Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 51

Lin Qingyu has never invited anyone to his house, including his family, since he separated his family. Although Gu Fuzhou had an idea of Lin’s family, he had too many doubts. He had a look at what he said and what he would do. It’s not wise to take him to the mansion at this time.

Lin Qingyu weighed it over and over again and said, “I’m a widower. My husband died of illness for less than half a year. If you take the general to live alone in the house rashly, it will attract criticism.”

Gu Fuzhou thought about it and did not force: “in that case, go to Nan’an Hou’s house.”

Lin Qingyu thought Gu Fuzhou came on horseback, but like himself, he was also in a carriage. They came to Nan’an Hou’s house. After the servants in the house communicated, Nan’an Hou met in front of the main hall, although he did not go out of the house to meet the prince.

It hasn’t been seen for months. Nan’an Hou’s complexion is indeed much better. The child in Pan’s belly really contributes. Gu Fuzhou and he are a first-class general and a first-class marquis. When they meet, they only need to pay a flat ceremony.

Lin Qingyu stood still and watched them talking nonsense. When Gu Fuzhou faced Nan’an Marquis, he looked cold and concise. His actions were all capable of martial arts, which became similar to the cold faced God of war in the past. Mingming just now Gu Fuzhou also said that she laughed and joked. She said that the great beauty should practice Gu Gu. Not long ago, she performed splitting bricks with bare hands in front of him.

This relaxed atmosphere reminded him of someone.

Xixia, code, Gu Fuzhou’s strange words and deeds and excessive goodwill. Is it a coincidence, or is he too sensitive, or… There’s something else.

Nan’an Hou was not very pleased to learn that Gu Fuzhou came to worship Lu Wancheng. Instead, he looked anxiously at the two bodyguards behind him. “The general has a heart. Come and send the general to the ancestral hall. I have to go to the palace, so I won’t accompany you.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded lightly: “please, marquis.”

From the beginning to the end, Nan’an Hou regarded Lin Qingyu as if he had nothing. It was obvious that he was still angry about the man’s wife and his family. He didn’t want to have an intersection with him at all.

Several people came to Lu’s ancestral hall. Gu Fuzhou looked at the “spirit throne of Lu Wancheng” at the bottom. The corners of his mouth moved slightly. He wanted to laugh and felt that he shouldn’t laugh. Finally, he sighed and didn’t say anything.

The servant lit the six incense sticks and handed them to him. Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou each held three. They stood side by side in front of Lu Wancheng’s spirit and worshipped three times at the same time. Gu Fuzhou first inserts the incense into the incense burner and sideways gives way to Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu came forward and said softly, “no matter where the general is, there are bodyguards. Everything he says and does is under the eyes of others. Isn’t it annoying?”

Gu Fuzhou seemed very helpless: “there’s no way. The crown prince always thinks that I have another plan to hurry back to Beijing. It’s like there are my contacts in the capital and we want to do something big together. It’s good for them to follow. At least it can dispel the crown prince’s doubts and return me to innocence.”

“The general is worried too much.” the guard said expressionless, “the general was poisoned strangely, and the poisoner has not been caught yet. Your highness sent me to accompany the general to protect the general.”

The bodyguard stood behind them. Lin Qingyu thought his voice was very quiet, but he could still be heard clearly by them. It’s said that Tianji camp is full of capable people and different people. That’s true.

Gu Fuzhou smiled innocently, “OK, what the prince says is what he says.”

Lin Qingyu felt that Gu Fuzhou’s words meant something: “the general wanted to clear his suspicion, but he came to the imperial medical department to find me. He was not afraid that the prince suspected me and thought I was the contact?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled slightly: “I don’t want to involve you. But aren’t you my righteous brother? It’s normal to get closer. The Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning, and Doctor Lin doesn’t have to worry too much.”

The Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning. The premise is that the Qing Dynasty is really the Qing Dynasty. At least the Qing Dynasty should think so, so that it will not fall into the handle and give people an opportunity to take advantage of it.

Lin Qingyu asked again, “so, the general’s anxious return to Beijing is just for detoxification, not for another purpose?”

“What bad thoughts can I have? I just want to save my life and enjoy a few more years of happiness. After all, no matter how brave I am, I dare not do anything to bully the king. That’s a capital crime.”

“The war in the northwest, the separation of the territory, and the people in the border areas have no means of living. The general went to the ghost gate and came back thinking about enjoying the blessings. How can he live up to the trust of the imperial court and the people in the general.”

“Others don’t know, but I know it very well.” Gu Fuzhou smiled softly. “I can win a war by luck. It’s OK to win five consecutive victories, and I’ll lose in a row sooner or later. Neither the imperial court nor the people should trust me. I don’t want to be responsible for millions of lives. I’m really tired. The incompetent should be demobilized and return to the field as soon as possible, which is really worthy of the people.”

Lin Qingyu disagrees. Gu Fuzhou’s incompetence is false. It’s true to want to be lazy.

It’s really… More and more like it.

After paying homage to Lu Wancheng, Gu Fuzhou never went with him again.

When Gu Fuzhou got on the carriage, the groom asked him, “the general wants to go back to his house?”

The groom waited for a long time, but the general didn’t respond. He wanted to ask again. Fang heard a voice from the car: “no, I have someone else. I want to see you.”

After entering the summer, the emperor’s symptoms not only did not improve, but became more and more serious. The imperial doctors were at a loss. Even the Lin Yuan’s judgment soon after they came back did not have any good way.

“The headwind of the holy master is a persistent disease. For decades, it has been a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. Ordinary prescriptions can no longer play a role in the holy master, so that it can’t be cured for a long time and the condition is aggravated.”

The queen stood on the emperor’s bed, her heart burning: “is there really no way?”

Lin Yuan hesitated and said, “this…”

Xiao Cheng said, “speak up.”

“Today, Nanjiang miracle doctor was invited to Beijing to give lectures at the imperial medical department. It was mentioned that using insects and insects into the brain can eliminate the root of head wind…”

“Absolutely not!” the queen thought or did not want to say, “give the emperor poisonous insects. You can say that. Don’t you want to die!”

The imperial doctors knelt down and said, “the queen calm down.”

Xiao Cheng looked down at Lin Yuan’s judgment and sneered: “like father, like son. The two doctors surnamed Lin in Taiyuan hospital are so brave. Lin Yuan’s judgment has followed Gu Fuzhou for a long time and became his adoptive father. Is it possible that, like some ignorant people in the army, they only know Gu general and don’t know the son of heaven?”

The forest court ruled in a cold sweat: “Wei Chen dare not.”

The queen snapped, “don’t mention it again. Step back.”

“Wait a minute, what’s your mother’s hurry before you finish talking.” Xiao Zheng hooked his lips. “It’s said that Lin Rushan is good at talking nonsense and wants to do the southern poison trick on the son of heaven. From today on, he will be reduced to the official eye of the sixth grade.”

The officials of Taiyuan hospital, whose documents belong to the official, are responsible for the management of medical books and medicinal materials. They have no real power and are not allowed to visit.

The queen felt that it was inappropriate. The Lin Yuan sentenced him to be the first person in Dayu medicine. It was a waste of talent not to let him visit. She opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped by Xiao Cheng: “just a doctor, my mother doesn’t have to say much.”

The forest court decided to kowtow and said, “thank you, your highness.”

The queen closed her eyes and forbeared. No matter how unwilling she was, she could only swallow her words back. The emperor was so ill that he was out of his mind. At this time, the crown prince could be unscrupulous and cover up the sky.

“Your Highness,” Xue Ying came in from outside, “the leader of Tianji camp asked to see you.”

Xiao Cheng said, “let him wait in the hall of diligence.”

The Queen’s heart filled with sadness. Whether the old eunuch beside the emperor or the Tianji camp for the prince’s eagle dog, they all follow the prince’s lead. The prince is really… Not far from the throne.

In the hall of diligent administration, the leader of Tianji camp is reporting to Xiao Cheng about Gu Fuzhou’s itinerary on this day: “Today, general Gu left the mansion for the first time after returning to Beijing. First, he went to the imperial medical office and said he was going to pick up imperial doctor Lin; then they went to the Nan’an Marquis mansion to worship Lord Lu Xiaohou. Nan’an Marquis only spoke to him and left in a hurry; finally, general Gu went to the fourth Prince’s mansion again.”

Xiao Cheng’s pupil narrowed: “Xiao Yu?”

In that year’s dispute over seizing the line, except for his great victory, only two princes withdrew. One of them is the silly son born to the queen, and the other is the fourth prince, Xiao Yu.

Although Xiao Yu is not a fool, he is not much different from a fool. He is just a fool who looks good and doesn’t work. His biological mother was born lowly, and he was not favored by his father. He was not even qualified to join the struggle for legitimacy.

Xiao Cheng asked, “what did they say?”

“It’s just an ordinary greeting. General Gu said a lot of interesting things on the battlefield. The fourth Prince listened with interest and invited him to roast sheep and eat wine next time.”

Did Gu Fuzhou try his best to return to Beijing for Xiao Yu? No, Gu Fuzhou knew someone was watching, so what they saw on the surface was what Gu Fuzhou wanted them to see. So does Gu Fuzhou want to deliberately muddy the water and hide his real intention.

“Keep staring.” Xiao Cheng said, “come and report any abnormality at any time.”

When the news of Lin’s father reached the imperial hospital, Lin Qingyu immediately took leave and went back to Lin’s house. He thought his father would be depressed when he was reprimanded. Unexpectedly, his father looked calm and smiled and told his mother that he could go back to his house on time every day.

Lin Qingyu was helpless: “my father can still laugh.”

Lin’s father had fun in bitterness: “it’s nothing more than going from zhengwupin to zhengliupin’s idle job. Speaking of it, before returning to Beijing, the general also reminded me to be careful of the prince. I was eager to save people and careless.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly surprised: “the general asked you to be careful of the prince?”

“Yes. He said he was eager to return to Beijing and had to leave a lot of doubts. The prince would be more vigilant against the people around him. Unexpectedly, I was demoted because of this in the end. Qingyu and Nanjiang medicine Gu, you and I have seen it. It can cure common people, but it can’t cure the disease of the emperor – sad and lamentable.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to think about the poisonous insects in southern Xinjiang. Looking back on Gu Fuzhou’s words over and over again, he vaguely touched something. It was like enjoying flowers in the fog. He couldn’t see it thoroughly.

Jiang can’t recognize him. Apart from being far away, he has to hide his identity. Is there another possibility——

“Well, this is not a good time.”

“I don’t want to involve you either.”

Lin Qingyu pondered for a long time and asked, “father, you said that ‘odd changes and even changes’ came from general Gu’s interception of the Xixia secret letter. Except general Gu, has anyone seen the secret letter with their own eyes?”

Lin’s father didn’t know why his eldest son asked, “it’s so confidential that the general won’t show it to others.”

“Haven’t you even seen General Zhao?”

Father Lin said, “I don’t know.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes moved slightly.

Maybe he made a mistake at the beginning. The source of the secret letter is not Xixia, but… Yongliang.

The next day, Lin Qingyu went to the general’s house to deliver medicine as usual. As soon as he got out of the carriage, Yuan Yin greeted him and said, “Doctor Lin, the general is not in your house today.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where is he?”

“The general is at the fourth Prince’s house.” Yuan Yin said with a smile, “Doctor Lin, give me the medicine. I’ll send someone to send it to the general.”

Lin Qingyu thought and said, “no, I’ll just run again.”

There are rules in the palace. All adult princes except the crown prince must leave the palace. When the crown prince ascends the throne in the future, these princes will be granted the throne and move to the fiefdom. The fourth Prince has just turned 18 this year.

Lin Qingyu got out of the carriage and saw dozens of horses parked in front of the fourth Prince’s house. These horses are all majestic, like war horses in the military camp. It seems that Gu Fuzhou is not the only military attache to the fourth Prince’s house today.

Lin Qingyu explained his intention, and the servant passed it into the house. Not long after, a beautiful man with a feminine appearance and no debate between male and female came out. Looking at his clothes, he should be the steward of the house.

“I’ve seen Doctor Lin,” said the steward, “please follow me.”

Lin Qingyu followed the steward all the way to the backyard and smelled the aroma of wine and meat from a distance. I saw a campfire in the park, on which a big sheep was roasted. Dozens of people were surrounded by the fire. Most of them were dressed in armor, drinking and eating meat with one hand. They were informal and happy. The only two people who are gentle are a young man in royal clothes. The young man has red lips and white teeth and is smart and lovely. Although he also tears mutton in his hand, his action is not very rough. This person is the fourth prince, Xiao Yu.

Another gentle man is Gu Fuzhou. But seeing him sitting in the crowd, his sword eyebrows were cold and cool, his outline was strong, and he had a cold meaning. When he saw Lin Qingyu, the chill dissipated and smiled and raised a glass to him.

The steward said, “Your Highness, general, Doctor Lin is here.”

“I heard that a beautiful doctor came to the Tai hospital. Is that you?” Xiao Yu blushed. “She’s really beautiful.”

A military attache said carelessly, “it’s not much better than Princess Jingchun, the first beauty in those years!”

“Lao Wu, you really drink too much. How can this man and woman compare…”

Gu Fuzhou said, “Doctor Lin is here to deliver medicine to me. Come to me.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “did the general drink?”

“No.” Gu Fuzhou took the initiative to check the wine glass for Lin Qingyu. “I always use tea instead of wine.”

Lin Qingyu looked behind Gu Fuzhou. The guards of Tianji camp are still there, but their faces are very ugly, which can almost be described as shame, anger and shame. Soon, Lin Qingyu knew the reason.

“General Gu finally made a trip back to Beijing. People followed him everywhere. That is, the general has a good temper. I would have been angry for me. What is this, house arrest?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I suddenly asked to return to Beijing. The crown prince suspected that I was normal.”

“Doubt also needs to talk about evidence! It’s been more than half a month, and the hair of the evidence can’t be seen. Why should the crown prince send someone to look at the general?”

“The crown prince has always been close to those sour Wen ministers and has made thousands of defenses against our generals. I’m afraid he hasn’t forgotten who fought and guarded Dayu’s territory!”

Gu Fuzhou’s face changed: “general Wu, speak carefully.”

“I dare to say it here now and in the morning tomorrow. General Gu has fought for 16 years and has made countless achievements. Why should he be humiliated like this? It’s too oppressive. I can’t stand it!”

“Me too!”

“Tomorrow I’ll advise you, Prince. He can’t do this to the general!”

“That’s right! It’s a big deal to let the prince monitor more than a dozen of our brothers to see who will work for him in the future!”

“Hey, don’t get excited.” Xiao Yu was caught in it and looked at a loss.

Gu Fuzhou looked dignified: “Your Highness the fourth set up this game today just for the gathering of brothers. If you say such treacherous words again, they will all break up.”

“Fuck me!” the general surnamed Wu threw the cup to the ground and was very angry. “I, Wu Laosan, don’t accept it! I’m going to enter the palace now!”

Gu Fuzhou shook his head and sighed, “I can’t control you.” after that, he let the generals get excited and stopped talking.

Lin Qingyu sat on his side, watched him drink the medicine and said, “when the prince is forced to clear the suspicion of the general, he will withdraw the Tianji camp. At that time, the general can speak freely and do whatever he wants.”

Gu Fuzhou looked like he was suddenly enlightened and said with a low smile, “it seems so. I didn’t even think of this floor. Dr. Lin is so clever.”

Lin Qingyu moved in his heart, lowered his eyelashes and smiled: “not as good as general one or two.”


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