Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 60

Lin Qingyu had no appetite, but he listened to Gu Fuzhou and opened the food box on the carriage. The top layer is just out of the pot of pancakes, golden crisp, still steaming. Lin Qingyu picked up the pancakes and ate them in small bites. He combed all the things of last night in his mind.

If he hadn’t known the whole story in advance, he would have thought Xiao Cheng was really ill. For such a big matter, the forbidden guards in the palace didn’t make any movement. When Chu Jun was assassinated, shouldn’t they search the whole imperial palace? Why did they just block the news of the east palace?

Shen Huai knows how to succeed in Xiao Cheng, whether he has successfully escaped, and where he is now.

Lin Qingyu knows that it’s useless to think more. The only way to do this is to wait and watch the change.

In the afternoon, Gu Fuzhou rushed to his house. This time he didn’t climb over the wall and walked straight through the front door. Huan Tong saw the God of war he admired. When he served tea, his hands trembled with excitement, and his eyes were full of light.

Gu Fuzhou put on a deep face and asked Huan Tong solemnly whether he wanted his signature.

At this time, Gu Fuzhou was still in the mood to make jokes, which Lin Qingyu had to admire. He sent away the confused Huan Tong and asked, “what’s the situation in the palace?”

Gu Fuzhou took a sip of tea and said, “in the morning, Xiao Cheng was absent because she was ill. The Prime Minister presided over the morning. On the surface, everything else looks the same as usual, but the atmosphere in the palace is obviously wrong. There is a smell of ‘mountain rain is coming and the wind is all over the building’.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “how sick is it? How sick is it? Xiao Cheng is sober?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I don’t know.”

Several imperial doctors went to the hospital and didn’t return all night, which shows that Xiao Cheng was seriously injured and life and death are hanging on the line. Who ordered to block the news and arrange the affairs of the early Dynasty – the emperor?

Gu Fuzhou then said, “I asked the bodyguards on duty in the palace. They didn’t get any news last night and didn’t hear of any assassins. To sum up, neither Xiao Cheng nor the emperor should want to make it known all over the city.”

Lin Qingyu nodded in agreement. Although the emperor’s illness had improved, he could only read the memorials in his bedroom, discuss matters, and make decisions on major events. The rest were handed over to Xiao Cheng.

The emperor is already so. If something happens to the crown prince who supervises the state, the court will be unstable and the situation will be turbulent if the ministers have no head. If he is emperor, he should also put down this matter and send secret agents to spy secretly.

The more Lin Qingyu thought about it, the more impetuous he was. He rubbed his forehead and said, “if Xiao Cheng was killed on the spot, there would be so many things. Shen Huaizhi can’t be a little angry, even once.”

“He may not be soft hearted. There may have been other situations at that time.” Gu Fuzhou smiled. “Qingyu, do you know the scenario reproduction deduction method?”

Lin Qingyu has never heard of it, but he can probably understand what Gu Fuzhou wants to say: “what do you want?”

Gu Fuzhou took Lin Qingyu to stand up and said eagerly, “you think of you as Xiao Cheng, I think of me as Shen Huai knowledge. We can restore what might have happened at that time, which may help you clarify your thinking.”

Lin Qingyu sat back: “boring.”

“Then I play Xiao Cheng and you play Shen Huaizhi?” before Lin Qingyu said “boring”, Gu Fuzhou sat down on the shop, glanced at Lin Qingyu and imitated Xiao Cheng’s tone vividly: “still stunned? Why, I haven’t seen it for a few days, and even forgot how to sleep?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Gu Fuzhou intended to make Lin Qingyu relax, but others didn’t eat this set. He was thinking of other ways to coax people, so he heard Lin Qingyu say, “Shen Huaizhi disappeared for two days. Shouldn’t Xiao Cheng ask him where he went first.”

Gu Fuzhou curved his lips and smiled and changed his mouth: “where have you been these two days?”

Lin Qingyu walked slowly to the bed, thinking about Shen Huai’s possible words and deeds. Since Shen Huaizhi failed to kill Xiao Cheng, he probably gave Xiao Cheng a chance to argue. “I… I have something to ask you. I hope you can tell me the answer.”

Gu Fuzhou narrowed his eyes: “tell Gu where you’ve been first.”

Lin Qingyu pursed his lips and said nothing, and a storm was brewing in his eyes. Suddenly, his waist tightened, but Gu Fuzhou grabbed him and took him to bed. Lin Qingyu wanted to struggle, and felt that it was really like what Xiao Cheng would do, so he let Gu Fuzhou put himself under his body.

Gu Fuzhou supported his body with one hand and clamped Lin Qingyu’s face with the other hand. He said coldly, “I haven’t seen you for two days. I’m angry. If I ask you, are you deaf or stupid? Can’t you hear…”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t put his weight on Lin Qingyu. He just pressed him falsely, and there was no force in his hand. Lin Qingyu could easily break away, just as Shen Huaizhi could easily break away from Xiao Cheng.

Will Shen Huaizhi break free? Obeying Xiao Cheng’s orders is an instinct engraved in his bones. His body has long been trained to satisfy men’s desires in bed. To break through the shackles and resist instinct, Shen Huaizhi may take some time.

Lin Qingyu didn’t struggle, but his body shrank into the bed.

Shen Huai doesn’t know whether he will shrink. He wants to stay away from Gu Fuzhou. Although they had hugs, it was the first time that they were in the same bed.

From this perspective, you can see Gu Fuzhou’s Adam’s apple and sharp chin; His figure was so different from Gu Fuzhou’s that he was shrouded in the breath of another man. This feeling of being dominated and controlled made him inexplicably flustered.

“Or not? Good.” Gu Fuzhou’s breathing gradually became messy. “It doesn’t matter. There are ways to make you speak.”

With that, Gu Fuzhou stopped moving.

Lin Qingyu forced himself to be calm and asked, “what’s your way?”

Gu Fuzhou looked down at the tearful mole in the corner of Lin Qingyu’s eyes, stabilized for a moment, and said with a smile: “omit 500 words here. It’s probably that he took advantage of you and made you messy and long hair scattered…”

Out of respect, he won’t pull Lin Qingyu’s clothes, but it shouldn’t be too cheap for his hair.

Gu Fuzhou’s hand came to Lin Qingyu’s hair room and took off the hairpin of his hair. His black hair spread like silk and hung on Lin Qingyu’s shoulder, adding a sense of beauty to him.

Gu Fuzhou put the hairpin on his pillow and said, “at this time, Shen Huaizhi thought about the tianprison gate, but his body was insulted by Xiao Cheng. His servility developed over the years was finally broken – he woke up and he wanted to resist!”

This emotional change is reasonable. Lin Qingyu tries to push Gu Fuzhou away, but Gu Fuzhou presses him harder.

“What are you hiding from? After so many times, can you still be afraid?” Gu Fuzhou said in a deep voice. “There’s nothing terrible. I’m not big at all. You don’t need to bear it.” then one couldn’t help laughing, “I’m sorry, I’m laughing.”

Lin Qingyu put his hands against Gu Fuzhou’s chest and said, “would Xiao Cheng say that about himself? The other way around.”

“Don’t worry about these details,” Gu Fuzhou whispered with a smile. “Go on.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes darkened, turned over, sat back on Gu Fuzhou, picked up the hairpin beside his pillow and put it against his throat: “how was the tianprison gate destroyed three years ago.”

Gu Fuzhou put away his smile, shocked Wan Fen and said, “did someone say something to you? Shen Huaizhi, if you dare to do it, you will not be spared!”

“I only ask you whether it was chiyazong or Tianji camp who fought with tianyumen that night!”

Gu Fuzhou gritted his teeth and said, “where did you hear this?”

“You tell me, I just want the truth.”

“The truth?” Gu Fuzhou sneered. “The truth is that you should have gone down to the yellow spring with the heavenly prison gate. It was Gu who saved you and tried every means to save your life. What else do you want!”

Lin Qingyu imagined himself as Shen Huaizhi and gradually entered the play: “so, it’s all true. It’s Tianji camp, it’s you…!”

Gu Fuzhou held Lin Qingyu’s wrist and said sternly, “an assassin organization of the imperial court will die if it loses the trust of the emperor. No one can save them, including Gu. Gu can save you, it is…”

“Shut up.” Lin Qingyu made great efforts on his hand, and the hairpin almost pierced Gu Fuzhou’s throat, “I will never believe you again. Go to hell…”

At the climax of the play, Huan Tong’s untimely voice suddenly sounded outside the door: “young master, it’s time to eat. Do you want General Gu to stay for dinner?”

The two looked at each other. Gu Fuzhou said, “is Shen Huai’s knowledge interrupted?”

“It’s possible.” Lin Qingyu came down from Gu Fuzhou, “so Shen Huaizhi lost his hand in a hurry and didn’t have time to mend the knife.”

“Why do you speak more and more like my hometown.” Gu Fuzhou was too lazy to move and maintained his posture, “but these are just speculation. I’m afraid only Shen Huaizhi and Xiao Cheng know what happened that night. Wait, there will be news.”

Lin Qingyu mused, “the people in the East Palace have the tightest mouths. If you want to find out the news, you can only look at Hu Ji or Xiao Songzi.”

Gu Fuzhou asked, “who is Xiao Songzi?”

“Eunuch of qinzheng hall. He told me a lot of news.”

Gu Fuzhou joked, “it’s no wonder it’s called xiaosongzi.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Huan Tong, who couldn’t get a response outside, asked again, “young master, are you in there?”

Lin Qingyu asked Gu Fuzhou, “do you want to stay for dinner?”

“Yes.” Gu Fuzhou said lazily, “I can eat three bowls of rice at a meal. Please let Huan Tong prepare more meat.”

Lin Qingyu also had long hair and ordered Huan Tong to say a few words across the door. There was no mirror in the study. He tried several times and didn’t tie up his long hair. He could not help complaining: “if you restore the scene, just restore the scene. What do you do with my hair?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “sorry, I can’t help it for a while. Let me help you.”

Lin Qingyu sat at the table and let Gu Fuzhou fiddle with his hair. He suddenly thought of something and said, “by the way, touch your abdominal muscles for me.”

Gu Fuzhou was surprised and relieved: “Doctor Lin would take the initiative to touch her abdominal muscles. Come on, you’re welcome, just touch it.”

Lin Qingyu touched it twice and said, “it was just not an illusion.”

“What illusion.”

Lin Qingyu joked, “your abdominal muscles are really not so tight.”

Gu Fuzhou immediately felt like a great enemy and said, “no! I lift iron every day.”

“I heard that general Gu used to practice martial arts in the school for four hours a day in the capital. How long do you lift iron every day now?”

Gu Fuzhou said sadly, “about half an hour.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “pay attention to it at ordinary times, old general Gu.”

The author has something to say: other attacks: it may hurt. You can bear it.

Wuli salted fish: don’t worry, I’m not big at all.


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