Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 56

Lin Qingyu returns to the house and tells Hua Lu and Huan Tong that there are guests coming tonight. Since the separation of the family and the establishment of the house, no guests have been to the house. Huan Tong guessed that the guest was Hu Ji, and Hua Lu said he was a relative of the Lin family.

“Neither,” said Lin Qingyu. “It’s my adoptive brother, general Gu.”

Huan Tong jumped with joy at the speech, and Hua Lu’s face turned red with excitement. In Dayu, Gu Fuzhou is a well-known God of war. Men and women of their age worship Gu Fuzhou. Without Lin Qingyu saying more, they got busy and prepared wine, vegetables and tea for guests.

Lin Qingyu thought of something and asked Huan Tong, “have you finished the customized things I want you to do?”

“It’s done. It’s already in the study.”

After Lu Wancheng died, he could still enjoy incense in the ancestral hall of the Lu family, but no one knew that he had died for his country, and he could not enjoy the sacrifice of later generations. Although Gu Fuzhou said that he saved a pregnant woman and could get a chance of rebirth, general Gu’s soldiers were so good that he saved countless lives and must have worn them to other worlds. But Lin Qingyu still asked Huan Tong to order a wordless tablet, which was enshrined in the dark room behind the study.

It was getting late, and after dinner time, Gu Fuzhou was still missing. Huan Tong waited at the door and looked forward to Yuan Yin at last. Yuan Yin told Lin Qingyu that Duke Wu suddenly visited the general’s house with two bottles of good wine to cook wine with the general and discuss heroes. Duke Wu is an elder in the end. He has made a lot of efforts in Tianji camp. The general can’t refuse, so he can only come back later.

“The general also said that if it was too late, Doctor Lin would not wait for him and go to bed first.”

Lin Qingyu thanked Yuan Yin and went to the study after dinner. Although Gu Fuzhou told him not to wait, he knew that Gu Fuzhou would come, how could he sleep.

Until the end of the night, Lin Qingyu suddenly heard a whistle and knew that someone had arrived. It is reasonable to say that when Gu Fuzhou arrives at Huantong, he will come and tell himself. I don’t know what the man is doing.

When Lin Qingyu came out of his study, he saw a dark figure turn over from the wall and fall steadily to the ground. Gu Fuzhou clapped his hands and said, “good evening, Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu’s face was expressionless: “why did you climb over the wall? It’s not that you didn’t leave a door for you.”

“It’s boring to visit my husband’s house at night. Since you want to pursue stimulation, you should carry it out to the end.”

“… who said to pursue stimulation?”

Gu Fuzhou knowingly asked, “it’s not the pursuit of stimulation. What can I do for Doctor Lin to invite the general to the house in the middle of the night.”

Thinking that the man had such a poor life in the last days of his life, Lin Qingyu sighed, tried to restrain his temper, and patiently said, “it’s inconvenient to talk in the palace in the daytime – come here.”

Lin Qingyu’s house is more than a little smaller than Hou’s house and general’s house. Gu Fuzhou looked around and said, “I’ve got so much property for you. You can buy a house as big as Nan’an Hou’s house.”

Lin Qingyu said, “then he was involved in a crime of trespassing by the imperial censor? There are not many people in my family. What do you want to do so big?”

They came to the study. The study has two inner and outer rooms. There are rows of bookshelves in the outer room, and the long table in front of the window is the master’s desk. If the master is tired of reading and writing, he can go to the inner room to have a rest. As soon as Gu Fuzhou entered the inner room, he saw the upper and lower bunks designed by him and slept with Lin Qingyu.

Gu Fuzhou was stunned and laughed: “how did you move this here?”

Lin Qingyu said, “there is just a lack of bed in the house.”

He did not expect Gu Fuzhou to believe such a clumsy lie.

With Gu Fuzhou’s height now, standing on the ground is much higher than this bed. He reached out and touched the silk quilt on the top. In the past, Lin Qingyu slept here and spent nights tortured by illness with him.

Gu Fuzhou turned to look at Lin Qingyu and smiled.

His pupils were dark and his eyes were bright, reflecting Lin Qingyu’s face. Under his gaze, Lin Qingyu was inexplicably uneasy.

In addition to the smell of pen, ink, paper and inkstone, there is also a faint smell of medicine in the study.

Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes and whispered, “didn’t you drink with Duke Wu? You don’t smell any wine.”

Gu Fuzhou curved his lips: “I took a bath before I came to see you. You know how much I value you.”

“Before you see me, bath is important?”

“Yes,” Gu Fuzhou said as true, “this is the highest courtesy.”

He wants to show his best side to Lin Qingyu. He always worries that he is not handsome enough in front of him. He is very strange. He thinks he is a boy who can see. He is not confident in the face of the people he likes.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “this is the first time I’ve heard of it.”

Gu Fuzhou’s breathing gradually became unstable. Duke Wu is full of energy after drinking. He felt nothing after drinking. Now he began to drink. Gu Fuzhou sat down in the lower bunk, supported his hands back, and said lazily: “Qingyu, I’m a little drunk.”

Lin Qingyu said, “cook you a bowl of sobering soup?”

Gu Fuzhou shook his head: “sobering soup is useless. Let’s get down to business first. Even Duke Wu heard that the emperor wanted to marry me with the seven princesses. When drinking, he congratulated me and said he would take my future son as an apprentice. What can you do to make the emperor change his mind?”

Lin Qingyu restrained his mind and said, “the seventh princess is the youngest daughter of the emperor. The emperor has always regarded her as the apple of his eye. If you are a brave and meritorious general, she is naturally a man and woman. But if you are suffering from a hidden disease, the emperor should not give up her to marry you.”

Suffering from a hidden disease and living alone?

Gu Fuzhou reacted, stood up and said in disbelief, “Lin Qingyu, do you want to kill me?”

“No,” Lin Qingyu said lightly

Gu Fuzhou said, “come on, I think you just want to piss me off, and then find a girl to marry.”

“I want to marry a girl. Why should I be angry with you first?” Lin Qingyu said strangely, “can’t I find you alive?”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned and smiled angrily: “that’s so beautiful, brother. It’s reasonable and justified. I can’t refute it at all.”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “don’t you trust my medical skills? It just makes you inhumane for the time being. I’ll let you stand up again when the wind blows. Didn’t you accept this very well when you were Lu Wancheng?”

“I was forced at that time, okay? I can’t keep my life. Where can I care about this? But now it’s different.” Gu Fuzhou said in a deep voice, “I want to live with dignity.”

Lin Qingyu stressed: “it’s temporary.”

“Not for the time being.” Gu Fuzhou sneered. “Earlier, you said that for the sake of general Gu’s reputation, you can’t let him carry the name of ‘male wife’. Now it’s better to throw him a hat that doesn’t lift. Won’t your conscience hurt?”

Lin Qingyu thought a little: “there’s a truth in what you said.” if Gu Fuzhou doesn’t do it, it’s publicized by good people. Gu Fuzhou won’t have to be a man in the future, which may affect his prestige in the army. “In that case, it can only…”

Gu Fuzhou was half angry and couldn’t help but answer: “will you marry?”

“We can only find a way to let the emperor and Xiao Cheng return to the West together.” Lin Qingyu said so lightly, as if he were just talking about killing two chickens and drinking stew. “If the emperor doesn’t die, marriage is inevitable; if the emperor dies and Xiao Cheng ascends the throne, our situation will only be more difficult.” Lin Qingyu’s eyes darkened and lowered his voice, “unless… They are all dead and succeeded by other princes.”

Gu Fuzhou was quiet, not surprised. Lin Qingyu dares to attack Chu Jun, which is much different from regicide.

“Doctor Lin’s situation is getting bigger and bigger.” Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “is it difficult? Do you still want to use the emperor as a puppet and coerce the emperor to order the princes?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were slightly picky: “why not?”

He has little interest in the country. He only wanted to study medicine with peace of mind, but these two came to provoke him and Gu Fuzhou, which was boring. It’s better to support a new emperor who suits his heart and will never trouble them.

Gu Fuzhou thought for a moment and said, “the emperor’s princes died and abandoned in the struggle to win the throne three years ago. Now, in addition to Xiao Cheng, only Xiao Li and Xiao Li are still there. Xiao Li is a fool. Even if he is a legitimate son, he can’t inherit the throne. Then there is only Xiao Li? A beautiful fool.”

Lin Qingyu grasped the key point: “do you think he is very beautiful?”

The sudden desire for survival made Gu Fuzhou immediately change his tongue and laugh: “generally, it’s just like watching too much. Unlike Dr. Lin, it’s amazing at a glance. He can look more and more beautiful. It’s too much.”

Lin Qingyu snorted coldly and said, “Xiao Yu is not only a fool, but also more convenient for us to control.”

Gu Fuzhou disagreed: “there are smart people around Xiao Yu. I’m afraid we can’t control it.”


“You should have seen that man too. He used to be a little eunuch serving Xiao Peng. Later, he grew into a big eunuch and left the palace with Xiao Peng to build a house. Now he is the housekeeper of Xiao Peng’s house.”

Lin Qingyu remembers such a person. “Is this man smart?”

“In Dayu, you can rank in the top three,” Gu Fuzhou said. “Moreover, because of his incomplete body and paranoid character, it takes some brains to deal with him.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows relaxed: “these are all future events. We’ll talk about them later. The top priority is to think about how to kill those two people.” it’s not difficult to ask the emperor’s life. The emperor was seriously ill. As long as he changed the prescription a little, he can make the emperor look worse and die. After all, the most difficult thing is Xiao Cheng.

Gu Fuzhou also thought of this layer: “Xiao Cheng doesn’t drink medicine and only eats things from the east palace. With a lesson from the past, he doesn’t need incense. Poisoning is impossible. The only breakthrough is…”

Lin Qingyu took over: “Shen Huai knows.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “but Qingyu, I can’t wait long. See what the emperor means, I hope I can make an engagement immediately.”

“If our plan succeeds, the matter of giving marriage will naturally end; if it fails, it is not too late to discuss the second marriage.”

Gu Fuzhou concluded, “that is to say, we don’t get married again. It depends on when Xiao Cheng will die?”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “that’s right.”

Gu Fuzhou’s expression was complicated and said, “this mood suddenly became subtle. I had hoped Xiao Cheng would die immediately.”

Lin Qingyu’s voice was slightly cold: “don’t you want it now?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “that’s still hope.”


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