Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 48

Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 48

Lin Qingyu asks Xiao Songzi to help him pay more attention to the situation of the qinzheng hall, but Xiao Songzi is only a eunuch delivering meals. He stays in the qinzheng hall for a short time every day and has limited information.

Lin Qingyu pieced together these scattered clues. The only thing he could be sure of was that the sentence “odd change and even change” came from Xixia or Yongliang. Xiao Cheng convened the academicians of Hanlin Academy in the hall of diligent administration to decipher this code.

He moved to the idea of looking for someone, but when he calmed down, it was obviously not a wise move. Not to mention that Yongliang is far away from the capital, it takes at least a month to come back. Even if he did go, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack without a clue. It would be better to stay in the palace and find some clues more or less.

At this time, Lin Qingyu was not in a hurry. It’s good for that person to live. No matter how difficult the situation is, as long as they live, they will meet again. What’s more, he has long understood the man’s temperament, lazy to lazy, but in terms of intrigues, he may not be his opponent.

He believed that the man would try his best to come back to him. He doesn’t have to go anywhere, just wait for him where he is.

I don’t know… What that man looks like now. It is always less, male or female, beautiful or ugly. Jiang likes to see beauties. He once ranked the beautiful men in the capital. Lu Wancheng is already a rare handsome son in the world, but he is not as good as his own appearance. The first seven souls surnamed Jiang still want to emphasize this point in front of him, which shows that he is very satisfied with his appearance. If he becomes ugly this time, 80% of Jiang will spit blood in anger and have no face to appear in front of him.

If you become a woman, with his character, you will calmly accept it after a period of entanglement and pain. Maybe you will find a man who can let him lie flat and eat and drink to marry yourself. Well… I might as well marry him.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingyu smiled quietly after a long absence. His eyes were like water, and his cheeks were brighter than the blooming peonies. Hu Ji couldn’t help being absent-minded for a while.

Hu Ji couldn’t help asking, “Dr. Lin, what’s so happy?”

Lin Qingyu said, “my late husband has died for a hundred days. Isn’t it worth my happiness?”

“This……” Huji quickly took back his eyes and dared not look at him again. Although the beauty is beautiful, ordinary people are not blessed to suffer. He is sure that he is not blessed and dare not dream.

As they talked, a strange voice came from behind: “when you’re on duty, it’s also the time for you to chat!”

The speaker is naturally Chu Zhengde. Since Lin Qingyu was called to Fengyi Palace last time, Chu Zhengde was more and more unhappy with him, and he didn’t have a good face for Hu Ji who was close to him.

Tai hospital is a place of seniority. They are lower officials. Naturally, they can’t openly disobey Chu Zhengde. Hu Ji shut up. Lin Qingyu is in a good mood and doesn’t bother to care too much about old things.

Not long after, a eunuch from the East Palace came to the imperial hospital and said that his Highness the prince felt unwell occasionally. It was said that Doctor Lin qingyulin went to the east palace for diagnosis and treatment.

The first time I can bear it, the second time I can’t bear it. Chu Zhengde became angry and said, “I’ve always looked after the body of the East Palace, but it’s also Hu Ji. Lin Qingyu has little talent and learning. How can your highness call him for diagnosis and treatment?” the queen and the crown prince crossed him one after another to find Lin Qingyu, beating him in the face!

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “it seems that doctor Chu really wants to treat the prince. If doctor Chu wants this blessing, I’ll give it to you.”

The eunuch of the East Palace said coldly, “Your Highness’s mind can’t be guessed by others. We just have to obey orders. Are you going to disobey orders or not?”

Chu Zhengde stamped his foot: “it’s unreasonable!”

Hu Ji vaguely knew the prince’s Thoughts on Lin Qingyu and said with worry, “Doctor Lin, you must be careful.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lin Qingyu put a porcelain vase into his sleeve. “The prince is worried about general Gu. He shouldn’t do anything to me.”

He and Gu Fuzhou had never met, and Gu Fuzhou recognized the godfather only because his father saved his life. Gu Fuzhou is far away in Yongliang, but he can protect him under his great war achievements, so that Xiao Cheng can’t move him for the time being. Even if Gu Fuzhou’s move was unintentional, it is worth his face-to-face thanks.

Just in case, Lin Qingyu said, “are you going to Changle palace to ask Princess Chen for a safe pulse later?”

When he arrived at the East Palace, Lin Qingyu followed the eunuch to the side hall for Chu Jun to rest: “Doctor Lin, please.”

Lin Qingyu walked into the hall and saw that it was like a strong wind passing through. There was a wine case in the mess, with empty wine pots on it. Xiao Cheng lay on her side behind the wine case and poured wine into her mouth with her neck up. She looked greasy and sad.

Lin Qingyu knelt down and saluted according to the rules: “see your highness.”

Xiao Cheng threw away the wine pot, stood up shakily and looked down at him: “come, you can let Gu Hao wait.”

“I dare not.”

“Why don’t you dare? You’re very brave.” Xiao Cheng looked at him for a while, her eyes gradually became confused, and raised her hand to touch his face. “Your eyes… Are very good.”

Lin Qingyu felt sick in his stomach and turned away from Xiao Cheng’s hand. Xiao Cheng seemed to see clearly that the people in front of her were not the people in her heart: “Jingchun, he would never look at loneliness with this kind of eyes,” Xiao Cheng recalled a cruel arc at the corner of her mouth, “if you were blind, would you be like Jingchun, with only innocence and innocence in your eyes.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him quietly, but he thought of countless ways to humiliate people. Xiao Cheng gave him the inspiration to blind people, or simply take out their eyes. It seems very interesting.

“Your Highness has drunk too much.” Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll give you a prescription to sober up.”

Xiao Cheng roared, “you look lonely!”

“If there is nothing else, I will leave.”

Xiao Cheng suddenly grabbed his arm, opened her eyes angrily and said fiercely, “Gu is the prince. What can you do even if Gu wants you! Yes, you are Gu Fuzhou’s righteous younger brother. But can Gu Fuzhou dare not get through with Gu for a righteous younger brother he recognized halfway?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were dark and he laughed: “then try it.”

He may not be able to escape, but Xiao Cheng can’t leave the East Palace alive. Unfortunately, he’s going to die with this dog.

He suddenly remembered what Jiang said on his wedding night: “Lin Qingyu… The beautiful doctor who died in the east palace?”

i see.

So, this is his ending.

Xiao Cheng locked his face with her eyes and didn’t let go or move further. Just then, a figure came in.

It’s Shen Huaizhi.

Unless the Lord is in trouble, the shadow guard shall not appear easily. Xiao Cheng narrowed her eyes and said in a cold voice, “what are you doing here?”

Shen Huaizhi knelt on the ground with a puff and knocked his head heavily: “please, your highness… Let Doctor Lin go.”

Xiao Cheng observed their faces and suddenly smiled strangely, “say it again.”

Shen Huai knew, “Your Highness is out of control after drinking. If you are sober, it will not be so.”

“You plead for him? You plead for him!” Xiao Cheng’s laughter grew louder and louder, and she didn’t know which one of them was jealous. “Gu finally understood that Xiao Qingyu was so kind to bandage you with medicine, ha ha -”

Shen Huai knew his voice trembled: “my subordinates know that today is Princess Jingchun’s birthday. Your highness always…”

“Shut up.” Xiao Cheng looked ferocious. “If you protect him so much, you might as well come and replace him!” he pulled Shen Huaizhi up and put his hand in Shen Huaizhi’s chest.

Shen Huaizhi stared: “Your Highness?!”

“Why, are you shy? Gu thought you were too lonely to feed you, so he hooked up with other men under Gu’s eyes!”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head helplessly: “none of my subordinates…”

Lin Qingyu tightly clutched the medicine bottle in his sleeve and forced himself to think calmly about Countermeasures under such circumstances. Shen Huai knows his martial arts are excellent. He has medicine in his hand. If Shen Huai knows is willing to cooperate, they may be able to

At this time, there was a voice outside: “the imperial concubine arrived -”

Xiao Cheng paused and asked fiercely, “why did the mother imperial concubine suddenly come.”

“The imperial concubine and empress heard that your highness was ill and went to the imperial hospital to invite a imperial doctor. She came to visit your highness.”

“How could the mother imperial concubine make such a fuss.” Xiao Cheng looked at Lin Qingyu with a fierce light in her eyes, “but someone added vinegar to her face?”

Lin Qingyu put the medicine bottle back into his sleeve and said calmly, “I don’t know.”

After drinking, Xiao Cheng regained some consciousness. He looked at Shen Huaizhi, who fell to the ground, and a different color flashed in his eyes: “put on your clothes and order someone to cook a cup of sobering soup.”

Shen Huaizhi got up from the ground with his clothes folded, bowed his head and said: “… Yes.”

Lin Qingyu walked out of the East Palace unharmed and breathed slowly in an empty corner.

He couldn’t help thinking, if Gu Fuzhou didn’t recognize his father as an adoptive father and he didn’t know Shen Huai, would he still be so lucky today.

Without Gu Fuzhou, Xiao Cheng would not have hesitated for that moment; Without his intentional approach, Shen Huaizhi would not plead for him, but would show up when he attacked Xiao Cheng and put the knife around his neck.

He may die in the East Palace, under the sword of Shen Huaizhi.

It’s like… It’s like a pair of hands that pulled him out of the end of his destiny.

Lin Qingyu looked up at the northwest sky and said softly, “is it you?”

Even if we are separated from each other, that person is guarding him in his own way.

For the rest of his life, Lin Qingyu suddenly lost his strength and squatted slowly against the palace wall: “when will you come back…”

It was night, the hall of diligence was brightly lit, and cabinet ministers played around a letter just arrived, all with dignified faces.

Xiao Cheng banged on the table with her fingertips. She was impetuous, and her forehead was aching from drinking.

Not long after, Chu Zhengde came in under the leadership of Xiao Songzi: “see your highness.”

Xiao Cheng said little nonsense: “I ask you, do you know a poison called ‘sky spider’?”

“Your Highness, this is a strange poison from the north. If the poisoned person does not have an antidote, his internal organs will be attacked by the poison gas and eventually die slowly.”

“Did the spider have a solution that day?”

“Yes, but the solution is extremely complex.” Chu Zhengde knows everything. “We should use the Millennium snow lotus in the north as the medicine guide, then pound it into powder with the warm jade mortar unique to the thousand herbal Hall of the imperial medical department, and take medicine to the poisoned person immediately after the medicine is completed, so as to detoxify the poison.”

Xiao Cheng said, “you mean, this poison can only be solved in the imperial medical department?”


“All right, get back.”

After Chu Zhengde retired, Xiao Cheng said in a deep voice, “don’t you think it’s strange that people in Yongliang should be poisoned in the north of China.”

The prime minister said, “Your Highness, Tianji camp has confirmed that poisoning is true. No matter how poisoned he is, it’s urgent to detoxify it first.”

Xiao Cheng’s face was ugly. She was unwilling in every way, but she had to compromise. She clenched her teeth and said, “pass on the will of Gu Fuzhou and return to Beijing immediately.”


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