Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 5

After carefully raising for a few days, no matter how inside, Lu Wancheng seems to have improved a lot. Lin Qingyu thinks he can try to get out of bed and take two steps. Lu Wancheng listened to his advice, got out of bed and took two difficult steps. He felt that his limbs were weak and his whole body was weak. He lay back again. He was at ease and said, “nothing in the world is difficult as long as he is willing to give up. I choose to give up.”

Lin Qingyu asked him, “are you going to lie in bed the rest of the time?”

Lu Wancheng: “what’s wrong with this?”

Lin Qingyu: “… No, you lie down.”

Lin Qingyu, who believes in studying hard and working hard and striving for strength, can’t see Lu Wancheng’s half dead appearance. He hasn’t stepped into the room all day.

This is the day when the bride returns.

Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to admit that he is a “bride”, but he does miss his family. He had been away from home for only a few days, but he felt for years.

Early in the morning, Liang sent a steward to the blue wind Pavilion. With the help of the steward, the servant brought two boxes of gifts, saying that the lady asked the young gentleman to take them back to his mother’s house.

Hua Lu was young and said bluntly, “what, these are only two boxes? Madam, it’s more than that to marry a servant girl back.”

The steward smiled and said, “Miss Hua Lu, I don’t understand. How many gifts a bride brings back depends on how much dowry she brings when she gets married. If you bring less dowry into the house, the return gift will naturally follow.

That’s true. When his parents prepared Lin Qingyu’s dowry that day, he urged him to take less, and better not take anything. He didn’t take any of the antique collection prepared by his father, precious porcelain, gold and silver jewelry prepared by his mother, and land lease of Liangtian. Bringing these to Nan’an Hou’s house will only pollute their things in Lin’s house.

Lin Qingyu knew that his parents never cared about these external things. All they wanted was for him to be safe and smooth. He said, “don’t bring these two boxes of things.”

The steward was stunned and thought he had heard wrong: “Shaojun means…”

“Keep it for the Marquis’s wife to use slowly.”

Although Hua Lu hasn’t married yet, she also knows that the bride’s return is a matter of face. She advised Lin Qingyu: “young gentleman, take some. If the bride really goes back to her mother’s house empty handed, she must be criticized and pointed out by others.”

“Lin’s house has not been pointed out enough.” Lin Qingyu said lightly, “let them point out.”

In this dynasty, masculinity prevailed. The families of dignitaries and dignitaries raised several concubines more or less. Even the emperor’s harem had one or two concubines. However, men are men after all, and can’t bear children, so they can’t be wives.

Dayu’s law is that one man and one woman are monogamous, one wife and many concubines. If it weren’t for saving Lu Wancheng’s life and the National Master said, the holy master would not violate his ancestral system and marry two men.

Lin Qingyu is the first male wife to be married. This alone is enough to make a small Lin mansion famous in the capital and become the talk of dignitaries in Beijing.

The steward muttered, and heard Lin Qingyu ask him, “is the car ready?”

“Ready. One more thing, madam, let me tell you.” the steward cleared his throat and said, “Madam said, the young master is not completely well. It’s cold outside. The young master is afraid he can’t live, so he doesn’t have to accompany the young gentleman back to his mother’s house.”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “don’t worry, I’m not going to take him back.”

Lin Qingyu got on the carriage alone. Nan’an Marquis house and Lin house are separated by more than half of the capital, and it will take more than half a day to come back.

When passing Yongxing street, Lin Qingyu stopped the driver’s groom and said, “wait here.”

Yongxing street is the most prosperous street in Beijing. There are shops on both sides of the street: silk cloth shop, porcelain shop, wine shop, tea shop, etc. Lin Qingyu enters a wine shop and asks for two pots of good daughter red. Then he goes to the snack shop next door and buys a few kilograms of candied snacks. He goes home and takes them with him.

The Lin family knew that Lin Qingyu would go home today and opened the door early in the morning. At about the same time, Lin’s mother stood at the door of the house with her little son and the boys who had followed Lin Qingyu since childhood.

Seeing that he was about to get home, Lin Qingyu pushed open the window and saw a dying child jumping and waving at the carriage from a distance.

This is his six-year-old brother, Lin Qinghe.

Lin Qingyu tightened his heart for many days and finally relaxed a little.

When Lin Qingyu got out of the carriage, his younger brother rushed into his arms: “brother!” Lin Qinghe was just the age of changing his teeth. He was missing two front teeth and would leak when talking.

“Young master!” the young fellow Huan Tong was very excited, as if his young master didn’t come back from Nan’an Marquis house, but from the battlefield.

Lin Qingyu touched his brother’s head and looked at the gentle woman: “mother.”

Lin’s mother said with tears in her eyes, “just come back.” she looked at the carriage and was quite nervous, “is the little Marquis still in the carriage?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the little marquis is ill in bed and should not go out. He asked us to treat him as dead.”

Lin’s mother was shocked: “this…”

Lin Qingyu smiled placidly: “don’t mention others at home – where’s your father?”

“One of your father’s students is visiting your house today. He is entertaining guests in the hall.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “which student?”

Lin Mu said, “Tan Qizhi.”

Lin Qingyu smiled slightly: “I really can pick the day.” he didn’t come early or late, but he came when he returned to the house.

The tan family runs the largest medicine shop in Beijing. Tan Qizhi is Lin Fu’s disciple outside the door. Lin Qingyu has some friendship with him. But friendship is friendship. If you just like it, Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to have too much contact with this person. This person always competes with others openly and secretly, and it’s boring to have more times. Compared with Tan Qizhi, even Lu Wancheng can be liked.

Anyway, Lu Wancheng’s absence relieved Lin’s mother. She and her husband only thought of their son. If their son-in-law came, their family would be cautious. “Don’t stand at the door. Go in. Mother has prepared your favorite plum blossom cake.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “did my mother do it herself?”

Lin Mu smiled: “that’s natural. What others do can get into your mouth.”

Lin Qingyu smiled lightly, and the chilly cold around him seemed to turn into a wisp of spring breeze, which made the Houfu coachman stunned – was this the young gentleman who ignored everyone and treated people coldly all day?

As soon as Lin Qingyu entered the door, he saw Tan Qizhi coming face-to-face: “brother Qingyu, I’ve waited for you!”

Tan Qizhi has a good appearance and scholar temperament. At first glance, he looks like a young talent.

Lin Qingyu nodded to tan Qizhi lightly, and then made a home salute to the man in the throne: “father.”

Lin’s father didn’t like Lin’s mother. He just flashed his eyes and said, “I’m back.”

Tan Qizhi looked at the door and asked, “Why are you alone? What about the little Marquis?”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “he didn’t come.”

Tan Qizhi’s face showed surprise: “I have never seen a bride return home and her husband doesn’t follow.”

“Well, you see it now.”

Lin Fu thought carefully and said, “I think it’s the little Marquis who hasn’t recovered and shouldn’t go out.”

Even if you are ill and should not go out, how can you not even have a prayer post?

Tan Qizhi looks at Lin Qingyu without concealment. Lin Qingyu is wearing a plain white dress today. He is thin. The breeze enters his sleeve and his waist is about plain. Beauty is beauty, but he is too carried. A man’s wife is always superior. Can your husband like it?

He almost understood that beauty Lin didn’t please her husband and her husband’s family.

“Brother Qingyu is as beautiful as ever, and his face is still better than that of a woman.” Tan Qizhi said with a smile. “However, they are all people who are the young gentleman of the Marquis house. Why do they dress so simple and clean?”

Lin Qingyu glanced up and down at Tan Qizhi: “naturally, I can’t compare with brother tan. Brother Tan is dressed in purple and wears a ring around his waist. He is very noble. Who can be more like a noble man’s wife than you.”

Tan Qizhi’s face twisted and soon recovered: “brother Qingyu laughed. Mention gaomen… Where’s brother Qingyu’s return gift? Take it out quickly and let me see the wealth of Hou men.”

Lin Qingyu picked up the two pots of daughter Hong in his hand and said, “here.”

Lin Fu looked at him and smiled.

Tan Qizhi stared straight: “this… Is gone?” even if Lin Qingyu is out of favor, he is also the male wife that Hou Ming media is marrying. How can the return ceremony be so shabby?

“There are a few catties of candied snacks,” Lin Qingyu said faintly. “Brother Tan, do you want to taste it?”

Hearing the candied fruit, Lin Qinghe said excitedly, “I want to eat the candied fruit. Thank you, brother.”

Tan Qizhi said jokingly, “brother Qingyu has hidden all the good things. Don’t you want to give them to the teacher and Shiniang?”

Father Lin said, “I feel so good. Madam, please take the wine to warm it. Qingyu and I will have a few drinks later.”

Tan Qizhi said, “teacher, I’m afraid it’s against the rules.”

Father Lin asked, “how do you break the rules?”

Tan Qizhi wanted to stop: “brother Qingyu is already a wife. How can I drink at the same table with a foreign man?”

Lin Fu’s face sank. Even though his eldest son was very handsome and married into the Marquis with a man’s body, he still regarded him as a decent man. But others may not think so. The rules of Nan’an Marquis house are strict, and whether a man and his wife can see other men remains to be discussed, let alone drink at the same table.

“It’s really against the rules.” Lin Qingyu looked calm, but in fact he was already thinking about what poison could match Tan Qizhi’s mouth. “What are you waiting for, brother tan? Take your time.”

Tan Qizhi was dumb and colorless. Obviously, he didn’t see a good play and didn’t want to go for the time being. He laughed and said, “to tell you the truth, I’m coming to your house this time. In addition to saying hello to Shifu, I have another thing to ask…”

Before he finished speaking, a steward hurried to report: “Sir and madam, my uncle is coming!”

Lin Qingyu said in a cold voice, “who is my uncle? What are you yelling at?”

“It’s the little Marquis!” Huan Tong said after the steward. “It’s the little Marquis of Nan’an Marquis house!”

At this time, Lu Wancheng is not sleeping in bed. What are you doing in Lin’s house?

Lin Qingyu restrained his mood: “I’ll have a look.”

Father Lin said in a deep voice, “we’ll go too.”

Lu Wancheng’s status is noble. If they don’t go out to meet each other, neglect others, and pass on the truth to Nan’an Hou’s house, Lin Qingyu’s situation will become more and more difficult.

Tan Qizhi’s eyes turned and followed.

As soon as Lin Qingyu arrived at the yard, he saw Lu Wancheng sitting in a wheelchair and pushed in by a young man.

Two people face each other with four eyes.

Lu Wancheng bent his lips and smiled. It was Zhilan Yushu. He was a modest gentleman: “Qingyu, you didn’t take me back to Lin’s house.” seeing Lin Qingyu’s moving face, he lowered his voice and said, “no, why are you angry again… Why are you angry at home?”

These days, Lu Wancheng’s face has developed some blood color, but his skin color is still paler than ordinary people. In his hand, he is holding an exquisite heater, dressed in crimson clothes, covered with a snow cloak, and covered with snow-white fur on his legs. However, he is not fat at all, but luxurious and beautiful, and more jade.

When Lu Wancheng collapsed in bed, he got out of bed like a salted fish… He was like a dog.

Lin Qingyu had no time to speak, so his parents came out. Lu Wancheng glanced slightly, and the young man behind him understood it. He took the stove and fur in one hand and helped him up in the other. After Lu Wancheng stood firm, he bowed to Lin’s father and mother-in-law and said, “see your father-in-law, your mother-in-law, your son-in-law is late.”

Elegant appearance, generosity and propriety are exactly the elegant demeanor of a noble young master.

Lin Qinghe hid behind his brother and stared at Lu Wancheng with big eyes: “brother, this man has a good look.”

Lin Qingyu looked on coldly: “illusion.”

Father Lin said, “you don’t have to be polite. You’re sick. Sit down.”

Lu Wancheng sat back in his wheelchair and his eyes fell on Tan Qizhi: “who is this?”

“I’ve seen you, little marquis.” Tan Qizhi came forward and said respectfully, “I’m Tan Qizhi, a student sentenced by the forest court. My family opened Chang Xihe medicine shop in the capital.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “hmm? What do you often talk to?”

Tan Qizhi hurriedly said, “Chang Xihe.”

Lu Wancheng asked again, “what Xihe?”

Tan Qizhi vaguely realized that he seemed to have been fooled. However, the other party’s identity was not general. No matter how to play him, he could only greet him with a smile: “it’s Chang Xihe.”

“What is Chang Xi?”

… what this is and what it is.

Lin Qingyu interrupted them: “the cold wind is bleak. Father and mother, you go into the house. Give me the young marquis.”

Lin’s mother stretched out her hand to Lin Qinghe: “Qinghe, don’t always stick to your brother and come to your mother.”

After his parents left, Lin Qingyu asked Lu Wancheng in a low voice, “did you take the wrong medicine?”

Talking to Lin Qingyu alone, Lu Wancheng was too lazy to pretend. His eyebrows were low and slow. He looked tired: “I’m here to support you, Dr. Lin.”

“No need.” when something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Lin Qingyu frowns. “Usually you don’t get up at this time.”

“Yes, I tried several times to get up successfully.” Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “I did this for you just to repay you for your kindness to give me medicine and needles. How, are you moved?”

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “No.”

Lu Wancheng raised his eyebrows: “then I’ll go?”

Lin Qingyu thought a little and said, “well, you can find an excuse to go back to Hou’s house.”

Lu Wancheng choked and immediately felt that the world was not worth it: “… Too much, brother.”

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