nut was grabbed by his collar and almost out of breath: “what, what sentence…”

“Odd change, even change!”

“I don’t know. I don’t know anything.” Xiao Songzi’s face turned red. “I just heard the scholars in the hall of diligent administration always say this sentence. I recited it from morning to night, like chanting scriptures. I unconsciously recited it…”

Lin Qingyu slowly released his hand, and his mood was very mixed. The surprise of recovery and the fear of not knowing the truth coexisted at the same time.

But now is not a surprise, nor is it a time to be nervous. He must calm down and find out more news.

Xiao Songzi, Hu Ji, mentioned it to him many times. They heard a lot of news from him. According to Hu Ji, Xiao Songzi is a trustworthy person with a simple mind and knows how to repay his kindness. If what Xiao Songzi said is true, how did the Bachelor of Hanlin college know this sentence.

Lin Qingyu’s face stopped slightly and asked, “what else did you hear in the hall of diligence?”

Xiao Songzi said slowly, “that’s all. The door of the side hall of the diligent government hall has been closed and no one can get out. I can go in because I have to send them meals three times a day… Oh, by the way, I heard them mention Xixia several times.”

Lin Qingyu asked again, “when did the Bachelor of Hanlin academy begin to be locked up in the hall of diligence?”

“About three or five days ago. I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Now that the emperor is seriously ill, the crown prince supervises the state, and all the scholars gather in the hall of diligence, they must have been ordered by Xiao Cheng. So, the source of the news is Xiao Cheng? Did Xiao Cheng learn from Xixia again?

Anyway, the man is still alive. He may be in Xixia or Dayu border. The border between Xixia and Dayu was in constant war. Maybe the man knew he couldn’t come back on time.

He was still alive, but he didn’t come to find himself. Instead, he didn’t know what method he had used to send the code to Dayu’s court, which was enough to show that he either couldn’t get away or had to hide his identity. He let Xiao Cheng know the code, not for him to respond, but to convey the fact that he was still alive through Xiao Cheng’s mouth.

In that case, he shouldn’t expose it, at least he can’t respond to the code language in front of Xiao Cheng.

Lin Qingyu pondered for a long time, and his beating heart finally calmed down. He said to Komatsu, “I owe you a favor for this.”

Xiao Songzi smiled shyly: “Doctor Lin is a friend of doctor Hu, and is willing to come to the place where the eunuch lives to treat us. We don’t know how to repay you, so we can only tell you some unimportant gossip.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly felt that it seemed good to be a good man occasionally.


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