Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 62

After Xiao Cheng was assassinated, the emperor had to deal with government affairs during his illness. His head wind became more and more severe, and he could only be relieved by the acupuncture and moxibustion of the Lin family. Every time it was Lin Qingyu’s turn to be on duty, he was almost on standby in the emperor’s bedroom. Even if I rest in the mansion, I will be called into the palace by the emperor from time to time.

In the eyes of the emperor, Lin Qingyu was gentle, never said superfluous words, and he still had a light fragrance of medicine. Chu Zhengde also has this smell. He only feels pungent when he smells it, and it becomes refreshing when he puts it on Lin Qingyu. Especially when he rubbed the acupoints on his head, the beauty hung her eyes, was silent, and her flawless skin glowed under the palace lamp.

Seeing that Lin Qingyu has seen more, he always feels dull when he goes to see other beauties in the harem. It’s a pity that he’s in a bad mood now. There’s such a big thing happening in the east palace. He doesn’t want to think about it at all. Once in a while, Lin Qingyu was amazed by Lin Qingyu’s beauty, but he could only look at people and sigh.

Now he doesn’t want to wait on his concubines. Only one Xue Ying and one Lin Qingyu are left, trying to be quiet.

On this day, Lin Qingyu was ordered to go to the emperor’s bedroom and was stopped by Xue Ying at the door. “Doctor Lin, please wait for a moment. The emperor is discussing business inside.”

“Is the prime minister in there?” the prime minister is in charge of the government these days. What the ministers need to say to heaven is conveyed by him.

Xue Ying and Lin Qingyu have served the emperor for a long time, and their relationship has gradually become familiar. Xue Ying did not hide it from him: “it’s the leader of Tianji camp, Lord Xie.”

“So,” Lin Qingyu said lightly

I think it’s about the assassination of Xiao Cheng. As soon as Xiao Cheng had an accident, Shen Huaizhi disappeared. Tianji camp will follow this clue. I don’t know how they found out.

When Lord Xie left, Lin Qingyu entered the bedroom. The emperor sat behind the Dragon case with a serious expression. It seems that Tianji camp didn’t bring him any good news.

The emperor avoided Lin Qingyu’s gift and said weakly, “my head disease has happened again. Come and rub it for me.”

Lin Qingyu walked behind the emperor and pinched his forehead for him. The emperor’s face was a little slow and closed his eyes to enjoy: “your technique is really good.”

Lin Qingyu said, “these are all learned from my father. My technique is not as good as my father’s one or two.”

“Lin Rushan?” the emperor remembered the demoted front court sentence, “he is a talent, but he is bold and reckless. It is not wrong for the crown prince to punish him, but it is really a stoop to make him unable to go to the hospital. Now it is the time to employ people again… Just pass on my will and restore the position of Lin Rushan’s Hospital sentence.”

Lin Qingyu wanted to kneel down to thank his father, but the emperor grabbed his hand: “don’t be polite, then press it for me.”

Xiao Cheng has not died for a day, nor can the emperor. Lin Qingyu was disgusted and obedient. Under his pressure, the emperor’s head didn’t hurt so much, so he opened another memorial and forced himself to look at it.

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Majesty, the dragon body is not safe and should not worry.”

The emperor sighed, “now the prince is also ill. I don’t worry. Who can worry for me?”

“The emperor is not the only prince.”

The emperor narrowed his eyes dangerously, “what are you talking about?”

Lin Qingyu made a look of panic and knelt down and said, “Weichen is speechless. Please bring down the emperor.”

The emperor looked at the beauty and felt suspicious. It’s just a doctor. How many thoughts can you have. “Get up. What you said is not unreasonable. It’s a pity that the two remaining princes…” thinking of these, the emperor’s head began to ache again, and the words on the memorial book could not be read clearly.

Seeing his bitter face, Lin Qingyu said, “the dragon’s body is heavy. The emperor should go and have a rest first.”

The emperor nodded, “OK. It’s up to you to serve me to bed.”

Lin Qingyu stared at the emperor’s throat: “yes.”

Lin Qingyu picked up the emperor and walked towards the Dragon bed. Suddenly, he said, “I have something to apologize to the emperor.”

“Oh? What crime have you committed?”

Lin Qingyu said: “recently, my mother was slightly ill. I went to Changsheng temple with my adoptive brother, general Gu, to pray for my mother. At the gate of the temple, I met with the Royal historian Zhong Cheng and Lord Yang Geng Yang. Lord Yang said that my wife was unlucky and my minister was still in filial piety. I shouldn’t be too close to other men. If I brought something bad to general Gu, I can’t apologize for my death.”

The emperor’s heart thumped. At the beginning, the tragedy of Nan’an Hou’s house was vivid. Nan’an Hou didn’t get better until Lin Qingyu left the house. This kind of thing would rather believe in its existence than its absence.

“You step down first,” said the emperor, “and let Xue Ying come in to serve.”

Lin Qingyu walked out of the bedroom hall and saw Xue Ying coming in a hurry. He asked, “Grandpa Xue, why are you in such a hurry?”

Xue Yingxi said, “it’s the prince – the prince is awake!”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “this… Is really a happy event.”

Back at the Tai hospital, Hu Ji told Lin Qingyu that although the prince was awake, most of his body had collapsed. The degree of recovery depends on his rest in the future. When he woke up, his temperament became more moody and irritable than before. A sick concubine, however clumsy, was abandoned into the cold palace by him and went with the Lu side concubine.

Hu Ji also met Lord Xie of Tianji camp in the East Palace and overheard the prince’s dialogue with him. It seems that the prince doesn’t even want to interfere with the government. He is desperate to catch the assassin back to Beijing, and has repeatedly stressed the need to keep alive.

After Lin Qingyu left the palace, he went directly to the general’s house. Yuan Yin welcomed him into the house and said, “the senior general is practicing martial arts on the school field.”

When Lin Qingyu came to the school yard, he saw Gu Fuzhou bare upper body and propped on the ground in a prone position. His body collapsed into a straight line, propped up and down, and said something in his mouth: “77, 78, 79…”

“General,” Yuan Yin said, “Doctor Lin is here.”

“Eighty…!” Gu Fuzhou sighed with relief, got up, took the coat handed over by the servant, put it on casually, and joked, “ah, I was seen by doctor Lin. I’m shy.”

Lin Qingyu relaxed a little because Xiao Cheng woke up. “I helped you take a bath. I haven’t seen you.”

Gu Fuzhou sent off the servant and said, “that’s the previous body. You haven’t seen the current body before.”

“I can’t see it yet?”

Gu Fuzhou complained, “don’t you think my abdominal muscles are loose? Wait until I practice well.” Gu Fuzhou lifted up his clothes and wiped his sweat. “I’m so tired, Dad – I’m so tired. I haven’t played for a long time before. Now I’m tired. Years don’t forgive people…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted him, “Xiao Cheng is awake.”

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows and was not surprised: “what did I say? Xiao Cheng has a halo and is not so easy to die. However, we are not a complete failure. The Emperor may not be able to tolerate a prince who is weak and ill and has no intention of ruling. What will happen later depends on Xiao Cheng’s own struggle.”

But these can only be seen in the future.

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “you should do it as soon as possible.”

Gu Fuzhou paused and smiled, “are you so worried now?”

Thinking about the emperor’s actions, Lin Qingyu said, “now that it has been decided, it will only last a long night. Or do you change your mind and want to marry the seven princesses?”

“Of course not. But have you really thought about it?”

Lin Qingyu asked back, “I don’t seem to have made up my mind?”

“I mean, have you ever thought about what we’ll do after we get married…” Gu Fuzhou said in an unnatural tone, “Er, how to get along.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned when asked. He hesitated and said, “we have to get married again. How to get along now will naturally be how to get along in the future…”

Gu Fuzhou curled his lips and whispered, “you said so, then I won’t seriously propose.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “what do you want?”

“You take this.”

Gu Fuzhou bounced in his hand, and a golden thing passed through the air and was firmly caught by Lin Qingyu.

This is a pure gold ring. It is much thinner than the wrench often worn by men. It is carved with simple relief. It is small and exquisite.

Lin Qingyu threw confused eyes at Gu Fuzhou: “what does this mean?”

Gu Fuzhou explained: “in my hometown, it is a tradition to wear the ring on the ring finger when you are sure to get married.”

“Really?” Lin Qingyu often heard Gu Fuzhou talk about his hometown. It should be a strange world: in summer, there is something called “air conditioning”, which saves Gu Fuzhou’s life for more than half of the year; In his hometown, the fastest distance from Yongliang to the capital is only one and a half hours; They are 18 years old and 22 years old. If he and Gu Fuzhou go home, no one will admit their marriage.

Since the meeting, Gu Fuzhou has done as the Romans do. He should occasionally respect the rules of Gu Fuzhou’s hometown.

Lin Qingyu picked up the ring to put it on his ring finger, but Gu Fuzhou shouted, “what are you doing?”

Lin Qingyu said strangely, “didn’t you say you want to wear it?”

Gu Fuzhou laughed: “then you can’t wear it yourself. You want me to wear it for you.”

“Is this the rule of your hometown again?”


“Trouble.” Lin Qingyu stretched out his left hand, “then you come.”

Gu Fuzhou suddenly became serious. He stared down at Lin Qingyu’s hand for a long time. He wiped his hand with a handkerchief before carefully picking up the ring.

His hand seemed to shake a little. He’s nervous.

Lin Qingyu has never seen Gu Fuzhou so serious, as if he was completing the most important thing in his life. Looking at him like this, Lin Qingyu became nervous.

The ring should have been held by Gu Fuzhou for a long time. With warmth, it slowly pushed into his finger belly, leaving a dazzling shadow in the sun.

It’s a strange feeling. After wearing the ring, they didn’t speak again for a while.

Lin Qingyu calmed down and asked, “are you ready?”

“Wait a minute, I should say something more pretentious at this time. Let me think…” Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath, grabbed Lin Qingyu’s hand and put it on his chest. “Then Qingyu, I entrusted you with the rest of my life.”

The rest of your life? Without a wife and children, he has been together with Gu Fuzhou, making jokes, laughing and scolding, occasionally plotting to do bad things together, helping each other and spending the rest of his life in stalemate?

It seems… Acceptable.


Hearing Lin Qingyu’s response, Gu Fuzhou was so excited that he couldn’t help advancing: “then promise me that even if I am bald, fat and have no abdominal muscles, you won’t dislike me, will you?”

Lin Qingyu quickly calmed down and ruthlessly pulled his hand away: “impossible.”

The author has something to say: Jiang Xianyu, a male high school student who has crossed into a different world and still tries to maintain the tradition of his hometown. (this is the ring on the hand on the cover)


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