Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 52

In recent years, the emperor has been close to civil servants and guard against generals. These bloody men have long been suffocated. Most of them are straightforward. One does not say two. The reason why they endure until now is that general Gu, whom they admire, warned them to put the country and the people first and put their own honor and disgrace out of the world.

Now the crown prince has gone so far as to monitor and suppress the general. Who can bear it. The military attache on the scene discussed the group’s advice tomorrow with the strength of wine, and Lin Qingyu frowned.

It seems that the wisdom of these military officers is focused on marching and fighting. They are not very sensitive to the affairs of the court and do not know how to observe words and expressions. Hasty admonition, I’m afraid it may not be better than a civil servant close to the crown prince.

At this time, Xiao Yu interrupted them and revealed the truth: “but you have never won a quarrel with civil servants.”

Generals: ”

Xiao Yu said again, “every time you are so angry that you blush and have a thick neck. You can’t hold a word for a long time.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou. The man was still silent and quiet, but Lin Qingyu always felt that he wanted to talk very much and was suffocating.

After a discussion, they finally decided to act according to the circumstances. In short, they must save the general from fire and water and return the respect and glory he deserves.

Early the next morning, general Wu dismounted at the gate of the palace and prepared to enter the palace and go to court. He heard someone call him, “general Wu.”

General Wu looked back. It turned out that it was the beautiful doctor he had seen at the fourth Prince’s house yesterday. Dressed in Indigo civilian official clothes, the beautiful doctor stood quietly aside and raised his favor for civilian officials on his own.

General Wu grinned and said, “Doctor Lin is looking for me.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “the general will advise general Gu in the morning.”

“Yes,” general Wu said without hesitation, “I have an appointment with my brothers.”

“Then, please remember, general. No matter what civil servants say, you just have to ‘then, so, really? I don’t believe it. What you say is reasonable, but I don’t listen’… That’s enough.” Lin Qingyu said, “don’t try to reason with them, and don’t pay attention to what they say.”

“Then, so, true or false…” general Wu gradually tasted the taste, and smiled on his dark face. “Wonderful! Wonderful! This can’t make those old men angry.”

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly: “this is what I learned from my late husband. I hope I can help the general.”

In addition to Gu Fuzhou, the most prestigious military attache is the Duke of Wu, who is nearly 80 years old. Duke Wu once saved the life of the former Emperor on the battlefield and won the first-class Duke. He was hereditary and could bring a knife into the hall. Duke Wu had been at home for many years. Hearing about Gu Fuzhou’s situation in Beijing, he put on the treasure knife given by the former Emperor and came out of the mountain again.

Under the leadership of Duke Wu and general Wu, today’s early Dynasty is even more lively than the market. Last night, the civil servant learned from Tianji camp that the military attache was going to do something. He was ready for it. As soon as general Wu raised the matter, they began to take a close look at the suspicions of Fuzhou.

The war in the northwest was stalemate. General Gu’s army fought well. Suddenly, he sent dozens of memorials asking for “farewell to the elderly and return home”. It’s too much fun. He enlisted 300000 troops in the West. Can we say it doesn’t matter? He even moved out the Xixia secret language, saying that the general was suspected of spreading secrets about military aircraft. The crown prince certainly believes in general Gu’s innocence, but in order to block the long public, the investigation still needs to be investigated. Let the dark guards of Tianji camp accompany the general around, and protect the general’s safety in the capital at the same time.

Generals have no ministers who can speak, but they are better than loud voices. No matter what Wen Chen says, they are always just short words to use back and forth. Several of the prince’s confidants, Wen Chen, said that they were exaggerating and anxious. Finally, they exchanged each other’s light sentence: “really? I don’t believe it.”

Asked general Wu why he didn’t believe it, general Wu said, “I can’t say it. Anyway, your words sound strange.”

The prime minister is old and proud. Hearing what general Wu said, he didn’t come up at one breath and almost fainted in the hall.

Xiao Cheng sat on the master’s chair under the Dragon chair. Her face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Her fingertips knocked on the armrest. She looked as if the mountain rain was coming and the wind was all over the building. After the prime minister was carried down, he finally gnashed his teeth and said, “enough.”

Everyone stopped and looked at him together.

Xiao Cheng took a deep breath: “let me think about it.”

Just because these generals are straight doesn’t mean they are stupid. They all know that the crown prince wants to continue to delay. It’s best to delay until Gu Fuzhou leaves the capital.

So they made more trouble. He was restless when he went down, one by one to ask for the prince. These people all have military merit. One or two people are nothing. More than a dozen unite. Xiao Cheng is inconvenient to reprimand and can only avoid it. Seeing this, the military attache was divided into two groups. One group wrote a memorial to the prince; The other group played a trick commonly used by civil servants and knelt at the door of the hall of diligence, claiming to kneel all the time without being summoned by the crown prince.

The palace was a mess of porridge, but general Gu’s house was a scene of peace and stability in the world.

The lotus wind sends fragrance and the bamboo dew makes a clear sound. There are two cool chairs by the pond, and a sunshade stands behind the cool chairs. When Lin Qingyu came to deliver medicine to Gu Fuzhou, Gu Fuzhou was fishing with a fishing rod in his hand and lying on a cool chair. Next to his hand was the iced red tea just fished out of the well water. It was very pleasant.

“Doctor Lin.” Gu Fuzhou took away the straw hat on another recliner. “It’s hot on the road. Sit down and eat fruit.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the glittering and translucent water drops on Hongti, twisted one and said, “my short-lived husband, like the general, loves to eat iced things in summer.”

Gu Fuzhou stopped chewing his cheeks.

Lin Qingyu pretended not to see it and said, “it’s a pity that he is weak and can’t eat ice. He ate a few more Hongti last year, so he fell ill and nearly lost his life.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “it’s… a little miserable.”

“If there is an afterlife, he has a healthy body, and I don’t know if he will eat more iced red wine in summer to satisfy his greed.”

“That must be true,” Gu Fuzhou said. “They say that the more they lack, the more they want. Maybe after his reincarnation, he will eat what he couldn’t eat before, and finally get enough.”

So he seemed to understand why Gu Fuzhou had to watch him lift the stone lock.

… stupid.

Lin Qingyu watched Gu Fuzhou eat Hongti one mouthful at a time and said, “eating fruit at night is easy to get fat. General Gu needs to double his practice time today.”

Gu Fuzhou was a little withered when he heard this: “I’m practicing. Fishing is also a sport.”

“Did you move?”

Gu Fuzhou turned his wrist: “I moved.”

Lin Qingyu warned: “people in their thirties are no more than teenagers. If they don’t control it a little, they will get fat. In the shape of a general, if their muscles turn into fat, they won’t be afraid to marry a wife in the future.”

Gu Fuzhou was silent for a long time. He covered his face with his hands and said painfully, “don’t talk, doctor Lin. I’ll lift the iron later.”

As they spoke, the fishing rod shook. Gu Fuzhou brightened his eyes and skillfully pulled and lifted the pole. “I didn’t understand why my father liked fishing so much before. Now I suddenly understand.” Gu Fuzhou sighed. “It’s not much more fun than Cuju and polo. It won’t be tired.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “the general has no father or mother since he was young. Where did he get his father?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled unfathomably: “what do you say?”

Lin Qingyu said faintly, “I won’t say.”

“Of course it’s my adoptive father, your father.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “my father really likes fishing.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou and spent a long time fishing for a small loach. He got up and said goodbye: “when the general has finished many things, you can come to my house to worship my late husband.”

Gu Fuzhou’s eyes are brighter than when a fish is hooked: “good.”

After two days of fighting, Xiao Cheng hasn’t let go. It can be seen that in the future, he will be an egotist and autocratic monarch. This matter has been separated from the problem of whether to withdraw Gu Fuzhou’s dark guard and has become the business of all the generals in the court. Xiao Cheng dared to make such a tough decision when he was just the crown prince. When he ascended the throne in the future, their generals would have no good fruit to eat.

Lin Qingyu passed by the hall of diligence from a distance and saw a large group of people around the door. Unexpectedly, he was forced to the palace. No matter how tough Xiao Cheng is, she can’t last long.

At the end of the shift, Lin Qingyu went directly to the imperial medical department. Since his father was demoted and Gu Fuzhou was investigated, many people in the Tai hospital looked at him with open and subtle eyes. They used to talk in private, but now they talk loudly in front of him. Fortunately, they don’t have the courage to do anything. Lin Qingyu just thinks they don’t exist.

Under the guidance of Nanjiang miracle doctor, Lin Qingyu has begun to practice some simple Gu. He stayed in Qiancao hall until late at night. Suddenly he heard the sound of opening the medicine cabinet and vaguely guessed who it was. He took the candlestick and looked for it. Sure enough, he didn’t expect it.

“Shen bodyguard.”

When Shen Huaizhi saw him, he subconsciously carried his hand behind his back, and his sight drifted: “doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him up and down: “are you hurt again?”

Shen Huai knew that his face was strange: “No.”

“What are you doing in Qiancao hall without you?”

For Tianji camp dark guards, injuries are common. Most of Shen Huaizhi’s tasks need to be carried out secretly. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to see the imperial doctor, so he will come to the imperial medical department to get some medicine for trauma. Having said that, besides Shen Huaizhi, Lin Qingyu doesn’t know anyone else. It is said that this is a privilege given to him by the crown prince.

Shen Huaizhi hesitated and couldn’t speak. Lin Qingyu spread his hand in front of him: “take it out.”

Shen Huaizhi: ”

Strange to say, Lin Qingyu is obviously just a doctor. He has no martial arts. He can’t stand a slap. But standing in front of him, he was stared at by his cold blade eyes, and he took out the things silently.

That’s a small pot of ointment. As soon as Lin Qingyu smelled it, he knew where to use the ointment.

Lin Qingyu stepped forward, pulled open Shen Huaizhi’s collar, saw that his collarbone was covered with red marks, and said in a cold voice, “he was so rude to you in bed?”

Shen Huaizhi took two steps back, covered his neck and blushed: “Doctor Lin…!”

“Come here.” Lin Qingyu returned to his position and took out a silver needle from the medical box. “Give me your hand.”

Shen Huai held out his hand because he didn’t know. Lin Qingyu pierced Shen Huaizhi’s fingertips with a silver needle, and the bright red blood flowed into the Gu disk. Lin Qingyu observed for a moment and said in surprise, “you didn’t get poisoned.”

Shen Huaizhi asked, “why does Doctor Lin think I’m poisoned?”

“The crown prince has done this to you. You are still dead set on the crown prince and have deep love for him. I can’t think of any other reason except the infatuation and poison in your body.”

Shen Huai smiled bitterly: “Doctor Lin, why do you always… Don’t look at me.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him: “it’s not that I can’t see you, it’s that you can’t see yourself.”


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