Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 57

Assassinating Xiao Cheng is what Lin Qingyu must do in this life. When Gu Fuzhou was Lu Wancheng, they also tried, but ended in failure. But now it’s different. One of them is the head of the general and the other is the close Minister of the son of heaven. He can’t even enter the palace like he did at the beginning. He also met Shen Huai, a key figure. This time, he is 50% sure.

If the plan succeeds, Lin Qingyu will try to save the emperor’s life before Xiao Cheng’s death, and Gu Fuzhou will pull Xiao Yu aboard during this period. When Xiao Cheng died, the emperor was so sad that he couldn’t think about Gu Fuzhou’s marriage. Even if he does, Lin Qingyu will let him return to heaven before he orders to marry him. At that time, only Xiao Yu could inherit the throne.

If the plan fails, Xiao Cheng and the emperor will live well, and Gu Fuzhou will inevitably get married. Seeing that he doesn’t want to marry others, it’s OK to block his marriage for him. Unless the emperor is tired of living, it is impossible to change his position when he is ill. Even if he married Gu Fuzhou again, it would not prevent him from continuing to study medicine in the imperial medical department.

Anyway, it’s not their first marriage. As for who marries who marries, we’ll think about it then.

The two agreed roughly, and it was already midnight. Gu Fuzhou sat cross legged on the lower bunk, yawned and said, “Qingyu, it’s so late, the general’s house must be closed. Can I stay at your house?”

Lin Qingyu Qingshen: “if you want to go back, the people in the general’s house will not open the door for you?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “then I always have to find an excuse.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you can stay overnight, but you must sleep in the upper bunk.” Lu Wancheng used to be in poor health. He slept in the upper bunk up and down. It was really annoying.

Gu Fuzhou immediately stood up, arranged the bed that he had been sitting disorderly: “please.” with that, he spread his hands on the top and sat down easily.

As soon as they went up and down, they seemed to go back to the time when they were still in Nan’an Hou’s house. At that time, they would occasionally talk before going to bed. Sometimes Lu Wancheng would talk about his hometown and teach him a few words of hometown dialect; Sometimes they discuss how to do bad things together; Sometimes when Lu Wancheng wakes up because of his poisonous hair, he will get out of bed and gently hold Lu Wancheng in his arms.

After Lu Wancheng died, Lin Qingyu slept alone in the lower bunk for a long time. He can’t sleep well and his heart is empty. Tonight, there was finally someone above him, and his heart seemed to be filled.

Mingming was plotting to kill a king not long ago, but he was surprisingly calm. Even if the wolves are surrounded and the road ahead is unclear, the slightest carelessness will lose their lives, but as long as this person is accompanied all the way, there is nothing terrible.

Gu Fuzhou turned over and made a lot of noise. Then he looked at him from the upper bunk and asked, “Qingyu, are you asleep?”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said, “I’m asleep.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “OK. I just thought of one thing – did you and Shen Huaizhi see the code I left you?”

In the original plot, Lin Qingyu also entered the Imperial College Hospital after Lu Wancheng’s death with a prescription for the epidemic, and met Shen Huaizhi in the Imperial College medical department. But Lin Qingyu in the original plot didn’t pay too much attention to Shen Huai’s knowledge without his advice. Later, he ended up committing suicide in the east palace.

“See.” because of this code, he and Shen Huaizhi became familiar with each other. “It is said that this is the secret signal known by the people in the heaven prison gate.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “the only thing Shen Huai knows about is Xiao Cheng and the heavenly prison gate. The destruction of the heavenly prison gate is his biggest weakness and the key to Xiao Cheng’s pursuit of his wife.”

That’s why he engraved the secret code of the heaven prison gate on the medicine box given to Lin Qingyu. As long as Shen Huaizhi sees the code and thinks Lin Qingyu has something to do with the heavenly prison gate, he won’t let Lin Qingyu die in the east palace.

Lin Qingyu pondered, “so, Xiao Cheng caused the destruction of the heavenly prison gate?”

Gu Fuzhou put his hands behind his head, and his tone was rarely serious: “Tianji camp and Tianjian gate are both the minions of the son of heaven, but they don’t deal with it in private. The leader of Tianjian gate is Shen, who is the father of Shen Huaizhi. Tianjian gate has been suppressed by Tianji camp for a long time, and the Shen family leader is unwilling. Because Shen Huaizhi has a close relationship with Xiao Cheng, the Shen family leader puts his treasure on Xiao Cheng and secretly takes care of him, even for him After many things, I expected that after Xiao Cheng ascended the throne, the heavenly prison gate could be the only one. At that time, Xiao Cheng was just a prince. ”

The secret guards had too close contact with the prince, which was a great taboo of the emperor. The Lord of the Shen family thought he had done it secretly, but he still left clues. The Tianji camp found evidence and presented it to the emperor. At that time, the dispute over seizing the throne was coming to an end, and Xiao Cheng was only one step away from the crown prince.

The emperor recognized Xiao Cheng’s ability. He knew that Xiao Cheng was the only choice for the crown prince, but he could not tolerate the Tiangu gate’s secretly helping the crown prince to seize his legitimate rights. The emperor showed Xiao Cheng an imperial edict establishing him as the crown prince and told him that once the Tiangu gate was destroyed, my jade seal would be covered in this imperial edict.

Lin Qingyu said, “in this way, Xiao Cheng is the culprit of the destruction of the heavenly prison gate?”

“Be reasonable, the culprit should be the emperor. At the last moment, Xiao Cheng was soft hearted because of her friendship with Shen Huai since childhood. Unfortunately, it was too late. Tianji camp arrived in time according to the emperor’s order and helped Xiao Cheng do what he couldn’t bear to do. It was also because of Xiao Cheng’s impatience that he almost lost his crown prince. So when Princess Jingchun was favored by the king of Northern Territory, in order not to lose her sacred heart , he couldn’t keep the people he liked. He regretted his kindness and attributed all this to Shen Huaizhi. “Gu Fuzhou sneered and said,” Shen Huaizhi lost only the life of his family, while Xiao Cheng lost his love!

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help asking, “how on earth did you learn about these things? In your hometown, these are recorded historical materials?”

“There is no historical data to talk about.” Gu Fuzhou said leisurely, “all this, whether it’s your fate or the love hate entanglement between Xiao Cheng and Shen Huaizhi, is written in a script called Huai doesn’t know you. And I’m lucky to have finished reading this rare book.”

“Huai doesn’t know you?” Lin Qingyu sneered. “No wonder Xiao Cheng and Shen Huai know are the protagonists.”

“Yes, this book is written around them.”

After hearing Gu Fuzhou say so much, Lin Qingyu has a question: “why did you read such books if you were not a good man before?”

“If you tell me this, I won’t be sleepy.” Gu Fuzhou sat up and looked cheated. “My cousin recommended this book to me, saying it was about the way of upgrading and counter attack of shadow guards. I felt the title of the book, so I opened the first page and opened the door to the new world.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “don’t you feel wrong when you read it? How can you finish it.”

“Something is really wrong. But Shen Huaizhi is really miserable. I want to curse, so I especially want to see the day when he rises.” Gu Fuzhou said bitterly, “do you know that feeling, that feeling of being unable to stop. I can’t stop watching while scolding, and I can see the end for no reason.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t quite understand Gu Fuzhou’s feeling of being unable to stop. If he saw this script, he certainly didn’t want to read more than one page. “So, what’s their ending in Huai Bu Zhi Jun.”

“After Shen Huaizhi learned the truth, he blackened – have I explained the word blackening to you?”


“He’s going to avenge the Shen family. But he’s about to succeed. Shen Huaizhi is soft hearted. He abandons his sword and runs away, leaving the east palace. From then on, he wanders all over the world. When he leaves, Xiao Cheng sees that she cares about him in her heart, desperately wants to get people back, and even wants to dissolve the back palace and put on the drama of imprisonment. One day, Shen Huaizhi finds an opportunity to kill him. It’s the emperor’s Xiao Cheng’s generosity Fang Di showed his chest and said the classic sentence “kiss me, life and mountains will be given to you”. Then – Shen Huaizhi was moved, you know? He was actually moved! He accepted Xiao Cheng again and became the first male queen of Dayu Dynasty. The two lived happily together. ”

Gu Fuzhou still remembers his mood after reading the book. It’s hard to say.

After listening to the whole story, Lin Qingyu quickly straightened out his thinking. To solve Xiao Cheng before the emperor’s decree of marriage came down, they need to do two things. First, let Shen Huaizhi know the truth about the destruction of the heavenly prison gate as soon as possible; second, never let Shen Huaizhi have the possibility of being soft hearted.


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