Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 59

After Lin Qingyu was promoted to the fifth grade imperial doctor, he would go with Chu Zhengde to ask the emperor for pulse every day. The emperor’s bedroom is still accessible, but it is the east palace. If he gets a little closer, he will be paid more attention by the bodyguards on duty. But as long as he and Shen Huaizhi are in the palace, there will always be a chance to meet.

Chu Zhengde is too old to handle affairs. He has been infected with the wind and cold these days. He took leave to recuperate at home. For the time being, Lin Qingyu is the only imperial doctor serving the emperor.

That night, the emperor’s head wind recurred. Lin Qingyu happened to be on duty and was invited to the emperor’s bedroom overnight.

The young man Lin Qingyu met last time is sleeping with the emperor tonight. It was said that the emperor could do nothing with a sick body. He just asked people to warm the bed and pour tea.

Lin Qingyu gave the emperor a needle. The emperor’s head wind eased. When he opened his eyes, he saw Lin Qingyu standing beside the Dragon bed with his male pet. The male pet was red in front of him and whispered “Your Majesty”. Lin Qingyu was calm and said, “the beginning of autumn is coming. Since then, the Yang Qi is gradually receding and the Yin Qi is gradually growing. The emperor’s prescription should also change in time with the way of yin and Yang. I went back to the imperial hospital to draw up a new prescription for the emperor.”

The emperor looked at him and didn’t know which tendon was wrong. He said, “I have a pen and paper here. You can write here and show me when you’re finished.”

Lin Qingyu paused and said, “yes.”

The emperor sat up with the help of his male pet, but saw the beauty in official clothes writing under the lamp, with thick long eyelashes like butterfly wings. Even if his temperament was cold, it was difficult to block the amorous feelings between the tip of his eyebrows and the corners of his eyes. Especially his tear mole at the moment made the emperor itch.

But it’s just an itch. He is old and ill for so long that there is no new person in the harem for a long time. When he gets better, he may be able to attract more beauties to raise his eyes. It’s a pity that now he doesn’t have enough spare power. After Lin Qingyu finished drawing up the prescription, he asked him to step down.

Lin Qingyu followed Xue Ying out of the bedroom hall and looked back at the bright yellow dragon account. His eyes were dark and cold.

It seems that even if the Emperor didn’t marry Gu Fuzhou, he will attack him sooner or later.

Hearing that the emperor was ill, Xiao Cheng came late at night to show her filial piety and happened to meet Lin Qingyu who came out of the bedroom. Lin Qingyu glanced at him, and his eyes fell on Shen Huaizhi behind him.

Shen Huaizhi also looked back at him and listened to Xiao Cheng’s cold voice: “have you seen enough.”

Shen Huaizhi quickly took back his sight: “subordinates dare not.”

Xiao Cheng curled her lips and smiled: “why don’t you dare. Xiaoqingyu was born with a face that makes men crazy. You should see more if you have a chance to see it. Maybe you won’t have a chance to see it again in the future.” after that, he brushed his sleeves and snorted coldly, followed Xue Ying into the hall.

Another eunuch came up with a lantern: “Doctor Lin, I’ll take you back to the Tai hospital.”

Shen Huaizhi can only watch outside. When Lin Qingyu passed him, he whispered, “come to your house and find me sometime.”

Shen Huai was surprised, subconsciously looked at the direction of the sleeping hall, and then gave a low “um” sound.

Shen Huaizhi didn’t let Lin Qingyu wait more. One night three days later, he appeared at Lin Qingyu’s house like a ghost. Lin Qingyu was dispensing medicine at the table. As soon as he looked up, he saw Shen Huaizhi standing in front of the window: “doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu opened the door and said, “come in.”

Shen Huaizhi was nervous: “I can’t stay long. If your highness finds out, I still have contacts with you… Doctor Lin, what can I do for you?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ve found the person you’re looking for.”

Shen Huai was stunned and said excitedly, “you mean the owner of the jade card?”

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly, “come out.”

With a sound, the door of the dark Pavilion of the study slowly opened, and Zhu Yongxin walked out from behind: “little Lord.”

Shen Huai’s eyes widened and he said in disbelief, “brother Zhu?!”

Zhu Yongxin is a dark line. People in the heavenly prison don’t know much about it, and Shen Huai’s knowledge is one of them. After Shen Huai realized that he had entered the Tianji camp, he also looked for Zhu Yongxin. Unexpectedly, he found the news of his death.

“Brother Zhu, you’re not…” goodbye to my old friend. Even a clank iron man will blush in his eyes, “it’s really you. You’re not dead?”

In contrast, Zhu Yongxin seemed quite calm. He sank his eyes and said, “I’m really not dead. How can I die before I avenge my blood!”

“Revenge?” Shen Huaizhi was dazed. “The chiyazong who killed the heaven prison gate was exterminated by the Tianji camp three years ago. It was the order of the crown prince himself.”

“Prince? Ha -” said Zhu Yongxin with a grimace. “Chiya sect is just a Jianghu evil sect. How can you destroy the eagle dog of the son of heaven overnight? Young Lord, have you never doubted?”

“It’s the traitor of chiya sect who came out of the heavenly prison gate. The heavenly prison gate…”

Zhu Yongxin interrupted him: “the red tooth clan has been secretly recruited by the court for security. The battle between life and death was arranged by the court. It is not that the tianprison gate has betrayed the TIANLIAN gate. Under the mask of the so-called red tooth clan, it is a face of Tianji camp!”

Shen Huai knew that he lost all his blood on his face: “the imperial court…? the heavenly prison gate has always been loyal to the imperial court. Why should the imperial court…”

Lin Qingyu said, “is tianyumen loyal to the imperial court or the crown prince? If the latter, do you think the emperor can bear it?”

Shen Huai knew that there was only last hope in his eyes and murmured, “that’s the emperor. Is it the emperor who wants to kill us?”

“Yes, the emperor wants to move us. But his good son knows the holy meaning. He took care of us before he did it. He won the holy heart and the crown prince he yearned for all day!”

Shen Huaizhi felt pain all over his body and almost couldn’t stand stably. The faint fragrance of medicine came, and his arm was held. As soon as he raised his eyes, Lin Qingyu’s side face appeared in his field of vision.

“No way.” Shen Huai held Lin Qingyu’s arm. “Your Highness won’t do that, Doctor Lin……”

“Surprised?” Lin Qingyu whispered, “do you think this is not something Xiao Cheng can do?”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head: “evidence, I want evidence.”

Zhu Yongxin took out half of his mask from his coarse linen clothes and threw it on the table. “I found it on an assassin in Tianji camp after the collapse of Tianyu gate.”

The mask of green faced tusks is unique to the chiya sect. It is stained with old blood of unknown people. Shen Huai’s eyes seemed to be hurt, and his eyes seemed to bleed.

“Huai Zhi, look at me.”

Shen Huai was stunned. He hadn’t heard the name for too long. He thought of his father and brother. That’s how they used to call him.

Lin Qingyu’s eyes have a soul stirring power: “You also have a lot of doubts about what happened in those years, don’t you? Why did the powerful Tianyu gate be destroyed by a Jianghu sect, and why did Xiao Cheng appear at the first moment after the event and just save you? After the Tianyu gate was destroyed, did Xiao Cheng treat you so well that you secretly promised and paid a lot of infatuation until the king of the North asked to marry Princess Jingchun?”

“Don’t you understand?”

There was a dead silence in the study. A gust of wind blew through, making the windows creak. Shen Huai knew that he was waking up from a dream. He suddenly pushed Lin Qingyu away and turned to go.

Lin Qingyu said in a cold voice, “where are you going to confront Xiao Cheng? Who do you think you are, a dark guard who has been hurt by him, still works for him, and can take off his clothes to vent his lust? Why should he tell you the truth? He can cheat you once, can’t he cheat you a second time? What do you want to hear from him?”

Shen Huai knew that he was frozen in place, his hands trembling and holding his fist.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t give him a chance to argue.” Lin Qingyu slowed down his voice. “You say I always look down on you because I hate cheap people.”

Shen Huai came out of the window and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qingyu did everything he had to do. Next, they had to wait.

Xiao Cheng despises Shen Huaizhi no matter how much, but trusts him very much. Shen Huaizhi wants to assassinate empress Xiao Cheng. There are many ways to retreat. You can take advantage of Xiao Cheng’s deep sleep and directly cut him in the neck; or when Xiao Cheng reads the memorials, cover his mouth behind him and strangle his neck; if you don’t help, you can come to him for poison and put it in the tea of the East Palace – he will Choose the most suitable poison for Xiao Cheng.

Just imagining these scenes, Lin Qingyu becomes very happy.

Shen Huaizhi… Don’t let him down.

It was another night of rotation. When Hu Ji came back from the visit, he saw Lin Qingyu playing with an urn. He looked up curiously and asked, “Doctor Lin, what is this?”

“Golden silkworm Gu.”

Hu Ji saw the golden multi legged insects in the urn and hurriedly left: “how can you raise this kind of thing?”

Lin Qingyu put a lid on the cylinder head of the urn and wrote lightly, “its wings can be used as medicine.”

Hu Ji smiled and said, “I see.”

“You just went to the Si Li prison?” Lin Qingyu asked, “can you find any news?”

“News?” Hu Ji thought, “Oh, I heard the eunuch who sent flowers to the East Palace from the florist say that his Highness the prince is moody and grumpy these two days. It seems that the bodyguard who often follows him has suddenly disappeared.”

As expected. Shen Huaizhi was so desperate that it took time to completely accept it. He just didn’t know what he came up with after thinking about it for two days.

In “Huai doesn’t know you”, Shen Huaizhi will put a knife around Xiao Cheng’s neck after he knows the truth. Now the “truth” he knows is more cruel. Should his actions be more pleasing to the eye.

That night, the palace was strangely calm. In the second half of the night, all the imperial doctors on duty in the imperial hospital took a nap.

At night, a maid in waiting stumbled into the imperial hospital and broke the peace. She almost cried, “pass on the imperial doctor! Pass on the imperial doctor from the east palace!”

Everyone was awakened and stood up one after another, but Lin Qingyu still sat with his eyebrows gently closed.

——Why should we pass it on to the imperial doctor? Can Xiao Cheng still be saved?

Everyone knows that his Highness the prince is always in good health. He must have been seriously ill when he called the imperial doctor in the middle of the night. The maid in waiting is so flustered that she must be seriously ill.

Hu Ji is the chief physician in charge of the east palace. At the moment, he doesn’t dare to slack off. He carries the medical box on his back and wants to leave. Lin Qingyu calls him, “doctor Hu.”

Hu Ji said anxiously, “is there anything else for Doctor Lin?”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment and said, “it’s all right. Let’s go.”

In addition to Hu Ji, Lin Qingyu went to many imperial doctors. Lin Qingyu is the imperial doctor ordered by the emperor. He wants to stay in the imperial hospital and stand by for the emperor.

Hu Ji and others went all night and didn’t come back until dawn. The East Palace was brightly lit all night. Only people could go in, but no one could come out. The East Palace seemed to be blocked, and Lin Qingyu couldn’t wait for any news.

At dawn, Lin Qingyu finished his rotation and went out of the palace with a dignified mood. As soon as he left the Palace door, he heard someone call himself: “doctor Lin.”

Gu Fuzhou is wearing the official uniform of the military attache. He should go to the court at the gate of the palace at this time.

Lin Qingyu quickly walked up to him: “general.”

Gu Fuzhou’s expression was casual and he didn’t seem to wake up: “I’m hungry on duty all night. I’ve prepared some food for you. I’ll eat it while it’s hot in the carriage later.”

Lin Qingyu took the food box handed by Gu Fuzhou: “the general has a heart.”

Seeing Lin Qingyu’s face was not good, Gu Fuzhou’s remaining sleepiness disappeared. He lowered his voice and asked, “what’s the matter? But Shen Huai knows something is moving?”

“Shen Huaizhi did it. But I think he still has something to keep. Otherwise, with his skill, how can Xiao Cheng not be killed at one blow.” Lin Qingyu held back his eyes and hugged the food box given to him by Gu Fuzhou. “If Xiao Cheng gets lucky and gets back a life…”

Gu Fuzhou thought for a moment, stretched his eyebrows and smiled: “don’t say whether Xiao Cheng is dead or alive. Even if he is lucky to get back his life, I’ll work hard to think of a better way for you.” Gu Fuzhou raised his hand and put his broad palm behind Lin Qingyu’s head, “Don’t worry, it’s a big deal. Go back to bed and remember to eat first. I’ll go with you next time.”

The author has something to say: what if his wife is in a bad mood.

Pick him up from work, bring him delicious food, coax him, and touch his head.


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