Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 55

When the emperor was seriously ill for a long time, the ritual department was already preparing for his afterlife. Unexpectedly, Chu Zhengde changed a prescription for him. After drinking it for two days, his condition improved and he woke up.

He became an emperor without merit. He ascended the throne for more than 20 years. He did not make any great achievements, nor did he lose his family. He mediocrely guarded the rivers and mountains left by his ancestors. Although suspicious, he was diligent in state affairs. As soon as he woke up, he invited the prince to ask about the imperial court when he was ill.

There’s nothing else, except Gu Fuzhou. Before the emperor woke up, Xiao Cheng had removed the guards of Tianji camp around Gu Fuzhou under pressure. But the group of generals still refused to stop. When they learned that the emperor was awake, they played and asked for advice one after another. It seemed that they had been wronged by heaven. They must come to the front of the emperor and tell him.

The emperor lay on the Dragon bed and threw the memorial of Duke Wu at Xiao Cheng’s feet: “look at what you’ve done!”

“My son doesn’t think he’s wrong.” Xiao Cheng looked ahead and said stubbornly, “Gu Fuzhou has many doubts. If he can’t find out the truth, how can he be free in Beijing and do whatever he wants. Father, can you really trust him?”

The emperor said angrily, “you don’t know what’s wrong!”

Xiao Cheng knelt down and said, “please make it clear to your father that there is nothing wrong with your children and ministers.”

The emperor shook his head, “you are still too young.”

To be suspicious, the emperor is no better than Xiao Cheng. However, after sitting on the Dragon chair for so long, he was well versed in checks and balances and focused on the overall situation. Gu Fuzhou is suspicious, but it is far from time to tear his face with Gu Fuzhou. Although Gu Fuzhou is in the capital, he is still the heart of the military general in Beijing and the 300000 troops in Yongliang. Besides him, Dayu could not find the second God of war who would win every battle.

After fighting with Xixia for so many years, Dayu almost emptied the national treasury, and many soldiers died on the battlefield. Even if Gu Fuzhou is suspicious and arrogant, as long as he can win the war, it’s not time to move him. When the northwest is settled, settle accounts with him one by one, and turn over old accounts one by one. Are you afraid you can’t convict him?

The emperor saw people thoroughly. He knew that Xiao Cheng was tough, unwilling to admit defeat, arrogant and arrogant. When she ascended the throne in the future, she would never take the road of the Ming monarch of conquering people with virtue and following good as the flow. It can rule the world strictly. Once you lose the heart of a military general, even if there are thousands of troops, what’s the use.

The emperor was exhausted from this disease. He scolded for two words and couldn’t lift his spirit again. He called out, “cheng’er.”

Xiao Cheng’s eyes shrunk. He could not remember the last time the emperor called him that.

“Think about people’s hearts,” said the emperor. “Others, including your own.”

The human heart is nothing but the most useless thing in the world. Xiao Cheng lowered her head and silently raised her lips with a sneer: “my son, thank you for your guidance.”

Xue Ying said, “emperor, general Gu is coming.”

The emperor insisted, “let him in. Cheng’er will stay and comfort Gu Fuzhou with me.”

Xiao Cheng held his breath: “yes, father.”

Before long, Gu Fuzhou entered the hall under the leadership of the eunuch. The tall man was dressed in a military uniform, and the dark red cloak behind him brought a chill.

Gu Fuzhou was about to kneel down and salute. The emperor smiled and said, “Aiqing, don’t be polite. Xue Ying, give me a seat.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “thank you, your majesty.”

Seeing the emperor’s smiling appearance, Gu Fuzhou probably guessed the reason why the Emperor didn’t let him talk with Lin Qingyu in the middle of the night and called him into the palace.

The emperor first asked about his body and seemed relieved to learn that his residual poison had been cleared. Then he mentioned the Tianji camp and said that the prince intended to protect his integrity. Who thought it would attract the dissatisfaction of the generals.

“When the crown prince first came to prison, he was inevitably negligent. Now that the matter is over, the military officials still need Aiqing’s help.”

The emperor’s words, listening to his care for his subjects, actually protected his son everywhere. I have to say, ginger is still old and spicy. Gu Fuzhou nodded lightly and said, “I understand.”

The emperor coughed two times, took the tea from Xiao Cheng and said, “speaking of love, it’s already thirty.”

“I’ll have one at thirty this year.” Gu Fuzhou had a bad feeling. Generally speaking, after asking the age, we should urge marriage.

The emperor said with a smile, “it’s 31 years old. When I was your age, I had several princes. I kept you in the northwest, which delayed your marriage.”

Even the marriage sentence as like as two peas. Gu Fuzhou said, “the Northwest has not been determined, and the minister has no intention of family affairs.”

“You can’t say that. You’ve been away for years, and there’s no one in the house. The emperor thought and said,” my seven princesses are in their young age. What do you think of Aiqing? ”

Xiao Cheng soon understood the emperor’s intention. Betrothing the princess to Gu Fuzhou can pacify the generals and let them know that Dayu attaches importance to the generals; Second, it is much more useful to put a wife beside Gu Fuzhou than a bodyguard.

Xiao Cheng said with a smile: “I don’t hide from my father that the seven younger sisters have admired general Gu’s heroic posture for a long time. I think they won’t oppose this marriage.”

Gu Fuzhou rebuffed: “the admiration of the seven princesses has been accepted by the minister, but the minister already has a favorite person.”

“Tell me, which lady is it? I can marry you.”

… this fucking thing again. If you like marriage so much, don’t be an emperor at all, but a matchmaker instead.

Gu Fuzhou said, “I still don’t have it.”

Xiao Cheng said coldly, “Gu Fuzhou, do you think this is a children’s play. If you say yes, you will have it. If you say no, you won’t have it?”

The emperor scolded, “crown prince.” then he said in a slow voice, “since there is no one, I’ll let you meet the seven princesses another day. If they don’t match each other, I’ll ask the queen to choose one you like from the noble women. No matter which you like, I’ll decide for you.”

Gu Fuzhou still refused. The emperor coughed again and didn’t give him a chance to speak: “I’m tired. Aiqing, step back.”

The emperor’s condition improved. After a few days, he was barely able to get up and sit. Chu Zhengde took the lead in this matter. The emperor wanted to greatly reward him, but Chu Zhengde told the emperor that the new prescription was not prepared by him, but by Lin Qingyu, a seven grade imperial doctor.

The emperor was impressed by the name and asked, “but the man’s wife with the prescription for the epidemic?”

Chu Zhengde said, “that’s the man.”

The emperor has been ill for so long that it is rare for someone to treat him. Where can he care about any male wife or not: “it is said that Lin Qingyu Jin is a five grade imperial doctor.”

In Dayu hospital, the highest one is the hospital judgment of zhengwupin, followed by the Deputy hospital judgment of Wupin and the royal doctor. Lin Qingyu saved the emperor’s life and was promoted to three levels. He has been on an equal footing with Chu Zhengde. His official position is equivalent to the imperial censor Zhongcheng of the imperial censor platform.

When Lin Qingyu went to the emperor’s bedroom to thank him, he was accompanied by a male servant. The servant was only sixteen or seven years old and was as thin as a woman. But I saw him sitting on the foot, his head snuggling on the emperor’s lap, clever and lovely, like a pet.

Seeing Lin Qingyu, the emperor hesitated and said, “I… Have seen you before?” if he had seen such a face, how could he have no impression at all.

Lin Qingyu said, “half a year ago, I was lucky to see heaven.”

The emperor looked at him for a long time and said, “you and Chu Zheng will have to serve the holy convoy together in the future.”

The so-called attendant Shengjia means that he and Chu Zhengde routinely consult the emperor’s pulse, give needles and prescribe prescriptions every day, just like a close Minister of the son of heaven. But at the thought of the emperor looking at him, Lin Qingyu hoped that Chu Zhengde could take away his credit. Unfortunately, although the old man has different political views from him, he is also a man of great principles and disdains to take the credit of his younger generation.

At the end of the day’s rotation, Lin Qingyu walked out of the Tai hospital and saw Gu Fuzhou standing against the palace wall, holding his arms in his hands, looking gloomy and lowering his head. He didn’t know what he was thinking.


Gu Fuzhou stood upright with his legs and smiled: “doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “why is the general here?”

“The empress invited me into the palace to enjoy the flowers. After enjoying the flowers, I came to pick up Doctor Lin from work.”

Well, why did the queen invite Gu Fuzhou to enjoy the flowers. The last time she invited someone to enjoy the flowers, she was still selecting a side imperial concubine for Xiao Cheng.

They waved back the eunuch who led the way and walked to a place where there was no one. Gu Fuzhou tried to stop: “Qingyu.”


Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath and asked in a low voice, “would you like to marry me home?”

Lin Qingyu at the foot of a meal: “what?”

Gu Fuzhou put his hands together and put them on his forehead: “be kind and marry me home.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him with weighing eyes, without hesitation: “don’t marry.”

Gu Fuzhou had guessed that Lin Qingyu would refuse, but he still choked and asked, “why?”

Lin Qingyu said inexplicably, “why should I marry you?”

Gu Fuzhou tried to brainwash: “you were married by me once. Don’t you want to marry me once and find a man’s dignity?”

“Not really.”

Gu Fuzhou seemed to wear a mask called pain: “but if you don’t marry me, I will be married again.”

Lin Qingyu frowned and said, “are you getting married again?”

Gu Fuzhou told Lin Qingyu that the emperor wanted to marry the seven princesses to him. It turned out that the flower appreciation Bureau of the queen group today was his blind date with the seven princesses.

Lin Qingyu smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes: “it’s not very good. You’re not masculine, that is, you like women. The seven princesses are beautiful, gentle and considerate. They are golden branches and jade leaves, which is more than enough for you.”

“That won’t work.” Gu Fuzhou said solemnly, “my actual age is only 18. In my hometown, men can’t get married until they are at least 22.”

“In that case, why can you marry me again?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “if it’s you, it’s nothing to get married and have children early – let the law punish me, and I’ll admit it.”

Lin Qingyu’s face became quite uncomfortable. Gu Fuzhou climbed up the pole: “Doctor Lin, think about it. Don’t you think you have a lot of face to marry a god of war home?”

“Don’t marry.” Lin Qingyu said coolly, “general Gu is dead. I don’t know where his soul belongs. You have occupied his body and don’t continue his glory as the God of war. Do you want him to bear the name of” male wife ”

“I can’t help it either.” Gu Fuzhou was so melancholy that he began to argue, “you saved the emperor. He came to marry me. You should be responsible for me.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “you really have the face to say it. If I don’t save the emperor and let Xiao Cheng ascend the throne smoothly, I’m afraid your situation will be more difficult.”

Gu Fuzhou sighed: “well, you go and help yourself. Don’t worry about me. I won’t add congestion to you. It’s all right. I can find a way to solve the matter myself. I’m fine.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows jumped: “can you not use general Gu’s face to make such a pathetic expression. A man should also be slightly powdered when he marries. If you were Lu Wancheng, it wouldn’t matter. But now you’re Gu Fuzhou, red with general Gu’s body makeup and eyebrow Decals -” Lin Qingyu imagined the picture, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly, “I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares after I lift my head.”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned. He never thought that Lin Qingyu refused him not because of reliable reasons such as “bad masculinity”, “two men marry against the sky”, “you’re too lazy to marry a wife when you marry a virtuous person”, but because… He was ugly in his wedding clothes?

Gu Fuzhou tasted Lin Qingyu’s words and carefully tried: “you don’t want to marry, are you willing to… Marry again?”

Lin Qingyu thought: “or, there are other ways.”

Gu Fuzhou knew that the great beauty would do bad things again as soon as he looked at him with hidden excitement.

“Come to my house tonight.” Lin Qingyu said.


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