Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 6

Lu Wancheng’s expression showed great grievances, as if he had gone up the knife mountain, down the sea of fire, and came to Lin’s house after difficulties and obstacles.

Lin Qingyu wanted to laugh. Lu Wancheng just got up an hour earlier than usual, got out of the house carriage, got out of the carriage and took a wheelchair – what can be wronged?

One Tan Qizhi was bad enough. Seeing that he was about to drive people away, Lu Wancheng ran to join the fun again. He just wants to have a good meal with his family. Why is it so difficult.

Seeing that Lin Qingyu was unmoved, Lu Wancheng was forced to be relieved. When he came, he also brought a gift and pretended to be a little serious, which gave Lin Qingyu enough face. He reported the kindness of medicine and needle injection almost the same. It’s also good to go back to the house to sleep. It’s really a little cold outside. It’s tiring to pretend to be good.

Lu Wancheng shrugged: “OK, then I’ll say I have something urgent.”

Before Lin Qingyu answered, a small head poked out of the inner room: “brother, why don’t you come in?”

Lin Qinghe said, casting curious eyes at Lu Wancheng. Lu Wancheng smiled back at him.

Lin Qingyu said, “come soon”, and said to Lu Wancheng, “then you…”

Lu Wancheng said, “according to etiquette, should I say goodbye to your parents?”

Lin Qingyu Leng hum: “you don’t quite understand etiquette. Why do you ask me?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “Dr. Lin said so. It seems that I just pretended to be good.”

Lin Qingyu pushes Lu Wancheng in. The Lin family has reserved a place for Lu Wancheng.

There are charcoal pots burning in the hall, which is warmer than outside and won’t make people feel dull. The wine fragrance is scattered, and two winter bamboo bonsai are placed in the corner, adding a sense of elegance and freshness. The taste of the Lin family is light, and the dishes on the table are mainly light. There was also a white cake with light red inside, which seemed to be intertwined with red and white plum blossoms. Lu Wancheng couldn’t help looking more.

Father Lin said, “little Marquis, this way, please.”

Lu Wancheng paused and said with a smile, “I won’t eat the meal. I’ve come to say goodbye to my father-in-law and mother-in-law.”

“Oh?” Tan Qizhi glanced at Lin Qingyu meaningfully. “Why did the little Marquis just come and leave? He didn’t even eat.”

Lu Wancheng coughed twice and said, “I’m afraid my body won’t last long. I have to go back and lie down… Laugh.”

Lin’s mother said, “it will take at least an hour from Lin’s house to Nan’an Hou’s house. The carriage is bumpy. The little Marquis might as well rest at home and go back after seeing you.”

Lu Wancheng thought: “this… Qingyu, what do you think?”

Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng with a bit of banter in his eyes.

Lu Wancheng didn’t have to use a temporary emergency as an excuse, but said that he was unwell and wanted to go back to rest. Anyone with a brain could see his intention.

This is in Lin’s house. His father is a judge of the imperial hospital. Although his official position is not high, he is a close Minister of the son of heaven. He is responsible for taking care of the respect of the emperor, the queen and the concubines in the back palace. There is no doubt about his medical skills. It’s not too much to call him Dayu. It was obvious that he was unwell in front of him.

Lin Qingyu sees through and doesn’t poke: “it’s up to you.”

Lu Wancheng said, “then I’d better obey my orders.”

Before taking the seat, Lin Qingyu pushed Wancheng to one side to clean his hands and said, “let my father take your pulse after dinner.”

Lu Wancheng was dispensable: “it’s not necessary. I’m incurable and can’t be cured.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “don’t pretend. Isn’t that why you stay?”

Lu Wancheng washed his hands slowly and said frankly, “no, I just want to try the plum blossom cake. It looks delicious. I’m a little hungry.”

On others, Lin Qingyu will never believe such nonsense. But Lu Wancheng thought it was true. For lazy people, eating is more important than sleeping.

Lin Qingyu turned around and saw that Tan Qizhi was still there. He was too lazy to beat around the bush with him. He said bluntly, “you can’t drink at the same table with me. Why don’t you go?”

Tan Qizhi seemed to be ready and said with a smile, “today I have the honor to witness the demeanor of the little marquis. I personally think that the little marquis will not interfere with brother Qingyu like some pedantic people. I just want to give the teacher a few glasses of wine. Won’t the little Marquis introduce me?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “of course. They are all men. Don’t be too restrained.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Lu Wancheng coldly. He regretted that he didn’t prick Lu Wancheng for a few more years that night. Success is not enough and failure is more than enough. Lu Wancheng will really find trouble for him.

Before Tan Qizhi took his seat, Lu Wancheng suddenly asked, “did brother Tan ever get married?”

Tan Qizhi said, “I’ve been married for three years.”

Lu Wancheng said “ah” and said with regret, “if your wife knew you were drinking at the same table with us, she wouldn’t be angry.”

Everyone looked at each other during the dinner. Tan Qizhi didn’t understand: “why should my wife be angry?”

Lu Wancheng said, “it doesn’t seem very proper for you to drink at the same table with a male wife and a man who has married a male wife.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him and felt that bad water was brewing in the man’s eyes.

The smile on Tan Qizhi’s face could hardly hang up: “the little Marquis laughed. How could my wife be angry about this.”

“I’m not sure.” Lu Wancheng chuckled. “For the sake of brother Tan’s inner house harmony, in my opinion, forget today’s wine. Next time, next time.”

Lu Wancheng’s eviction order can even be heard by six-year-old Lin Qinghe, let alone these adults. Lin Qinghe looked up and asked Lin’s mother, “Mom, is this man leaving?”

Lin Mu thought: “this…”

Tan Qizhi claimed to be a scholar. The scene was so embarrassing that no matter how thick skinned he was, he had to find a step for himself: “today is brother Qingyu’s first time to go back to his mother’s house after his marriage. It’s really inappropriate for me to be an outsider. Tan will leave first and visit the teacher and the little Marquis another day.”

Lin’s father didn’t leave him either, and ordered Huan Tong to see off the guests.

Tan Qizhi went to the door and heard Lu Wancheng’s voice floating behind him: “I almost forgot one thing. Today Qingyu left in a hurry and forgot the return ceremony of the five carriages. Fortunately, I found it in time and ordered someone to bring the ceremony. Now the carriage is parked at the door of the Lin house.”

One of Tan Qi gritted his teeth and tore off the jade pendant at his waist.

According to the seniority, Lin’s father takes the lead, followed by Lin’s mother. Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng sit together. One of them whispered softly, and the other listened attentively. They seemed to be whispering something that could not be for outsiders. They were like a newly married couple. They saw that Lin mother and Lin father exchanged a complex look.

Unexpectedly, their dialogue was like this:

Lin Qingyu: “who asked you to bring something? Take it back later.”

Lu Wancheng: “I know you don’t think the things in Nan’an Marquis’s house are dirty, but they can sell silver. Why can’t you live with silver when I’m alive. When I die, you’ll take the landing family’s silver to eat hot and spicy, and the Golden House hides charming. Wouldn’t it be happy to see them cry and go to my grave?”

Lin Qingyu imagined the picture, narrowed his eyes, turned his head and told the servant: “ask someone to move things into the house.”

Lu Wancheng happily stretched out his hand to hold the plum blossom cake he had coveted for a long time: “that’s right.”

After dinner, Lin Fu took the initiative and said, “I’ve heard a little about Xiao Hou’s illness. If Xiao hou can trust me, can I have a look?”

Lu Wancheng put on a surprised expression: “I’d love it.”

Father Lin nodded and said, “little Marquis, please follow me.”

Lin Qingyu pushes Wancheng to Lin Fu’s study. After cleaning his hands, Lin Fu took out a pulse pillow made of warm jade and placed it under Lu Wancheng’s wrist, closing his eyes to explore his pulse.

For a moment, the room was silent, and nothing could be seen from Lin Fu’s expression. After exploring the pulse, Lin Fu asked Lu Wancheng several questions, and Lu Wancheng answered them one by one.

Father Lin said: “the root cause of the little marquis is natural. It is easy to cure the symptoms and difficult to cure the root cause. You must rest carefully on weekdays and avoid thinking and working hard.”

Lin’s father’s words were ambiguous, but they were commonplace. Lu Wancheng didn’t ask much, and smiled slightly tired: “thank you, father-in-law.”

“The guest room has been cleaned up. Little Marquis can go and have a rest.” father Lin said, “Qingyu, please stay.”

Lin Qingyu nodded and asked the servant to push Lu Wancheng out first.

When Lu Wancheng left, Lin’s father asked, “have you seen Xiao Hou’s illness?”


“What do you think?”

Lin Qingyu said, “Lu Wancheng was lucky to live to be 19. Now he just hangs on one breath. When the breath dissipates, he will come to an end.”

Father Lin nodded in agreement and asked, “how long do you expect him to have?”

“Half a year.”

Father Lin pondered for a long time and said, “I have a method that may protect his life for a year, but the side effects are great. I’m afraid it will aggravate the pain of the patient.”

Lin Qingyu said without hesitation, “what method?”

“I’ll write you the prescription later.” father Lin looked into Lin Qingyu’s eyes. “The question is, do you want him to live more than half a year.”

Why? The sooner Lu Wancheng dies, the faster he can be liberated. For six months, he didn’t have the patience to wait for another six months.

So, of course, he doesn’t want to.

Lin Qingyu absentmindedly walks out of the study and meets Lin’s mother to deliver tea to Lin’s father. Lin’s mother told him that Lu Wancheng had rested in the guest room.

“Are you going to see him?” asked Lin Mu.

Lin Qingyu said, “no, let him rest.”

Lin’s mother hesitated for a moment and asked, “Qingyu, little Marquis, is he… Good to you?”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad,” Lin Qingyu said lightly. “It’s only half a year.”

Lin Qingyu returned to the house this time and planned to take another box of medical books to Nan’an Hou house. When he arrived at his study, he saw Tan Qizhi and Huan Tong looking around at the door, frowning and saying, “why haven’t you left yet?”

Huan Tong explained, “Mr. Tan said his jade pendant was lost in our house. I’m looking for it with him.”

“I’m also looking in the front hall. I came to my study specially. I must have something to say.”

Tan Qizhi didn’t retort: “sure enough, nothing can be concealed from brother Qingyu. To be honest, brother suddenly remembered an important thing and didn’t bother to turn back. So he stayed in the house to wait for the loss of the jade pendant.”

Lin Qingyu and such people say too many words: “say.”

Tan Qizhi’s face showed a bitter color: “brother Qingyu must also know that he is getting closer and closer to the assessment of the imperial medical department. I have no bottom in my heart.”

Lin Qingyu knew that Tan Qizhi wanted to touch his scales and stab him in the heart. I have to say, it’s a good move. The test of the imperial medical department has always been a thorn in his heart. He feels suffocated when he touches it.

But that doesn’t mean anyone can show off in front of him.

“You lost the list three years ago. You should have no bottom in your heart.”

Tan Qizhi was stabbed to the pain, clenched his teeth and forced to smile: “for this assessment, I studied hard day and night and stabbed my head with a beam and cone…”

Lin Qingyu praised: “clumsy birds fly first. Diligence can make up for clumsiness. It’s done well.”

Tan Qizhi finally couldn’t stand it. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Lin Qingyu seemed to praise him and ridicule him. People like Lin Qingyu, who is favored by heaven and has excellent qualifications, don’t know how much ordinary people have to pay to catch up with him.

“At least I can take the exam again this year.” Tan Qizhi stared at Lin Qingyu’s face. “I know brother Qingyu has a lot of medical books. You can’t use them. Why don’t you lend him some? If he gets to high school in the future, he will be grateful.”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes and asked, “can you understand my book?” after that, he brushed his sleeves and turned around, “Huan Tong, see off.”

In the twinkling of an eye, it was dark. The coachman of Hou’s house handed over a message and talked about the time to return to the house.

Lin’s mother packed the prepared snacks into a food box and asked Lin Qingyu to take them back: “I saw that the little Marquis also likes to eat plum blossom cakes, so I specially took several more. Now it’s cold, and the cakes are not easy to break after being put for a long time.”

Lin Qingyu said, “he probably doesn’t like anything to eat.”

Lin’s mother smiled gently: “the little Marquis hasn’t got up yet. Go and call him.”

Lin Qingyu came to the guest room and saw that Lu Wancheng was awake and lying in bed with his eyes open in a daze. He asked, “when did you wake up?”

“Half an hour ago.”

“What are you doing?”

Lu Wancheng wrapped himself in the quilt and only showed his eyes at Lin Qingyu. His voice was stuffy: “stay in bed. It’s so cold outside. I don’t think of it. I want to be a blanket.”

Lin Qingyu stopped talking nonsense, grabbed a corner of the quilt and opened it vigorously. His tone was cold: “I’m not a servant girl in your room. This move is useless to me.”

Lu Wancheng got up leisurely and was not angry when he was lifted the quilt: “what move, I didn’t use any moves to you…” he saw that Lin Qingyu’s face was wrong and asked, “isn’t Tan Qizhi gone? Who provoked you again?”


Lu Wancheng blinked: “Oh.”

Lin Qingyu was silent and then silent. Finally, he couldn’t resist: “Tan Qizhi was preparing for the examination of the imperial medical department and borrowed books from me.”

Lu Wancheng laughed: “that’s it?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes are like knives and blades.

Lu Wancheng tried to reason with Lin Qingyu: “Tan Qizhi can’t even compare with a hair of yours. If you really feel the same with him, you will degrade your identity. Just treat him as a joke. You can make fun of him and have fun.”

“I don’t know.” Lin Qingyu laughed at himself, “but Tan Qi, one of the mediocre people, couldn’t distinguish between tiankuizi and Cyperus a few years ago. I can still take the exam of the imperial medical department, but I can’t — ridiculous.”

Lu Wancheng said helplessly, “yes, it’s all the fault of Nan’an Hou’s house. I’ll try to die early and let you be widowed before the examination of the imperial medical department, okay?”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said nothing. His slender and thick eyelashes trembled slightly.

Lu Wancheng accompanied Lin Qingyu in silence for a long time. Suddenly he said with a smile, “well, don’t be angry. It’s rare to go home. Be happier and laugh more, huh?”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “I’m not born to laugh.”

“Hey, why are you getting more and more angry? I have a seven word truth, which is my motto. It may be helpful to you. I’ll listen to you?”

“Don’t listen.”

“Just listen. You’re not tired.”

Lin Qingyu pressed the center of his eyebrows: “if you want to talk, you have to talk. Why do you pave so much nonsense?”

Lu Wancheng’s eyes were sincere: “don’t compare yourself too much.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

The author has something to say:

Beauty Lin: I want to be a widow everyday.


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