Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 49

The news that Gu Fuzhou was about to return to Beijing spread from Xiao Songzi to Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu and Xiao Cheng have the same question and think there are too many strange things about this matter.

From the conversation, it is not difficult to see that Gu Fuzhou was allowed to return to Beijing because he was poisoned by spider. Now the holy master is out of his mind. Whether Gu Fuzhou can return to Beijing depends on what Xiao Cheng thinks.

A few months ago, Gu Fuzhou sent several memorials to Beijing, all of which were ignored by the crown prince. However, the situation this time is quite different. Gu Fuzhou is the heart of the army. No matter how the imperial court fears his military power, it can’t let him be poisoned and killed at this juncture. If they do not allow Gu Fuzhou to return to Beijing, they will let Gu Fuzhou’s 300000 troops lose confidence in the imperial court or turn against each other.

But why is it the poison of spider? If it was Xixia’s hand, as in the last time, why did Xixia use slow poison from the north, directly use deadly poison, and use the hometown dialect surnamed Jiang – isn’t it fragrant.

What he can think of, Xiao Cheng must be able to arrive. However, in order to take the overall situation into account, Xiao Cheng had to order Gu Fuzhou to return to Beijing even if she knew the secret.

In any case, Gu Fuzhou’s return is not a bad thing for him. When Gu Fuzhou comes back, his father will certainly accompany him. As soon as his father left for half a year, the four members of his family were finally reunited.

Gu Fuzhou’s return to Beijing is not a class teacher, but a return to Beijing to detoxify. In order to stabilize the situation, the imperial court decided to keep it secret and let Gu Fuzhou return to Beijing secretly. In the palace, except for important cabinet ministers, only Taiyuan hospital knew about it.

It will take ten days for the news to reach Yongliang 800 Li, and it will take at least half a month for Gu Fuzhou to arrive in the capital. Tai hospital should prepare the antidote of spider in this half month.

Lin Qingyu returned from the east palace that day and launched a high fever without warning. He forced himself to write a prescription for himself, let Hualu fill the medicine according to the prescription, and ordered Huan Tong to go to the imperial medical department to ask for leave for himself. Then he fell asleep.

The disease came like a mountain. Lin Qingyu slept soundly and didn’t know the day and night. In a trance, he heard someone calling his name: “Qingyu, Qingyu…”

The tone is leisurely and smiling, which is very pleasant.

Lin Qingyu wanted to respond to him, but he couldn’t open his eyes. He seemed to be pressed with a heavy stone. It was hard to move his fingers, and his throat was thirsty.

It was strange that he could still see a vague figure with his eyes closed. Then the sound “Qingyu” suddenly changed its tone and became another man’s voice: “doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu finally opened his eyes and saw the man standing by his bed. He said in a dumb voice, “guard Shen?”

“It’s me.” Shen Huaizhi handed a cup of tea. “How are you? You look very pale.”

When herbal tea entered his throat, Lin Qingyu gradually woke up. He has thoughts every day and dreams every night. He is dreaming.

Lin Qingyu explored his forehead with the back of his hand. The high fever has turned to low fever, and he has recovered some strength. “Why did you show up at my house?”

“I heard from people in Taiyuan hospital that you asked for leave due to illness…” Shen Huaizhi said nervously, “I’m here to see a doctor.”

“In the middle of the night, I stood at the head of the patient’s bed without saying hello. Is that how you shadow guards visit patients?”

Shen Huaizhi was depressed: “I can’t let others find out. I can only make such a bad decision.”

With Shen Huai’s skill, let alone a Lin mansion, he may not be found if he breaks into the palace at night. Lin Qingyu sniffed, “you really can’t be found by the prince, otherwise he will feel that he hasn’t fed you enough and force you to steal pleasure from my house.”

Shen Huaizhi’s face flushed with shame: “Your Highness is impulsive after drinking. I… I apologize for him.”

Lin Qingyu seemed to hear a shocking joke: “you apologize for him? Who are you? Why apologize for him? Why did you climb into his bed?”

Shen Huai looked stiff: “don’t, don’t talk.”

“If you don’t want to hear this, go away.” Lin Qingyu felt cold at the bottom of his eyes. “I’m not interested in seeing people being cheap.”

Shen Huai knows how he can do things for Xiao Cheng if he continues to be stubborn and loyal to Xiao Cheng.

He wasted his time to detoxify Shen Huaizhi and heal his wounds, waste.

Shen Huaizhi was silent for a long time and whispered: “I, Jingchun and your highness have known each other since childhood. Jingchun is innocent and doesn’t know the world. Although she is a ‘maid in waiting’, she is always charming and angry. She cries whenever she is wronged. When Jingchun cries, his highness will coax him. I can’t coax others. I can only practice my martial arts well at the heavenly prison gate, thinking that she can protect Jingchun and his highness forever. Later… Jingchun was killed in the north The king liked him. He didn’t want to marry. He cried and begged his highness to save him. But the imperial edict had been given, and even his highness couldn’t help it. This was his Highness’s heart disease. Since then, his highness often became violent and moody when he met something about Jingchun. “Shen Huaizhi looked up into Lin Qingyu’s eyes, “Doctor Lin, your eyes are really like Jingchun, so your highness will not control it for a while.”

Lin Qingyu found the key point in a pile of nonsense: “Heaven prison gate? Royal dark guards are not all from Tianji camp.”

Shen Huaizhi hesitated for a moment and said, “Tianji camp and Tianyu gate are both the pawns of the son of heaven. Tianji camp is in the Ming Dynasty and Tianyu gate is in the dark. The world only knows Tianji and doesn’t know Tianyu. One light and one dark complement each other. Three years ago, Tianyu gate was destroyed, and I was the only one left to live in the world.”

Shen Huaizhi’s words were simple, and many details were hidden. Lin Qingyu asked, “who killed the heavenly prison gate?”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head and didn’t seem to want to mention it more: “in short, your highness saved me. Later, I went to Tianji camp to continue to work for your highness. I thought there was no one alive at Tianyu gate except me. I didn’t expect to see the jade card of Tianyu gate in your place.” Shen Huaizhi’s eyes moved slightly, “Xuzhou, Suicheng… I must go and see it myself.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “when are you going to start?”

Shen Huaizhi sighed: “general Gu’s army is back to Beijing. I can’t leave for the time being.”


“General Gu is surrounded by people from Tianji camp. From Yongliang to the capital, his every move, word and deed are under the control of his highness.”

Lin Qingyu was a little strange: “you tell me this, aren’t you afraid I’ll leak it out?”

Shen Huaizhi smiled and said, “general Gu is so wise. How could he not know that he has been monitored by Tianji camp. But this is the condition for him to return to Beijing. He can only accept it if he wants to come back.”

“Listening to your tone, I seem to admire general Gu.”

“The man of Dayu Dynasty, who doesn’t admire the God of war of a country. Although he has some incredible behavior recently, but…” Shen Huai recognized the voice and said, “someone.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the door and saw nothing. Looking back, Shen Huaizhi had disappeared. A moment later, Hua Lu pushed the door in and saw Lin Qingyu sitting at the head of the bed. He was surprised and said, “young master, you’re awake!”

I don’t know when the window was opened. The wind rustled the leaves as if no one had come.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help thinking, Shen Huai knows this skill, can Xiao Cheng get a knife from him.

Lin Qingyu’s illness took half a month to get through. The whole person lost a circle due to illness and was quite weak in Liu Fufeng’s state. A glance can arouse the man’s desire for protection.

Hu Ji wanted to let Lin Qingyu have a good rest. When he was on duty with him, he took the initiative to take care of everything. But Chu Zhengde couldn’t see that he was idle and sent him to the imperial medical department to prepare the antidote of tianspider.

In June, the heat wave hit and the valley wind burst. Gu Fuzhou quietly entered Beijing on a dusk.

The reason why the poison of heavenly spider must be solved in the capital is due to its drug introduction – snow lotus in the North must be rammed into medicine with warm jade mortar, and the medicine must be taken within an hour after it is finished. Warm jade mortar is rare in the world. Dayu has only three, one of which is in the north, and the other two are in the thousand herbal Hall of the imperial medical department.

As soon as the news of Gu Fuzhou’s arrival in Beijing reached the imperial medical department, the imperial medical department was busy.

Everything is ready, only the last medicine is needed.

“Where’s the medicine guide? Get the medicine guide!”

“Yao Yin is under the care of Dr. Lin. go find Dr. Lin quickly.”

“At this juncture, where has Doctor Lin gone?”

They finally found Lin Qingyu in the library. Knowing their intentions, Lin Qingyu frowned: “general Gu will not arrive in Beijing until tomorrow.”

“Who told you? General Gu returned to his house half an hour ago!”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes fell on a six grade medical officer who came to tell him early in the morning.

The medical officer seemed to feel guilty and didn’t dare to look at Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu didn’t have time to clean him up for the moment and said, “give me half an hour and it’ll be right away.”

The chief medical officer stared: “are you dispensing now?”

“If you keep talking nonsense, it will take longer.”

After the medicine was completed, Lin Qingyu personally sent the antidote to the general’s house without a moment’s delay.

The housekeeper of the general’s residence was so worried that he couldn’t wait for the medicine. He finally waited for Lin Qingyu and hurriedly took him to the inner courtyard: “general, the medicine is coming!”

Without permission, Lin Qingyu can only wait outside the door.

A low male voice sounded, with an undisguised irony: “it’s too early. Why don’t you just come back next year and cut down the tree three meters high at my grave.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned.

This is… Gu Fuzhou, the God of war of a country, general Gu standing in his thirties?


Chu Zhengde’s voice then sounded: “the senior general apologized. It’s the negligence of the lower official to hand over such an important matter to a new man of seven grades. When the lower official returns to the official office, he will be severely punished.”

“General, you’d better bring people in first.”

Lin Qingyu’s heart moved. This was his father’s voice. His father’s voice sounded a little tired. He didn’t have much rest all the way back to Beijing.

Lin Qingyu calmed down and walked in with the antidote. He saw his father and Chu Zhengde standing in front of a master’s chair. A tall man was sitting on the master’s chair, dressed in black generals’ uniforms, with sword eyebrows and stars. His face was not white. At first glance, it looked cold and fierce, with the bloodthirsty ferocity of a martial artist. But as soon as his eyes were matched, the ferocity was dissipated, but he felt a bit of a young man’s carelessness.

The spider is a slow poison. Gu Fuzhou has not yet reached the time when the poison enters the internal organs, so he looks no different from ordinary people. At the moment, he is drinking tea with a cup of tea.

Lin’s father was always reserved, but he was unprepared to see his eldest son who hadn’t been seen for half a year. He couldn’t hide his emotion and blurted out: “Qingyu?”

Gu Fuzhou jerked his hands and looked up. When facing his four eyes, his eyes suddenly looked like clouds and fog. Then he looked a little nervous and hurried away.

Lin Qingyu smiled at his father, then saluted Gu Fuzhou and said, “lower official Lin Qingyu, see the great general.”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t speak for a long time. I’m afraid he was blaming him for his late arrival. Lin Qingyu said again, “let the general wait for a long time. I hope the general will forgive me.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t look at him and was finally able to speak.

“Never mind,” he said with a low smile, “I like waiting for people.”


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