Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 53

Although Lin Qingyu doesn’t regard Shen Huaizhi as a friend, he still knows his experience. Shen Huaizhi and Xiao Cheng have known each other since childhood. They practice martial arts to protect Xiao Cheng. They have already put themselves in the position of loyal servants. He is a die hard nature. Later, Xiao Cheng saved his life. Naturally, he is more obedient and obedient to Xiao Cheng.

To be fair, Shen Huaizhi is a qualified servant. But what he wants is not Xiao Cheng’s loyal servant, but a chess piece that can kill Xiao Cheng. At present, he has tried many times without good results. It can be seen that if you want Shen Huaizhi to be used by him, the stimulation of words is far from enough. You need a strong dose of medicine.

Seeing Shen Huaizhi’s silent appearance, Lin Qingyu was too lazy to say, “show me your injury.”

The ointment Shen Huaizhi took is usually used by the empress in the palace after she first accepted her pet. It can be seen that Shen Huai’s injury is hard to tell.

Shen Huai raised his head suddenly, and the red on his face climbed up again. He was too frightened to speak.

“As a doctor, I haven’t seen anything,” Lin Qingyu said lightly

Shen Huaizhi suddenly stood up and said quickly, “it’s not a big injury. I have something else to do…”

“With your physique, you have reached the point where you need to come to Qiancao hall to get medicine. You must be badly hurt. You don’t have to care. I’m not a man.” Lin Qingyu said, unconsciously pausing, vaguely feeling that something was wrong.

Shen Huaizhi almost knelt down and begged Lin Qingyu to stop saying, “thank you, Doctor Lin, I’d better go first.” as soon as he turned around, he heard a male voice outside the door: “who’s talking in the evening?”

Lin Qingyu recognized that this was the voice of Hong Changfeng, the sixth grade medical officer. He and Hong Changfeng had a quarrel over the late delivery of the antidote. Hong Changfeng was restrained before. Since his father was demoted, Hong Changfeng no longer hid his hatred for him: he deliberately mentioned the words “male wife” in front of him and always asked him to take turns at night and send him some jobs that ordinary people don’t want to go, such as seeing the worst tempered old princess in the palace, Let anyone who is sick sick deal with it.

Lin Qingyu has no particular opinion on this. Maybe he got close to Hu Ji. Now he thinks it’s the same to see anyone. Even if he is a slave, it’s also a human life. But if Hong Changfeng wants to provoke him outside this matter, he will never give up.

Sure enough, Hong Changfeng put on his face as soon as he saw him: “it’s past the curfew. What are you doing secretly in the thousand grass hall.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “the Emperor allowed me to go in and out of the imperial medical department freely. Do you know what ‘free access’ means?”

Hong Changfeng was speechless and didn’t want to lose face, so he pointed the spear at Shen Huaizhi: “who are you and what you have in your hand.”

Shen Huaizhi pursed his lips, as if he didn’t want to expose his identity. Lin Qingyu said, “he is my good friend.”

Shen Huai was stunned. Looking at Lin Qingyu’s side face, there was a glimmer of brilliance in his eyes.

Hong Changfeng thought he had caught Lin Qingyu’s handle. He couldn’t wait to say, “the emperor allows you to go in and out of the imperial medical department freely, but maybe your friends can go in and out freely. Lin Qingyu, do you have any rules in your eyes when you bring people in the middle of the night and let your friends take things from the thousand thatched cottage?”

Shen Huai opened his mouth to explain and was stopped by Lin Qingyu: “this is my negligence. Tomorrow I will go to the Chu court to plead guilty. Brother Shen, put the medicine back first.”

Hong Changfeng smiled proudly: “you’d better go by yourself, otherwise don’t blame me for ignoring the friendship of my colleagues.”

After Hong Changfeng left, Shen Huai knew guilt and said, “I implicated you.”

“Not necessarily.” Lin Qingyu smiled. “Maybe you helped me.”

Shen Huaizhi wondered, “I helped you?”

“Whether it can be done or not depends on how much the prince cares about you.”

Shen Huai Chi whispered, “Your Highness, how can he care about me.”

Lin Qingyu was noncommittal: “just try.”

The next day, when Lin Qingyu was in Taiyuan hospital, Hong Changfeng kept staring at him. At lunch, he didn’t forget to “kindly” remind: “when are you going to go to Chu hospital to plead guilty, Doctor Lin?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t look at him: “I’ll go now.”

Chu Zhengde doesn’t sit with ordinary doctors in the Imperial College Hospital. He has his own room. Not long ago, this room was his father’s.

Lin Qingyu knocked on the door, heard a “come in”, pushed the door and entered: “Chu court judgment.”

Chu Zhengde is writing a prescription for the saint. His hair is white and he can’t write anything new and useful. He held his breath and saw that Lin Qingyu naturally didn’t have a good face: “Oh, rare guest. Doctor Lin never took me in his eyes. I think there must be something important to come to see me today.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to talk nonsense. He went straight to the point and said, “I have a way. Maybe I can make the emperor’s condition better.”

“You?” Chu Zhengde stared at him, “what can you do?” before Lin Qingyu answered, he said, “is it because he wants to use poison to the holy master like your father?”

Lin Qingyu said, “Chu Yuan should know whether the southern medicine Gu is useful or not.”

The old man’s sinister look converged: “the Central Plains is far away from southern Xinjiang, and the people turn pale at the smell of poisonous insects. During the reign of the former Emperor, there were also concubines of the rear palace who used poisonous insects to murder the emperor’s heirs. The saint is the Ninth Five year old. How can the queen and the prince let those dirty things grow in the dragon’s body?”

“If the ‘dirty thing’ becomes a dead thing and then rammed into powder for medicine, although the effect is not as good as live Gu, it can also alleviate the pain of headwind.”

Chu Zhengde sneered and said, “young man, it’s easy to say. There’s no medicine guide or dispensing. What’s the difference between letting the holy master use dead Gu and killing a monarch?”

“Nanjiang miracle doctor and I have found the right medicine introduction and dispensing.” Lin Qingyu took out the results of his efforts with Nanjiang miracle doctor in recent days from his sleeve. “This is the usage and dosage.”

Chu Zhengde was stunned and looked at Lin Qingyu in disbelief. Then he grabbed the prescription and looked hungrily.

“Chu’s court can look at the medicine first, and then make a decision.” Lin Qingyu said lightly, “then I’ll leave.”

While Lin Qingyu and Chu Zhengde were talking in secret, Hu Ji went to the east palace. Xiao Cheng is worried about the admonition of the military officials recently. She hasn’t closed her eyes for two days. In the morning, when she asked Chen Guifei for peace, Chen Guifei saw that he didn’t look well, so she ordered Hu Ji to go to the east palace to have a look.

Hu Ji examined Xiao Cheng’s pulse and said, “Your Highness is OK, but you don’t sleep much, so you’re in a bad mood. Your highness is given a dose of tranquilizer. Your highness should sleep better after taking the medicine.”

Xiao Cheng closed her eyes and raised her hand to signal Hu Ji to step down. Hu Ji said again, “Your Highness, I have one more thing to tell you.”

“Oh?” Xiao Cheng opened her eyes and said slowly, “you are a doctor. What can I tell you?”

“Last night, bodyguard Shen came to the imperial medical department to get medicine, but was driven out by imperial doctor Hong Changfeng. Bodyguard Shen was badly hurt and walked awkwardly. Later, when the lower officer asked, he knew that he was next to his highness.” Hu Ji took out a box of ointment from the medical box. “The lower officer was worried that bodyguard Shen would delay taking medicine, so he brought the medicine today.”

Xiao Cheng was in a bad mood. When she heard that her dark guard was bullied outside, there was a fierce anger between her eyebrows and eyes. She said in a cold voice, “there’s still such a thing.”

Hu Ji respectfully said, “doctor Hong didn’t know the identity of bodyguard Shen, so he regarded him as a thief who broke into the house. This was the misunderstanding.”

Xiao Cheng did find Shen Huaizhi to vent yesterday. Unexpectedly, Shen Huaizhi didn’t even use medicine: “what a mute.”

In Tai hospital, Hong Changfeng watched Lin Qingyu come out of Chu Zhengde’s house with his neck stretched out, looking forward to the good play. Unexpectedly, the play didn’t wait, but it waited for a prince’s oral instruction.

“Hong Changfeng neglects his duty and disrespects the prince. Zi Ge goes to the post of imperial doctor and will never be an official.”

Hong Changfeng stared and fell to the ground. Before he knew what had happened, he was dragged out by two eunuchs.

In the twinkling of an eye, the generals have been making trouble for three days. Many literary ministers couldn’t carry it. They advised the prince not to check general Gu for the sake of the stability of the court. It’s unwise to find out nothing after checking for so long and make the previous dynasty a mess. However, the prince is also stubborn, young and energetic. He doesn’t want to be forced to give in. He is desperate to maintain his majesty as the prince. The scene was so deadlocked.

When Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou talked about this, Gu Fuzhou was distressed: “how can they embarrass the crown prince like this? I heard that the crown prince was so angry that he announced the crown doctor. If the crown prince has something wrong, how can I face the world? I can only thank him with death.”

The two guards of Tianji camp at the door looked at each other silently.

When Lin Qingyu first sent medicine, Gu Fuzhou was standing, but later he became sitting. Gu Fuzhou today… Is lying down.

Lin Qingyu said, “general, get up and drink medicine.”

Gu Fuzhou, who was very distressed, said lazily, “please bring the medicine to doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu takes the medicine to the bedside. Gu Fuzhou propped up his head, got up and didn’t get up completely. He drank the medicine in a posture of one and a half. Then he handed the medicine bowl back to Lin Qingyu and lay back peacefully.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help asking, “how long did the general sleep today?”

“I’ve been in bed since lunch.”

“Where do you use your dinner?”

Gu Fuzhou blinked: “in bed.”

The action of blinking appeared on a tall man with a cold face at the age of 30. Lin Qingyu just couldn’t bear to look straight at him. “General, you can’t go on like this. If you’re sick, it’s all right. Now that you’re strong and healthy, how can you lie in bed day by day and don’t work? Do you really want to be a loser?”

“To tell you the truth, Doctor Lin, I’ve had an epiphany since I robbed a life from the Lord of hell.”

“What did the general realize?”

“If a person’s dream is just to be a loser, what’s the difference between him and carefree?”


Gu Fuzhou sighed: “you don’t know how I lived in the past for so long. I got up earlier than a chicken and slept later than a dog. I suffered a lot from my subordinates during the day and finally slept at night. I was also attacked by the enemy. I couldn’t stay in bed for a moment and immediately had to get up and run for my life. Can you imagine the pain?” Gu Fuzhou stressed again, “You can’t stay in bed for a moment!”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help smiling: “deserved it.”

Gu Fuzhou couldn’t help laughing at him. Knowing that the threat had not been completely lifted, he still called out the name that he thought as long as he lived: “Qingyu…”

Lin Qingyu’s chest was hot. Knowing that it was not the best time, he couldn’t help answering him: “… Huh?”

“You’ve lost a lot of weight.” Gu Fuzhou didn’t want to make the atmosphere too sad. He added with a smile, “but I’m strong. Are you angry?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

He was so angry that he wanted to poison Jiang and make him wither again.


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