Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 54

Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 54

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou after drinking the medicine and explored his pulse: “the residual poison of the spider in the general’s body has been almost cleared, and there should be no sequelae.”

Gu Fuzhou had expected for a long time and said carelessly, “when I was in Yongliang, I always had your father by my side. Of course it will be fine.”

Lin Qingyu’s heart moved. There was a question he always wanted to ask Gu Fuzhou, but… Lin Qingyu looked at the door and said, “it’s getting late. I’ll go back to the house first.” finally, he didn’t forget to remind: “general, remember to lift the iron.”

Being stared at by Tianji camp, Gu Fuzhou could only let people go no matter how reluctant he was to give up. “Well,” he said, “I’ll lie down for another half an hour and lift it.”

Lin Qingyu stood up and heard a movement outside the door. It was another person from Tianji camp. Gu Fuzhou saw this and sat up from bed. His tone was vaguely excited: “it’s not time for them to change their values.”

Not for value, that is

The newcomer and the two said something. The three entered together and knelt down to salute Gu Fuzhou. One of them said, “Your Highness the prince has strengthened the troops of the forbidden guards patrolling in central Beijing. The security of the general’s house will be in the charge of the forbidden guards in the future. We will return to Tianji camp to reply.”

Lin Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief and felt suddenly enlightened. Gu Fuzhou smiled slowly: “it’s been a hard time. Walk slowly.”

As soon as the bodyguard of Tianji camp left, before Lin Qingyu could say anything, he was caught by the long arm of the people behind him, hugged him, and was forced to sit down by the bed.

When Gu Fuzhou first returned to his house, the bed was still a hard board bed. He couldn’t stand this injustice. He immediately asked Yuan Yin to change himself into a big bed with soft bedding and cold silk on the top. He slept on it in summer, soft and cool.

However, Lin Qingyu only felt soft. Gu Fuzhou’s body was like a stove. He was held in his arms by Gu Fuzhou, and the whole person was hot.

“Qingyu, I’m back.” Gu Fuzhou’s voice was deep. “I’m sorry, I’m a little useless. I’m late.”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and patted Gu Fuzhou on the back: “I know, you’ve been trying.”

“It’s no use trying, but you still can’t come back on time.” Gu Fuzhou was so angry about the matter that he couldn’t help but burst into foul language. “Shit, Xiao Cheng is worthy of being the protagonist. It’s really hard to fool – forget it, don’t talk about him. Hug first.”

The arm around Lin Qingyu strengthened again. Lin Qingyu was almost out of breath. He was about to ask Gu Fuzhou to let go, so he sighed: “the heartbeat is so fast…”

Lin Qingyu subconsciously retorted, “I didn’t.”

“I mean me,” Gu Fuzhou said contentedly, “but this time, no matter how fast my heart beats, I won’t faint.”

Memories came to mind, and Lin Qingyu laughed: “if you don’t let go, I’ll faint.”

Gu Fuzhou let him go. Gu Fuzhou sat cross legged on the bed and Lin Qingyu sat on the side of the bed. They looked at each other for a while under the bright and dark candlelight. Gu Fuzhou took the lead in hanging his eyelashes. With his current skin color, Lin Qingyu can’t see it even if he blushes.

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou’s face carefully. The outline is strong and the facial features are deep. It is completely different from the original handsome childe. Only that pair of eyes are still dazzling and bright like stars.

Lin Qingyu saw a shallow mark at the end of his eyebrow, only the slightest difference from his eyes. This trace looks very new. It should have formed two or three months ago.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand, stroked the scar with his fingertips and asked, “how can you dress as general Gu?”

Gu Fuzhou sighed, “I don’t know. I was scared when I woke up.”

When he woke up after his first death, he saw a classical beauty in a wedding dress. The second time I woke up, I saw a big man in a tent. The drop was too big, and his body was poisonous. He almost didn’t die back. Until he saw his father-in-law coming in, he knew that he was still in Dayu and the world with Lin Qingyu.

His strong desire for survival made him spend two more days. That is, in these two days, father-in-law found the antidote and pulled him back from hell.

“The generals who are out of the country are not allowed to return to Beijing without an imperial edict. I can’t even write a family letter. I know I can’t go back in a short time, so I first recognized your father as an adoptive father and mentioned it in the memorial on my work. I think Xiao Cheng won’t do too much to you when she knows you are my righteous brother.”

Lin Qingyu thought of all kinds of things in the past six months and said, “the identity of general Gu’s righteous younger brother really saved me a lot of trouble.” but it was only when Xiao Cheng was sober. On Jingchun’s birthday last time, Xiao Cheng wanted to be strong with him after being drunk. If it weren’t for Shen Huai’s knowledge, he might not have seen Gu Fuzhou now.

“Later, I kept asking you to go back to Beijing, but the two fools of the emperor and Xiao Cheng were not allowed to play.” speaking of this, Gu Fuzhou was very angry. At that time, he was worried. He lived for eighteen years. Once he suffered from insomnia. He couldn’t sleep well all night and lost a lot of hair. “Seeing that I’ve been dead for a hundred days, I can only think of a way to let you know that I’m still alive.”

Lin Qingyu said, “so there is no Xixia secret letter at all. You made it up.”

“That’s right. But when I returned to the capital, I noticed that most people had never heard of” odd changes and even changes “. I knew that Xiao Cheng didn’t do what I said. I asked you this secret sign under the eyelid of Tianji camp, and you said calmly that you hadn’t heard of it. I guess you knew it early in the morning.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “I heard this signal from a small Eunuch in the hall of diligent administration one hundred days after you left.”

“A hundred days to hear it?” Gu Fuzhou was distressed. “Were you very sad at that time.”

Lin Qingyu paused: “OK.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at him: “did you cry?”

Lin Qingyu shook his head.

Gu Fuzhou breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “what a cruel heart, Doctor Lin, won’t shed a tear for me.”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “didn’t you come back?”

“It’s me. I’m back again.” Gu Fuzhou sighed infinitely. “From now on, I’ll live and die leisurely by your side.”

With the word “leisurely”, Lin Qingyu doesn’t know whether to be moved or speechless. “Now that you have sent the code to Beijing, why are you in such a hurry to come back? You should know that your behaviors are too suspicious. With Xiao Cheng’s paranoia, you will certainly not let you go.”

“I know, but I can’t help it. First, I can’t guarantee that the code will reach your ears; second…” Gu Fuzhou hesitated. “I vaguely remember that Princess Jingchun’s birthday was in summer.”

Lin Qingyu’s face changed slightly: “I should have died on Jingchun’s birthday, right.”

“How did you…?” Gu Fuzhou opened his eyes. “Xiao Cheng shot you?”

“Well.” Lin Qingyu took a trace of grievance in his tone, “he grabbed my arm.”

Gu Fuzhou “fuck” and asked, “which arm?”

Lin Qingyu stretched out his left hand: “this one.”

Gu Fuzhou held his arm in his arms and rubbed it back and forth: “is there any other place touched?”

“No more.” Lin Qingyu sneered, “he forced half, changed the object, and forced Shen Huai to know.”

Gu Fuzhou was quiet, and a thousand words came together into one sentence: “dog force.”

“How did I die?” Lin Qingyu asked, “did I die under Xiao Cheng’s hand or under Shen Huaizhi’s sword?”

“You wanted to die with Xiao Cheng, but a Shen Huaizhi came out on the way. He blocked a fatal blow for Xiao Cheng. When you saw that the assassination failed, you didn’t hesitate to swallow the poison prepared in advance…” Gu Fuzhou couldn’t go on. Even if it was just the original plot, he couldn’t accept it.

“It’s really like what I’ll do,” Lin Qingyu said lightly

Gu Fuzhou regretted: “I should have made up my mind to come back earlier.”

“By making up your mind, you mean asking my father to poison you with spider poison?”

Gu Fuzhou confessed: “I don’t want to, but if not, I can’t come back.”

Lin Qingyu’s Adam’s apple rolled: “nonsense.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “your father helped me control the dose of spider. As long as I can return to Beijing on time, it won’t be a big problem. Don’t worry, everything is in my plan.”

Including Tianji camp, which he expected. In fact, Tianji camp didn’t start watching him until he returned to the capital. He sent dozens of memorials and invitations, which had aroused the suspicion of the emperor and Xiao Cheng. As early as then, the dark guards of Tianji camp mixed with Yongliang, and have followed him to Beijing since then.

He wanted to meet Lin Qingyu as soon as he came back. Even under the eyes of Tianji camp, it’s not impossible to forcibly recognize each other. But Xiao Cheng is thoroughly investigating the people around him. His father-in-law has been involved. He doesn’t want Lin Qingyu to be involved again, so he has to bear it for the time being.

Unfortunately, I can’t hide the feeling of missing someone. Lin Qingyu is so smart that he finally recognizes him. Lin Qingyu knew the current situation and did not act rashly. The two secretly acted for so long that they were relieved.

Lin Qingyu was silent for a moment and asked, “do you do all this to poison yourself in order to come back to see me?”

Gu Fuzhou said without hesitation, “otherwise?”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and turned his head to stop looking at him.



Seeing Lin Qingyu’s red eyes and tail, Gu Fuzhou was at a loss for a moment and smiled, “in fact, it’s not entirely for you. Didn’t I tell you? I’ve been too hard and tired in Yongliang, and I’m carrying 300000 lives of the Western army on my shoulders. I feel uneasy if I want to be lazy. I feel that I want to live one year less after working hard there.” He grabbed Lin Qingyu’s hair and played with it. “I came back so desperately for myself.”

Lin Qingyu’s rare tenderness ran away in an instant: “it’s really you.”

“It’s me, it’s me, so don’t be sad and don’t cry.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I didn’t cry when you died. Why do I cry when you live.”

Gu Fuzhou has been driven into battle for several months. He knows the importance of the enemy’s advance and retreat. If Lin Qingyu wants to be strong and calm, he must be exposed. “Someone’s eyes are red, but I won’t tell you who he is.”

Lin Qingyu: “…” this man is really, he hasn’t changed at all.

At this time, Yuan Yin hurried in: “senior general, someone came to the palace and said that the emperor announced you to enter the palace to face the saint.”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned: “emperor? Are you sure it’s the emperor, not the prince?”

“The emperor is true.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu: “isn’t the emperor seriously ill?”

Lin Qingyu stood up and calmly straightened his official clothes: “I saved it.


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