Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 50

Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 50

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned — Gu Fuzhou didn’t say that just now. Chu Zhengde is also confused. He doesn’t know why the general’s attitude has changed so quickly. Lin’s father is used to general Gu’s disharmony in Yongliang. He has long been surprised: “Qingyu, wait for the general to take medicine.”

Lin Qingyu stepped forward, picked up the soup bowl and handed it to Gu Fuzhou: “general, please take medicine.”

The two were a little close. Gu Fuzhou glanced at him quickly and immediately turned his head. His breathing became unstable.

Lin Qingyu felt that Gu Fuzhou seemed nervous. He didn’t know why he was nervous about drinking an antidote. He asked, “what’s wrong with the general?”

Gu Fuzhou murmured: “… You’re too close.”

Lin Qingyu put the soup bowl on the table and withdrew himself.

“Hey, I didn’t mean that… Forget it.” Gu Fuzhou seemed to be ashamed of his performance, but he was helpless. He abandoned himself and picked up the soup bowl and drank it clean.

Chu Zhengde said, “the antidote must be taken once a day. The remaining poison can be removed in one month. At this time of the day, the imperial medical department will send the antidote to the general’s house and ask the general to take it on time.”

In other words, Gu Fuzhou can only stay in Beijing for one month. After detoxification, he will return to the northwest frontier.

“Then the question is, who will deliver the medicine to me every day.” Gu Fuzhou looked around and looked at Lin Qingyu, “Doctor Lin, can you?”

Before Lin Qingyu could answer, Chu Zhengde said, “Doctor Lin is late to deliver medicine today. If there is another time, wouldn’t he miss the general’s respect?”

Father Lin knows that the eldest son is not such a careless person. There must be a reason for what happened. He asked Lin Qingyu, “the news of the general’s arrival in Beijing today was sent to the imperial Medical Department early in the morning. Why are you late?”

Lin Qingyu said, “someone told me that the general won’t arrive until tomorrow.”

Chu Zhengde frowned: “who?”

“Hong Changfeng.”

Gu Fuzhou made a final decision: “that’s Hong Changfeng’s fault. What’s wrong with Doctor Lin? Even if there is, he is the righteous younger brother of the general. The general is willing to wait for him.”

Lin Fu was helpless: “since the general said so, Qingyu, you will come to the general’s house to deliver medicine every day in the future.”

Lin Qingyu nodded. He didn’t have the patience to do errands, but Gu Fuzhou was kind to him and he deserved something in return.

It was getting late and it was time for ordinary people to go to bed. Father Lin said, “general, I want to go back to Lin’s house.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “it should be. It’s hard all the way. Go back to reunite with your family as soon as possible.”

Lin Qingyu left with Lin Fu. When he reached the door, Gu Fuzhou suddenly called to him, “Qing… Doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu turned around and said, “what else can I do for you, general?”

Gu Fuzhou was about to stop talking. Finally, he looked at the bodyguard of Tianji camp guarding his side and said in a slow voice, “it’s all right. I just think it’s hard for you.”

Lin Qing said, “it’s my honor to serve the general.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “it’s more honor for the general.”

Lin Qingyu followed his father home. Lin’s mother didn’t know that Lin’s father had returned to Beijing in advance. When she saw her husband, she wept first. Lin’s father and mother have been together for many years. The couple are deeply in love. At the moment, although there is no language, it is also better than a thousand words.

“Daddy!” Lin Qinghe rushed to Lin Fu and threw himself into his father’s arms. Lin Fu bent down to catch the young son and held him high: “Qinghe is getting fat.”

A family of four gathered around for a long time and ate something. Lin Fu left Beijing for half a year, too many things happened. When Lu Wancheng died of illness, Lin Qingyu separated from Nan’an Hou’s house and became a medical officer of Tai hospital. In the future, their father and son will be in the same hospital, and they can be regarded as colleagues.

Mentioning Lu Wancheng, Lin Fu sighed: “it’s a pity that the little Marquis didn’t live through the weak crown in the end.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t think it’s a pity. It’s good for that man to get rid of his specific weak and sick body.

When Lin’s mother went to bed with sleepy Lin Qinghe, Lin Qingyu asked, “father, do you know the five words’ odd change and even change ‘?”

Lin Fu nodded: “this sentence has been widely spread in the Western army. It is said that it was obtained from the secret letter of Xixia intercepted by general Gu. The general couldn’t understand it, so he played the prince and asked the prince to summon the talents of the capital to solve his doubts. However, until we were allowed to return to Beijing, no one could answer.”

Lin Qingyu was thoughtful.

So, is that man really in Xixia.

After a long separation and reunion, he drank some wine, and father Lin said more: “general Gu, what a wonderful man.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what do you say?”

Lin Fu smiled and shook his head. “You’ll know if you get along with him for a few more days.”

Lin Qingyu also smiled: “I was surprised to hear that my father recognized general Gu as an adopted son.”

“The great general is a great general of the first grade to assist the country. I, a fifth grade imperial hospital, decided how to dare to be his adoptive father. Originally, I refused in every way. Later, the general said that if I recognized him as an adoptive son, the position of the Lin family in Beijing would be very different from before and beneficial to your career. I was relieved.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “the general really helped me a lot.”

The next day, Lin’s father returned to Tai hospital. The first thing he did was to find out the causes and consequences of delivering the late antidote. He asked Lin Qingyu to confront Hong Changfeng face to face. Hong Changfeng insisted that he was right. Lin Qingyu heard it wrong. Both of them had nothing to say, and there was no third person present at that time. Lin Fu has always been fair. Even if he believes in his eldest son, he will not make a decision without evidence. Fortunately, the general was not investigated, and Lin’s father punished them for a month’s salary.

Hu Ji said, “Hong Changfeng must have been abetted by the judgment of the Chu court. Who knows that these two people are legitimate teachers and disciples.”

“Not necessarily. Chu Zhengde doesn’t dislike me for a day or two. He is pedantic and stubborn, and he is clear about me.” Lin Qingyu said. “It seems that he is not the only one who dislikes me in the Imperial College Hospital and the Imperial College medical department.”

Hu Ji sighed, “it’s said that big trees attract wind. You have prepared the prescription for the epidemic. You are the youngest in the Tai hospital. You are related to the queen and general Gu. Your father is the judge of the hospital. Naturally, you will attract envy. You should keep your edge at ordinary times.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “what I need is not to restrain my edge, but those fools to provoke me less.”

After dinner, Lin Qingyu prepared the antidote of spider in the imperial medical department and sent it to the general’s house. The housekeeper of the general’s house is Yuan Yin. Gu Fuzhou is away from home all year round and has no parents or wife. On weekdays, Yuan Yin takes care of all the things in the house.

Knowing that Lin Qingyu would deliver the medicine, Yuan Yin was ordered to wait at the door early. “The general is enjoying the cool in the backyard,” Yuan Yin said respectfully. “Doctor Lin, please follow me.”

In the hot summer, cicadas call and insects sing. The handsome man lay on the rocking chair, shaking slowly with his eyes closed. He was so tall that he could hardly put down his long legs and could only stand at will. Two boys sat beside him, one left and one right, holding a PU fan to fan the wind for him.

Gu Fuzhou’s lazy and comfortable appearance makes Lin Qingyu feel very familiar. Behind him stood two guards with swords. Their temperament was not like generals marching and fighting, but similar to Shen Huai’s knowledge. If he guessed right, these people should be from Tianji camp. Xiao Cheng asked the people of Tianji camp to follow Gu Fuzhou. Nominally, he was a comprehensive general. Everyone knew what he actually wanted to do.

Yuan Yin came forward and said, “general, Doctor Lin has come to deliver the medicine.”

The rocking chair stopped and Gu Fuzhou stood up. Compared with the last time, he looked less nervous. He walked up to Lin Qingyu, bowed his head and said, “here you are.”

Lin Qingyu is not short among men, but standing in front of Gu Fuzhou, he is as Petite as a woman, and his chin reaches Gu Fuzhou’s shoulder. It can only be said that Gu Fuzhou is worthy of being a fierce general known as the God of war of Dayu.

“General, it’s time to drink medicine.”

Gu Fuzhou drank the medicine, looked up and sighed, “the moon is so beautiful tonight. If Doctor Lin has nothing else to do, he might as well accompany the general to drink some wine, eat some snacks and enjoy the moon?”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and nodded: “thank you, general.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled. When he didn’t laugh, his face was cold, but he didn’t smile against him. Instead, he looked a lot younger. Gu Fuzhou ordered yuan Yincheng to have a midnight snack. Lin Qingyu reminded him: “the general should not drink now.”

“I don’t drink, you drink.” Gu Fuzhou poured a glass of wine for Lin Qingyu, smiled at him and took a sip, with moonlight in his eyes.

Lin Qingyu frowned and always felt that the situation was familiar. “Why is the general looking at me like this?”

Gu Fuzhou coughed softly and said, “I heard that Doctor Lin has just experienced the pain of losing her husband. Now it seems that you don’t feel very sad?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “Si people are dead. Those who are not dead should look forward.”

“It’s right not to be sad. Being sad hurts the body.” Gu Fuzhou stopped and said, “has Doctor Lin ever heard a word called – odd change and even change?”

As soon as the words fell, the two bodyguards looked at them.

Xiao Cheng didn’t make it public. Naturally, he couldn’t show his feet. “Never heard of it.”

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “well, that’s interesting.” he glanced at the two guards and said vaguely, “well, it’s not a good time now.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what does the general mean?”

Gu Fuzhou changed the topic: “by the way, did you find out about the delivery of medicine yesterday?”

Lin Qingyu briefly said this. When Gu Fuzhou learned that he had been fined a month’s salary, he smiled and said, “then you must remember this revenge and return it ten times in the future.”

The subtle sense of familiarity is getting stronger and stronger. Lin Qingyu stared at Gu Fuzhou for a long time. Fang said, “I will.”

After enjoying the moon for half an hour, Lin Qingyu gets up and leaves. Gu Fuzhou touched his lower abdomen and sighed, “I’m going to get up and move, too. I’m sweating.”

The sense of deja vu disappeared in an instant. If it was that person, he would never move in the summer and make himself sweat.

Lin Qingyu said, “the general’s residual poison is not clear. You must not practice too much.”

Gu Fuzhou looked gloomy: “I’m older than when I was 17 or 18 years old. I can’t eat fat and sleep without meat. I don’t want to move, but I don’t want to get fat in middle age.” Gu Fuzhou seemed to think of something and bent his lips. “Yidi, do you want to see how I practice martial arts?”

To tell you the truth, I don’t want to. But thinking of Gu Fuzhou’s help, Lin Qingyu nodded.

Gu Fuzhou suddenly said, “it’s time for you to see my real strength. Let’s go. I’ll take you to the school.”

Lighting a torch on the school yard is still not as bright as day. Lin Qingyu asked, “why doesn’t the general practice Kung Fu in the daytime?”

“It’s too sunny during the day. Fools practice martial arts.”

Lin Qingyu was puzzled. People who fight outside all year round will still be afraid of the sun?

Gu Fuzhou went to a stone lock and said, “this stone lock should be as heavy as you.”

Lin Qingyu: “… Oh.”

“Please, look at me.” Gu Fuzhou stretched a little, squatted down and lifted the stone lock with one hand.

Lin Qingyu held the field with appreciation: “the general is powerful.”

“Look again, look again.” Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath and raised the stone lock above his head, “how about it?”


Gu Fuzhou smiled and slammed down the stone lock: “is this general much better than your dead husband?”


“Do you appreciate the general’s figure more than him?”

Lin Qingyu’s tone faded a little: “the general is as good as the general, but I prefer my late husband.”

Gu Fuzhou’s smile froze: “no, what’s good about a sick seedling like him?”

Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes and said, “if the general has no other orders, I will retire.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled again: “Hey, Yidi, what are you doing? Why are you so angry? We won’t talk about him. I’ll show you a brick splitting with my bare hands as an apology, okay?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

After half a month, Lin Qingyu went to the general’s house to deliver medicine every day. He understood why his father said Gu Fuzhou was a wonderful man. But he felt that the word “freak” would be more appropriate to describe him.

In recent days, the imperial medical department has welcomed a distinguished guest – a world-famous miracle doctor in southern Xinjiang.

Southern Xinjiang doctors are good at Gu. This miracle doctor is the king of Gu. Most people in the Central Plains regard the cultivation of Gu as a sorcery. They turn pale when talking about it, but it is not. Medicine can be divided into good medicine and poison, and Gu can also be divided into good Gu and poisonous Gu. Poisonous Gu can harm people, and good Gu can save people naturally. Knowing the interests, Lin Fu wrote to Nanjiang miracle doctor many times and finally invited people to the imperial medical department to teach Gu Shu to many students. Lin Fu hopes that the students of the imperial medical department can not only learn how to save people with Gu, but also learn how to detoxify Gu.

Although Lin Qingyu has read a lot of medical books, his understanding of Gu Shu is only on paper. This time, Nanjiang miracle doctor opened a class in the imperial medical department. Naturally, he won’t miss it.

After school this day, Lin Qingyu walked out of the medical school with medical books. Suddenly, he heard a whistle. He followed the sound and saw Gu Fuzhou standing against the fence, smiling and waving at him, still followed by the bodyguard of Tianji camp behind him.

Lin Qingyu hurried forward and said, “the general came to the imperial medical department, but the spider attack?”

“No, I went to the palace to report to the prince and passed by the imperial medical department. I thought…” Gu Fuzhou smiled with a funny smile and raised his hand to scratch the corner of his eye, “well, I’ll pick you up after class.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned — pick him up from class? He’s not just a child in school. He needs someone to pick him up next school? And how could I pass by the imperial medical department from the general’s house to the imperial palace.

Before Lin Qingyu answered, his hands were suddenly empty. Gu Fuzhou took the medical book he was holding. His movements are so natural, as if what he usually takes most is not his Qingyun Kyushu gun, but books.

Lin Qingyu said, “the general doesn’t have to bother.”

“It’s all right. I’m stronger than you. The strong work harder.” Gu Fuzhou casually flipped through his book. “So, what did Doctor Lin learn in school today?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the general should not be interested in the study of medicine.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “no, I’m interested in what Doctor Lin said.”

“Nanjiang Gu poison.”

“Gu? Gu is good. The great beauty should use Gu.”

Lin Qingyu took a step and looked at Fu Zhou with more meaningful exploration.

Gu Fuzhou didn’t realize it, or he noticed it and pretended not to know: “speaking of it, I’ve always wanted to give you a pillar of incense to your late husband. It’s my intention to be an adoptive brother.”

Lin Qingyu took back his eyes: “the general can go to Nan’an Marquis house to worship the little marquis.”

“It’s not necessary to go to Nan’an Hou’s house,” Gu Fuzhou said. “Why don’t you go to your house?”

“My family?”

“You should have a memorial tablet dedicated to him in your house…” Gu Fuzhou said, not confident, “do you have it?”

Yes, yes, but that’s not Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet.

Gu Fuzhou saw that Lin Qingyu’s expression was a little complicated, and his mood became more complicated. He joked: “you didn’t even give him a memorial tablet. You’re good to say that you like his one better. In fact, you can understand that it’s the marriage given by the emperor. Righteous brother, you really don’t care much about my poor brother-in-law.”

What strange name is brother Fu.

Reason tells Lin Qingyu that such words need not be ignored. But somehow, Gu Fuzhou spoke to him in this tone. He just couldn’t help but want to respond: “I have.”

“True or false.” Gu Fuzhou raised his mouth, “then take me and prove it to me.”

Thinking of the words “Jiang Dazhuang” on the memorial tablet, Lin Qingyu said calmly, “that’s not very convenient.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t understand: “what’s inconvenient?”


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