Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 58

The butcher who is far away in Suicheng, Xuzhou is the key to let Shen Huaizhi know about Tiangu gate as soon as possible. This person’s pseudonym is Zhu Yongxin. According to Gu Fuzhou, he is the dark line of Tianji camp installed at Tiangu gate. Zhu Yongxin is very good at hiding his identity and hasn’t been exposed until the collapse of the heavenly prison gate.

In the tianyumen tragedy, only Shen Huaizhi and Zhu Yongxin survived. Zhu Yongxin once thought about telling Shen Huaizhi the truth, but in the twinkling of an eye he saw Shen Huaizhi join Tianji camp. He was disheartened and did not dare to stay in Tianji camp any longer, so he escaped by pretending to be dead in a mission. Later, he hid his name and became a seemingly ordinary butcher.

Zhu Yongxin knows the whole picture of things. In Huai Bu Zhi jun, he told Shen Huai everything the day before Xiao Cheng ascended the throne. What Lin Qingyu has to do is to advance this day as soon as possible.

Shen Huaizhi wants to go to Xuzhou as soon as possible to find the owner of the jade card after he gets the jade card of the heavenly prison gate. But Xiao Cheng refused to let him leave Beijing, so the matter was delayed again and again.

Lin Qingyu wants Zhang Shiquan to bring people to the capital. However, Zhu Yongxin was cautious and refused to enter Beijing rashly. He has martial arts. Zhang Shiquan, a businessman, has a way to get him.

Gu Fuzhou said, “leave it to me. I’ll take him to the capital.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what are you going to do?”

“I naturally have my way.” Gu Fuzhou smiled. “I’m not a big general for nothing.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “aren’t you?”

Gu Fuzhou woke up from a dream: “I’m really white.”

It’s a long way from the capital to Xuzhou. It takes at least ten days and a half months to come and go. During these days, Gu Fuzhou was often called into the palace by the emperor and queen for various reasons. In addition to the seven princesses, he was also forced to meet the granddaughter of the prime minister, the daughter of the Minister of war, and the niece of the prince Xi Ma… In short, they were all women of the Wenchen family.

Gu Fuzhou’s remaining poison has been eliminated. He should have rushed back to Yongliang to preside over the war. In retrospect, Fuzhou defeated Xixia, and Xixia was forced to recuperate and make preparations. Although Zhao Mingwei is not as successful as Gu Fuzhou, he is also a general. With him stationed in the frontier, Xixia could not stir up any storms in a short time. At this time, the emperor was not in a hurry. He asked him to stay in the capital for more time and solve the problem before he left.

Now that Gu Fuzhou is in the capital and in good health, he will go to the court to discuss politics like other generals. After a short idle time, he returned to his nightmare. Lin Qingyu was so busy in the imperial medical department that he had to be distracted to listen to him complain about heaven and others and vomit bitterness.

In the library, Lin Qingyu shuttles through the bookshelves and puts back the finished medical books. Gu Fuzhou followed him and followed suit: “Qingyu, I really can’t stand it.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t even look at him: “what’s the matter?”

“I was invited by Yuan Yin as soon as the chicken crowed this morning. Then I went to the early court to discuss business in the hall of diligent administration and listened to a lot of nonsense. It was not easy for me to have lunch. They didn’t let me go back to the house for a nap. They asked me to listen to the opera with the queen with the great granddaughter of the old sun ge of the Imperial Academy – the donkey in the mill doesn’t have such trouble.” Gu Fuzhou covered his face in pain, “Middle aged people are prone to hair loss. I doubt if it goes on like this, I will really be bald.”

Although he knew it was useless, Lin Qingyu advised him symbolically: “heaven will have a great responsibility for us. We must first work hard, work hard and starve our skin. Where are you?” this book of surgical essentials should be placed at the top. He can’t reach it, so he has to move a ladder.

Gu Fuzhou took the “surgical essentials” from Lin Qingyu and put the book in the right position: “I understand the truth, but I just don’t want to hear it.”

After putting out the book, Lin Qingyu sat down at the table and opened a roll of old pulse case: “then you can call yourself ill.”

“Isn’t that the crime of bullying the king?”

“Anyway, you have committed many crimes of bullying the king.”

Gu Fuzhou sat down next to Lin Qingyu and said slowly, “Qingyu, I don’t want to hear you talk about the truth, nor do I want you to propose a solution.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “what do you want?”

Gu Fuzhou said honestly, “I want comfort and hug.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“I’m sure you won’t give me a hug. At least comfort me.” Gu Fuzhou lay down on the table and couldn’t love, “I’m really tired.”

Lin Qingyu looked around. At this time, the curfew was coming, and there were only them in the library. Except him, no one else could see Gu Fuzhou’s Salted fish, and general Gu’s face was preserved.

Lin Qingyu really doesn’t want to hug, but comfort is still available. Gu Fuzhou’s hand is casually placed on the table. Lin Qingyu gently covers his hand on it.

Gu Fuzhou, 30 outside and 18 inside, opened his eyes slightly.

Lin Qingyu felt that Gu Fuzhou’s hands were becoming stiff gradually, and he could not help but raise his mouth slightly. He said in a warm voice, “bear it again. When we succeed in our plan, the new emperor will reward you with an idle job. You don’t have to go to the court or discuss politics, and your salary is not low. You can sleep as long as you want every day. When you wake up, you can eat wine, enjoy flowers, throw a pot and listen to the play, and continue to sleep when you are tired – okay?”

Gu Fuzhou, who was still eloquent just now, only held out a word: “OK.”

Lin Qingyu let go and touched Gu Fuzhou’s hair: “don’t be bald. Don’t worry.” before Gu Fuzhou could say anything, Lin Qingyu said again, “even if I’m bald, I’ll find a way to let them grow back.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t know where to go, because he didn’t want to show his restlessness in front of Lin Qingyu. He tried to keep funny and joked, “if you really have this ability, you will be rich overnight if you go to my hometown one day.”

Facing the emperor’s urging for marriage, Gu Fuzhou could only shirk it perfunctorily. He said he liked the gentleness of women in the south of the Yangtze River more than the luxury of women in the capital. When the queen selected several young women in the south of the Yangtze River for him, he said he loved the freshness of women in the northwest most.

Gu Fuzhou dragged on until Zhu Yongxin entered the capital. It was the soldiers of the general’s residence who brought Zhu Yongxin into the capital. These soldiers are excellent and loyal to Gu Fuzhou. They are trustworthy people.

Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou met the butcher who can reverse Shen Huai’s life. Zhu Yongxin is in his thirties. He is not beautiful and has a very low sense of existence. Ordinary people will forget it at a glance.

Zhu Yongxin is also a person who has experienced life and death. Even if he is forcibly taken to the capital, he is still neither arrogant nor humble in the face of them, and even can laugh: “I didn’t expect that I was a pig killer. Before I died, there were beauties and generals. No loss, no loss!”

“Death?” Gu Fuzhou sat on the broad sandalwood chair, looking cold and showing his temperament of often ranking high. “Why do you think you will die?”

Zhu Yongxin said carelessly, “the general took me back to the capital all the way, not for the sake of Tianji camp.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you look like you are ready to die. In that case, you should have been loyal to the martyr when the tianprison gate was destroyed. What are you running away from?”

Zhu Yongxin’s face changed: “how do you know I’m from the heaven prison gate!”

Lin Qingyu sneered, “even if you don’t die for the Lord, you can continue to stay in Tianji camp and wait for revenge. They say that all the people in Tianjian gate are dead. Now it seems that’s all.”

Zhu Yongxin laughed: “even the young masters of the heavenly prison gate have joined the heavenly secret camp. What can I do alone!”

Gu Fuzhou said, “Shen Huaizhi didn’t surrender to the enemy. He just believed the prince’s words and thought that tianprison gate was destroyed by enemies in the Jianghu. He thought it was the prince who saved him.”

Zhu Yongxin was stunned: “is that true?”

“I can arrange for you to meet Shen Huaizhi.” Lin Qingyu said, “he is now in Tianji camp and the dark guard around the prince. He can do more than you can.”

Zhu Yongxin wanted to tell Shen Huai the truth three years ago. Without much hesitation, he said, “OK, I’d like to see you again and tell him the truth!”

“Exactly?” Lin Qingyu sneered, “What’s the use of telling him the truth? Let him know that the culprit is the emperor. The crown prince was soft hearted and repented before he started to fight against the heavenly prison gate? You know how your little Lord can make him with his friendship to the crown prince. I’m afraid he will listen to your so-called truth, tangle with pain, and finally choose to forgive and continue to serve the Tianji camp and the crown prince.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu’s bright face and cold smile, and his heart suddenly burned.

“You have to tell Shen Huaizhi that all this has nothing to do with the emperor. It was Xiao Cheng who offered the lives of all the people in the heavenly prison gate for the throne of Prince and to show loyalty to the emperor.” Lin Qingyu leaned down and whispered in Zhu Yongxin’s ear, “this is the real truth, okay.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes are like a bottomless cold pool, which can almost drown people. Zhu Yongxin’s pupils gradually become lax and docile: “I see.”

“Very good.” Lin Qingyu straightened up and ordered Huan Tong to take Zhu Yongxin down.

Gu Fuzhou looked at him with a smile: “when did Doctor Lin learn to tamper with the plot?”

“It’s still useful to learn,” Lin Qingyu said indifferently. “You can do it with your hands.”

Gu Fuzhou’s reading of “Huai doesn’t know you” It’s strange that in the early stage, Xiao Cheng clearly valued the crown prince’s throne most. Why did she suddenly feel soft towards the heavenly prison gate before falling in love with Shen Huaizhi? Later, he realized that since the author wanted to write a happy ending for them, he couldn’t write things too well, so he washed Xiao Cheng in the future. You say blood feud? No, Xiao Cheng finally regretted it, It was the emperor who let Tianji camp move. It was no problem for them to be together.

But Lin Qingyu understood these routines. He completely blocked the white washing point and strangled Shen Huai’s excuse for being soft hearted.

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll take a bath.”

“Bathing in the daytime?” Gu Fuzhou thought of the scene just now. “You just got so close to Zhu Yongxin, but what did you do to him?”

“I planted poisonous insects on him to prevent him from talking nonsense and disrupting our plans.” Lin Qingyu’s voice was slightly cold. “If Shen Huaizhi still can’t do anything to Xiao Cheng after hearing this, he doesn’t deserve to be a man.”

The author has something to say: the debt of 9W nutrient solution is very late. I’m really going to pay it off this time (gratified. JPG)

Lu Dazhuang’s trouble: unable to hold his wife.

Gu Dazhuang’s trouble: middle-aged fat and hair loss.

——Damn, when can our male high school students really stand up!


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